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First Time Cuckold Husband

A Ms. Karli Kunt true life story



When I married my first wife, she was a pure Catholic school girl and an innocent virgin. On our Honeymoon, I had tricked and manipulated her into going to the nude beaches on St. Croix and had sparked in her an interest in the long Black Cocks of the native Boyz we saw there. When we returned from our Honeymoon, I bought lots of interracial porn, as well as lots of cuckold magazines like Variations and Penthouse Letters that I exposed her to over a period of three years as I encouraged her to fantasize about flashing other men and then about fucking them in front of me. At first, she resisted this and thought I was a little crazy and perverted. I think she was afraid that if she complied, I might lose respect for her and leave her. She was also afraid that this was just a way for me to justify fooling around with other women. In spite of her inhibitions and fears, I tricked her several times into exhibitionism by taking her to nude beaches and by fucking her in public places where we were occasionally watched by other boys. Each time I did this, she became more excited and more daring. At the peak of our love making, I would whisper naughty fantasies into her ear and slowly begin to hypnotize her into visualizing the excitement and erotic, sensual joy of having multiple sex partners. These visual images excited her, thrilled her and began to haunt her dreams.  

After a couple of years, she began to join in the fantasies eagerly. Perhaps she became more pliable because she was so sexually frustrated by the fact that she was unable to reach an orgasm while I was fucking her because my tiny cock just wasn't big enough to do the job. In fact, the small nubbin of flesh tucked between my legs looked a lot more like a clittie than a cock. Consequently, my wife gradually feminized, sissifed and transformed me into her "Lesbian Lover", as I have described in great detail in another story. If you would like to read that account, please contact me at 

Since I was my wife's first lover, she had never seen a Real Man's dick and so she was shocked and surprised on our Honeymoon to see some of the long, thick cocks on nude beaches. As I introduced her to pornographic movies, she expressed amazement at how large the men's cocks were and began wondering what it would be like to be fucked by such long, thick poles. She coyly and shyly related to me a childhood sexual fantasy of being kidnapped, stripped and sexually exploited by a group of Black Boys. Although just a fantasy, it provided plenty of fuel to fire up her libido. It also opened up the opportunity for me to begin fantzasizing each time I made love to her on what it would be like to watch another man or a group of men fuck her. The more we talked about the fantasy of watching other men ravage my wife's body, the more we wanted to make our fantasies a reality. Only after carefully testing each others psyches and simulating the events over a long period of time did we feel comfortable that we were both emotionally strong enough to open our sex lives to other people. 

The problem was, where do you find exactly the right people. That's the problem. My wife and I were both graduate students who led a very vanilla life, including regular attendance at our local church. Where were we going to find a couple to indulge our fantasies? Even more difficult is once you've found compatible playmates, how do you break the ice?  How do you set the stage and create the right environment that causes everyone to feel comfortable in pursuing their fantasies? We were living in the married student complex at a large midwestern university and we began hearing lots of rumours about "wife-swapping" among our neighbors. Rumor had it that a large number of them met occasionally on the weekends for "Key Parties" where the girls would drop their keys in a hat, then go back to their apartments, strip naked, dress in their sexiest lingerie and wait to see which boy would get their key and cum to fuck them.... and..... the boys would pull them out in a random fashion to find out which wife they got to fuck that night. Needless to say, this piqued our curiosity, although we never believed for a minute these rumours were true. 

A big step forward for us occurred when we found ourselves in a soft swinging environment with two or three couples who were acquaintances of ours. We talked about our sex lives. We joked about going to nude beaches, flashing and the erotic taboo of swinging, but by and large it was just talk. This talk, however, led to an unfortunate incident where one of the wives "seduced" me in order to "try me out" before committing she and her husband to a full swap. Needless to say, after seeing my tiny clittie and after being frustrated by my premature ejaculation, she did not want to develop a swinging relationship. She was brutally candid in telling me that I had a cock the size of a fruit fly and that in her opinion, it should always be covered in silky panties and locked in a chastity device. Unfortunately, her husband told my wife that was why they never accepted our invitations to come over for dinner anymore. At first, my wife was angry, sad, dejected and furious. As a result, she began a process of feminizing me by manipulating me into wearing panties and she vowed revenge based on the principle that what was good for the goose ws good for the gander. 

Shortly after that landmark incident, we made friends with another Grad School Couple named Rita and Jim, who were both African Americans. She had a nursing degree and had worked for several years as a nurse and was coming back to get her Masters Degree. Jim was in Law School. He had been an outstanding High School and College Athlete and was an amazing speciman of a man with broad shoulders, narrow waist, muscled arms and legs, a handsome face with a warm smile and a delightful personality. Rita was even more impressive. She was absolutely gorgeous and incredibly sexy with a lithe, thin, athletic body with large breasts, an hour-glass figure and a big, plush, well-rounded ass that caused men to get instant erections when she sashayed down the street in a pair of tight pants.  

We became very close friends as we took turns hosting each other for dinner parties in our apartments, going out to movies and attending sporting events. After several months, we tentatively began talking about sex and about our fantasies, our inhibitions and our hang-ups. This went on for more than a year as we tested each others limits and the talk became more and more erotic, intimate and revealing as we became more comfortable with each other.  

When it all started, I'm not sure that we truly believed couples really ended up making love to each other, but we loved flirting with the topic and it wasn't long before we felt comfortable discussing the most intimate aspects of our sexual fantasies..... with two very major exceptions: I made my wife promise not to talk about (1) how tiny my clittie was nor (2) to reveal her kinky little fetish for crossdressing and feminizing me so we could simulate "Lesbian Sex." I was just too embarrassed and I worried we would frighten off Jim and Rita, who seemed to be as plain vanilla as we were.  

In the meantime, we became more and more attracted to each other. My wife became very good friends with the other woman and this helped overcome some of her inhibitions. The other lady, Rita, was a little more uninhibited. She was a nurse who was accustomed to seeing people naked and she told us that she met her husband when he had an extended illness. As she nursed him back to health she fell in love with him and sure enough she started giving him sponge baths in the hospital, which she described in great detail. When she initially washed him, she was very professional and stopped washing his thighs just below his balls, but she was so amazed and intrigued by the huge tent that was created by his erection that she just couldn't resist seeing what was under that sheet. She discovered the largest cock she had ever seen. It was actually about 10" long and she proceeded to suck him off and fuck him right there in the hospital. Eventually, they got married.  

