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Spandex Man



Spandex for smalldicks

Spandex men in swimwear and the benefits of wearing fem style swimwear for man who has a small penis. Spandex men at times are being forced to wear a g-string is a type of humiliation for most men but it has its sexy side too. Most spandex men are into the fetish fun and wear spandex bikinis, thongs and other tiny bits not only for how hot they look but how aroused they get.

This is the story about the making of spandex men:

Why Speedos are only just the beginning. I started with wearing Speedos in my late teens and found that spandex was a total turn on. Joining the brotherhood of spandex men was something I wanted to do. Ever since seeing Batman and Robin on TV the ultimate spandex men is was hooked. The 60’s TV shows were what started the spandex men craze. Wearing my sister’s spandex tights when she was away gave me a total hard on. Wearing Speedos always got me hard. Early on I would cut out the Speedos lining so it would show my penis outline was easy for people to see. Being one of the spandex men means being able to proudly display your penis. Spandex men come in all shapes and size. When my penis is soft it is micro and I still have no problem letting people see it through whatever spandex attire I am wearing. I first got hooked on wearing a Speedo when I was checking out the men’s swim team tons of cute guys in little white Speedos with their hot bulges clearly visible. From that moment on the Speedo brand was a love affair for me but like most love affairs I moved on from my collection of Speedo swimwear to much more extreme swimwear. Swim teams are like legions of spandex men. Let’s face it the first guy that decided men’s swimwear teams should wear spandex bikinis must have had a huge spandex fetish. Most young men are shy when wearing bikinis and would not choose to do so unless they were made to. Now it is so commonplace but I feel it still helps men to become spandex men. Not all but many guys when they first put on a Speedo feel that tingle, that turn on. How many young guys get hard the first time spandex touches their cocks? I’m sure the number is high.

This site will be a celebration of spandex men and all the extreme bikini and thong style suits and even more extreme spandex designs they are into. One of my first thong suits was from Speedo. I never new Speedo made a thong. One day I was at the beach and was checking out a cute guy wearing a thong, I was still shy in those days but not to shy to wear a Speedo with the lining cut out, it was white and completely invisible when it was wet. My friends would always say don’t come to the beach unless you wear that cute white Speedo. Any way back to the cute guy, his little red thong had the Speedo sign on it, so I asked him, hey I have never seen a Speedo brand thong where did you get it? As it turns out he bought it in Europe but said the Speedo site was now offering these suits. I went online and found a list of stores in LA and started calling around and actually found a Speedo store that carried the Speedo Thong! One of my biggest turn-ons is trying on swimwear in stores I think this turns most spandex men on, The Speedo store did not have a male employees to model for but the girls there wanted to see what the Speedo thong looked like on me. They had told me Speedo stores just had started carrying these and I was the first guy to try one on. I was blown away that Speedo made such a small suit. When I put it on I can say it did not completely thrill me. One of the problems I have with Speedo is that their men’s suits seem to be designed for girls, doesn’t Speedo know that men need space for there penis, the Speedo thong was so flat and so tight I had to ask the sales girl if this was for a girl? She laughed and I said it would fit better if the liner was cut out. She said let’s see what our tiniest Speedo looks like on you. The girls thought it looked good and they were so cute I had to ask if any of them had brothers!

