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Women saying why they like big penises

  For too long women had to lie about their penis size preferences, afraid to hurt some smaller men and smalldicks. But more and more women are tired of hiding their real feelings and preferences. They say what they really think and what they really feel. They want real, big cocks.  
  People have PREFERENCES... and things that do it for them. There should be no shame and no guilt in that case.  

A guy shouldnt be OFFENDED by a woman saying she enjoys the pleasure given sometimes by a fuller erection .





Comments from women

  For starters it is the visual impact. A bigger, fuller, longer penis is just more manly, more powerful, more masculine to look at and admire. A man who has a large, thick penis with a nice meaty head on it is just plain damn sexy to look at--period! It excites you and titillates. It speaks as a testament to sexual prowess and manliness for the pure raw visceral longing it generates. Compare this to a man with a stumply little dick still looking like it needs to grow up. On an adult man it is just a comical sad little joke and it does nothing to inspire sexual excitement. Really, the only thing such a small dick is for is to highlight by negative example the real status of manhood by being a counter example to a man who is in possession of a manly size cock.

Then there are the very real physical reasons. For one thing a penis that is fuller means it has more girth, which in turn will stimulate the vagina, particularly the vaginal lips far more than a thinner penis. Feeling a large, thick cock sliding in and out, tugging at your labia truly excites you far more superiorly than a skinnier penis. The length too is important. Contrary to the myth that a woman's sensation ends after the first third of her vagina, a woman can indeed feel sexual stimulation in the depths of her vagina. A long, full penis just gives you that filled up feeling, where you feel the warmth and manly fullness of the man inside of you, expanding you, stimulating you, and fulfilling you in everyplace and in ways that a smaller endowed man is just physically incapable of accomplishing.

And in my experience a larger endowed man just lasts longer. I do not know why that is, but I can honestly say that men of average to smaller size just do not last as long, nor are as readily up for subsequent sex. In striking contrast a larger endowed man has more stamina, which women naturally equate with greater masculinity, has a shorter refractory period, and able to sexually perform not only for a longer period of times but for a greater number of times as well.

All this for a woman translates to more intense, powerful, vagina-wide orgasms, more of them in one time, and more of them in greater number of sessions.

Orally as well, a larger penis is just more satisfying, since there is more to suck and lick and kiss and make love to. Feeling a man's large cock in your hand is by itself just a *huge* turn on or seeing that beautiful bulge growing in his pants is enough to get you wet in anticipation. But see a well hung man's gorgeous manhood revealed, particularly for the first time, standing in proud erection is to evoke that deep eons long natural urgings and longings of loving worshipfulness.

Let's just face it, size definitely matters and bigger is indeed better. It is really not a mystery as to why women prefer larger sized penises. Most women will not say it aloud but lets face it, it is what excites us more than anything with perhaps the exception of a warm, skilled tongue. After all, you don't find the romance novel industry or porn film industry populated with men with average or small little dicks right? It just isn't a female fantasy. Prowess and masculinity is what excites us and a larger endowed man exudes that sexually far far more than a smaller endowed male, no matter what social status that smaller dick male might have.

This is why size matters and why we women prefer bigger cocks.

Hope I have not made an guy out there feel bad, but you asked the question and on here (the internet) we women do not have to be so guarded and have to censure our natural inclinations and perfectly normal feelings that is perfectly natural.


  I do not think that you have any need to make an apologia for your natural desires. I think we should be all free to express ourselves and our true desires.

I am a psychological graduate student concentrating on evolutionary psychology. Interestingly enough Helen Fisher, the noted anthropologist offered a very insightful analysis for the reasons why women prefer larger endowed males. There have been others, even men, that concluded the same thing, but it is just more credulous to me as a woman when I read and related intimately with what another woman is saying. Basically, larger pensis size correlates with more dominance in males and also a higher ability to inseminate a woman. There is also strong evidence to show that larger endowed males produce not only more testosterone, but more sperm that is of a healtier quality, where the seamen of men who are more endowed are also able to more readily form a protective barrier that seals that and protects their sperm within womb. Even more amazingly is that a larger endowed penis literally acts like a plunger, able to create a large suction effect that effectly displaces the sperm of rival males. There are also a host of "sperm wars" that go on as well and it is truly fascinating, owed to our polygamous ancestral heritage and fierce sexual competition.  