Needless to say, this little piece of information inflamed my wife's imagination and it was all she could talk about in bed that night after Jim and Rita had gone home. She actually made me go down to the kitchen to get a tape measure and a very large cucumber just so she could have a tangible example of just how big 10 inches of cock might be. Then, she had me cover the cucumber with a Magnum Condom, libeally lube it and help her force it up into her very tight pussy. The very next day, she sent me to the adult bookstore to buy a 10 inch Dildo so she could "practice".  Clearly, she was very intrigued; but was still a little bit unsure as to how to proceed. However, Rita's frank open discussion encouraged my wife to open up about our sexual fantasies at the next dinner meeting and our discussions quickly became more and more erotic. Although I had made my wife promise not to reveal how tiny my cocklette was nor to reveal how she had tricked me into wearing panties and dressing en femme, she still managed to make it pretty clear to Jim and Rita that she was sexually frustrated; that I just wasn't able to fully please her and that I might be a little effeminate. I was both embarrassed and excited when Jim and Rita indicated they had been friends as undergraduates at the University of California at Berkeley with a couple where the husband was both bi-sexual and a little bit effeminate. They made it clear that this was not uncommon at Berkeley. I was pleasantly surprised that they seemed very non-judgemental. In fact, they indicated that they found bi-sexual couples fascinating and enjoyed having them as friends. They seemed to be very tolerant of alternative lifestyles and hinted that they were open to an intimate relationship with an alternative lifestyle couple. Nonetheless, I was still unsure how to take our relationship to an even more intimate level and afraid to reveal too much about our kinky fetishes for fear that we might be mis-reading their intentions. 

Fortunately, Rita was the one who took the initiative to move our relationship from friends to intimate confidantes to an even more sexual and erotic phase. She convinced my wife that the two of them should put on a lingerie show for the two guys. At first, my wife was really nervous, but with enough alcohol and in the right setting she put on the show. It was great !!! They pranced and posed in various specialty items from Victoria's Secret and in several extremely revealing bikinis. However, I was a bit shocked and taken aback when Rita tried to convince me to model a pair of silky panties. She was really quite persistent and made it very awkward for me to deny her request. Finally, my wife winked at me and threatened to reveal a very deep, dark secret about me unless I cooperated. Since Iwas very drunk and I knew exactly what she was referring to, I reluctantly went along with the joke and tucked my clittie between my legs, put on the panties and modeled them for the girls and for Jim.  Rita praised me effusively and couldn't stop telling me how sexy I looked and how much she loved the smooth contours of my pantied front  ..... and .... Jim was the perfect gentleman telling me that their friend at Berkeley wore silky panties all the time under his male clothes and nobody thought anything about it, even when he undressed in the Boyz Locker Room. Clearly, we had entered some very dangeous ground in our relationship and I was a bit nervous. I was even more nervous when my wife insisted that for Halloween I should dress up as a Hooker and insisted on inviting Rita and Jim over to help with my make-up. Rita was unbelievable with make-up and when she was finished, I had to admit that I was totally  "passable" and very sexy.  At the Halloween Party, I had two men dance with me and make passes at me because they honestly thought I was a woman. Rita insisted on taking lots of pictures of me dressed en femme and sent chills down my spine when she jokingly warned that she and Jim now had everything they needed to "Blackmail" me into being their femme little pantydoll boi-toi. 

Although our relationship with Rita and Jim had clearly entered a whole new phase of intimacy,  we still couldn't quite break the ice. Then, Rita suggested we should start exchanging nude pictures with each other. I agreed only on the condition that we should pose in such a way that none of our genitals were showing.......obviously in order to protect my "little secret".  Needless to say, this was a real turn-on for all of us and Rita managed to partially circumvent my concerns by taking some pix of Jim's rock hard MONSTER COCK in a pair of wet white jockey shorts so that the length, width and gigantic size of his Big Mushroom Cock-Head  and heavy, low-hanging cum-filled Balls were clearly visible. When we received that pic, my wife put it on our bedstand and had three orgasms looking at it as I dutifully ate her hot, wet, jucy pussy. Clearly, my wife was very eager to see that Big Black Anaconda liberated and set free so she could see it standing proud and erect. 

One evening shortly after receiving that cock picture, when Jim and Rita were over at our apartment for dinner, we drank a little too much California wine and perhaps experimented a little too much with smoking a some pot. All of us had a Buzz on and were more than a little tipsy when we retired to the living room where we started talking about some of our early teen age sexual experiences. All of us remembered when we were in our early teens and used to play spin the bottle. Rita's husband, Jim, talked about how several couples used to make out in a darkened room and someone would shine a flashlight on the necking couples. If they weren't making out, then they had to change partners. We all wondered why we had stopped doing that when we got into our teens and paired off in couples since everyone had enjoyed those kind of group games as children.  

All of this talk started giving us ideas, and, with my judgement impaired by the wine and the pot, I suggested we turn out all the lights and pretend we were 14 all over again. Rita and Jim were all for it. However, my wife was a little reluctant at first. Nonetheless, we started kissing but, when I tried to slip my hand up her dress, she pushed it away because she was afraid this might be going too far in front of the other couple. However, we could hear some very enticing sexual sounds from Rita and Jim and, thanks to a full moon, could just barely see their bodies outlined in the darkness of the room. As usual, Rita took the initiative. She had gotten off the couch and was kneeling in front of Jim. My wife and I could clearly hear her unzipping his pants and in the darkness we could see the silhouette of the biggest cock that my wife had ever seen. The sight and sounds of Rita slurping on the throbbing giant sent my wife's pulse racing. For what was probably only a few minutes, (but seemed like an hour), my wife and I were mesmerized by the scene we could make out only dimly in the moonlight. We couldn't take our eyes off the sight of Rita's mouth stretching to the limit to engulf that huge head and then slowly bobbing up ... then down ... then swirling her tongue all the way around that monster. We were initially a little shocked and embarrassed, but that was quickly replaced by pure lust.  

My wife, who had been a little reserved, suddenly reached over and gave me the sloppiest, sexiest french kiss I had ever had. As we were kissing, we could hear the sounds of Jim and Rita taking their clothes off. Initially, our minds reeled. WE couldn't believe it. It was actually happening. Did we want it? or didn't we? For a moment, we just paused and listened and watched. We could hear the unmistakable sounds of a tongue lapping at a hot, wet pussy. We couldn't believe they had the guts to move ahead so quickly but we were glad they did. We knew the sound of a good pussy licking anywhere and it made us even hotter. Quickly, Jim mounted Rita and we could hear her moan as his raging erection plunged into her pussy. In the darkness, there was enough moonlight to clearly see his ass arching up and down and to see the outline of his cock sawing in ... then out...then pausing ...then plunging back into her pussy.  