I remember my first time at the beach wearing a Speedo, sorry if the story is so random but it’s the way I am wired. Up to that point I was a dork shorts kind of guy, but after seeing the swim team guys wearing Speedo I knew it would be fun. I got it home and cut the Speedo liner out right away, they fit so much better that way, I had never shaved my body before but wearing a Speedo forces you to shave. With my body free of hair and the liner cut out I slipped on my Speedo and that opened up a whole new world of spandex fabric love and Speedo worship, until I started going to super micro swimwear and turned into one of the spandex men fiends. I realized that to be a true spandex men you needed to graduate going on to the more revealing styles and showing off more of your body wrapped in spandex. Real spandex men live to try on everything spandex that they can get their hands on. Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings,  Spandex Sheer suits and Pouch only swimwear. For years spandex men had very little choice with the types of swimwear they could wear. Speedos made of spandex or Boxer style swimwear and not much else, but times have changed with Europe leading the way more and more men are trying new more exciting spandex swimwear designs, suits that allow more freedom of expression and a much nicer tan line. There are choices today in men’s swimwear that are designed specifically to show off your body and make spandex men very excited! This guide will give you a nice overview of extreme men's spandex swimwear. Extreme spandex swimwear is that the swimwear designs are very revealing and what little spandex fabric there is clings to your body showing all bulging body parts in a very provocative way all spandex men are into these designs.  There are many styles of spandex swimwear for men including racing suits, Board shorts and regular length shorts. This guide will deal with spandex men bikinis, micro bikinis,  thongs,  g-strings and pouch only spandex designs along with some other more extreme Lycra spandex products. At spandex men concentrating on Spandex for the more daring exhibitionists and men and women who lean towards having a Lycra spandex fetish.  These designs are geared to getting the ultimate tan and showing off the male form. Let's start with Spandex bikinis. There are many types of bikini style swimwear designs. A standard cut spandex men's bikini would be approximately 1 inch wide at the waist, a standard spandex racing style suite is about 3 inches at the waist. Standard spandex bikinis offer a narrow cut front pouch and offer full rear coverage. Standard bikinis are great starter suits for men just getting into exotic Lycra spandex fashions. Getting smaller we go on to the Brazilian style spandex bikini. Brazilian bikinis for men have very narrow front pouches with rears that cover from 1/2 to 3/4 of the behind. As you become more a part of the  spandex men lifestyle you start wearing these smaller designs you will need to wax or shave to look your best. Micro spandex bikinis are suits with extremely low and narrow cut pouches and very low cut Brazilian style rears that cover about 1/2. Some of the micro spandex bikini designs have such small pouches that we add extra lycra spandex fabric to the pouch coming off of the body so everything fits inside. In addition to this type of bikini Koala (The site is one of the ultimate places for spandex men and their fetishes) offers a spandex hybrid bikini that is a mix of a bikini and a thong. Pouches in this style suit run 4-6 inches high and the top of the rear starts like any other bikini but ends a few inches short of the bottom and becomes a thong all the way to the bottom of the front pouch. These designs are very sexy without revealing too much, spandex men can wear these at most public places. Spandex Thongs come in many shapes and sizes including micro spandex thongs. All thongs have one thing in common; they have a Lycra spandex panel on the top rear of the suit. Some can be more then a few inches wide while others are under an inch and just slightly larger then a g-string. Keep in mind that you are very exposed when wearing a spandex thong and it may not be an acceptable form of swimwear at some family style resorts also remember that most extreme spandex swimwear designs are non lined to offer the best fit but almost invisible and see through when wet, we know many spandex men love their spandex suits getting wet!. I have travelled all over the world and have never had a problem wearing even the smallest spandex suit at upscale hotels and beaches. In Europe spandex men are much more common then in the USA but they are coming on strong here and in many other parts of the world. Spandex thongs style suits have a variety of front pouch designs including high cut fronts all the way down to micro front style pouches, which barely cover a thing. Ready to take it up a notch? The next style extreme suit would be the spandex g-string. Visually spandex g-strings for men and women look very much the same. Very small but men's g-strings offer extra spandex fabric to keep all the bits and pieces in place and out of sight. G-string rears come in a few different styles. There are the classic spandex g-strings made with Lycra spandex straps about 1/4" wide, there are the spaghetti style g-strings that have super thin Lycra spandex straps and there are the double strap style g-strings that have separate straps that flow over your hips starting at the top of the front pouch and ending at the bottom of the pouch. The classic g-string meets ads a "T" in the rear. For the very best tanning in a private spot unless you are very brave are the spandex pouch only designs. These are suits that fully cover your front but have no waistband or rear coverage. There are no tan lines in the front or the rear and being hairless is a must. The last of the extreme Lycra designs are more playsuits then beach suits. They are the exotic male display suits made of both metal rings and Lycra spandex fabric. They are a blast to wear and are very addicting. Last but not least, many men ask if a spandex pouch will accommodate them. Most extreme swimsuits are made of 4 way stretch Lycra spandex and can handle just about any size. There is a lot of give to the fabric. Many spandex men go to wild and bizarre parties and gatherings like The Folsom Street Fair and wear suits in public that completely expose the penis. I have been to it a number of times and can tell you that along side leather boys are plenty of spandex men and I was brave enough last year to walk around in a combo spandex and metal ring suit that showed my balls and cock hard and pushed out from my body. It was fantastic!

Note from the editor at for spandex men.