Thus, from an evolutionary perspective, then, men who were more endowed had more testosterone. Testosterone has been correlated with a host of male advantages, including more fertility, energy, alertness, resourcefulness, and even intelligence (incidentally Einstein was rumored to have been well endowed not only with a large cerebrum but also a large penis, as it was references in several correspondences from a few of his former lovers). What this means then is that a woman inseminated by a male who was more endowed passed on to his future sons the same evolutionary advantages. In times women who came to prefer men with larger penises had a greater chance to produces such alpha males and daughters that would seek them out, furthering their evolutionary success. Still there is much genetic variation and sexual rivalry, owed to the instinctual drive of the female of the species to procreate with male members of outside groups. This has been well documented in a host of primate species and is owed to preventing inbreeding within a population. Hence, there will me females that will mate with men with a range of penis sizes, accounting for the variability we see. Nevertheless, the strong sexual female preference for a larger endowed male still exists due to this common ancestral origin.

I not only relate to this, but as an Asian woman, where Asian women are often said to not have such a want for a bigger penis because we are very "tight," I further find the explanation very satisfying. Even among many Asian cultures, women are quite unabashed about their larger penis preference. This is particularly true among Thai and Filipino women and surveys in even Japan, which is readily losing its male-dominate hold on women there, is the preference for larger sized penises being made. Only really in Asian cultures that put a large social taboo or restraint on sexual expression do Asian women curtail their desires. This includes China and Korea, but interestingly enough in Taiwan, who are genetically identically to their Chinese counterparts, the Taiwanese women state a strong preference to larger sized penises.

Indeed, I think Asian women are "tighter" but this doesn't take away from the desire and preference for a larger penis. Physically, the vagina is a very accommodating organ, capable of stretching some five times its relaxed state, hence easily accommodating any size penis. I think many women who have difficulty in dealing with a larger sized penis are ones that are not lubricating or sexually relaxing enough to enjoy it. Before I became sexually active, I had great difficulty accommodating even a small penis. I was just psychologically not able to relax and feel free with my body to lubricate and enjoy sex that way. Now I can and if I want I can really tighten up and keep even the smallest man out. I have to be genuinely excited and relax to take a largely endowed man but I can and have and honestly the sex is hotter with a larger endowed man.



Lets just say this for starters. A man with a large meaty cock looks more masculine, more exciting to behold and so from that standpoint alone he is going to have the desired effect on me without even having to do anything else. 1st point in his favour.

Once he gets to work on me just the idea of being filled and stretched by him will make me very very aroused - once he works himself fully inside me which may take some time there is no feeling like it. 2nd..

When he starts moving and I feel him taking me apart with his c-ock I know we are onto something very very good - something which a man with a smaller skinny cock is not going to be able to manage. I need to be very aroused to be able to take a big cock like my mans otherwise I couldnt take him in - I would push him out, but learning to relax and realising that I need to be very very wet allows him to be enfolded by my tightness and there is no feeling better than this once he is completely inside and moving with me. 3rd...

Im sure there are many women who prefer smaller c-ocks and thats great otherwise those men would feel very left out - but from my personal point of view, nothing and I mean nothing can beat the feeling of a big thick hard meaty cock in my tight little pussy.

  now that we women have a true voice to state our natural preferences, we get labeled as "whores" with "elephant fannies" and "unfeminine." Honestly, some of these men (must have such an underdeveloped penis that it really drives them mad with jealousy and feelings of profound inferiority to know there are not only many women that desire a well hung man but that there are many well hung men out there for us women to choose from and have sex with and love. The truth is, I have a tight vagina and it is true you must be very excited and aroused to accomodate a nicely hung man, but the feeling is very very sensual and a small dick man just cannot produce those kinds of esquisite erotic feelings. Physically and psychologically a well hung man can just pleasure a woman far more intensely and in a way that no small penised man can. Some men just cannot deal with this reality.  

It is certainly true that in the relaxed state women vary markedly in terms of their vaginal depth, just as there is much greater variance in the flacid state of men. Where there is less variance is in the aroused state, where most men are typically between 6-7 inches when erect. Interesting this is the same length of the aroused vaginal depth. However, unlike a fully erect penis, which cannot be further stretched, the vagina in its aroused state can still stretch, thus accommodating a much larger penis.

Hence there is no correlation with looseness and penis preference, which you keep erroneously hammer away at us. A woman can be super tight and still accomodate a ten inch penis if she is sufficiently aroused and exited. On the other hand there can be a very "loose" woman as you coin it that cannot if she is not excited or lubricated enough. Loseness has to do with the circumferential elasticity of the vagina--not longitunidal elastisty. A woman who is loose, especially after childbirth, can re-tightened her vaginal muscles through various exercises, particularly through Kegel exercises.

