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Sissy maid


A sissy maid is a submissive dominated smalldick who has been forced by a dominant woman or man to adopt the role of a maid.  The dominated male must dress fully as a sissy maid, usually in the traditional style of a prissy French maid, complete with high heels, black stockings, a very short black skirt, white sissy maidís apron, puffy white blouse, and traditional maidís cap.  In his sissy maid role, the dominated male must then serve as a maid, doing the kinds of things that a maid typically must do Ė doing the laundry, cleaning bathrooms, cooking meals, serving meals and doing the dishes, and so on.

Among the many forced feminization fetish fantasies, this is perhaps the single most common, and it is also clear that many dominant women enjoy the real-life services of one or more submissive sissy maids.  At any gathering of dominant women, for example, it would be expected than some would arrive with their personal sissy maid in tow, with the sissy maids knowing it will be their job to do whatever chores and tasks may be asked of them for the service of his Mistress/Master.



  It is adviced to make a simple rule for the smalldick: As soon as he comes home he must put on his maid dress and wear it all the time at home. This will remind both him and his Mistress/Master of his place and constant duty to serve and focus on household chores  


  Smalldicks are easy to train for all chores. They already have a lack of self-confidence, a submissive and servile attitude and they are aware of their inferiority. So it is natural for them to serve and obey their Mistresses/Masters. The right outfit will emphasize and remind them more to be servants, maids.  


Keeping him busy, checking how well he cleans and washes is all his Mistress/Master needs to do to have a comfortable life.



At first - until he has learned all about cleaning, washing and serving - it might be necessary to punish him to make him more alert and perfect. Then it is an option to let him dress in just an apron.




With his ass naked it is easier to spank him and much nicer to watch his red ass afterwards, while he continues to serve.




For the smalldick it will be so important to live to serve, clean and be busy every day doing all chores to make his superior Mistrss/Master live a happy and relaxed life.



His Mistress/Master can show his total obedience to friends when they visit. Making him serve and have the humiliation to please and entertain them gives perfection to the smalldicked maid's life.







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