Most of the swimwear my GF buys me are from Koala. I have grown to love the quality and uniqueness of their products. The pussy style suits they make have let me pass for a girl on more the a few occasions. There is no doubt that they understand the build of men with tiny cocks like me. They seem to offer a number of suits that are designed to accommodate me and my small penis, pouches that fit me perfectly. My GF thinks she it is humiliation having to be these tiny suits whenever we go to the beach or a hotel, but the truth is I would not wear anything else. I love the super small designs, I love the tan and in my own way I love showing off my tiny penis, there are plenty of men with medium and large cocks but us guys with truly tiny, micro penis sizes can be proud that we are special too. Even though I am treated like a slave and sometimes like a girl I feel that I am really one of the spandex men.

Spandex man




Spandex for real men

Why would you ever want to become a spandex man? Here are 5 simple reasons why you should consider that option:

Reason #1: Spandex shows how manly you are, in a subtle sexy way.

Usually comes in bright colors, spandex is often seen as a form of indirect exhibitionism – as spandex helps the wearer show himself to the world, while being clothed. Spandex shapes the form of the person who wears it, often not as clothing, but more like a skin. It expresses nudity in a closed form, as the body is wrapped and manifested through the garment. It sculptures your body at all the right places, emphasizing your natural assets, especially around the nether region. It also covers any flaws (if there are any to begin with), making it a good way to restore self confidence over body appreciation. This subtle sexiness often entices men who prefer manifestation of nudity, rather than the real nudity itself. Spandex men ooze sexiness and confidence to the people around them. Not everyone is confident enough to show their assets to everyone, but when it comes to spandex men, confidence is like their second name. Being a spandex man allows you to show how ‘manly’ you are, without you even noticing it. Confidence, courage and charisma – spandex defines your manhood in the most subtle, sexiest way.

Reason #2: Spandex expands your admirers’ demography.

Spandex increases your sex appeal. When a spandex man walks into a café in the gym, every eye would look at him. Spandex men are loved by men, women and everyone in between. Spandex in essence is a universal outfit. Hence, the attraction towards spandex men is also universal. You might just not know whose your next admirer is going to be when you wear your spandex to your next gym session. But in a world of stereotype, spandex is often associated with gay community. One might say “You look so gay in spandex” or “Dude, spandex is so gay” and so, what is wrong with it? This does not mean that all spandex men lovers are gay, although generally, if a man has a sexual desire for another sexy man, fantasizing on how things would progress after the removal of the spandex suit, then that guy is most probably inclined to be within the definition of being a gay. And there is definitely nothing wrong with having fetishes over spandex men, being gay or not. In simpler term, being a spandex man increases his chances of getting laid. What a lucky spandex man!

Reason #3: Spandex makes you a superhero.

Spandex fetishism among spandex men is usually associated with superheroes or wearing a superhero suit. This can be linked to the nature of men themselves, as they love to feel powerful and sexy. A superhero suit allows them to fantasize themselves as any superhero character out there, or even making an original character, whichever goes with their preferences. Imagining oneself as a superhero, saving the people from the dark side, and in the same time flaunting his god-gifted body is a good enough ego-boost for any spandex man. At the same time, it also brings in the sensual element along with it. It is definitely not an easy task to look at any superheroes without focusing around the nether region, where prominent bulges can be seen from the front side and the back side too. This is often the reason why spandex men love to fantasize as superheroes. Aside from being seen as a powerful guy with a firm, tight ass, one would also be seen as a sex object. A superhero and a sex object. What more can a spandex man wish for?

Reason #4: Spandex makes you a sex object.

When you see the bulge underneath that tight spandex, don’t you ever wonder how it feels like to have it in your palm, or ways to use it in one way or another? If your answer is yes, then you might want to start wearing one too. The objectification of men as sex object through spandex suits has become a normal instinct, whenever one is seen in it. Spandex men are often seen as a sex object, whether it is done intentionally or not. Spandex men lovers often sees spandex as a form of bondage, a restriction that envelopes the spandex man’s body from being exposed. The whole idea of ‘being exposed while not exposing’ is a turn-on for spandex man lovers. They love the idea of seeing what is hidden beneath those spandexes. It is not like they do not know what is there already, but somehow revealing what are underneath those figure-sculpting spandex suits are the sexual fantasies they usually have over spandex men. Every man, straight, gay and in-between always want to be seen as a sex object. Men work hard on their sex appeal, building up muscles and wear outfits that screams sexy all over their bodies. If you are working on your sex appeal, and want to be seen as a sex object, does being a spandex man sounds like an option to you?

