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Real men selling     Used underwear



Some men and women have understood what a treasure their worn, dirty underwear can be for smalldicks and they sell them in Internet to thankful smalldicked wankers.

Below you can make your own ad to sell your underwear to smalldicks. For smalldicks: Make an ad below to purchase used underwear from real men and women.







Women selling underwear


Couples selling underwear


Smalldicks buying underwear

34 year old Dutch cub with a stocky rugby build, selling underwear worn to the gym. To see me in action: I have an Xhamster account with videos under the name ‘Amsterdirk’. Email me with your underwear requests and I will get back to you shortly:


tHREE MASCULINE DISCREET MARRIED FRAT BROTHERS HERE. SELLING WORN UNDERWEAR, SOCKS AND MORE EACH PAIR SHIPPED WITH PICS OF ONE OF US IN THEM. WE CAN cum in them, go to the gym in them, piss in them... what ever you might want one of us to do to them. Email us with questions.


32yr old underwear fanatic. Love to wear underwear that shows off my junk. Have all types of underwear, looking to sell to others who may like to worship what used to reside in there.

I want to Sell my Used Gear
I'm a French hunk and do get turned on by the idea of some other guy buying and wearing my cum and/or piss stained underwear/jockstraps. Fell free to contact me with your request..
I'm selling my used thongs, briefs, jocks, bikini briefs. I can wear them as many days as you want and I'd be happy to cum in them too. If you want pics or a video just ask.


I'm Hung_N_Hot and i want to sell my panties

Older Male (45 yrs) Selling boxers, briefs, thongs and even panties. Can provide them sweaty, pissy, or cummy (heavy cummer). I have a solid 6 inch dick with large glans, and tight balls that provide a good load of cum. I call my dick 'cumberlandsausage' as it's small and spicy :)

Go to Cumberlandsausage's page, click   HERE 
Dacoit Santos
Hey guys new to this site i am selling my used cum filled jockstrap. I will seal this jock in a ziplock bag for extra freshness. I am 20 and need money for college

J Boy
I want to sell my used underwear any requests just ask! I am willing to fill your requests!! I am 31 in good shape with an 8 inch cock! E-mail me and we will talk details! I look forward to hearing from you!!!
Mr British
British briefs worn and filled with cum ready to be sent to you! I can tailor to your needs just let me know what you want. 100% British sweat & cum!

I want to sell my used jocks... I use them as cum rags to wipe up my loads.
I've got a thick 8" uncut cock, and large cum-filled balls.
I get off on the idea of blowing a huge load of cum in my jocks and then mailing them to someone to rub on their face and smell my crusty cum...
My jocks can be sent anyway you like... cum, piss etc
email or msg on here for more info

Michael Olxey
Used builders boxers for sale
Used boxers and briefs
worn all day on the builders yard
can be sent anyway you want spunk, piss etc
email or msg on here for more info
black alpha
i want to sell my used gym gear undies tank tops etc after a workout
Furry Jock Master
Furry Jock Master Selling Old Gear To Sissy Small Dick Boys
Straight furry jock dude with a collection of heavily jock used and man smelling jockstraps from Under Armour, McDavid, and ManView that I am downsizing. Give yourself the chance to come close to being a big dick daddy by buying a pair of my undies for you to smell and lick and taste my sweat and mansmells.
Also I have a collection of used compression under gear from Under Armour, Reebok, New Balance, Starter & more. Plus ton of furry jock used heat gear style thin workout shorts. The microfiber, jocks and heat gear are my favorite to j/o in after a good workout. I also have clean like new designer underwear and used (Izod, Polo, Jockey) underwear mostly microfiber boxer briefs.
I usually jack in all my microfiber and spandex stuff after working out.

