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Small Chink


A fatty with little penis in singapore.
real man and woman, please humiliate my small dick, as it deserve it. SPH and raceplay addict.
Small penis worship woman and real big cock.


My Email is


My Kik id is smallchink 


found out he have a small penis when he is 19, and now that he is 23, his only love is SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION. 


My mistress is saying that, "A fat chink pig is hard to find online, and it pig chinky penis is so tiny that the world need to see.
the chink pig now weight at 160kg, and just look at it tiny dicklett. dont hesitate to humiliate this chink and show him his place. 
make fun of it, laugh at it piggy chink dicklet.
Im now looking for anyone who want to giving this chink pig loser task to complete. dont hesitate to email this pig, i always check to make sure he complete it piggy loser task,"
Too obvious this chink is a small penis club members, humiliation needed to remind the small dicklet boy of his place. 




D'ahhh, that's a cute li'l wiener. Sorry it didn't grow any bigger'n that~

aint it small, argh, show me yours too.

I may not be large, but I'm at least an inch longer and WAY thicker. I'm conflicted, a part of me's sorry for you and a part of me loves that mine reached a much better size. Too bad you're stuck with that, my condolences~


ronbone7, i bet you a big hung guy sir?

Nice cock ~ a little small but still bigger than mine. I love the way you measure it and compare it to things, I think you have me beat by one inch!!! So just a small cock and mine is a tiny penis!! Kiss and Happy 2014 ~ Tom

Small chink
Hit me up at kik 
Kik id smallchink 
Make fun of my tiny dick.

Tiny Dicked Dave
Hey buddy. Our tiny little dicks look a lot alike. I am a white guy living in New Jersey, and often find Asian men to have bigger dicks than me, despite all the stereotypes you hear of small dicked Asian guys. Would be great to hang out together sometime and let people see that regardless of race some guys like you and me just have really tiny little pathetic dicks. I bet a lot of people would love to make fun of the two of us with our useless little pathetic dicks exposed.

Little tiny dick would look better with a penis plug in it

lennart olsson
My penis is about 4,5 inches and thin. I love when women see me naked and I
visit nude beaches to be naked among women of all ages!
I am proud of being "asian sized" and honored by women“s attention!!




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 Small Chink is a member in





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small chink's penis is:

Length: 4.4 inches 

Circumference: 5 inches 

Volume: 8.76 cubic inches


The average penis is:

Length: 5.8 inches, ≈ 14.732 cm

Circumference: 4.972 inches ≈ 12.63 cm.

Volume: 11.42 in³ = 0.187 litres













Turtleboy's penis is:

Length: 3.75 inches 

Circumference: 4 inches 

Volume: 4.78 cubic inches






small chink's penis is:

Length: 4.4 inches 

Circumference: 5 inches 

Volume: 8.76 cubic inches


small chink's penis is 1.17  times longer

and 1.83  times bigger in volume





Small Chink



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