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Stories by Little Tiny Tim 19


Sph;smalldick,detoured By Diapers!
by Little Tiny Tim 19




If you've read my previous stories,I'm sure you can understand the heavy stress, I was under after having to remove my shorts in front of my mother & aunt on the evening of my 13th birthday. Having to show them my total lack of endowment, put me into such a state of shock, that I had actually started wetting myself, standing there in front of them, and I didn't even realize it until I felt the wetness on my feet,coming through my thin tennis shoes. What was even worse this turned out to be just the beginning of a period of my teenage years where my psych. problems due to my lack of manly growth caused me to revert to the child-like problems of a littleboy with a littleboys tiny thing. I felt very tired after what had happened in front of auntie & mother, so I went right to bed, although it couldn't been much after 8 o'clock & my usual bedtime was closer to 11. When I awoke the next morning,I found to my horror that I had wet my bed. Not a few drops, but a completely wet sheet and mattress. While I remember having a little problem with bedwetting when I was 5 or 6, it had gone away on its own by the time I was 6&1/2, and I had not though about it again,since I was a 'big boy' now, a teenager bedwetting was a thing of the past. How wrong I was! Now here I was a 13 year-old, again wetting my bed...EVERY NIGHT ! I tried to hide what was happening, from mother, by getting up extra early and changing the bed sheets before she woke up. I did worry how long I could fool her & auntie before they would notice the extra pile of sheets in the laundry bin. Of course there was still an ever growing wet stain on the mattress beneath the fresh bed sheets. I vowed to solve this childish problem, first by limiting water & drinks in the evening and by going to the bathroom every half hour or so, to try and get all that pee out before I went to sleep. It did seem to help a least at first. Some mornings I did wake up to a dry bed, but in a night or two, it would start again, and each time I wokeup, it seemed I had peed even more than the previous nights. The worst was yet to come. After the first few weeks of thinking about my wet-bed, I would also think of my aunt when she had seen my tiny penis and started to laugh at it as it started to pee,all by itself. Then it started; as I was having these thoughts,more like daydreams, I would start to feel a wetness in my shorts. I wasn't trying to pee, it was the last thing I wanted to do, but in spite of myself ,there I was wetting my self, without even realizing it! Although at first it was just a little bit of pee, it still took a great deal of willpower to stop myself, once I realized what I was doing. My body felt as if I should just let myself go and feel the powerful stream that wanted to flow out,but my mind would say NO, and force it to stop. Then I would have to run to a restroom, at once, as I could feel that if I didn't let the pee out at once, I would just start wetting in a strong heavy flow and,NOTHING WOULD BE ABLE TO STOP THE STREAM OF HOT piss ! The first few times this happened at school, I was lucky. The days had been cool & I had worn a cotton shirt over my usual tee shirt, so I had been able to hide the small piss stain on the front of my pants, by letting my shirt cover-over the stain. The third, or fourth time I peed in my pants at school, I was not so shirt to hide the ever growing wet pee stain. When I stood up to leave class, the teacher saw the large wet spot between my legs. Though I tried to hide it with a class book, it had just grown too-big to shield. The teacher called me over to his desk at the front of the classroom. I had to pass-by all my teenage classmates, with my wet pants in full view. When I reached his desk, a trip that felt neverending, the other kids were all laughing or talking to each other, using words like little boy, baby, and much worse,sissy, fairy,******,etc. I had never been called anything like that before, but I knew that these were names that would stick with me from now on, through highschool. In a very loud voice the teacher told the students to quiet down, then facing me he said,"Tim, did you just wet your pants?" The other students continued to laugh, but not as badly as before, as the teacher wrote me a pass to the school nurse. "Go see her at once, young man, and don't return to my classroom without a nurse's pass" Then as I was leaving the room, I heard the teacher telling the other students,"Boys & girls, you shouldn't have been laughing at poor Tim, He just has a problem. I think he is not as mature or grown-up as the rest of you. We should feel sorry for him, as he is still a 'little boy', and not yet the young man most of you are. When He comes back to class, I want you to be kind to him. Treat him like you would like to have your little brother or sister treated, if they wet themselves infront of their friends. Remember, its not his fault that he still can't control his bladder like you big boys." When I got to the nurse's office, she was waiting for me. My