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Women's poll about penis size




You must have heard so many comedians make funny jokes about small penises and men with small “members”. Have you ever head the saying “ it is not the size that matters but what you do with it”, “ It is not the size of the boat but the...”. You get the point, there are so many sayings to console a man born with a tiny sexual organ you know about it and I know about it, we secretly wish those sayings were actually true.

So many women would refuse to acknowledge that size is a major issue when it comes to sexually satisfaction in the presence of their lovers for fear off hurting their feelings. But we know the painful truth which is that, majority of women prefer a big penis to a small one, there is no wise saying to dispute that fact, as almost all women if not all sexually active women would truthfully admit that they prefer a big penis to a smaller one, period!

A small penis size is among the top three causes of sexual frustration among women and that is not new to most men as we all know a small one only ends up tickling a woman during sex and not giving any pleasure. Women tend to accept the penile size of their lovers as long as they have no other option; the moment a woman finds a man with a bigger penis that is willing to become their lover they tend to dump the former lover with a smaller one.

But the major reason women prefer a bigger penis is just a matter of anatomy. The pleasure points in a woman’s vagina must be physically stimulated in order for her to achieve an orgasm, if a woman’s lover is unfortunate to have a small sexual organ, the pleasure spots are not stimulated during sex and that usually results in the woman being sexually frustrated. So it is only normal for almost every woman to prefer a bigger penile size to a smaller one, what’s the point in going through sexual frustration if they have another option?


While this has been a heated debate for probably decades, the internet has finally found a solution to ask women around the world the question that has been burning on us, men, since time began; Is my dick big enough?

While writing this article, various forums, women's chat rooms and official surveys where examined that lead to a very consistent pattern; small penises are not welcome inside a women's vagina while a majority of women enjoyed penis sizes up to 11 inches long with a girth ranging from 6 to 7 inches.

A detailed breakdown of this review of preferred women's choice is as follows:

Women DO NOT like:

  • Penis size smaller than 5 inches in length, at all, and no female fancied a dick with a less circumference than 4 1/2 inches. Furthermore, women where as brutal when it came to too large penises and voted that a penis weighing in more than 7 1/4 in circumference no matter the length was unacceptable.

What women DO like:

  • Most females preferred a penis length from 7 to 11 inches end voted for that size to be enjoyable.

  • The second runner up where females that liked there men to be at least 8 inches in length with a circumference ranging from 5 3/4th of an inch to 7 inches.

  • The most interesting group where those that rated the penis size being very satisfying but not ideal and majority of those voted from length from 6 to 9 inches and circumference from 5 3/4th inches to 6 3/4 inches.

  • The HOT SPOT was determined by the narrowest group but most voted for in the survey. In that group, they rated the Ideal penis size to be 7 1/4th of an inch to 8 1/4th of an inch, and circumference of 6 1/4 to 6 1/2.

There are no scientific studies that point to the same conclusion was the study performed by PenisSizeDebate® but when you take into account the amount of participants, and female behavior, this is most likely the conciliation; a big dick with a great circumference.


Women's poll: The Truth about penis size


In a poll in, women were asked about penis size. Around 3738 women answered the questions.