At that point, the smells, the sounds, the sights, the liquor, the pot, the whole experience overwhelmed our inhibitions. We quickly started ripping off each others clothes. We had fantasized over and over about having another couple watch us make love and now it was actually going to happen. We still weren't sure we wanted it to go beyond that but I quickly discovered that my wife's pussy was so sopping wet it had drenched her panties and was spilling down her thighs like a raging river that had overflowed its banks. I immediately dropped my mouth down to her pussy and started to lick that wonderful little rosebud at the top of her pussy that always give her such clitoral excitement. However, my wife had her own agenda. She wasted no time in moving out from underneath me so she could attack my cock. She had become so visually aroused by watching Rita that she couldn't wait to get my cock in her eager mouth and to mimic Rita's motions. Unfortunately, I was soooo intimidated by seeing Jim's Giant Cock that I was embarrassingly soft, limp, tiny and impotent. When my wife persisted in licking and sucking my tiny soft nubbin nothing happened and when she tried to bob and weave like Rita it slipped right out of her mouth. Years later, she confessed to me that the whole time she was sucking me, she couldn't help wondering what it would be like to suck a long, thick, HARD dick almost three times that size.  

Meanwhile, I was still determined to lick my wife's pussy and moved around so we were engaged in a delightful 69. The sounds, smell, taste and the closeness of the other couple fucking lustily in the darkness were too much for me. Although I had tired to train myself to hold off for literally hours, I still suffered from premature ejaculation and as I looked over at Jim's cock, my clittie began to engorge sending my mind into a sensory overload and I erupted into an involuntary climax that released my clear, impotent sissy juices and drained my shriveled little ovary sacs as my whole body spasmed uncontrollably. I was shocked and shamed by my premature ejaculation. My wife was totally frustrated. My little cock quickly wilted as she tried desperately to revive it. In desperation, I slipped down and began licking my wife's pussy with an energy, eagerness and desperation that spurred me on to new heights.  

Meanwhile, Jim and Rita had settled into a rhythmic, steady, methodical fucking motion that was bringing ecstasy to Rita as evidenced by her sighs, gutteral gibberish and dirty talk as she urged Jim to fuck her deeper, harder and faster. My wife was totally frustrated by my quickly wilting penis and even though I was still munching on her pussy, jumped up and went into our bedroom. She quickly returned with the 10 Inch Big Black Dildo we used to fantasize about another man fucking her and started plunging it into her cunt as she sat on the couch watching and listening to Jim and Rita. I was so mortified. My wife had to fuck herself with a dildo, while we watched a Real Man fuck his woman. Degraded and shamed, I crawled over and sucked on her tits and her clitoris as she wildly pleasured herself. For what seemed like an hour, an enternity, but was probably about 30 minutes, Jim went on fucking Rita and finally erupted into a shrieking, screaming, mind-numbing orgasm. Even though Rita and Jim had finished, my wife was so excited she couldn't stop fucking herself with the dildo. As she wildly pleasured herself, Rita and Jim sat and watched. I tried to hide my tiny, shriveled up little teeny clit cock, and my shame, by sitting back to watch the show. Finally, my wife triggered a shrieking orgasm as Jim and Rita sat and observed my total humiliation.  

The four of us lay there drunk, exhausted and sexually exhilarated. None of us knew quite what to do next. Twinges of uncertainty and embarrassment started to settle in for us. My wife grabbed her clothes and started to cover up. And, of course, I immediately tried to cover up my little peanut clittie. Rita, however, wanted to see more and flicked on the light. My wife was startled and tried to cover up. (God only knows why, since both of these people had seen her with her clothes off in pictures and had watched her sexy lingerie act.) But, it's interesting how programmed our minds are when the thrill of the chase recedes. Nonetheless, she did catch a sight of Jim’s huge cock. Even flaccid, he sported a real ladies thriller. However, the reality of what she had just done seemed a little overwhelming in the cold light and she retreated to the bedroom to get dressed. After we all dressed, we had an after dinner drink and tried to be casual, but clearly, the whole mood was a little awkward. Finally, we bid Jim and Rita goodnight and retired to our bedroom.  

In bed, we started reliving the nights activities. Now safe and secure in her own bed, my wife began to relax. I teased her about gawking at Jim's cock and initially she was a little defensive. She was afraid of hurting my feelings. However, I reassured her that it was O.K. to look and that even in the locker rooms, I had rarely seen such a monster. While we talked, I gently massaged the lips of her pussy and gradually she started to respond. AS we mentally revisited the erotic images of Jim and Rita fucking in the darkness, her clitoris sprung to life and her tits hardened. Sure signs she was ready for a little fucking. As we fantasized about what had just happened, I slipped into the harness of our Strap-On Black Dildo and we enjoyed a long slow fucking that brought her once again to the edge of ecstasy. As she neared her peak, I encouraged her to tell me how long and how thick Jim's cock was. Although I had to prod her, I finally got her to compare it to my little dick and I made her tell me that it looked three or four times longer and thicker. I told her that if she wanted to experience an orgasm, she needed a Real Man's cock like Jim's. I "forced" her to say how much she wanted to touch, suck and fuck Jim's huge cock. Finally, I whispered in her ear how much I looked forward to watching her mouth engulf that hugh cockhead and how exciting it would be to see that monster plunging full tilt into her pussy. I asked her to imagine how stretched her pussy would feel and to give her a more realistic idea, I stopped fucking her, grabbed the dildo and inserted it along with a couple of fingers into her pussy. As my thumb traced figure eights on her clitoris, she collapsed into a long and mind expanding orgasm during which she finally exclaimed: "Oh God yes, Jim,  fuck me deeper and harder. Oh God, keep fucking me with that Big Black Cock."  

The next day, Rita called my wife to say they were planning a camping trip for the next weekend and did we want to join them. My wife cupped her hand over the phone and quizzically asked me if I was interested. Hesitantly, I responded with a reluctant yes as I realized we would be sleeping together in very, very tiny tent out in the middle of a wilderness where it would be awkward to simply pick-up our clothes and go home if my wife got a little uncomfortable or if I got too jealous or felt too threatened. Although filled with anxiety as I intuitively sensed the stage was being set for a situation where there would be no turning back, I  passively allowed she and Rita to start planning all the details. After all, wasn't this what I wanted ???....Wasn't this what I had been pushing my wife towards for almost three years ???.....Once the plans were set, neither one of us could wait for the week to pass.  

Finally, the long awaited day came. We packed all our gear and headed for the mountains. On the interstate, Jim drove while the rest of us guzzled pre-mixed margaritas we kept cold in two hugh thermos bottles. Then we started singing dirty songs. Finally, when we got bored, Jim and I urged the girls to start flashing the truck drivers as we pulled up alongside them. This provided us with great entertainment and with Rita leading the way, my pretty, reserved and shy wife really got into the spirit. We had a great day setting up camp, gathering wood for the fire and enjoying the warm mountain sunshine.  

