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Buyers for your


Used underwear




Many of us smalldicks are virgins, alone with no girlfriends or boyfriends, only wanking to photos and movies of sexy men and women having sex. Never touching or smelling a sexy superior man or woman.

But some men and women have understood what a treasure their worn, dirty underwear can be for smalldicks and they sell them in Internet to thankful smalldicked wankers.

Below you can smalldicks who want to buy your underwear. For smalldicks: Make an ad below to purchase used underwear from real men and women.


Men selling underwear

Women selling underwear

Couples selling underwear


Aug 10 2016

Joseph azar
Looking to buy:
Extra sweaty smelly high socks
Cum filled, piss filled extra sweaty breifs

Must be muscular/stocky.. preferably hairy

July 18 2016

I am looking to buy sweaty cum stained underwear from athletic young guys (18-22)

July 4 2016

I would like to bay hot cummed underwear pls email me with pics or whatsupp me 0799777339

Jun 20 2016

Looking to buy men's underwears and used condoms. From Canada only.

Jun 3 2016

I would like to purchase used guys undies (18-24 yo only)

May 31 2016

I wana buy,,,,smelly underwears

May 7 2016

Buy teen 18.19yo used uwear with cum stains.Like to buy local 33308.

Apr 2 2016

I'm looking for old worn cum stained / dirty jocks.

May 1 2016

I am looking to buy used condoms or cum from hot athletic jocks! Hit me up and let me know!

Oct 13 2015


I would like to purchase at a reasonable cost, spunk filled condoms.
The donator should be based in the United Kingdom to ensure the cum is fresh and tasty, big cummers naturally preferred.
I can only provide cash as payment (don't have Paypal). Discretion is paramount - both ways. Or if you want to share cum filled condoms on a free basis; super.
I also need to know how the condom is packaged to ensure no problems with Royal Mail etc, and that the spunk is delivered 1st class post quickly after ejaculation, with no leakage in a discreet manner.
The type of condom is not important, simply that is filled with loads of spunk, so I can wank in it and suck the cum.
Look forward to hearing from any similar minded male: straight, bi or gay.

Sep 6 2015

Brad Hintz
I want to buy cum filled condoms

Feb 14 2016

Looking for boys cum underwear. Please be in hawaii or usa. I love pubes and cum nobody offered me nothing I need it asap im always horny but don't hookup can someone please help me?

Mar 7 2016




Looking to buy cum filled condoms



i want to buy used underwear, so can you send me paypal payment details.


looking to BUY used underwear. plz contact me must have a skype so i can make sure the underwears i am going to buy from is a hot guy

Miroslaw Ziola

Want to buy cumming speedo swimwear trumks



i want to buy men's dirty/worn jockstraps and/or briefs. if you are currently selling please contact me! want to buy soon!

I want to buy cum stained underware, OR just give money to a Real Man, hit me up studs!



I would like to buy dirty, smelly used man underwear
seller please at least attach you're photo with face, and wearing the underwear
fit/muscular/hairy guys are preferred


James Lewis


I'm looking to purchase a pair of heavily stained/drenched boxerbriefs from a very attractive, muscular young (21-35 yrs old) white guy. College jocks, personal trainers or any attractive white guy are highly preferred!! Please send a face & body picture. I'm only looking to purchase this from an authentic person. Not into chubby, fat, older guys!


Jay in Jersey

Looking to buy worn mens underwear & socks. Want to fill a condom for me with your man milk? Can't get enough of that juice. Makes the perfect lube for my ass when my str8 buddies need to fuck me. Love sniffing on your underwear while I suck on your jizzed condoms. You need to be hairy masculine love the smell of pungent hairy uncut cock and balls. Even I nice wiff of your hairy ass. You be Latino dark hair & eyes. Or skinny Indian or Arab. Also dig skinny geek guys with a hairy bodies and sweet pure cum loads that flow like a fountain. Big weakness lots of precum and 3-4 day loads. Ready for you now, you will be properly compensated.



I would like to purchase used, unwashed, stained underwear from guys who have underwear to sell. Prefer younger 18 to 25 in US, Canada, UK, Europe in general. Briefs are nice and my faves, but other styles good too.
Can send payment thru Pay Pal or with ivoice.




