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Women & SPH


For smalldicks Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)  feels right and exactly what they deserve: Being constantly ridiculed and reminded of their lack of manhood. But we want to know how it feels to be the woman humiliating and making fun of us.

How do you feel as a woman teasing us, what is the most exciting thing to do to a smalldick, what are your experiences and what tips do you have for other women how to humiliate a smalldick?





If the man desires it then I love SPH, verbal and physical. Matt and I love to play like this. I love to tell a small dick how he will never satisfy me with his small pathetic dick.
  Matt's Wife  
  hehe nice :) am 5.5 5o 6 inch ish small come give me sph  
  My dick is about 4 inches. I would love to hear you mock it.  
  i would love to hear how i could never satisfy you. please check my pics out
  If a man has a small dick, women should let him know he is useless.  
  I like SPH. My penis is only 5 inches. Please humiliate my small  
  Smalldick Thomas  
  i have a smill pinuse too and i dreamed of being humiliated  
  tiny loser w  
  My dick is 1 inch long. Please check out my pics and insult me.  
  My wife likes to call me a dumb cunt and piss on me. She has pissed on me 79 times the past few months.  
  Smalldick Weewilly  
  i like and want SPH and i have even taken membership out in the Small Dick Club - see my membership card  
  slave dori  
  What do you think about my asian penis?
  andy chan  

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