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Small Penis Support Group



  Small Penises Anonymous (SPA) was founded by Dick Head in 1996 as a moral, emotional, and psychological support group for men whom nature both has cursed with small penises.  
  SPA is based on a 12-step program:
  1. We admit that we are powerless over our “condition” and that, because of it, our lives have become unmanageable.
  2. We believe, after having participated, often as human guinea pigs, in many agonizing and expensive self-help programs, that there is no pill, exercise, diet, or other panacea that will add length and girth to our penises.
  3. We decide not to make penis size the focus of our thoughts, feelings, values, and lives.
  4. We vow to appreciate ourselves for other qualities, as soon as we figure out what they are.
  5. We admit to ourselves, each other, and God that our problem is largely a perceptual one, stemming from the perceptions of others--especially women--that “size matters.”
  6. We accept that, despite the small sizes of our penises, they are as fully functional as any larger organ and just as virile, masculine, and heterosexual.
  7. We will quit harping upon our shortcomings.
  8. We list all the women (and, if applicable, men) with whom we’ve had sexual intercourse and ask their forgiveness for any embarrassment, humiliation, or lack of pleasuring them that our affliction may have caused them to suffer.
  9. We no longer apologize for having insignificant penises.
  10. We resign ourselves to the facts that we will be abused, embarrassed, humiliated, insulted, scorned, and teased most of the time by most people but will resist the impulse to castrate ourselves and thereby cast off our offending organs.
  11. We appreciate that not all of our problems are caused by having tiny penises.
  12. We share the misery of having a wee wee wee with other men who have wee wee wees.


  As we all know that people love to make fun of smalldicks and the group above is just another joke about smalldicks. Read the entire article here:

  Here is another support group for smalldicks:  

  But there are real, serious sites and blogs, trying to give advices and support to smalldicks. They are well worth checking out, not because of their good advices but more for laughing at the sometimes most pathetic advices and ridiculous attempts to comfort smalldicks (Type Small penis support in your search engine). Do not expect any better advices than the usual "Size does not matter" lies and smalldicks who still did not learn their place, asking questions, still hoping they can be men. The interesting thing is however, how more and more people even there, start to tell the truth, making the smalldicks realize that they are no men and they will never be anything than humiliated smalldicks.  
  I'm absolutely fascinated by the comments on a blog post Alicia put up a few weeks ago.
The post was about how much scholarly analysis and media energy seems to go into informing men what the average penis size is so that guys who are afraid they might be small can feel better that maybe they're not. But most of the comments are now a discussion between guys with small dicks about how hard life is. How girls don't like them, they have to use toys to satisfy a woman, guys with 8" cocks have a better sex life, etc.
  Reading about small penis support will only teach smalldicks that size matters and that there is no support for smalldicks. Humiliation and living in shame as slaves for real men and women - not support - are the only important things to learn.  
  it is the destiny of all us smalldicks to not only accept that we have tiny dicklets but learn to love then crave the humiliation. Only then can us little bois become happy being jerk addicted weenie whackers.  
  Humiliation is the only possible joy for tiny men like me, I sure as hell tried fucking women and it always ends in humiliation. Now I accept and embrace my shortcumings!  
  is there any online support groups for men with small equipment? If so please send any info to  
  I hate being so tiny. 1 inch soft and 3 inches hard. It s realy tough finidng girl friends.  
  Tiny jim  
  As tiny dick losers, we should just be happy to wear our panties and enjoy cuckolding and admiring large cocks  
  Are there really tiny penis support groups for tiny penis sissy wimps like me that have extremely tiny minipenises & tiny lil miniballs ??? If there is please call me & leave me a message with the info . Please I would greatlyappriciate it ! Thank you , sincerely , douglas t. Gugel aka tinypp sissy wimp aka pindick (206)941-0005  
  douglas t. gugel aka pindick  
  I don't see the point in communal whinging. I am very small and put myself through all sorts of agonising until I decide to accept my limitations and get on with life. I talk to my sexual partners about what they want. Some say no more thanks it won't work. Others tell me what works for them and what is pointless. Most women will not be abusive if you don't meet expectations. They just won't see you again if size is a major issue for them. So stop fretting and live your life as you are. The world won't change for you , and neither will women.  
  andy s  
  I love smelling my dick  


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