We had chosen a secluded sight where we were all-alone and felt no reluctance in skinny dipping in the cold mountain stream. Then we lay naked on the banks of the river soaking up the sunshine. My wife couldn't keep her eyes off Jim's gigantic cock and I also found myself sneaking peaks at Jim's tool. Like most guys with a Big Cock, Jim loved showing it off and was lying on his back so that as the sun caressed his cock it stiffened, hardened and all 10" poked straight up like a thick log drying in the sun.  In the stark light of day, it seemed even bigger, more gigantic and more intimidating than it did in the moonlight. Of course, I was lying face down to hide my embarrassingly soft, tiny cock that had shriveled up from the cold water so that it was less than an inch in length because it had receded up into the folds of skin so that my circumsized cockhead was hooded just like a clittie. However, I also couldn't keep my eyes off Rita's pert tits and tight ass and I kept thinking what it would be like for Rita to give me a sponge bath with her tongue and pussy. Although, Jim was quickly sporting an erection and I could tell by my wife's deliciously hard and extended nipples that her pussy had to be sopping wet, we all agreed to hold off any serious sexual activity until the evening, which only served to tease, tantalize and fan the flames of our already heightened sexual desires. My wife was like a powder keg that was going to explode into sexual fireworks at the first spark. 

After a meal fit for an orgy, we settled down around the campfire and roasted marshmallows and chocolate into Smores. We drank wine and smoked a little pot until we were all feeling fine. In fact, my wife was so relaxed and so mellow, she was the one who initiated the activities. Boldly, she announced that she wanted to suck my cock just like Rita had sucked Jim's last week and with the flames of the fire licking and warming her backside, she knelt in front of me and started tugging my shorts down around my ankles. Fortunately, I was drunk enough and horny enough and Jim's cock was still hidden in his pants so that my cock immediately sprang to a rock hard tiny erection and Jim and Rita smirked and gave each other knowing glances as they watched my wife slowly tickle the end of my cock with her tongue and tease me by tickling the underside of my balls with the fingers of her left hand. As I squirmed with embarrassment wondering what Jim and Rita thought of my tiny cock, she ran her fingers back and forth between my balls and my anus. With two fingers on her right hand she tried to grip my tiny cock so she could steady it for the tongue-lashing she was giving my cockhead. It wasn't long before Rita joined in the fun and started fumbling with Jim's belt buckle. As soon as I saw her unzip Jim's pants and his Big Black Monster spring up to it's full 10 inches, my little clittie began to wilt almost instantly. Since I didn't want them to see my embarrassing impotence or to perhaps shoot my load prematurely again, I suggested we all go back into the tent where we could get comfortable.  

In the tent, we all quickly stripped totally naked and eased down onto the spongy air mattresses we had laid on the tent floor. There was barely enough room for both of them so that we were only inches away from touching each other. This time, we left on the lantern so we could all see clearly what was going on. As the owls hooted and the wind whispered through the leaves, we began making love to our partners in the beauty of the moonlit mountain environment on a warm summers evening. There truly is something about getting naked in nature and fucking outdoors that is wonderfully primitive and exciting and all of us were sexually on fire as we enjoyed the sensation of fucking in the wild, like animals. Initially, we lay my wife and Rita on their backs next to each other so that Jim and I could simultaneously feast on the hardened nipples of their breasts and eagerly worship at the shrine of their pussies. My wife's pussy had never tasted better and I drove myself to new heights in trying to please her by swirling my tongue along the folds of her pussy lips. But I was irresistibly drawn to sidewise glances to see how Jim was doing. The sight of his face buried in Rita's pussy was overwhelming. I had spent hours and hours fantasizing about this type of scene and I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I could look up and see Rita's lovely nipples rising and falling as her breathing deepened and her excitement began to build. Both ladies began to moan and sigh as Jim and I reacted to the inspiration of the scene in front of us.  

As Rita got more and more excited, she casually draped her arm across my wife's chest and I could feel my wife temporarily tense. I licked her pussy even harder and she relaxed as Rita said, "Oh, I'm sorry, but do you mind if I spread out. Jim's doing such a great job I can't help spreading out." To my relief and surprise, my wife murmured that she didn't mind and it seemed that she actually shifted her weight a little bit so that Rita’s hand was actually grazing her nipple. Rita was never slow to pick up on the cue and lazily, slowly, almost casually began brushing her fingers back and forth gently along the ridges of my wife's nipple. I could feel the jolt of electricity this sent through my wife all the way down to her pussy. Her clit stiffened, her pussy almost started spurting juices and I slipped two fingers into her pussy as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth. As I sucked and swirled my tongue over her clitoris, I finger fucked her with my right hand and then reached under her ass with my left hand and began playing with her puckered anus which we called her fantasy hole, since we had both fantasized about another man stuffing his cock into it while I fucked her. Tonight, her ass literally opened up and engulfed my finger as it pressed against the membrane that separated her pussy and I rubbed the fingers of my right hand against the left through that thin barrier. This sent her into a hypnotic, almost messianic sexual trance. She began moaning, grunting, and almost talking in tongues. I slowed down a little bit so that I didn't prematurely drive her over the edge. I was determined to make our fantasy a reality that night and I wanted her to surf along a peak of ecstasy in preparation for receiving Jim's huge rod.  

Sensing that my wife was going places she had never been before and her trancelike sexual bliss, Jim reached over and joined Rita in massaging her breasts. Rita worked on one, while Jim did the other. Finally, Rita couldn’t stand it anymore and leaned over so that she could lick my wife's nipple with her tongue. Expertly, Rita sucked that nipple into her mouth as my wife uttered an almost childlike squeak of pleasure. Rita knew how to suck a woman’s breast and was clearly having the time of her life. Since this was another fantasy of mine, I was totally blown away. I almost reached a climax right then and there without any physical stimulation of my penis. Then Jim lifted his mouth from Rita's cunt, kneeled between her legs and leaned over so that he could suck on my wife's other tit. I literally had to reach down and squeeze the base of my cock so I wouldn't climax. To look up from sucking my wife's cunt and see both Jim and Rita both sucking on her tits was absolutely mind blowing.  