  About having sex with a bigger penis: Did you enjoy it more vaginally?  
  55% (2027)  Yes It Felt GREAT!!!!  
  18% (688)  Yes it was somewhat better  
  14% (519)  About the same  
  11% (405)  No it hurt  
  Have you ever resfused to have sex or dumped some one due to the size of his penis?  
37% (1357)    Yes it was way too small
  Do you ever visually and mentally compare your current partners penis size to others you've been with?  
18% (673) Yes it's hard not to he's huge
25% (910) Yes it's hard not to he's smaller
35% (1272) I try not to but I do anyway
  What size penis sexually excites you more to look at?  
33% (1190)   A Huge penis (9"+)
44% (1582)   A Big penis (7"-8.5")
18% (671)   An Average penis (5"-6.5")
  1% (64)  A Modest penis (4.5"-5")  
1% (46)  A small penis (4"-)
  If you had a choice between two equally attractive men with similar others qualities, which would you prefer to have sex with?  
  36% (1308)  The one with a huge penis  
  45% (1600)  The one with an above average penis  
  15% (562)  The one with an average penis  
  2% (73)  The one with a smaller penis  
  If you had a choice to have sex with an average looking and built man with a large penis and a HOT looking man with a small penis which would you choose?  
  32% (1157)  The Hot looking man  
  67% (2356)  The average looking man  
  Do you think above average sized penises are more vaginally stimulating than ones of modest size?  
  64% (2249)  Yes bigger is better  
  31% (1082)  About the same  
  3% (131)  No I prefer smaller penises  
  Would you ever cheat on your partner if you knew you wouldn't ever get caught just so you could experience a much larger sized penis?  
  53% answered YES, they would like to or they already did.  
  To simply put it do you honestly think bigger feels better and more visually sexually stimulating than smaller or modest sized penises?  
  71% answered YES  
  What is the ideal length of a penis for you?  
  99% answered  average to huge.  
  Read the intire poll at  

But many women do not talk about it with their partner because they don’t want to hurt his feelings. But in women’s conversations the slogan »bigger is better« became prevailing. Modern women treat men with big penises as supermen, men who are more that the others, as gods in comparison with men, who have small or average penises. Howewver, does the size of a penis realy influence the quality of the sexual intercourse? YES! Those who claim that the size doesn’t matter and that only the technique matters, only comfort themselves. The truth is different. The truth is that women adore men with big penises just as men adore women with big breasts and stronger hips. Money, good looks and muscles can help, but it is just a temporary and fake solution, but in a long term for hapiness in love most women want a good lover and a "BIG" man!


The size of the penis is an important factor in a sex life!


In a conversation if the size of the penis is important, it proves, that most women think, that a „big man“ enables bigger sexual pleasures during the sexual intercourse and penetration. This is not surprising. A big penis can reach all those places deep in the vagina that a small or average penis can never reach. The anatomy of the vagina is the main reason why women like big penises. A “bigger man” can achieve more, as he can reach deeper into the vaginal channel and this stimulates all centers of the sexual pleasure in the vagina. This leads to stronger and better orgasms at a woman. All results of the researches of women’s views on the size of a penis show, that women prefer bigger penises. Many times the question is raised, what size of a penis is considered to be big, the results usually show, that women don’t like small penises. In most cases women prefer thicker to thinner penises. As far as the size is concerned 19 cm or more are desired. Women, who are used to average penises, usually don’t think about the size, as long as they don’t have to choose between a small and a big penis. In 100 % of cases women prefer to choose “a bigger man”. Why would they ride a small city car, if they can ride a limousine. A bigger penis has a bigger surface covered with nervous endings, which means a better agitation and bigger pleasure for a man. A man with a 18 cm long penis is better "equipped" that a man with a 12 cm long penis.


A big penis is an ideal for men and women.


In a history a big penis was a symbol of strength and beauty. And if you still ask yourself, if the size matters to the woman, the answer is YES! It matters a lot! And if you ask yourself if women prefer big penises, the answer is YES. The sooner you accept this fact, the better for you. A woman experiences a better orgasm with a bigger penis. Why? Because a small penis doesn’t stimulate a vagina enough, to experience a perfect orgasm, while „a big man“ stimulates both at the same time – clitoris and the interior of the vagina (spot G) to the perfection. That is why the size of a penis is very important! If you don’t believe the size of the penis matters, ask yourselves, if the size of the vagina matters to you. The answer is YES. Woman who had a sexual intercourse with a man who has a big penis, will think that: THE SIZE MATTERS. Only people who claim that the size of a penis is not important, are men with small penises and women, who have never felt the real pleasure. The biggest lie is expanded by those, who claim that the size of a penis is not important. Why the world lived in a lie for many years? Because it tried to protect men and to prevent that men with small penises would develop the inferiority complex and depression.


  The poll above shows that women are tired of lying to smalldicks. The know that SIZE MATTERS.  




Girls tell guys size dont matter to keep them from feeling bad. Truth is every girl prefers above average. Like 7 or 8. Longer soft ones are also sexyer to look at
Lisa W

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