I want to buy your used sweaty and musty used undies. Like them from cute athletic guys.




buy 5 day worn with no shower t shirts and cum stained underwear

B xoxo
I take requests on underwear selling.
Straight & s. acting but open minded, and skint.
some guy
I want to buy real mans underwear
looking to buy used underwear. Medium size, white male between 18-24. before shipping I would like a load or two shot into them.
I want to buy hot boxers or boxer briefs
I live in the USA and I'd like to buy a pair of Hanes or FTL white briefs from a horny straight blue collar masculine male. I love the smell of sweaty balls and cock and the faint smell of his ass. Any straight guys want to sell their dirty briefs to this proper fag? I'd like to see you in them as well.




BUY! 34 inch waist, I want to know something about you, cock size does not matter, BUT, I want to know! I do want them loaded,


shrinking cock


i want to buy womens tiny thongs or g strings to fit my shrinking cock in

Looking to buy cum stained underwear from hung guy. Looking for 8+ inches, uncut is a plus but not a must.

dan bivens


buy unwashed used panties




i want to buy used mens jocks
Jase H.
Looking to buy boxers and condoms...filled w cum.


hey small dicked little boy here at 5 and a half 6 inch ish for buying dirty womans panties couples or singles for me to ware mail me



Used underwear wanted by smalldicked wanker.

Looking to buy used mens briefs.Love them to have been filled out nicelyas I wont be able to.

I want to buy real mens used briefs. I will never fill them so anyone who has nicely filled them out Iwould love to buy them off you. Small guy 30" waist with pathetic cock

wanted to buy tighty whities, or boxer briefs. worn about 24 hours to get that man scent. I am really interested in black men wearing them.
  Looking to buy Cum filled condoms from US guys 18-24.  

Feb 5 2016

  Bob C  
  I want to buy used smelly mens underwear and socks.
  i want to buy used panties as long as they come with a picture of the lady they are from  
  Buy used worn women socks          
  i want to buy used underwear from a big cocked guy please send me details of what you have available  
  I want to buy teen boy's piss and cum stained underwear. Wbite boys only.   
  mike reese  
  buy dirty used panties from ebony women  
  I want to buy bikini briefs, clean with fresh cum in them, 34 in waist. I do NOT want Jockey brand (no ball support)   
  buy 5 day worn with no shower t shirts  
  I want to buy used condoms from real men  
  Buy Boxers, Briefs and thongs  
  Lorenzo Padilla-Villaseñor  
  I want to buy used - cum/piss/smegma stained underwear worn by uncut men...size M (US size)   
  anthony cerbo  
  I want to buy young men's used and smelly underwear sizes M to L. I want you to wear them to gym workout and fart in them. I want to smell groin and ass.   
  I want to buy teen and big cock men or boy's piss and cum stained underwear. White boys only.   
  need uncut cock and heavy shit stained older underwear shipped with a tracking number in the united states. email me with some pics if u can do it, thanks.   
  I want to buy young mans worn bikini briefs with plenty of manly smells (cock, balls and ass smells). No shit stains please. please be from the USA.   
  Henry Johnston  
  I want to buy used, cum filled condoms from couples or women anywhere in the U.S. I can pay shipping. I live in PA. Please be disease free. Thanks!   
  jessica spears  
  I want to buy girls dirty,filthy,smelly underwear that are wet,juicey,moist,peed in and with full girlie periods in underwear.i also want to buy girls very nasty,filthy,dirty,smelly bras and girlie spheg strapp tops.also girls full girlie cum in there underwear.   
  i want to buy a used-unwashed teen boys undies,from ages (14-19)   
  Myles Middleton  
  looking to buy used white briefs. I like them with a fly front. Jockey, FTL., Hanes, BVD., Stafford, that kind of thing. Like them with lots of cum, sweat, piss stains and some track marks   
  David Fuller  
  buying boys/mens used undies  
  Looking to buy used underwear with cum stains from an in shape and straight college guy. Please email me with Pics and be in the U.S, thank you.   
  Randy Simeck  
  looking to buy used undies from younger guys and used socks email me   
  i want a well worn real man's underware to sniff and adore.   
  Looking to buy filthy mens jocks, and briefs  
  Cum soaked undies <3 from 18-25 yrs old   
  looking to buy a young Straight guys underwear 18 - 25  
  Looking for a pair of used underwear that has been worn for at least a week, cum in every day of that week and with a video of you cumming in them if possible, email me at with offers   
  want buy used underwear or shorts of young athletic guy  
  I want to buy a pair of mens used underwear, pee, cum even fart stains would be great. the smellier and heave aroma the better. want it from a young athletic guy please. also would beinterested in used socks! the smellier and worse, the better!   
  Buy used cum filled condoms from guys in texas so the cum will be fresh  
  I want to buy used cummed in and really stinky teens underwear and cummed in condoms 14- 19  
  Jaryd Mckenna  
  Looking to BUY used underwear. Especially ones worn for a while, then used as a nut rag. Send pic of you, underwear and price.  
  I want to buy used underwear any kind large size for a buck a pair contact me if your are interested e-mail me pics too thanks .... Canada b.c  
  Ben chambers  
  I want to buy dirty rank spunked in underwear n condoms   
  i want to buy used under size large not to large my e-mail is  
  wanna buy email  
  Want to buy piss/cum loaded jocks and briefs with a fly. Straight, uncut, bi preferred.   
  I want to buy nasty piss, cum, dick cheese stained underwear that has been worn by an UNCUT man 65 and older. Only old men  
  tim Oyao  
  Looking to buy used condoms or sweaty men's clothes @ cheap decent prices  
  Ernest Tilman  
  I want to buy clothing filled with the strong smell of women's arm pits!  
  I want to buy a pair of men's used underwear that were worn for around a week straight. Preferably a pair of used underwear by a "hairy white male between ages 20-50 who's bottom smells really dirty." I don't use PayPal because I want to remain discreet. I can pay cash or money order by mail. My shipping address is in Southern California. Please email me details/pictures at  
  Looking to buy cum-stained briefs, thongs, speedos, and bikinis from men! I can pay through PayPal and live in the Northwest US. Reasonable prices only.  
  Small boy here want to buy  
  Adam US FL
  I wanna buy well worn/trashed twink socks. I'm 20yo college guy. Discretion required and please be skinny and good looking (preferably guys from US) have pics of you and feet.  
  I want to buy loaded condoms,used jockstraps with cum and or sweat.  

