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  Many dominant women find that they like to sissify males as a way of creating the maximum in male humiliation. As part of the sissification the male may even be forced to mince and lisp like the pathetic sissy he has become.


One kind of forced feminization involves a practice called forced sissification.   When a male is sissified, the forced feminization involves forcing the male to cross dress not as an adult female but rather as a young girl.  The clothes may be selected to be suitable for a teenaged girl, or a much younger girl, with the outfit including frilly party dresses, little-girl style panties, and so on.  A sissified male would also be forced to behave as a sissy, being required, for example, to curtsey whenever he enters a room in the presence of a female, to play with little girl toys like dolls, and even to talk like a little girl.

In some cases, forced sissification may be used as a form of petticoat punishment or petticoat discipline, with the goal being to humiliate the male as a form of punishment.


However, sissification is more often an end in and of itself for both the dominant female who insists on sissification and for the male himself who accepts the necessity for sissification.


The smalldick is forced to dress like a little girl every day and make sure he has the most perfect, un-manly look possible.





For smalldicks who are not real men, not real boys, not real women - the closest words to describe them are - little girls or sissies.



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