                      I take custom orders for sweat and cum stains
My used jockstraps, briefs and thongs


I can sell after a sweaty workout, skid marks, cum and piss. here are my pics.
Christopher Moore
I am a male stripper in Atlanta GA and I am looking to get rid of and sell off about 75% of all my used and worn underwear, thongs and boxer shorts. I'm a fit guy with a shaved body and large 8 inch cock. I workout daily and usually I am in my tight underwear which can stay on for days. They are full of sexy smells of a real male stripper. I can cover them in piss, cum, skids or even with a few pubes. I want sell these to anyone who really appreciates them.
I can mail almost anywhere with discreet payment through PayPal, Giftrocket, PhoneSwipe, bank deposit or bank transfer.
My size 11 shoes have my socks always full of sweat if you want them. Drop me a discreet email with your exact requirements and/or request. You will not be disappointed. Nothing will shock me one bit. Thank you.
I want to sell used underwear, gym shirts, shoes, etc. Go to Brislands's page
I am a horny 19 year old lad.
I sell my used underpants.
I can wear them for 5 days or longer if you wish.
I can cum on them and piss. I can go to the gym wearing them if you like.
Email me if interested to
I want to sell my well worn underwear and socks
23 year old very athletic lad, uncut dick. Sell my used underwear with piss, cum, whatever. Can do requests. I also do used condoms. Email me if interested to
Hey Guys, Athletic stud in his 20s here, slim, tanned and hung that has assortment of underwear worn during various activities and some still in the wrap so don't be shy, stroke those keys and send your requests.
Uncut beast
28 year old German jock, 195
Lbs, 5'11, total gym rat. I'm always wearing thongs when I am at work, running, or working out. All sorts of different colors and styles. If you want some pics of me first, email me. Let me know what you want and I'll do it for you. You can also send me underwear you want me to wear for you. Will model and send pics of what I'm wearing. Panties are also acceptable - just let me know
Mail to and type "Uncut Beast"

Rod Thompson

Available for purchase: my used jockstraps and white briefs.
Muscular endurance athlete, 5-11, 175#, 8" cut penis, natural hairy bush. my jocks and briefs have layers of sweat and random bush hairs plus the imprint of my huge cock. See pic.




I want too sell my used underwear and socks




Cabin Cock


I'm a good looking, manly prick of an air steward. I know it and I will make sure you know it as you sit in your seat and look at me knowing I'm carrying around my weighty, sweaty, meaty cock. I will look at you like scum while I serve, disgusted that I have to even talk to you, and you will go into the toilet and wank over the thought of my nice hot, musky cock after a long flight, slapping all over your face while you flick your clit of an excuse for a dick.

If you're lucky, I will sell you my underwear, full of my masculine scents and aromas. If I decide, I'll go to the gym in them, let my dick leak piss in them and have my round, muscular arse sweat in them. Email me if you are interested in buying some interesting, real mans underwear that get filled by a real cock, email me. 





I'm selling my used brief! Worn for a week with sweaty, pissed, and loads of cum!!! If interested email me.






Ron Richards


I'm selling used underwear that I've worn to the gym, work and actually have jerked off into. I'm going to try and post a video of me doing this after I've filled out this ad. If you're interested, contact me (Ron) at



  I have all kinds of used undies for sale. Tighty-Whities, Bikinis, Tight Fitting Boxers and Used Jock Straps. I can also customize anything your heart desires, just name it! Help me out, I'm a virgin when it cums to doing this. I love sex and am trying to pay my bills.                        



21 year old guy with an 8 inch uncut dick. Looking to sell my used underwear covered with my cum, pubes and whatever else you smalldicks desire. Have a variety of jockstaps, boxer briefs and tight shorts.
Also on sale is this mesh bodysuit which I sleep in every night. Always gets my cock hard and is drenched with my cum, has specks of man juice all over. Take a sniff of it and you'll smell a real man.
Contact me on for more info


you are looking at my thick 20 year old cock filling out these calvin klein tighty whiteys. size small. already covered in one load of my spunk and more than willing to add more ;) will wear them for as long as you want, piss in them, cum on them. you name it and then you can have it and let you man clit feel where my cock has been



Brian F


FOR SALE: My dirty Pants, Boxers, Briefs worn by 28yo german lad
nonme or labels, no new items, they are all worn for month

I`m so horny man 28 years old german guy
I have boxers, briefs or pants for sell. I will wear them for 24 hours or longer - whatever you like
I can cum in them, piss... make it wet with sweat from goin to the gym in them if you like. Aas me for details


All items will be sent in a safe and discret in a fresh plastic bag and envelope. (from Germany)
Im a clean guy, absolute fit, now HIV or others---practice only safer sex!!
ask for details: payment only paypal!









