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Dinky Dave


Hi all, I don't have a small cock. I have the smallest cock uve ever seen. Check my page out & see how I got my weener in a bottle, stuck in the hole in the middle of a DVD & why they call me DinkyDave. I'm also available 4 hire 4 wind up parties, stripping & just making everyone laugh.


Email me on

Ding dong. Door bell.




I like it
so original

you're kidding right?

That's just a little button!


You really made me feel great about my size, i'm huge next to you

I think you have Lee Przybolowicz beat. DAMN!!!

Wow, that's cute!

Hi again just checking your dick do you have balls or just the bag.

I still like it

I have balls, but there tiny.

Thank you all for your comments. More pics are comin soon. If u can't wait email me & I'll send u then.

Wat do u think of new pics?

So cool

Can u get some more people to comment. I'm getting lonely.

Dose it actually work! Any more pics

Yeah it works, well he does his best. But he gets help from my tongue.

incredible! you are mr tiny micropenis!

Thank you ellen. Please say more or get your friends to comment, its lonely been this small. X

showed a group of my girlfriends your tiny dick pix. they were laughing out loud and said that you\'ve got one of the tiniest nubs ever! we\'d love to measure it and humiliate you about that microscopic baby dick!!

Nice one Ellen would love to chat to your girlfriends, tell them to chat me on this or email me would love them to humiliate me. X

I would love them to measure my cock or micro-penis as you call it. I will do pretty much anything you ask. X

post more mr dinky girl nub.

we want to see pics of that boy clit inverted!

I'll tell girls but there not much more I can show you. Send me an email so we can speed things up a bit. Tell me exactly wat you want & I'll do my best.

Le me to such your cock?

Can't remember wen I lost had my cock sucked.

How you make piss

your tiny balls are well-proportioned with that microscopic penis!

Thank you Jane, please comment some more on my small cock. X

please email me

hi could you get ellen and her friends to e-mail me?

i have just researched that your cock is the size of a new born baby!

ive change email to

wow only a buttom, you make me feel huge, impressive cd hole pic. I need to have you in a party like a stripper for everyones laughts

dinky dave
Email me then Ian, my email is just above your post.

Grace King
Wow! It's gorgeous and I'd love to play with you.

Mak me happy
Let's see that tiny weeny dick cum

dinky dave
My email has gone tits up. Give me your email & I'll reply x

dinky dave
Grace king. Do u really wanna play with me? I would bloody love that x



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Dinky Dave



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