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Real men selling     Used underwear



Some men and women have understood what a treasure their worn, dirty underwear can be for smalldicks and they sell them in Internet to thankful smalldicked wankers.

Below you can make your own ad to sell your underwear to smalldicks. For smalldicks: Make an ad below to purchase used underwear from real men and women.








You are looking at my big thick cock fill out these various hot underwear wishing you could be half the man I am.  You know it, I know it.  So sad that this the closest as you will get to having a big cock in your underwear is to buy a pair of the ones you see me displaying here.  At least you will know that a real mans cock once resided inside them...probably even stretch them out some so your tiny dick barely touches the fabric soft or hard.  Piss and cum included upon request.  Look at my other pics on my main page here  and you may email me for prices and shipping information.  My inventory is ever-changing (you tiny dicked boys really like buying my used, sweat in, cum in, piss leaked in underwear, that's for sure, so get in touch and I will tell you what I currently have available.






More of Justen in: 


Hey babydicks!  Many of you over the years and all over the world have asked me for all kinds of items (not just underwear).  You need and want so much from hung men like me.  My sweat, my cum, my piss, my spit.  You are some thirsty, needy, inferior boys.  But, for your growing needs in addition to what is pictured here I have plenty other underwear for sale (boxers, briefs, boxerbriefs, jocks), I also offer gym/basketball shorts, dress/gym socks, shoes, and gym shirts.  Email me for prices/requests.  PS I take requests if you have special needs.         






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Sell or buy clothes. Fill in here what you want to sell or buy. It will be uploded shortly. If you have pictures, please mail them to

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