You are looking at my big thick cock fill out these various hot underwear wishing you could be half the man I am.  You know it, I know it.  So sad that this the closest as you will get to having a big cock in your underwear is to buy a pair of the ones you see me displaying here.  At least you will know that a real mans cock once resided inside them...probably even stretch them out some so your tiny dick barely touches the fabric soft or hard.  Piss and cum included upon request.  Look at my other pics on my main page here  and you may email me for prices and shipping information.  My inventory is ever-changing (you tiny dicked boys really like buying my used, sweat in, cum in, piss leaked in underwear, that's for sure, so get in touch and I will tell you what I currently have available.






More of Justen in:         




Hey babydicks!  Many of you over the years and all over the world have asked me for all kinds of items (not just underwear).  You need and want so much from hung men like me.  My sweat, my cum, my piss, my spit.  You are some thirsty, needy, inferior boys.  But, for your growing needs in addition to what is pictured here I have plenty other underwear for sale (boxers, briefs, boxerbriefs, jocks), I also offer gym/basketball shorts, dress/gym socks, shoes, and gym shirts.  Email me for prices/requests.  PS I take requests if you have special needs.






$elling some of my old school 100% Nylon low rise briefs in sizes Small and Medium. NEW, Used, Used & Abused, Clean, Worn, or with a MASSIVE LOAD of cum.
Hit me up for details




I sell my used underwear in order to help you little losers to worship my manhood

  I sell my 1-4 days used underwear (included piss and cum if request). My pics in Real men section (Johnny italy)

My Email is




Go  to Johnny_hugecock's page

I 7.5" thick dude, 25yrs old and athletic. Looking to give you my well worn jocks, thongs, briefs and trunks filled with my smell. Will add more (cum, piss etc) if requested. Email me at will provide pictures as well ;)



I get so sweat in July.


Feel how a real man smells and tastes.


Don’t jerk alone, jerk together with my underwear.




I sell my manly scented boxers. I have worked all week long and I know you would like to rub my boxers across your body and face.Deeply inhaling my scent.....Ive sweated just for your pleasure.


My Email is


Stevie Long



Selling my used undies, boxers and dirty nasty socks. Have a habit of using them for weeks and not washing them. I can piss on them, cum on them or shit on them depending on what you want. Satisfaction guaranteed. Here's my page...


My Email is

my skype info stevie_long1. 


John Morris


Hi im 26 year old scally lad up for selling my used briefs, boxer briefs, socks whatever you want, can customize em however u like, i aint shy, drop me a line.






Nick Field




hi im a guy bi i live near bournemouth england

im happy to accom guys who wish to visit

i also sell n swop my underwear as well love to swop pics n stories as well

i can provide loads of pics of me in my underwear as well 

My Email is


More of Nick Field in:    




Tim Ruffboiz

  I am an international escort blessed with an 11" tool. i sell my undies, socks, gym gear and stuffs.
google my name to find out who i am







I can give you anything stained with my cum... wanna have it? mail me!



  Hi Y’all,
25 year old 6 foot tall 186 lb fit with a 7.5 inch cock cut, Black American guy. I have used underwear and workout gear for sale briefs, trunks, boxers, socks, gym shorts, beaters and T’s
Can supply in whatever condition you want, just email me for detail:
free /safe shipping in discreet packaging,
Contact me for further info, requests, or to place an order:

Chris Andrews
i am a cute latino with tattoos and big dick. Will send to you my used underwear. Will wear it for 1-3 days and send them to you.I will cum in them or piss whatever you want. I will go to the gym in them if you like. All items will be sent in a safe and discreet plastic bag 2/3 days shipping!! i have jock straps, jocks, boxer briefs, thongs, briefs many colors brands and styles. EMAIL ME and we'll discuss more and send more pics!!

More of Chris Andrews in

I want to sell my worn in jocks and underwear that i could wear for you for 1 to 3 days. i can go to the gym in them so they're sweaty. i can cum in them, piss in them or whatever and send them to you!!! i have jocks, boxer briefs, briefs etc. many styles and colors. EMAIL ME!!!



I want to sell my used strings mostly in black, wonderful smell of
pee in front and if u like with my cum



Selling worn, sweat, pissed, cum stained and made to order, boxer briefs. Sono Italiano, 20 cm dick, often wet with precum...I'm a horny dude,get hard and wet easily and frequently. Hairy and sweaty with very strong crotch smell. I can wear my underwear as long as you want me to and squirt whatever you want me to in them...piss, cum, spit...they're yours so it's your choice...but my pleasure.



