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Why women hate small penises




1. A small penis size is disappointing to most women.

There is no woman alive that loves a tiny penis! Most women are usually very disappointed when they find out the man that they have been dating has a small "thing". Let's say you are dating a pretty and voluptuous lady and the moment comes for you to finally have sex. You start with some little romancing and foreplay and later it becomes time for the two of you to remove your clothes. The moment she sees your tiny penis, she would either be disappointed or pissed off at your small size. Your small dick is enough to turn her off - for her it's "what's the point of having sex when I wouldn't be satisfied."

2. A small penis size cannot stimulate a woman's G spot

The G spot is the most sensitive spot in a woman's vagina. The G spot is situated at about 2 inches deep under the top of her vagina. When you stimulate this spot in women you can give her multiple orgasms. Some women even experience female ejaculation when the G spot is stimulated properly.

A big penis is capable of stimulating a woman's G spot easily, but a small one can never stimulate this spot. No matter the sexual positions you try if you have a small pindick you cannot stimulate the G spot well enough to give women orgasms and female ejaculations. And if you can't satisfy your lover fully in bed, a guy with a big penis would gladly satisfy her and take her away from you.

3. A small penis size gives very little pleasure to women during sexual intercourse!

There are pleasure spots that are located around the walls of the vagina starting from the entrance to deep into the vaginal canal. A big penis is capable of stretching a woman's vagina walls and penetrating into her vaginal walls. What these means is more pleasure for a woman during sexual intercourse. With a small smalldick you would just end up frustrating most women. So you would have to resort to using your tongue and your fingers to satisfy your woman.

4. Men with small penises usually have low sexual confidence!

Every guy with a small or an average penis wishes he had a big penis. Even some men with big penises wish they were bigger at times. Not to talk of guys with small members, that constantly worry about their small size and whether it is big enough to satisfy their lover. When you keep worrying about your penis size, your sexual performance would be very poor! Men that have big penises know that having a big member has given them more power, more respect and more everything than guys with small dick.

5. A small dick looks ridiculous.

When women see a small penis, the reaction is quite different to seeing a real penis. While a real penis makes them excited, horny and just wanting to have sex with the impressive man, seeing a small dick just instinctively makes a woman want to laugh, seeing the man with the small thing between his legs, the lack of proportion and manhood. She will think of babies or at least small boys and lose all desire to have sex.

From A Woman

"I'm sorry, but I also prefer them large. A man having a large penis is a requirement with me. My current boyfriend is perfect, about 8 inches and nice and thick. Size does matter. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more of a turnoff than a guy with a small dick. And the visual of seeing my well hung guy stroke himself when he's hard is ooh-la-la. That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

From Katerina

"I think that I have to say that I'd much prefer a big dick more than a small. There are fewer things more disappointing than a short, skinny, and barely-hard dick. I know the guy can't help how nature made him, but it's just not much fun and not nearly as pleasurable if the guy is small. If he's good at oral sex, that's great, but I really like sex - good, ol' fashioned, hard fucking - even if I don't have orgasms from it."

From A Woman

"Dump men with 5 inches or less quick !:
I have to be honest. This site is great as we can say exactly how it is. Well guys - as a lady of 27, I have to say I have rejected all men (except 1) I have met with dicks that are less than 5 inches. I will not even do them the honour of allowing them anywhere near me. Why? Because I have had 9 and 10 inches and no way a 5 incher can ever compete - it just would not feel full. The one of 4 3/4 inches that I tried was a disaster - he was erect all right but I could feel nothing at all and told him to withdraw himself - which he did and we had a chat over coffee instead...sorry guys but all of you with 5 inches and below will hopefully eventually be eliminated by natural selection so that the female species can benefit in the future from more established and real males. In short any guy with 5 inches only or less is in my humble view inadequate and unable to satisfy women - and should stick to masturbation."

Paula R

"WE WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT MEN WITH SMALL DICKS it is up to us and is not cause we are BIG down there but cause we just prefer the look, feel and sexual thrill of a normal to large dick and we reject small sized men.

I for one will tell a guy with a 4 incher to put his pants back on and will not do it with him just to make his ego less damaged !


From Suju

"I am a women who's had sex with small penises(4") and large penises (9"). I must admit that a large penis is more pleasing than a small penis. The stimulation is so much better, more intense and sheer pleasure. And it seems that a man with a large penis has so much more self confidence than his smaller counterpart, which adds to the sexual experience.
Please don't get me wrong, i have enjoyed sex with 6 inches, but you can't beat 9 inches, unless the guy is a total dude and just thrust.
4 inches cannot satisfy me."