I slowly pushed her legs wider and wider apart so that I could kneel between her creamy white thighz and reaplace my fingers in her pussy with my cock. As I tried to push the head of my cock past the folds of her pussy, into the slushy wetness of her hot, pulsating cunt, Jim got up and came around on the other side of me so that he was now on my left side and Rita was on my right with my wife sandwiched in between them. This allowed Jim to alternate between sucking on my wife's right tit and French kissing her, while Rita continued to suckle on her left breast and nipple. However, when Jim and my wife locked their lips in a sensuous embrace and their tongues intertwined, my wife wouldn’t let go. She instinctively sucked on his tongue and drew his lips even tighter to hers as she sensuously submitted to his overwhelming male power. Since Jim and my wife were now oblivious to anything but their own LUST, this left Rita's pussy exposed to the night air and delectably available for my right hand. Without a moment’s hesitation, I reached over and started massaging her hot twat with my fingers. I kept looking at her beautiful, well-trimmed bush and I couldn't wait to sink my face into her sopping pussy. After only a few minutes, I withdrew from my wife's pussy and moved gently to my right so I could suck on Rita's clitoris. As I leaned to my right, I used my left hand to quietly tap Jim's ass to indicate he could move to his right. Within seconds, Jim was wedged between my wife's creamy white thighz and I was nestled between Rita's chocolate bronze thighz with my face buried in her sweet, juicy pussy. By that point, we had smoothly, seamlessly and skillfully implemented a "Full Swap" as our four bodies had all melted into one writhing, sensuous, sweaty mound of flesh as we sucked, kissed and pleasured each other's spouse.  

It was getting hard to tell where one ended and the other began As I eased my lips onto Rita's pussy, I could see Jim's huge cock moving between my wife's legs. Sidewise, my eyes locked onto the site of his giant cock-head bumping up against her pussy lips where it stopped as it met resistance because of its size. For several minutes, Jim rubbed the head of his cock against my wife's pussy. Sensing what was about to happen, my wife had suddenly become silent. She was straining to receive that huge cock and she reached under Jim with her hands to spread her pussy lips wider so she could receive it. Slowly, his cockhead slipped inside her pussy, but it was so tight he had to stop and give her a minute to adjust as she let out a huge gasp as she began grunting, groaning, gasping and breathing heavier and heavier. I was absolutely mesmerized. This was what I had dreamed about for so long and I couldn't take my eyes off the sight before me. As I raised my head to look, Rita's eyes locked onto mine. Her face was twisted into a lustful wanton snear as she gasped: "Oh yessss!! That's it. Look at your sweet, innocent, pure little  white wife being fucked for the first time by another man.....a Big Black Man. Look at how wide that Big Black Cock is spreading your wife's lilly white pussy. Look at what a little wanton slut you've got for a wife. Look at how desperately she wants that Big Black Cock. Look at how she's ready to beg for it, just like a little bitch  slut-whore. Once Jim stretches her pussy out, she will never want a tiny dick again." The truth is, I was both excited and jealous. A pang of jealousy slipped into my mind as I envied Jim's huge cock and I couldn't help thinking: What if she liked it better than mine (Duh)? What if it stretched her pussy lips so far that my tiny size cock couldn't give her pleasure anymore (like it ever did)? What if she had a bigger orgasm (compared to none from my tiny clittie)? What if she lost interest in having sex with me?  

Jealously is an awful thing, and I was determined not to let it spoil this experience for me. Even more important, I couldn't help but get excited as Jim's long pole slowly disappeared into my wife's cunt. Her breathing became labored and she gasped as he hit bottom. "Oh my God", she exclaimed, "It is so much thicker and longer than I imagined. I've never felt so full." Rita responded by saying, "See, I told you it would do the trick for you. If anybody can make you cum it will be Jim." Her words seared through my heart as I realized they had been talking about how tiny my cock was and how I was too weak, too small, too effeminate and not enough of a man to sexually satisfy my wife. I was dazed and frightened and excited and horny all at the same time. I had a sudden sensation to flee, to run and to escape the pain caused by the realization that my "little secret" was out and now that Rita and Jim knew the truth, I would be totally unable to deny the fact that I was just not a Real Man and never would be. Intuitively, I realized my life was about to undergo a dramatic change and that all the things I feared were probably going to come true. On the other hand, my cock was so excruciatingly hard because I was excited and exhilarated by the scene in front of me. For a minute or two, Jim just lay inside her and let her adjust to his size as he kissed her and Rita nibbled on her breast. Then Jim slowly pulled out until the head of his cock, covered with my wife's pussy juices, was once again rubbing the outside of her pussy lips. He reached down and rubbed the tip against her vagina, but she was by now totally immersed in the experience and couldn't wait to get that hunk of meat back inside her pussy. I watched as she actually thrust her pussy forward to impale herself on his pole. "Please," she whimpered, "Please fuck me harder. Keep fucking me over and over and over. It feels so damn good!! I've never felt anything like it. It's so much bigger than my husband's cock. I really want you to make me cum. I've never cum before with his cock in me. Please, make me cum  all over your Big Black Cock." I was humiliated, shocked and embarrassed that my carefully guarded secret sexual inadequacies were now out in the open. Her words stung me, but they thrilled and excited Jim who lost no time in rising to the challenge.  

Jim quickly slipped his dick back into her hot love nest and started a slow, methodical, systematic exploration of the far reaches of her pussy. Like a huge piston, his cock plunged in ... then out ... then paused ... then slipped back into that Garden of Eden. Quicker and Quicker; faster and faster he began plowing into her snatch. My wife screamed, yelped and whimpered like a lovesick puppy. All of this spurred Jim on to even greater effort. AS my wife's pussy expanded and adjusted to his large tool, he started slamming it into her like a locomotive careening into a mountain tunnel. Then just as quickly, it would emerge from the other side with my wife's voice ooohing like the whistle on the train, her beautiful breasts heaving and puffing so hard she exhaled with a force that resembled the smoke blowing out of a train. Sensing she was nearing the edge, Jim slowed the pace and gradually brought her back down. She slipped into an almost unconscious trance of sexual bliss as he slowly titillated her pussy with his cock. She started babbling, "Oh Rita, Rita, Rita you were so right. I love your husband's dick. He is the greatest lover I've ever had. I want more and more and more. I just can't get enough of his big, thick, hard cock. It's hitting me in places I could have never imagine. OOOOOOOOeeeeeeeeeee. . .Don't ever stop Jim."  

I was mortified and humiliated, but excited and thrilled. My cock was as hard as a rock as I watched Jim's cock. Although, shamed by my tiny dick, I turned my full attention to munching on Rita's beautiful bush. I might not have a big dick, but I had a great tongue and was often told by women that I ate pussy better than any lover they ever had. And, it was true, I didn't just like eating pussy, I loved it, adored it, worshipped it. The heavenly taste of Female Nectar was like candy to me. No, it was more like a narcotic to which I was addicted. And, Rita had one of the sweetest tasting pussies I had ever eaten. It was so good, I wanted to wash my face in it and I slowly ran my tongue from her clitoris down over the folds of her pussy until it rested at the entrance to her pussy. Quickly, my tongue darted in and out of her pussy hole as I gave her the most delicious tongue fucking. As her breathing quickened, I slipped my tongue out of her hole and trailed it down to the bottom of her slit and tickled the area between her pussy and her asshole with the tip of my tongue. Her body shuddered which told me she was enjoying my ministrations. Then I arched my head back up pushing my nose, my eyes and almost my whole face as far into her pussy as I could possibly get it.  