In terms of penis size, a woman that is with a large man can actually strengthen her vagina ironically because she can grip around the larger girth more tighter and has to exert more strength than say with a thiner penis.

I can say that that this has been my experience. Women love to talk about dick size and women do love big cocks. They will talk about former lovers and their sizes. The girls that confessed they were with large men all had super tight vaginas. The girls that claimed I was among the biggest of their lovers had less firmer vaginas. Again this is because those women with more endowed lovers were in effect kegeling around a larger girth and exercised their vaginas more intensely.

I am not large I feel. I am only 7.5 inches long but I am quite thick (over 6.4 inches at the base, tappering to 6.25 at the head). I can say that being with a woman that has been with larger sized men and who had sex regularly were the more firmer lovers I have had. So in direct oppostie of what your claim is, women who prefer bigger lovers are more tighter. In fact, given your smaller size, it is men like you that would make a woman less firmer and tighter.

Perhaps this is why many women prefer larger endowed men.


Sorry but size does matter. Deal with it. Need proof? Look at the Durex sex survey:

"A survey conducted by Durex Condoms revealed the startling truth that 67% of women are unhappy with the size of their lovers penis. This clearly confirms the answer to the question of whether size matters. A larger penis is clearly capable of stimulating more nerve endings due to its larger surface area, hence producing more pleasure for both yourself and your female partner."

Science shows why size does matter to women:

Evolutionary anthropologist Helen Fisher agrees, and adds length isn't the only measure that matters.

"When women tell you that size doesn't matter, they're either lying to you or they're lying to themselves. Or they haven't had very much experience. It's one of those three. Because size does matter," Fisher said.

And a woman we spoke with agreed. "Length is a biggie but you gotta have the girth with it, it's the combo really. Got to have it all," she said.

  Absolutely! It is just a mystery to me why any woman would sex with a small dick man. I mean besides for getting good oral sex.

I once tried having intercourse with this guy that could not have been bigger than 5 inches. He couldn't stay in the condom and kept sliding out of my vagina and constantly had to put it back in. The rythm was totally disrupted. The sex sucked. Really, small dicks are just awlful! 


Hey baby, it is not our fault that you were born a loser with a small dick and us women love nice full manly cocks and not baby cocks.


In fact I think it is hotter when a hung man is pleasuring me. Honestly, in my experience my best lovers all around have been hung. My current bf is hung and skilled in every department. I love him and his cock. I could never see myself going back to a smaller dick man. Seeing a smaller dick just seems whimpy now in comparison.


Well, I used to think that size didn't matter until I started dating other guys in college. The big boys are definitely A LOT better in bed and really know how to please. You just cannot compare an average or worst, a small dick, to a large cock. Hands down the big cock wins in everyway.