From A Woman

"The only place I would let him touch if he has a tiny penis, would be my ass, using his tongue."




  There would be no small dicked men if women would agree to abort any and all fetuses that result from their having sex with the little guys.  
  However, since women are so greedy and always in search of a free ride, they will continue to get fucked and have kids with these unfortunate men just so they can bleed them dry while screwing guys with dicks ten inches or more long.  
  Being a small cocked looser - I agree. Woman wabt to feel penetrated by a large penis. Loosers like me cannot fill that role - but some , like me are there for clean up duty. I have learnt to deal with life, even I enjoy a woman being fucked buy a big cock - dreaming  
  I agree im a 40 year old male with a tiny sad dick and my gf cheats on me all the time at first it would make me mad untill i met Rich the guy shes been fucking and saw how huge and thick his cock even got me turned on.. He really fucks my gf really hard sometimes she cant even walk good after hes done with her ..but then i get to suck her pussy clean of all his thick creamy real man cum wich i just love to death !!! mmmmm i hope she fucks rich tonight cuz im so hungry for his wonderful tasting real man cream ..... one day i might even get to suck him off... god i cant wait for that day  
  Lee you are one sick fuck lol lol  
  wow, is this serious? as a female I am disgusted by this. First of all, nobody knows exactly where the G spot is, if it even actually exists. Even so, it might be in a different place on every woman, so saying 'small dicks can't reach the g spot' is not true.
Some women are very petite, have small frames, and therefore, small vaginas. Sometimes sex with a big man can be nothing but painful. Honestly, it depends on the individual women, you can't universally say "all dicks under x inches are too short to please any woman".
A small dick doesn't necessarily mean low sexual confidence. This worrying about dick size can even sometimes make a man work that much harder to perform, and make sure his woman is satisfied. Most women can't even attain orgasm through penetration only in the first place, and small dicked men would feel the need to practice other means of pleasuring women.
"Small dicks look ridiculous" is completely a matter of opinion and personal preference. I think massive tits on small girls look ridiculous and disproportionate, but that doesn't make then inherently a bad thing.
While I agree that it is completely up to a woman to reject a man based on any personal preference, don't you think that's seriously shallow? There is more to a relationship than just icks and fucking. When it comes to hook ups, sure ditch the guys under 5. But in long term relationships, shouldn't the emotional side and love come into play? Love is about so much more than just sex. Also, think of how outraged you would be if a man dumped you because of your 'meatcurtains' or something similar.
You men commenting here, are you really okay with just accepting being 'a small dicked loser'? Your dick size does not determine your personality. It may cost you some purely sexually based relationships, but it doesn't mean you can't find someone and be happy, or that you have to 'accept that all women want to be fucked by someone bigger, and therefore 'better' than you'.
The assumption that all women here are fat is pretty pathetic, but I could go off on a whole nother tangent about that.
Seriously, guys, your dick does not define you, and it does not reflect your masculinity. Men cannot help their dick size, it's something they're born with, and rejecting and demeaning someone for just that seems pretty fucking sad.
  I agree  
  Women have the right to treat small dick losers like me how ever they wany  
  Penis size DEFINITELY matters! I have had sex with 1 guy with a small dick, and I will NEVER do it again! It was the worst sex of my life. If any of you smalldick losers want to be humiliated by me, you can message me on Skype or Yahoo MyGoddessAshley  
  Goddess Ashley  
  Mandingo, you worry to much. jeesh. PENIS SIZE MATTERS  
  My gf refuses to fuck me since she saw my two inch hardon. She had me use my tongue on her and she went back to screwing her ex husband. He has a very thick 8.5 inch cock. She allows me to clean her up after he fucks her. Sometimes he will let me suck her juices off his cock but most times he declines. His cock is so thick i can barely stretch my lips around his cock. His cum is very sweet also, especially mixed in Her pussy. My gf is marrying me next July but our relationship will remain the same. Our honeymoon is a cruise to Bermuda with a room from three. Her Ex is going along and i'm paying the full bill. Not bad for a pathetic dickless sissy slutty slave.  
  I'm 35 years old and have a 4 1/2 in penis. I think the reason my wife doesn't have sex with me very often is because I'm too small. She tells me I can go down on her all the time, which I do but when it comes to sex sure really not that interested. What do I do?  
  chad s  