Antony Gee
I have for sale my used underpants (boxers, briefs & Y fronts).
I also sell women's tights worn by me as underwear. Both are available in any condition you require. Don't be shy to ask whatever your requirement is. I too make use of used underwear.
I am also wishing to buy men's underwear in any condition.

Polish boy


I'm so horny man 20 years old Polish boy I have boxers, socks or pants for sell. I'll wear them for 24 or whatever you like. I will cum in them, piss...

I will go to the gym in them if you like. All items will be sent in a safe and discreet jiffy bag. (from Poland) All I ask is that you get as turned on wearing my pants as I do by knowing someones cock will be rubbing up against where mine has!

All send by Polish Post- 1class registered mail with the tracking number. Don't  send anything to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus."



Hi smalldicks. I'm a dominant master willing to sell the used undies of my 23 year old, 6' 160lb thick dicked bf. Email me and we can determine what u want and a fair price
I want to sell pics of my penis and dirty
underwear,shirts,socks and anything you want my e-mail is
casey jones

I want to sell my dirty underwear , socks, and undershirts. I get pretty sweaty on a daily basis, but have always liked the smell of my body odor... maybe someone else will too!

Im a 28 year old male brown hair blue eyes and and im selling my underwear . Pics of me wearing them


Fletcher & Michael
If you like a bit of sleaze and your looking to purchase some genuine soiled underwear, jocks, boxers or briefs from two horny lads.
Simply tell us what you want and how you want them and we will do the rest, pics of your choice being stained can be supplied, so if you want them cum stained, pissed over and see that they have been used during our horny sex sessions then email us now!!
100% discretion assured and discreet packaging provided - Prices sent on request.


  Hi im Joe 18/M/UK
Selling my used (1-3 Day) boxers. Worn to college, out with mates, work, gym etc.



I will sell my used underwear... Will wear for a day and send them out.. I am 31/m/5'10/230 Latino

  have used underwear for sale. briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps.
Can supply in whatever condition you want, just email me for details



i want to sell used undewear.  My Email is


Russian Bull

  I am big russian sportsmen. 30 y.o., 192/115, big thick shaved cock 20 cm. Will send to you my used underwear, socks, t-shirts... Will wear it for 1-3 days and send them to you.I will cum in them, piss... I will go to the gym in them if you like.
All items will be sent in a safe and discreet plastic bag via dhl/ups/TNT . All details through my e-mail!


JD Styles


Sell underware, jockstraps, and other used clothing.


My Email is

  I have a two pair of jocks. I will send them in whatever condition you want that you want. Size small color orange and green with stripes. If interested email me.
  dirty boxera
  i have all sorts of underwear for sale in whatever condition you want if your interested email me
  Staci London
I am a 47 year old DOM male in Charleston West Virginia. I have a large 8 in UNCUT thick piece of meat and I am selling my collection of used underwear, socks, and jockstraps. I can wear them around for a few days and make sure they are stained with piss or cum  for U. There is NO limits of the condtion I will send them to U..So  if ur interested email me  for a price list and tell me how u want them delivered. Email me at
  Want to sell my Dirty Underwear after Using and sweating After Sports, I'm A Hunky 1.80cm 70Kg and have a big fat cock 21cm.
I have nice round in chape Ass urfrom dancing a lot. Totally turns me on Thinken you guy's sniffing and coming on my Underwear.
I wear Boxer, Tongs, Jocks, and sportwear.
Hope to hear soon some admires
"Bens Boxers" SELLING my dirty boxers to those of you who want them!!
I'm 20 Years old studying sports at university and need your help!!!
Will take REQUESTS on No. of days worn! or any other requests you may have!! MAIL ME we can go from there!
I will be glad to sell bikini briefs,thongs,boxers and boxer briefs. I will ship them in whatever condition you like (cum,piss sweat or skank) I am 34 swm,bi,6x8 uncut.34 inch waiste, Trade may be an option
im selling my used cummy boxers, i also have used condoms, and im open to suggestions
mail me for prices and photos

Gaz canning
I have: boxers, socks, vests and tshirts for sale in any condition you desire. Sealed tight & fast delivery
Fred Dennis
i got hot cum stained boxer briefs for any raunchy men who want em. i can also do cum filled condoms, as many loads as you want.
23 year old athletic college guy. Selling my used jockstraps, socks, etc. can piss or cum in them. Email me if interested.