Mar 16 2016

  Frank Caplione  
  I am looking for used, worn and unwashed underwear for sale.
Just regular briefs/boxer briefs work for me. White prefered but
colors are fine too. Looking for resonable prices on a regular
basis to establish a possible connection. College guys underwear would be awesome.  
  Tiny dicked Dave  
  Tiny dicked white faggot here who would love the honor of buying completely trashed and smelly underwear from Black man, Indian men, or Arab men. These just a few of the many types of men who are far genetically superior to a white faggot like me. Wearing your beat up, smelly and abused underwear is the only thing that can get my tiny faggot dick hard. Rest assured I will never fill out the bulge as well as you real men do. Let this pathetic little dicked white faggot pay for the honor of buying your abused clothes that were headed to the trash anyway.  
  James Lewis  
  Hello Guys,
I'm interested in purchasing a pair of heavily loaded cum-stained boxer briefs with a strong scent from a very, very attractive, muscular guy between the ages of 21-35 years of age. Only prefer to deal with guys in the USA. Again, I'm only looking for very attractive, muscular guys who are heavy shooters with a strong cum scent. I would like to see a face and body picture if you're interested.  
  Alfie Young
  Looking to buy disgustingly dirty ladies socks, the stinkier the better, I want them to make me gag ;)  
  Hi looking for couples pantys or single girls feel free to message if intrested. I have posted before  
  Tony Brown  
  I want to buy a pair of worn, cum-stained boxer briefs from a very, very attractive college guy within the USA. I wan them completely covered in cum. Only looking for very sexy muscular college guys. Please send a face & body picture if interested.   
  Looking to buy something with cum and dirty for $10-15-20
black guys only  
  I want to buy stinky young mans briefs, piss and cum and lite skid marks. Also like to buy condoms full of your cum. Contact me. Pics required of yourself  
  James Smith  
  I'm interested in purchasing a pair of cum-stained boxer briefs from a very attractive muscular guy between the ages of 21-35. I'm only looking for guys within the USA. I'm looking for very big shooters! I would love to have a pair with a strong cum scent. Only looking for guys who can provide a current face & body picture.  
  Like to see what used old underwear you guys have out there and what they look like. Send them to my email.  

Aug 27 2015

  I want to buy dirty used underwear from a guy. I also want to buy a used condom filled with semen. Email me for more info.  

Nov 28 2015



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