It's funny, men spend the first nine months of their lives trying to get out of a woman’s womb and then next 99 years of their life trying to get back in. As I pushed my face farther up the walls of her pussy, my tongue trailed into her pussy hole once more and my nose mashed into her clitoris. I kept rising until I could once again wrap my tongue around her clitoris and take a deep breath. Then, I plunged back down deep into her pussy, retracing the long course all the way to her asshole, where my tongue this time licked ever so gently at her little rosebud. Up and down, back and forth, deeper and deeper, farther and farther I licked, sucked, tickled and washed my face in her hot, pulsing pussy. It was fantastic. The smell, taste, sounds and touch of eating a pussy have always been one of the greatest joys in life for me. But to be doing it while I could hear the sounds of Jims Cock and Balls slapping against my wife's pussy and ass while she moaned in almost unconscious ecstasy was heavenly. I would show them. I might have a tiny cock, but I drove myself harder and harder to prove I was the world's greatest at licking, lapping, sucking, slurping and drinking pussy juice. 

Rita begain moaning, whimpering and thrashing violently about. She turned to my wife and said, "You were right, he is a great pussy slave. I've never had anyone eat my pussy better. God, between Jim's cock and Karli's tiny pink pussy tongue, we've got the perfect sexual combination."  Upon hearing her words, I froze with fear and embarrassment:..."Karli" ???......How and what did she know about Ms. Karli ??? .......  Oh my Gawd!!!..... Did my wife tell Jim and Rita about our kinky fetish play?..... How could she?..... My mortification and humiliation were complete. I was soooo humiliated to realize that my wife had told her about our cross-dressing and feminizing fetishes. Her comments, of course, were both scary and sexually exhilarating. I was sooo angry, sooo embarrassed and so sexually aroused that my wife had exposed my sexual weaknesses to Rita and I wondered if Jim knew. I instantly feared that I would be relegated to licking and sucking both women's pussies, while Jim, like some stud bull, would be used to fuck them??? This wasn't at all what I had in mind when I had started encouraging my wife to participate in a "swinging" relationship. My mind whirled with all kinds of dark and dangerous thoughts. My worst fears were being confirmed.  

I didn't want to stop eating Rita's pussy, but she had other ideas. Gently, she reached down and pulled my face up to hers. She licked and sucked voraciously at my lips, tongue and mouth as she washed both her pussy juices and my wife's from my tongue. Then she urged me to fuck her. She was on the edge of an orgasm and wanted me to finish her off with my cock. Suddenly, fear seized my brain. Oh my God, I thought, I can't fuck her. She won't even know my cock's in her after being stretched by Jim's monstrous cock. What was I to do? Before I could decide, my fate was sealed by the fact that my erection was quickly receding and I was almost instantly soft, limp and totally useless. At that moment, I knew. . .Yes,. . . I knew. . . that I would be relegated to being a cuckhold, panty slave, pussyboi forever!  

Instead of fucking her, I slipped back down to her pussy and told her I really wanted to make her cum on my tongue. With that, I began furiously lashing her clit and pussy with my tongue. I slipped first one hand into her pussy to massage her G-Spot and then my other hand in so I could create a butterfly effect in what I lovingly refer to as a "Reverse Double French Lick". Rita responded eagerly with grunts, moans, shrieks and cries of lust. Within seconds she shook like an earthquake had seized her as she went over the edge of her first orgasm. As the waves of pleasure washed over her, she shouted, "Don't stop! I'm multi-orgasmic. Just keep going faster and harder." Then she did something that startled and amazed me.  

As I took her to places of unbelievable pleasure, she moved and slid down and to the side so that her face was right down next to my wife's pussy and Jim's ramming cock. I watched in utter amazement as Jim pulled his throbbing cock all the way out until just the tip of it was nestled inside my wife’s pussy. Then Rita leaned over and started sucking on my wife's clit. After a few licks, she then ran her tongue along the gigantic shaft of her husband's thick, wet cock causing the head to engorge as it twitched and jerked up and down against my wife's clit like a cobra dancing back and forth hypnotizing its prey. Finally, he pulled that raging monster out of my wife's pussy fully exposing the shiny red lollipop knob which was glistening and dripping with an unusually heavy coating of my wife's pussy juices. Rita swooped down on it as she gobbled, licked, lapped and sucked the sweet female cream from his mighty member which pulsated, rocked and rotated back and forth like a flagpole in a hurricane as her tongue lashed and whipped it with the maniacal frenzy of a woman starved for pussy drenched cock. As I stared in totaly amazement, I was mesmerized and was keenly aware that my limp clittie was now fully engorged, rock hard and pulsating wildly as I once again erupted into an involutary orgasm. Rita laughed and pointed out my embarrassing predicament to Jim and my wife. Jim just smirked and said that my useless tiny cock and lack of manly sexual skills were irrelevant since I had such a skilled pussy tongue and a plush, plump, well-rounded feminine asspussy just like a woman.  Rita agreed  that I would be such a good little "fluffer" and "pussyboi" and she told Jim that I would make such a cute, adorable and effemnate little Baby-Gurl pussy slave......I was paralyzed with HUMILIATION !!! 

Needless to say, I was totally emasculated and embarrassed and didn't really know what to make of their comments. My wife and I had assumed Rita and Jim were "swinging virgins" just like us. However, I would later learn that they were actually very experienced. Rita had confessed to my wife that she was working part-time at night as a Professional Dominatrix who specialized in working with wealthy white middle-aged couples where the husband had a tiny cock and needed to be feminized and sissified so the wife could comfortably enjoy fucking other men without feeling guilty and without having to worry that her husband might cheat on her. As I discovered later, Jim had answered several ads from older women who wanted to be fucked by a Big Black Bull while their tiny cuck hubbies watched; and, then the wife wanted to watch while Jim feminized the cuck hubbies and "turned them out" as sissified little faggot cocksucking fuck-toys. Eventually, it finally dawned on me that Rita and Jim had sensed we were a naturally submissive couple who could be molded into passive and obedient sexual playthings. Right from the beginning, Rita and Jim had simply been playing with us and manipulating us into becoming their little sex slaves. 

