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Submissive Cuckold




In a relationship between a woman and a smalldick it is almost impossible and pointless to have an ordinary relationship. The woman will be depressed, pretending that the sex life is ok and the smalldick will feel her disappointment. When they realize he should live as her slave, the relationship will still not be perfect until she has a real man for her lover. Only then she can both have the sex she needs and the obedient slave she wants.

There are two things she will want, after a while living with a smalldick:

Real men with real cocks for sex and

Total obedience from the smalldick when she sees he is not a real man who deserves to have rights like real men.

Even if he wants and tries to be a good slave, sometimes he will forget to be obedient. He will try – and finally succeed to be a useful and obedient slave for her when she has a lover to help her discipline him. She no longer needs to try dominating him alone and he will submit totally when a strong man helps her force him to anything, he will feel she really is serious about making him a total slave.

When a woman has a submissive cuckold boyfriend or husband she will feel very happy in the relationship. Not only can she openly have the fun of other lovers, but she will also have a very obedient and submissive boyfriend or husband. In this type of relationship both are very lucky indeed.

Many women will hope to have a submissive boyfriend or husband, but to also have a cuckold on top of that is an added bonus. Some make sure all their friends know he is obedient submissive cuckold boyfriend or husband. Letting them – and of course her lovers – know what a cuckold he is, is a confirmation of their real Dom/sub relationship.

Getting your gf/wife to cuckold you

Sometimes a bf/husband wants to serve as a cuckold but the gf/wife is not interested in cuckolding him. This can be very upsetting for him that is keen to be a cuckold for his wife. Getting an unwilling gf/wife to cuckold you will take time, so be patient. You need to start dropping the idea in small bits first.

You need to at least get her thinking about it, but do o push the subject. She will come around to cuckolding you in her own way and time. Mentioning your little dick, apologizing for it, will make her desire real cocks. If you have a very good looking mate that is a stud, you might want to introduce him to your wife. The thing is, once she enjoys going to bed with hot young lovers she will soon start cuckolding you.


Turning your boyfriend/husband into a cuckold

Turning your boyfriend into a cuckold is no easy task and will take a lot of time and patience if he still did not realize his lack of manhood. In some cases it just cannot be done. But in other relationships he can be turned into a well trained submissive and obedient cuckold. There are many benefits to turning your boyfriend or husband into a cuckold.

The main one is it gives you the freedom to take on other lovers as often as you wish and do it openly and with the support of your boyfriend. Another is that obedience and submission are all part of a boyfriend/husband being a cuckold. So there are many benefits to be gained from turning your boyfriend/husband into a cuckold. Keep in mind that a cuckold relationship is different from a swingers relationship. They are two different types of a relationship. In a cuckold relationship only one partner has other lovers. Without you knowing, your boyfriend/husband may already be thinking of being a cuckold for you. It is best to at least to try and find out if he even knows what a cuckold relationship is about. Who knows, he may even offer to be a cuckold.

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Whenever possible, remind him, tease him and humiliate him for his small dick. He will feel guilty and become willing to let you have sex with real men to have the pleasure he cannot give you.

Cuckolding involves a lot of humiliation and most smalldicks get sexual pleasure from being humiliated. Some secretly want to be a submissive slave in the relationship. Others get off on watching their girlfriend/wife with a real man. Try starting by telling your boyfriend or husband that one of the women at work is involved in a cuckold relationship. Make out how sexual and exciting such a relationship can be. Do not push it to start, just get things moving. Talk about it in bed when he is excited, that is the best place. Just build things slowly from there. Use some fantasy stuff first to get him use to the idea. Try some discipline as a fantasy in the bedroom to get him use to being a submissive. Later, the discipline can be more a part of the relationship. Get him in chastity too, but make out it is a real turn on for you if he wears a chastity belt. It is all part of slowly training him into the cuckold lifestyle. If he is interested, he will soon be the one pushing for a cuckold relationship.


Cuckold relationship problems

Cuckold relationships are just the same as any other relationship; they both have their ups and downs. But problems in a cuckold relationship can sometimes in fact be much easier to fix.

Mostly, when a couple involved in a cuckold relationship are experiencing problems, you will find that sitting down and having a very open talk will easily fix most problems. Communication is important in all relationships, but especially in a cuckold relationship. He might be jealous when she starts to meet a love, he needs to focus more on his role as slave and keep in mind that is all about her wishes and pleasure. She needs to show him her love is still there, even if the only one she is thinking about at tat moment is her sexy lover.

As his Mistress, if your cuckold seems unhappy, you must talk to him and find out why. Both must be happy. Cuckolds need attention too and sometimes she forgets that. Maybe sometimes the cuckold needs more active involvement in what is happening or sometimes the cuckold just needs more strict discipline. The main thing is that in any problem in a cuckold relationship, it just requires good communication.


Cuckold obedience

When in a cuckold relationship one of the issues that is of major importance is the obedience of the cuckold. Anything less then perfect obedience from the cuckold cannot be tolerated, she needs to be sure he does not hesitate or refuse to obey totally, making her embarrassed in front of her lover.

Obedience training, strict discipline and making exact rules for him to follow when her lover comes, will make it clear to the cuckold. He will know how to act and what to do to show her lover what a good slave he is. Be consequent when training your cuckold, so his obedience will be perfect. Praise your cuckold for good obedience. When he knows exactly what to do, it is easier for him to obey her and her lover perfectly.


Cuckold discipline & chastity

The use of discipline is an important part of the cuckold relationship. It helps to make sure the cuckold is obedient at all times as well as helping the cuckold to better understand his role. Discipline is often used as both punishment and for training purposes. Sometimes she will discipline the cuckold for pleasure.