teacher had called her. She had me go into the ex. room and locked the two of us inside. "I'm sure you don't want anyone walking in on us, young man", she said with a slight smirk on her face. "Now, take down your pants and lets see what is causing that huge stain". When I removed my pants, she saw that my shorts were much wetter as I had been unable to control the piss flow as I ran to her office, A few drops of piss were actually dripping down from my totally wet whorts on to the white tile floor of the ex. room. "Tim, please tale off those wet shorts and put them in this plastic bag, before they flood the office...." I quickly removed the totally wet shorts and dropped them into the plastic medical bad she was holding. Thank god, for the moment, my little thing had stopped *******, although they were several large droplets on its end. " My,my..." the nurse said, her eyes wide as she looked at the little thing in front of her. It was even smaller than usual, just the tiny head poking through the small flap of skin covering the whole inch or so of it." You are a little fellow, aren't you", she continued, her eyes still glued to my now quite shameful lack of endowment. The nurse told me to go and use her restroom, before I had another "mistake", and when I returned she had me sit on a plastic covered stool in the corner, while she called home to my mother. My mother was out, but my aunt picked up the phone and told the nurse she could be told anything that was ment fir mother. "I haven't come across anything quite like this since I stopped working in elementary school"' she told my aunt,"I saw many of these type of problems when I worked with kindergarten children and on rare occasions with some first graders. I have never seen this problem in a high school student,however. I must admit, when I saw Tims little thing, it did bring back memories of those little boys, though quite frankly, his weewee is a good deal smaller than most of the firstgraders I took care of, back then. Has the poor-boy grown at all in that dept. since he was a baby?" My aunt answered that she didn't know, but she had known there was a problem, and she was going to do the best she could to 'fix-it'. She said she had not been told about the lack of bladder control,before, but she guessed it went hand-in-hand with the small,[I think she used the word 'tiny'] lack of maleness problem. "When it comes to his wetting problem, I believe there is only one thing you can do", the nurse said,"It's the same thing I would tell the mothers of my kindergarteners, You MUST KEEP HIM IN DIAPERS,untill he is completely potty-trained. We cannot havw a little boy continue to wet himself at school. I hope you havw saved his diapers because, starting tomorrow I want you to send Tim to school in nice clean,DRY, diapers. I expect you to keep him in his diapers, until you are sure he is completely trained. Then, while still on the phone, she turned to me,"Tim, do you understand, tomorrow I want you to report to me after school, and I will inspect your diapers. You will report every day. We will call it little tims diaper inspection. If, and when you show your mother & me that you can keep your diapers dry for a whole week, you can resume going to school, without them. However,it's been my experance that little fellows like you, should still keep a few pair in your locker,incase you have an accident. Is that understood?" She than spoke to my aunt again,"I hope you are keeping little Tim in diapers at home, especially at night. It was my experance that little fellows such as our Tim, who can't help but wet during the day, have quite a problem at night, with heavy bedwetting".She ended the phone call by saying,"It often gets worse, before it gets better. Some of my boys had to have their diaper changed 2 or even 3 times during the keep an eye on our, little boy, here, he appears to be quite the little ******". When I arrived home that afternoon, carrying my little plastic bag of pissy underpants tightly in my little hand, I found that my bed sheets had been pulled back,exposing the large damp pee stains below. There on my chest of drawers stood a huge pile of fresh diapers, there must have been a good months supply! My mother was home, and in a soft voice she told me to make-up my bed, handing me a 'water proof' pad to put under the bottom sheet. "Then, I'll put one of these nice soft diapers on you. I will help you with your diapers for a week or so , but if you continue to need them, we will have to teach you to put them on yourself. By the way, your aunt has gone out of her way to find you a doctor who will help us with your little problem. You won't have to go to school tomorrow, as we will be busy at the doctors most of the day. In my next story I will tell you about my visit to the 'special' doctor, her very different treatments, as well as how the kids at school treated me when, I returned as a diaper wearing 13 year old...These experances completely changed my life and made me a very different person than who I might have been.....for better or worse, I'll let you decide. Littletinytim19


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