However, I knew none of that information as I went back to watching Rita please my wife by sucking her clit into her mouth as Jim unleashed his massive cock with a powerful thrust. Slowly, but steadily, his thick cock stretched the gaping mouth of my sweet little wife's cunt. Lustfully and eagerly she pushed upward pressing against his powerful piston; and , like a python swallowing a pig, her ravenous pussy lips opened, stretched, swallowed and sucked Jim's long, thick cock inch by inch into her fiery hot pleasure pit until finally the monster was totally consumed. What an amazing sight!!! Even after shooting off,  I was so fucking horny from watching this that I thought I was going to shoot off again right on the same spot. The sight of Rita licking my wife's juices off Jim's bulging cock was almost too much for me. It also brought back some dark secret desires hidden deep in my unconscious. I was mesmerized by the way the huge knob of his cock stretched her lips and cheeks and tried to imagine how that would feel and taste.  

I managed to get control of myself and went back to sucking and gently biting Rita's clit as my fingers played Madame Butterfly in her pussy. For what seemed like an eternity, but was probably about 30 or 40 minutes, the four of us fucked and sucked in blissful pleasure as my mind slipped back and forth between reality and fantasy. Was this real? I was so hot, so high and so dazed, I wasn't sure. But I sure wasn't going to stop. Rita's pussy was fantastic. She had two more orgasms as I kept up the heart pounding pace with my tongue racing over her clit to the point of almost total exhaustion. She grabbed the back of my head and urged me on as I began to tire. My wife was so far gone, I'm not even sure she knew it was Rita's mouth sucking at her clit. Later, she admitted that it all melted into one super sensual whole body experience. She said she tingled from her pussy, her clit, her tits, her ass, her mouth, her tongue, her ears, and shivered and shook all the way from the balls of her feet to the top of her head. It wasn't much longer before she collapsed in a sensational, spasmodic, writhing, screaming orgasm that literally brought tears to her eyes. Over and over she just kept screaming Jim's name. Although it was painful to hear her react in ways I had never seen nor heard, it was also stimulating and erotic. It was just too much seeing my fantasy fulfilled. Without even stroking my cock, I followed right after her which caused everyone to laugh once again as they realized I had shot off right into the air mattress. What a pathetic premature climax; just like a little sissy wimp. Rita "forced" me to stand up and show everyone my cum-splattered lil sissy clittie which by now had totally receded up into my body and was totally covered by my shriveled skin so that it looked like the "hood" over a genetic girl's clitoris. Rita couldn't stop laughing at how pathetically tiny, useless and invisible it was. She and Jim had never seen a boi with a clittie that disappeared up inside his body and they both smiled knowingly at each other as Rita told Jim that I had the physical characteristics of a Baby-Gurl sissy that they could both enjoy.  

Jim still hadn't cum. After a few minutes he untangled himself. As my wife and I lay spent, Jim and Rita embraced and began putting on an exhibition, almost a training class, in how two highly skilled lovers could slowly bring each other to a climax. This time, my wife was too exhausted, too relaxed, too high and too satisfied to feel embarrassed, let alone remorse and/or guilt. I felt a pang of jealousy, inadequacy and impotence pounding through my head. It was hard not to feel inferior to Jim's giant cock and his fantastic skills as a cocksman. I was mesmerized as I watched Jim use that Giant Cock like a magic wand as he led Rita through a magical, mystical dream-like lovers dance of desire, emotion and release. On the one hand, I wanted to run away and hide, I was so humiliated and ashamed at how Jim had been able to give my wife pleasure in a way I never could. On the other hand, I loved watching it, especially IT. I couldn't help revisiting in my mind the sight of him pulling that cock out of her pussy so that Rita could lick it. I would replay that in my mind many times. 

Afterwards, as we enjoyed an after dinner drink and recouped our energies, we talked about our feelings. My wife wanted to make sure I still loved her, which I did, and of course made a point of clinging to me instead of hanging onto Jim. As we talked and relived the experience, we grew even closer, and, of course, even hornier and it wasn't very long before we were in the throes of slow, easy and enjoyable foreplay. As Jim and I started playing with our own spouses, my wife turned to Rita and said, "You Know I'm going to want to borrow that Big Cock of your husband's again." Rita responded with, "Sure, help yourself. He can cum multiple times per night." My wife answered quickly, "I didn't just mean tonight, Rita, I think I'm going to need a regular fix of being fed that Big Cock several times per week." "Jim will love that," responded Rita.  

This small talk was driving me crazy and I was now so totally intimidated by Jim's skills as a cocksman that I didn't even want to fuck my own wife, let alone Rita for fear of inviting comments comparing the two of us. When my wife tried to pull me up from eating her pussy to fuck her, I resisted. When I wouldn't stop eating her pussy to fuck her, she got belligerent and pushed me away. "Hey, Rita, send that Big Cock over here. This little cock won't even fuck me." Jim, of course, jumped up and came over to fuck her again, while I submissively stepped aside and resigned myself , in a dejected way, to settling down between Rita's thighs for another long session of licking her pussy. Rita sensed my mental anguish and lovingly tried to comfort and soothe me by caressing my head and cooing, "It's O.K. Karli, you can be my little pussyboi anytime. I love the way you lick my cunt. Your fun to play with and I'll always want you as my cunt lapping little "Bitchboi." Fortunately, you don't need a cock to be a Baby-Gurl Sissyboi. In fact, you're more adorable and effeminate with that pathetic little pindick clit nubbin. It makes you look like such a cute little femme, sissy fairy pantydoll pussygurl.  

For the remainder of the night, I listened to my wife reach three more screaming orgasms as I orally serviced Rita.The three of them began joking about what a good, little pussy slave I was. At one point, Rita grabbed me by the ears and roughly forced my face into her pussy as she told my wife how much she loved being serviced by a little pussyboi "Bitch". She assured my wife her days and nights of sexual frustration were a thing of the past since Jim would be able to fuck both of them regularly and that it had always been one of his fantasies to play with "Three Bitches" at the same time. My mind reeled. "Three Bitches," what did she mean by "Three Bitches." Unable to confront my embarrassing situation, I pretended to fall asleep as I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I buried my face in my pillow as I heard my wife BEG Jim to fuck her just one more time before she fell asleep.  

When we finally got back home, I was furious. The next night in bed, I instigated a huge argument by telling my wife that we were never going to meet with Jim and Rita again. Instead of reacting in a meek and submissive way, she was angry, belligerent and insanely mad. She erupted in a way that was totally uncharacteristic and with such force that I was speechless as she read me the riot act. "Listen here, little man, things are going to change around here or we're through. I love Big Cock. I love getting fucked by Big Cock and it was fucking, fantastic reaching those screaming orgasms. You're the one who encouraged, pushed and enticed me into getting fucked by another man. I didn't want this, you did!!! Now that I love it, you're not going to take it away. I'm sorry. I'm going to keep on getting fucked whenever and whereever I like, and, if you don't like it too bad. You're going to have to get over it. I'm sorry, you've got such a wimpy, little cock, but I'm not going to suffer because of it. I still love you and you can watch while I'm getting fucked and even join in the fun. But, from now on, I'm going to call the shots when it comes to sex. I deserve more than your pathetic little pindick and premature climaxes. It's no wonder I never have orgasms when you try to fuck me. I had more orgasms in one night with Jim than in three years with you. If you truly love me, you won't deny me this very normal and natural pleasure of being a woman."  