  The bigger the better, I want to be filled up not be able to feel it. Also the sight of a big hard one is a total turn on, also the men are much more confident and much better in bed  
  Sexy chick  
  I too have a small 4 1/2 inch penis! Sometimes intercouse can be difficult depending on postion. So I understand why a woman would prefer a bigger one.  
  us babydicks can't satisfy a woman but what u have to remember is that hung studs will always play around and cheat on u but a babydick will worship his woman and even allow her (if i can phrase it that way, as actually we know it would be the woman who's in charge and allows her babydick to do things) to take well-endowed lovers for sexual pleasure but always be happy to take her back and worship her  
  She: "Just who do you think you can please with that little thing?"
He: "Me!"
  These stories are so full of crap, I make women have vaginal orgasms, so your're full of shit  
  I think 7 inch penises to 9 inch are ideal.  
  7.5 inches makes Asian schoolgirls scream  
  yes having a useless 3 1/2 inch hard dick - and being told often how thoroughly inadequate i am/was - has turned me into the chronic masturbator i am today. I haven't fucked for over 15 years and don't intend to ever again. I leave the fucking to my "superiors" and service them in any way I can.  
  I'm 8.5 x 5.5. Trust me. Women (or at least every woman I've ever been with) love big cocks. If they say otherwise, they are being polite.  
  I'm 9inches by 6 inches and girls love my big throbbing cock  
  Big boy  
  I am 14 inches Long & 10.75 inches Thick in circumference. Women always scare at first look but after I have have given their pussy enough stretching couple with hard fuck and deep penetration they always speak with one voice saying "I can't dare to lose you and your awesome penis because you are a wonderful guy that every woman can dream of on bed". But my question is this: Why women always scare when they first gaze at extra-large dick like mine? I need your swift answer!  
  i had a 10" cock about two weeks ago which i though my pussy wasn't going to take but to my surprise i took it no problem and the rubbing of that massive cock rubbing the lips of my pussy was amazing. i am looking for another one soon  
  8-10" is perfect more kinda hurts me less isn't enough. It's so disappointing to see a man naked the first time and realize they're lacking. Especially if you were really into them before that.  
  they dont need to be long but big and hard  
  I'm 7.75 and 6 in girth but I never had any complaints but I do lay the pipe down tho.  
  size matters !
i am a blond guy with a huge dick : 9 inches thick :
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  I have to confess that I always cheat on my boyfriend with his best friend because he has a MUCH bigger penis! The sight of it drives me crazy with lust. After he finishes screwing me, I can barely feel my boyfriend inside me.  
  All women like it big n think. They ar jus bn polite not to hurt we men. I have 7" plus staff and all d ladies i have make luv to had neva complained of a staff rather they adore it. Often times, wen i paid a gal 4 sex 4 one round they plead wit me to have another round free.
"wow! Dis is fuller" She said to herself when i penetrated her. Even when i released she wont let me out of her.
So, saying staff size is irrelevant is a blatant lie. They ar jus cajoling us... It's a pet language.
  @ 2go, gloriousomen  
  Mine is a little over 5", but is almost 6" in circumference, or 2 1/2" in diameter. Almost 2" of the 5+" is the head, so my shaft is about 3 1/2". All women say that their clits love me, but they prefer a man who can go deep. After losing a few g/f's, I've enthusiastically agreed to look the other way when my g/f calls up one of her lovers. When I come back after they're done, she's the nicest person in the world to me. Had a pregnancy scare, recently, but other than that, all's great.  
  I am 3.75 inches hard. I can make a girl cum by riding high up against her front wall. However I know that I will never be the best lover a girl can have. I have had frank discussions with my partners about sex and what is good for them and what doesn't work. What is clear is that simple sliding in and out is no good when your my size. The phrase that it is like throwing a pencil down a railway tunnel is very accurate. I can tell that I am not making much contact if I try penetrating this way. For me doggy style feels nice and tight. My present partner prefers to go on top where she can grind against my public bone to get some friction. She confirmed on my asking her that she would prefer it if my penis was substantially larger.
Having said that, we have a satisfying sex life not least because she has been honest with me, telling me what works and what is no good.
I can see why despite the above that my size could be a deal breaker for many women. That is understandable and a good reason to end things swiftly.
Personally I know that more than one girl has stopped seeing me shortly after starting a sexual relationship.
Only one said it was because the sex wasnt fulfilling. I am pretty others felt the same.
Sure it is hurtful , but so is getting dumped for any other reason
I can't help being small and women can't help the way thy feel . It's just life.
  andy s  
  Girls fight over my dick all the time . Once the sweeties find out i'm packing a monster cock they tell all the girls they know, then they all get into fights over it. On one hand ,they want bragging rights , on the other hand , they hate it when the friends they tell come after me . Strange thing is , its all inside very covert fighting amongst them , no one on the outside will ever know what they are making a fuss over, Sometimes , i have to control the mess , and tell them to share this 10''dick, i say'' little sweeties, there's enough cock here to go around'', then they just share it like good little sex kittens. All the sexy pretty cute college girls go crazy for big dick . I don't know what they are hooked on more , texting devices, alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine or big porn monster dick, i know one thing, i have to pay these student loans when i graduate, and these girls won't let me focus on my studies. They call and text me all hours of the day and night whenever they are horny and beg me to party with them..I am thinking of transferring off campus so i can get away from these addicted sweeties. about 30 in number..and growing..  