Bencspam@yahoo. com

28 year old very athletic sportsman. 6'2", 220 lbs, mod hairy, italian, 8 1/2" cut dick. Selling my used underwear with piss, cum, whatever. Can do requests and also do used condoms. Email me if interested
Milk Man
Hot stud here, 6'1, 170, 32 waist .. selling my underwear and socks for X-tra money to replace items from my flooded basement.
Clean or worn underwear, Speedo's, (sz. small and medium) and socks (sz. 9-11).
I shoot BIG loads, so if you're into cum crusted underwear, you won't be disappointed. E-mail me: j_mail1(at)gmx(dot)com
Leo Jones
18 year old white twink with blonde hair and blue eyes. Selling used underwear and socks. Will Cum, piss, spit, and not wash them. I will even let you watch me while I play with them on. Discrete packaging, and negotiable prices.
Email me at or
Skype at
My wet and used Underwear
looking for any guys who want me to buy a fleshlight for them, play in it, send to me and i'll do the same. looking for an on going thing to share a fleshlight with a guy. email me
Michael Devlin
I am a young straight guy in England struggling to get my way through university. I am a very sporty type and am constantly working up a hot sweat. I am looking to sell my used underwear, socks and even tshirts! I will do whatever you want me to do to them and then post them out to you. Email me for your requests! Speak soon.
Michael Devlin
Selling used men's underwear, socks, anything. Can do anything to them. Nothing is out of the question. I'm 18, in okay shape, but I work out.
Alex Talk
I am an 18 year old college student that wants to sell his underwear. Can buy and wear custom orders, and will cum on them for extra. please email me for extra info.
Email is
I sell dirty panties sperm and female after having sex. or at the request panties cum with photos
I'm a 23 year old fit gay guy looking to sell my used unbranded underwear to all you filthy underwear lovers! I'm willing to do what you want in my underwear - wear them for a week, wank in them everyday... It's up to you! I wank regularly so if you want used cum filled tissues let me know.
Email me
Payments by paypal only.
I supply different items of clothes soiled to the level that you require, simply tell me what you want and how you want them and i will do the rest email me
tyler montgomery
I want to sell dirty boxers socks cum dick pics anything you want to buy I'm 23 tattooed very hairy 7 1/2 hard cock and nice hairy asshole email me if interested i wear size large or xl boxers