I loved my wife and daughter. . . so....sure enough, I swallowed my pride (and a lot more over the years) and was forced into becoming her little cuckhold, panty slave, pussy boy. But, that's another story. To give you some idea of how that story unfolded, after about two years of our new swinging lifestyle, my wife presented me with "The Note" you see below:



My Dearest Beloved Husband:

It was your idea to see me in the arms of other men and I thank you for persuading, encouraging and convincing me to sample the incredible pleasures of cuckholding , dominating and controlling you. I truly love you and want our relationship to grow, evolve and continue to be thrilling and exciting. However, we must change some things. Listed below are 10 rules that will govern our future relationship. Many of these simply confirm and describe our current practices. Others may, at first, seem harsh and/or onerous, but I think you will learn to savor and enjoy some of your new roles and duties. Having sampled the pleasures of being a Cuckholdress, Dominatrix and Slut For Other Men, I could never go back to our "Plain Vanilla" world. You will obey these and any other rules I may add to this list in the future. If you truly love me, you will want to serve me and make me happy. If you don't, then we must go our separate ways.


1. I can date and fuck whomever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want.

2. You may watch and /or join in, only if it pleases me and my lover(s).

3. As a condition of watching, you will masturbate in front of us.

4. You will learn to take a strap-on in your mouth and ass in preparation for the real thing.

5. You will go out and find well hung studs, especially Black Studs, to fuck me.

6. You will suck their cocks to get them hard, guide their cocks into my pussy, lick my clit while they fuck me, clean up the creampie when they have finished, and, if they so desire, you will suck their cocks, swallow their cum directly and/or let them mount and fuck you in the ass (a.k.a. bitch cunt).

7. You will no longer frustrate me with that whimpy, little cock. My pussy will be reserved only for a Real Man's cock. If you are lucky, I may allow you, on rare occasions, to rub your tiny clit cock against the clit of another woman, but only for the purpose of amusing and entertaining myself and my lover(s). I will occasionally loan my little bitch cunt out to my friends for their personal use.

8. You will wear silky feminine panties and sit when you pee at all times. When it amuses me or my lovers, you will dress up as my little sissy slut girl in slutty female lingerie, including full make-up and wig. On request, you will serve us in a French Maid's Uniform. When entertaining and serving my lovers you will always respond to your new feminine name of karli kunt.

9. When I entertain at home, you will sleep at the foot of our marriage bed like a bitch dog.

10. You will sign over the title and control of all financial assets solely to me.


Now that you finished the story, I thought I would share some additional thoughts with you. First of all, we never did institute # 9 and #10 of the above contract. Secondly, my wife really only "role played" at being the "Total Bitch Domme". She was usually very considerate of my desires, needs and sensitivities. We always had and always followed a rule that if one person was uncomfortable with the situation and called out the "safe word", the other would honor it and forego their own pleasure to insure we were both having fun. Assuming you were not frightened away by this story and are a first timer who is interested in figuring out how to persuade your wife to engage in this lifestyle, I would offer the following thoughts:


You will need to be proactive and "set up" the opportunity. While some people feel better with a trusted friend, I prefer finding someone either from out of town or who would not know us. If something goes wrong, it's easier to back away from a stranger and it doesn't spill over into your Plain Vanilla Life. Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. Only you can determine which best fits your situation. My "First Time" was with close friends. That made it easier to cross the initial barriers; however, we eventually grew tired of each other sexually but still wanted to be "just" friends. It was awkward to still be friends but not have sex together. We were all in Graduate School at the time, so eventually we moved away from each other. It would be much more difficult today to handle such a situation in our well established "Professional Vanilla World."


Since then, we have always gone out of town or located partners via the internet. Given most wive's strong moral feelings about marriage, I think I would proceed very slowly. I would suggest a "soft swing" situation. "Soft Swing" is where two couples get to know each other to see if they are compatible and then have sex with their own mates in the same room. There is no full swap, but only the sounds, sights and thrill of watching and being watched. It gives everyone a chance to "ease" into more erotic direct play. Look through the internet matchmaking sites or your local "swingers" magazines to locate a couple and/or another male who understand this concept. Many couples find vacations in exotic locales are perfect for setting up this type of trial experience. It is amazing how easy it is to shed that guilt and those traditional conventions when you are far from home enjoying a tropical vacation.


With the internet it is now so much easier to pre-arrange a meeting. This can be done 100 miles from home in another city also. The idea is to "set up" a meeting at a bar where you can get to know each other in a non-threatening environment. A little laughter, a lot of drinking, some dancing and story telling and pretty soon you are close friends who feel comfortable inviting them back to your place for a nightcap. When you are all in the right mood, start making out with your wife and explain to her the other couple will be making out too, but there will be no swapping. Sometimes, it helps to turn out all the lights. There is no threat of doing something contrary to the marriage vows, but it gives you a chance to let her hear sounds and perhaps see the excitement of watching another couple making love and/or making love in the same room with another couple.


After each of these sessions, the two of you need to communicate and talk at length about your reactions. Depending on her reaction, you can gradually introduce some contact such as having her be touched and/or massaged by the other couple or getting her to touch them. If you are lucky, you can sometimes locate very experienced "swingers/cuckholds" who come from your same background and who intimately and personally understand the psychology, the fears and the guilt. These "experienced" folks tend to appear very plain vanilla, "white picket fence"; but lead dual lives. For them, there is a thrill in working with "virgins". They enjoy (as my wife and I do) educating, helping and working with new couples to make the transition from sweet, little innocent wife. . . to a swinger. . . to a "cuckholdress". It is sometimes amazing how much another woman can help your wife through this by becoming her friend, counseling her and taking her by the hand to slowly cross otherwise forbidden thresholds.


However, don't be surprised if this type of gradual evolution suddenly moves forward with lightning speed. I know of instances, my own for example, where my sweet, naive, innocent, guilt ridden Catholic School Girl Wife took only three of these type of meetings before she went all the way. Of course, three years of careful preparation and fantasy role play preceeded these "three times". However I've heard of "cold", "reluctant", "guilt consumed" women who cracked at the first session and plunged headlong into sex with the other man. We males always have to remember that it is difficult for "Good Girls", (and most of our wives come from that type of training), to accept another man unless she has been "prepped". The first meeting can be very awkward and difficult unless you remove the pressure by suggesting "soft swing". Once she is hot, wet, juicy and in the throes of ecstasy, the difficulty of moving to the next step is substantially reduced.





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