  My cock is 8.5 inches long with a girth of 7 inches, i am 6ft 2 inches tall and very fit and handsome. Women are attracted to me because of my height and looks,women will slip me their phone numbers on the sly when they are with boyfriends , husbands, does not matter,
I go to clubs in Manhattan and the ladies feel me up , once they figure out how fat thick my cock is they waste no time , always try to get me to leave with them, never fails, i pick and choose the ones i want , so i piss some girls off, i can get any cutie i want, if the timing is right they'll suck me off in a bathroom stall , all chicks like tall guys , thats what first attracts them , but they aren't leaving with me before they get a feel, they will test the cock size out before committing to a one night stand,
When a hottie is at a club, shes looking for a hot guy with a VERY THICK 8+ INCHER..END OF STORY.....
  Wilson Mccoy  
  Women care about 6 things,1 good health, 2 A stable man any size who can provide and protect the family, 3 a strong family, friends laughing , fun, and lovers connection,4 enough money to shop until they drop, 5 Material wealth , house, car, security , independence, freedom to do as they wish with whomever they please, AND 6 ,being seduced , eaten out , kissed , buzzed on booze or pot and A BIG FAT 8+ INCH COCK to suck and fuck , does nor matter if its a stranger a boss a work associate or a neighbor, as long as no one finds out , they are in constant search of a big thick dick lover , and nothing will get in their way of finding what they want..And they seldom get caught cheating , because they are expert liars..  
  i like bigger cock if any big cock have near abt kolkata, india plz contact me at  
  rupa the sexy wife  
  This is true, I have to let my wife fuck around with master race black men =(  
  Mr Gregg  
  My cock is 9 1/4 in. And 7 in around is that big enough. Is that big @kelly g?  
  I have a 10 inches cock and big round mushroom head which the girls go crazy about they love stroking my thick shaft and licking and sucking on my bulbous head ooooh i have to say it feels so good i love the feeling when a girls tounge circles my head and also the slit and i love my head to be cleaned after i cum. According to my experience with women they prefer big cocks with big round mushroom heads because it looks sexy attractive and impressive it also makes them feel that men with big mushroom heads are well endowed and can fill their pussy and pleasure them with multiple orgasms. I love the feeling when i am pounding my woman and my cock is sliding in and out of her pussy with that wet sloshy sucking sound and my woman telling me fuck me deeper and harder its such a turn on. I also love the feeling when i take out my cock from my underwear in front of a girl and it springs out for girls to admire it wrap their hands on it and squeeze it and lick and suck on my swollen meaty head.  
  A good size dick is complemented by large balls in a dangling sack that slaps against her butt (missionary) or labia majora (rear entry/doggystyle)). Small dick men have to compensate by giving head (disgusting but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do).  
  i have 4.5 inch cock would women enjoy my cock?  
  I am dating a chinese woman who is very tight. I am 11 inches and quite thick. The woman is a sucker for a big dick. All that matters is that big cock.  
  Being truthful I am a pencil dick literally. In my 30's so not much hope and have tried all enhancements on the planet. At first i thought it was the jokes that made the one woman I have been with laugh. However there is more to life than sex and for all I know all you swinging dicks are exaggerating big time!  
  Big penis Rules!  
  I completely agree. My ex cheated on me for a bigger cock and she hated my tiny cock  
  I have a very masculine looking 8 inch cock with a "gorgeous head" (their words not mine) - and every girl i've been with has said she loves big dicks. I had one girl cheat on her rich live in bf whenever he was out of town she would text me and come over and want me to fuck her (black girl). Asians and whites it's been the same comments. I've had a girl divorce her husband and immediately regain contact with me 4 years later to tell me she wanted to meet up and she "misses it bad". The ones who are saying otherwise are either being polite or in denial as they probably have a really good looking BF or husband who treats them well but has a smallish cock. It's a major disapointment for most women, some seem to accept it anyway - but i'll bet chances of her cheating increase big time with the small partners.  
  White rich male  
  IMO, men who blame women for naturally preferring bigger men in the bedroom are simply expressing their own dispair.  EVERY guy knows how important size is. 

It's important in the men's locker room in high school.  There's no denying the way well endowed guys strut and gain confidence while inadequate guys l arm to deal with their inferiority.

Later, in the dating world, small guys start out insecure and it just goes down hill from there.  Girls sometimes find their shyness cute but that attraction quickly evaporates once she realizes he's not a real man ... Not where it counts.

I think women who pretend it doesn't matter are doing a disservice to everyone.  The sooner small dicked guys get the message the better.  She should be very clear.  Otherwise, he will keep trying and waste other women's time.  Every time he tries, he only gets hurt.  Just be clear and honest with him.  AND, make sure all your friends know he's a loser.  The quicker you spread the word the better.

Well endowed guys should do their part too.  I know from personal experience, the locker room is the perfect place to build your own confidence and crush a small guy's hope.  Just show it off.  Trust me, the power of your thick cock to make him feel horrible about himself is real.  It just natural.  It's deep and primal.  As a very small guy I couldn't resist lookingat what I would never have.  They'd smile and smirk.  I didn't realize what was happening and maybe they didn't either but by the end of my freshman year I was emasculated.  After that, women weren't an option for me.

They, on the other hand, felt great about themselves.
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