  I think I have a big dick would like to show it to girls only 15402350346  
  I Need 7 Inches And Thick At The Very Least. Sex Is For Pleasure And I Want Alot.  
  I think its important for girls to enjoy big cocks. it must be very satisfying. I have a 5 inch small cock and know that it cant satisfy like a big one. I like to eat pussy but I don't think my cock is good enough to go into a girl (although I do enjoy sex)  
  So anyone under 5 inches is to be rejected and should just go and masturbate, my erection is only 2 3/4 inches long. So I might as well go masturbate right now.  
  My penis is only 2 3/4 inches long fully erect, so I am no good and should just go masturbate.  
  penis size chart
7 inch + = good quality and satifying highly recomended
6 -7 inch = good size can satisfy
5-6 inch = below average only use if desperate may not be satisfying
under 5inch = avoid and reject and warn other girls. no use at all . to be rejected always
  I have 5.9 inch penis satisfied for sex  
  I only have thin 4" cock but love to see women get screwed by real men with big fat cocks. Big just looks so much more manly.  
  Im 5 foot 6 with a 9 inch cock. if any women are intrested for yahoo  
  4.8 inches and no sex at home here.  
  Al Ball  
  When I am just about to cum and at my biggest, I measured almost 4" once.
Do women really hate my tiny penis?
What can I do about it?
  pls ladies am 7.5inch i can make u cum 3 times and stay on u 4 2 hrs .contact me/zero seven two four four four 1 8 zero nine .am waitin  
  Both of my ex wives soon gave up attempting sex with me because my useless 4" fully erect penis, and both of them had multiple lovers with large cocks who really could satisfy them in bed. They made it very clear to me that they were only interested in sex with their well hung lovers and just left me to masturbate my little cock while they went to bed...!! I now live alone and accept life as a small cock loser, wanking myself is my only form of relief.  
  Too small 4 women  
  Hey girls if you wana humiliate my cock and laugh at my 4 skype me hadley1984  
  Small cocks are pointless! When I am confronted with a small cock I just think "oh how fucking great, ive gotta fake it . . . again!" I love masturbating more than tiny dicked sex, infact I love licking toilets more than tiny dicked sex! I cant say anything coss its "evil". Ive had 10 sexual partners and only 3 big cocks. My faveourite was the length and width of my forearm, he was one ugly ass minger, with the personality of a shrew but I stayed with him for months anyway due to him fucking ACE cock. Great fuck guaranteed!
I dissagree about small dicked men having low self esteem sexually. All the small dicked fuckers ive had have been convinced they actually have large cocks!!!! fucking deluded fucking twits. suppose I dont help the situation by nodding and jumping on them....TO GET IT OVER WITH QUICKER!
  fascinating dialogue actually  
  For years I practised false advertising, being tall and alpha, women were not a problem to attract. however I have only disappointed ladies with my 3.5 inches. its not fair on ladies. now happily in a cuckold relationship with a dominant lady who has 2,3 lovers at any one time. why should she go without sexual pleasure because I am inadequate. I make her happy in other ways and her lovers take care of her sexual needs. acceptance is the only way to happiness.  
  limp submissive wimp  
  Do girls luv thick and short penis  
  Yeah. I agree with all this. Man it sucks to a lil penis. What should someone with a 6.5 do in that case?  
  i got 4.5 inch long and girth of 5 inch is that small to women?  
  l have a 5.5in but most women complain and say it's too big why  
  i have 5.3 inch is this small for ladies?,come see  
  Little penis boys freak me out. And the tiny dicked old men should be put away.
I touched a wormy dick the other day and I wanted to vomit. I ran like crazy to wash the little dick couties off my hand. I just shivered. Tiny dicks are gross.
  Wow, interesting discussion.
To the woman who came to the defense of little dicked guys: Thank you, but: That's a nice sentiment but we do get judged on our package just like on every other facet of ourselves. Being a woman, I don't think you're in a position to know what we go through.
Eliza, on the other hand, has nailed it I believe. Not the self esteem part though. Small guys may pretend to have big egos and lots of confidence but it generally only takes a smirk to dismantle our pretense. I'm sure there are some women who don't care about cock quality but I haven't come across them. It is just as most guys like perky tits as opposed to saggy ones. It's a natural preference.
Eliza's last statement, that she hates small dicks, comes across as very sincere. Most women won't come out and say it because they're too nice but a sizable percentage are thinking it.
I don't know about other inadequate guys but I suspect a lot of us hate our small dicks too. Mine is fine for peeing but, as she said, pointless for sex.
  my gf slept with other men cause my penis is only 5"and i never made her cum  