Keeping your cuckold in chastity is another form of discipline. The main thing is that discipline is a tool to help improve the cuckold relationship.

Choosing the path of celibacy for a cuckold in a cuckold relationship is something that needs to be thought through first. It is something that will take a lot of commitment. There is much pleasure and satisfaction both for her and the cuckold when he refrains from any sexual pleasure in the relationship. Often there will be difficult times for the cuckold who takes this path, especially in the early. Strict control and guidance is needed from the Mistress. It is effective to keep the cuckold a chastity device. There are many different chastity around, make sure to choose one that locks in secure with no way out. Keeping him horny means keeping him obedient  

In cuckold relationships the bulls will also provide discipline to the cuckold. 


Bulls humiliating cuckold

The bull humiliating her cuckold is a powerful thing. A man who has sex with a smalldick’s girlfriend or wife will love the power he has over the smalldick. Watching the wife’s lover carry out the humiliation of the cuckold can be a nice experience and a lot of fun. She will often find great pleasure from watching her lovers as they go about humiliating the cuckold.

The humiliation of the cuckold can include verbal, discipline and humiliating tasks. She may join in with her lover on the humiliation of the cuckold. Together with her lover she can turn her boyfriend/husband into a total slave. He will see and feel the superiority of the bull and become more submissive than ever. Watching a real man do the things he cannot do with a woman will make him accept his place as a worthless smalldicked slave.


Unwilling, straight cuckold

Sometimes she has an unwilling cuckold boyfriend/husband. This can make things difficult for some but for others they actually prefer this. Some hotwives have great pleasure having an unwilling cuckold. Sometimes it is also a big turn on for the bulls if they know he is an unwilling, straight cuckold.

Both the wife and the bull will love to make the cuckold become a faggot, forcing him to lick the bull’s feet and ass and to fuck the cuckold’s mouth and  ass.

       Cuckold servant

In a cuckold relationship there will be times that the cuckold will need serve as a waiter and servant. This may involve the cuckold serving naked or at other times the cuckold may be dressed in a waiter’s uniform. Often when the wife’s lovers visit the house the cuckold will sometimes serve as a waiter. He might prepare and cook their meal, afterward serving them the meal and maybe wine. At other times if the wife has a get together of her female friends she can use her cuckold husband as a waiter. Sometimes the cuckold may be required to serve as a waiter at the home of one of her lovers who may be having a dinner with friends. Another good idea is for the wife to invite the make friends of her cuckold husband to dinner and then get him to serve as a waiter so all his friends can see.

Some cuckolds are forced to dress as maids for the amusement of the wife and her lover or friends. It also helps to remind him about his lack of masculinity.

Cuckold deep throat training

Having a cuckold that can deep throat the lovers of his wife is an essential part of any cuckold marriage. It is a power kick to bulls to force the cuckold to take all of their big cocks to suck. For some cuckolds this comes naturally, other cuckolds struggle with the ability to give good deep throat. Some cuckolds resist giving throat and this can be a problem. Other cuckolds are just naturally lousy when it comes to giving good deep throat. Whatever the reason for these problems is in the end irrelevant, because it is essential that is cuckold can give great deep throat to the bulls. This is why cuckold deep throat training is important.

Deep throat training is not easy and can take many months of practise to get it perfect. The more lovers a wife has the better, because this will give the cuckold more training at deep throating. The wife will be doing her cuckold husband a big favour by having many lovers. And the more well hung her lovers the better. The wife should use very strict discipline in training her cuckold on how to deep throat good. And she should make sure that every time the deep throat is performed to the highest of standards.


Cuckold cleanup

Cuckold Cleanup is an important part of a cuckold marriage or relationship. The cuckold must know how to do a very good cleanup of both the wife as well as the bulls. Strict punishment should be given to any cuckold that fails to do a good cleanup job. Getting your cuckold to do a good cleanup takes only a small amount of training. For many a cuckold it should come naturally. But some cuckolds show a little resistance or are just being lazy. There are simply no exceptions on this. The cuckold should know the importance of doing a cleanup and do it good every time. It is important that the wife always checks to make sure the cleanup standard of her cuckold is always the best, making sure he shows proper respect for the lover.


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Cuckold foot worship

In a cuckold relationship the Cuckold will be required to do foot worship. This foot worship may be of both his wife and her lovers. The foot worship can take on many forms for the cuckold, from kissing her feet to helping maintain them. Sometimes the cuckold will worship her feet while she is with her lovers. The cuckold may also be required to worship the feet of the various studs that make love to his wife. This may also take the form of cleaning the shoes of her lovers. The cuckold may be the one to remove the shoes from the feet of his wife. Cuckold foot worship is very popular in a cuckold relationship.

Many women love the feeling of having their feet worshipped by a cuckold. The feet worship may include such things as feet massage, kissing or licking. A woman feels great having the cuckold adoring her feet. A cuckold also wants very much to worship the feet of women and men. Smalldicks feel it is a natural place to be, kneeling and licking feet of superior men and women. It is an honourable place to be for them. If you love to have your feet cared for by a cuckold then you need give him the correct training on what to do. If you are a cuckold that loves to worship feet then you should speak to your wife and let her know.

  Cuckolding a smalldick is the most powerful way to make him forever obedient, constantly feeling ashamed and useless after watching a real man fuck his wife like he never will be able to do.  
  Kneeling and obeying becomes natural for a smalldick when he watches superior people have sex in front of him.  

With his dick safely locked up in a chastity belt, he understands just too well what a loser he is, born to serve and obey.

  The pics are from the site Submissive Cuckolds. Check out how women become hotwives, training and punishing their tiny dicked boyfriends and husbands until they become totally submissive cuckolded smalldicks.  


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With a real cock in her pussy she has total pleasure and total control over her slaveboy



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