Reason #5: Spandex screams SEX.

What is the use of being seen as a sex object if you cannot score right? Spandex roles doesn’t stop at objectifying spandex man as a sex object, it will take you further than that. Spandex suit are often used in sexual activities. Spandex is the ultimate sex toy. It is as if your whole skin is made for it. Spandex men lovers usually use it to stimulate the body by touching the spandex man throughout the areas covered with the spandex suit. The cool and smooth texture of spandex work wonders to both partners. It intensifies the touches made, increasing sensitivity of the spandex man towards any form of physical contact. While the spandex suit acts as a sexual bondage, removing it from the body is then seen as a form of release from the bondage itself. As the spandex man is already sensitive to any form of physical contact, removing the suit can be an extremely pleasurable experience for the spandex man even without any direct physical contact made with the body. It ensures a slow; sensual foreplay since the removal of the spandex itself is enough to drive the spandex man wild. Try stretching the material near your butt and release it and it will feel as if you have been spanked. Now, that is kinky. Spandex can be manipulated in so many ways; it is a new experience with every experiment. This is why spandex man lovers love spandex in the first place. Even with minimum body contact, spandex can arouse both partners, and it is a fun thing to do. The perfect role play would include a spandex man preferred role, a superhero being ‘saved’ by his victim, the spandex man lover. Spandex helps you score. Isn’t that great?

Spandex and spandex men have shown to the world its strength and sex appeal. More and more guys are opting for spandex as an undergarment since it is light and very comfortable to wear. Besides that, wearing a spandex as an undergarment can also act as a confidence boost, even though it is worn inside a suit when a spandex man goes to his normal daily office work. He can also go straight to his work out session at the gym after work. Imagine the eyes that would follow his every move when he strips his clothes one by one, revealing a spandex inside. What more, it might lead to a personal ‘strip tease’ later on. The possibility is already there, seeing how a spandex man had worked out his ass in the gym and the eyes that had followed his every move. Spandex indeed expands spandex man sexual experiences.

There are however, some myths attached to spandex and spandex men. The biggest myth is that people seems to think that wearing a spandex would alter your body shape. No, it would not. Spandex stretches throughout the body, following the contour of the existing body shape. Due to its elasticity, it makes the spandex men look more presentable. A spandex man might think that the spandex can help him suppress his beer belly and make it lean again. It’s not going to happen dude. Unless you start working out, you might be sexy as a spandex man, but a sexy spandex man with a beer belly. That does not mean that spandex is made only for guys with hot bodies. Everyone can wear it, because sexiness does not come solely from your body shape, it comes with confidence.

Another interesting myth that seems to be assumed by the general population is that all spandex men are gay. Again, this is merely an urban legend, made by people who are not confident enough to wear a spandex, and obviously scared to admit that spandex men looks good. Nobody knows the basis of such assumption. Is it the tight fitting body suit? Maybe the bright color spandexes are only worn by gay guys. But in reality, majority seems to agree that spandex men are good looking, sexy and confident guys. Well, it does take a lot of courage to wear a glossy bright blue spandex and walk around the gym. If these characteristics are associated with being gay, there would be nothing wrong with being a gay then, since every guy wants to look good, sexy and confident.

But the most interesting one is here. Spandex can make you become incompetent. Why? Because it clings to your nether region so much, it affects the performance of your penis later on. This is also a myth. Spandex is made of materials that are elastic and stretchy. It is light and a very comfortable outfit to wear. Therefore, it will not suffocate your body in any way. Furthermore, spandex comes in various shapes, colors and sizes – it has its own fashion world. Unless someone wears a size S when he usually wears a size L, then that would be a whole different story.

So, there you go. A crash course of why spandex men score more than normal average guys. And the world of spandex men is not just about sex. It helps you lead a healthy lifestyle. You would want to start working out to maintain your figure. You would start being a health conscious person, and would be likely to appreciate your body more. Spandex might just be another undergarment, but spandex men go beyond having a sexy lycra underwear wherever you go. Being a spandex man is a lifestyle, and it is a very rewarding lifestyle, physically, mentally and most important of all, sexually. If you have it, flaunt it. It is a gift.









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