  I'm probably one of the only guys with an average sized penis who actually wants a smaller penis, but that is probably because I'm gay and bottom only, so my penis size is not important. Being a size queen though, I do agree that I MUST have a man with a large penis (size 9 and bigger) in order to satisfy me.  
  Yes penis size does matter. I'm 5.75 without Cockring. Been with more ladies than I can remember but I definitely remember those who busied my ego. You see women are submissive by nature and Ive been in several love triangles and while I've been told I'm a great lover but I'm not a great Fuck. IMO women rather get the fuck fuck out of them than good love anyday. They rather put up with a bigger dong flaws than a small dongs flaws as well. If a smaller dong shows any insecurites about his manhood, forget about it, she looking for the next bigger winner. Yep it sucks. I can make a chick cum several times with the tools I'm provided and one of my friends(over 7 in)will have her screaming her lungs out. At times I rather be an unattractive man with an 8in cock than a attractive man with an 5.75 cock. I'm just saying  
  I have been through three marriages and all three wivesfor kind to me having a 4 inch penis all three have remarried and have told me when I asked about their sex life that their husbands satisfy them in ways that I could not I have resorted to just masturbating as my dating life is a loser too and I am on the verge of goingGay and being a bottom person and satisfying a man thank you for your website and it brings closure to my problem  
  No question in my mind that my little 5-dickie is to small for most all women. However, in the last few years i have learned to accept it and see it more like a Big clitty then a small dickie. Of course being a transvestite helps that a little no pun intended. smile  
  i too have a small 4.5 inch cock. i always thought i was big , but now know because my last girlfriend finally was honest enough to tell me that im very small. i now know why i always thought about gay sex, because small penis men are very feminine as well. i have been with a man and like it vey much because of my small penis. the man was hung and hurt me like a bitch but i am going to go back for more and submit to him.
signed a late blooming small cock owner.
  Small = Gay  
  I'm built somewhere halfway between a bodybuilder and an NFL linebacker at 6'3" and 275 lbs and have a 10" cock; 6-7" when it's soft. I can't tell you how satisfying and almost a turn on it is to see the look on many guys' faces when I strut up to a urinal, muscles
Bursting out of my clothes and unzip my pants as a giant dick unfurls. I even stand a half foot away to make sure guys notice it. The crazy thing is - more straight guys than gay ones ever have approached me to ask me to a) worship me b) suck me c) jack me off d) ask me to cum on them. It's the craziest thing; dudes with girlfriends or wives who have never had gay experiences line up to beg me to worship my cock! And it totally gets me off and I've said yes to several of them. I date and fuck chicks but I do allow myself to indulge in this weird "straight" male interaction from time to time because I get off so much knowing all these other men are literally begging me to defer to me as their alpha prime leader / god. So to women who say there's nothing special about a big dick: be careful... Because your boyfriend may have already turned into some cock craving nelly bitch for a guy like me once or twice
  that is all shit... of womens meaning  
  i like suck vagiana cause i have small peni  
  I am a 41 year old an have a small penis that is 3.6 inch long erect an 1.2 inch wide ,an have had 5 relationships with women who all told me my penis was too small, an they all cheated on me an began to resent me ,often referring to my little penis in company of family and friends, as a way of putting me down , so women shud reject having sex with us men that are small, an save us both the anguish and frustration. My first love Laura , I lavished her with gifts , an even spent up an over two hrs licking her out at a time an she still fucked my mate. Another Melissa told her mate I was small an she rang my phone an left several voicemails on my phone chating about my tiny dick followed by the chorus of several cackling girls,another tammy wouldn't let a day go by without publicly denegrating my dick, all this led to my confidence nosediving I could not last more than a minute when sober anyway, an that dwindled to the point where if I or the girl I was having sex with exerted any pace at all on my cock I would lose control after as little as ten seconds , maybe twenty if I tensed , . Now I am a single man who just masterbates to porn just the way girls said i would end up doing .
Leon midlands uk
  I think that all men with small penises should only be allowed to lick a woman's asshole. thats the only purpose they serve because they were not designed as sexual beings. they should not pass their genes on. the only thing from a woman they are allowed is her asshole which they are allowed to lick.  


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