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Teeny Weeny Jan


I admit to have a small dick and I agree that I have to be humiliated for having that small size. My teeny weeny is erect only 10,5 cm long and as my wife says only good for cuming inside my pantyhose.


My Email is





You have the most nonsexy small sissidick I have ever seen. You should not be alowed to take it out of your pantyhose ever. I really hope you only cum inside the pantyhose and have to walk around with you own wet sperm before you should be forced to lick the pantyhose clean of your own sperm.
When you masturbate yourself I hope you also are eating your own sperm after.
You are nothing worth having that small dicky and you will never be a real man.
Yak Im happy I dont have to do that little boypenis...

ruby 31
Very nice pic and nice a smooth , our small sissy cocks should always be Mely shaved smooth and be in chastity 24/7 .my wife only wants ne wearing pantyhose and panties . I must always keep by body hairless smooth for her .I could lick your nice small cock of yours .

Teeny Weeny Jan
I have learned so much since I came on this site. I have learned to be a good smalldick. I have learned the reason for respedting real men and all women. My wife also learned to tread me like a smalldick she's teaching me eating my own cum and worship it.
Latest idea from her is that I now pee in a glass at the toilet so I can practis to drink and worship my own pee.
Now I have learned to be a good smalldick and live like one and I have got the understanding of why I have to be humiliated and laughed at.
Thank you all for teaching me.

Teeny Weeny Jan
The biggest problem being a tiny wee wee is that my wofe never want to get laid but always just give me a two finger outside my pantyhose til I cum inside them.
I really dream about getting laid for real.

Det er godt nok den mindst lille tissetrold jeg har set. Du er godt nok latterlig med den lille ting og det klær dig bestemt at have den putten ned i dine tøsestrømpebukser hvor den burde forbydes nogensinde at komme ud fra.
Du vil aldrig gå fisse med den lille tissemand.



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Teeny Weeny Jan



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