mark nolan
cum stained g string jocks will cum have a nice piss smell and feet .I m 5/6 165 6.5 cut in good shape
selling black briefs with my spunk on em. email for details
(paypal only)
I have used underwear for sale. I can wear or do anything else you want in them. Not opposed to jerking off in a pair and sending a video of me doing so. Anyone interested hit me up I can send pics or answer any questions
Cameron Foster
I would like to sell my underwear and I also can do the couples category with my female porn star partner Delilah Blue
Dirty Cock
I'm a fit British guy with a hairy body and thick cock. I workout daily in my tight underwear which can stay on for days- full of smells of a real man. Covered in piss, cum, skids with a few pubes. My wife keeps asking about those cum stains so I need to sell them to anyone who appreciates them.
I can post almost anywhere with discreet payment through PayPal.
My size 13 feet mean my socks are always full of sweat ( and anything else you want).
Drop me a discreet email with you exact requirements. You will not be disappointed. Nothing will shock.
Grab your opportunity to smell a thick nine inch cock.
Richard Clark
I want to sell
Selling: boxerbriefs and briefs Hanes Fashion. All colors. Cummed and dirty and fresh. Pics available. $100 per pair. Western union or PayPal. WU preferred. Thanks you. Looking for anything ASAP
Hello all you nasty fuckers! I'm 26 year old athletic jock who stands at 5'7 and 165 lbs and an 8/8.5 in dick. I'm looking to get rid of/sell my dirty socks, compression shorts, and even a cum filled condom.
I get off on giving sexual satisfaction to those less fortunate.
Are you secretly pining for a frat jock you'll never get? Buy my soiled used underwear and smell the sweet musky aroma of a real man.
Have a foot fetish but don't have anyone's feet to worship? Buy my ripe socks and sniff the odor of a gym guy who works out 6 days a week - the foot smell is just for you!
And are you having trouble getting laid by your hot fantasy dream guy? Buy a condom I jacked off into, with multiple loads, and swallow it all (or use for lube for your ass) knowing that tasty cum and salty sperm from my big thick dick is Just. For. YOU!
E-mail me and I can send private pictures, discuss prices, and methods of ways you want me to dirty up my gear so it's perfect for you.
Stop fantasizing and smelling!
Kevin Boxer
Looking to sell me dirty soiled underwear and socks. Will also take requests for special orders. e-mail me with requests.
I want to sell my underwear.
I am 21 5"9 165
I have new n used ones designer brands
From small to large
I have 2xist papi equipo Calvin baskit pumas thongs n jocks
 will wear and blow my load in any pair of jock you like, I will then place them in a sealed bag so they arrive to you still wet and fresh if you wish. I am happy to supply you with any form of wet/used/cumstained jocks at $100 a pair. check out my website for pics, vids and information on my other services :)
Stephen Jones
I have dirty used underwear for sale. I have jocks, thongs, briefs, boxers. All worn by me and often my boyfriend too. I'm happy to customise to your specific wishes. Just let me know what you want and I'm sure I can accommodate! Email me at
I want to sell my worn and used briefs and thongs.
Andys Candy
My custom worn underwear. I have a very earthly scent and will tailor to your needs!
I sell my worn undies! I can wear these briefs for a few days so it will be totally covered with my body odor and precum. If you like i can even piss or cum in it. I love the odor of my Dick and i'm horny all day. You will love to smell these real man undies !! I will rub my boner against my briefs and wear them when i excercise .. Im 32 y old goodlooking manly european guy!
Nick Maranell
Used underwear, jockstraps, boxer briefs and signed and/or staned pics of me
Jonathan Jones
I am selling used underwear, socks, fetish wear will spunk in them and piss in them whatever you want. also will spunk in a condom
17 m London UK
Selling my used and abused underwear
Boxers/ briefs/ socks/ joggers
Let me know
can sell my undies- just let me know how want-
or even trade them
I have gstring pouches, jocks, briefs, thongs, bikins briefs, boxer breifs= email me- from USA here
I want to sell my used undies
i got dirty boxers for sale and how ever you want them
I want to sell my worn undies
Sell jockstraps boxers and briefs
I have some underwear for sell I will wear them has long as you like I will cum/pee just let me know what u want
Selling used underwear worn by male, will consider anything, I even wear knickers to requests, cum filled , email for info x
I want to sell my used thongs, jock straps, boyshorts, boxer briefs.
I'm 28 years old college student, from CA living in MO.
I will cum in them, go to the gym in them, piss in them... what ever uou want me to do to them. Email me with questions. I am d/d free and very well groomed. I practice good hygiene as well.
18, 6ft, 160lbs, 7.5 inch cock. athletic/ jock looking for trade with other guys like me
18m Hung 9 inches ripped selling his smelly boxers, pictures available upon request
Do you like manly smells? Do you ever look at men you want to be with and wonder how they smell? What they're unwashed bodies wold smell of? 
Well I'm here. I have some used underwear that is nice and ripe for you. Smell the underwear of a God. How my ballz drip sweat after working out, or my cheeks sweat whenever I'm doing squats. It's. All. Yours
Email me
Willing to sell or donate sexy gay undies to lucky boys; let me know your desires! One condition: all applications must be accompanied by at least one pic of hard cock which will go in them.
buy my used boxers and briefs i have medium and large that have had my mansize penis in them, all can come with my proper man juices for your small pathetic penis to enjoy
I want to sell my underwear, shorts and cumrags. I do work also so I can get them sweaty 😊. I'm 19 and also in college. I do get horny a lot so I would have no problem getting you whatever you want😏
Declan Monroe
Selling Used, cummed in, pissed in, underwear and condoms teen boy


Sell or buy clothes. Fill in here what you want to sell or buy. It will be uploded shortly. If you have pictures, please mail them to

Questions marked by * are required.
1. Name: *
2. Email: *
3. I want to sell/buy *





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