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Reasons for women to worship penis




A woman who knows how important her male partner’s penis is to him will be way ahead of the game. And a woman who will take the time to worship his penis, will be the sexiest woman in the world to him.

A Truth: Penis Worship makes every woman a goddess. If women would keep one sexual thought in their minds when approaching her lover in bed, she will always have the upper hand and will be his own personal goddess.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, any woman, even a “plain-jane” can be a goddess in her man’s eyes, all it takes is understanding “penis psychology” and using that knowledge on her lover.

A man knows when his lover thinks he’s sexy. He can tell by the attention she gives his penis. Whether you’re trying to rekindle your sex life with a long time lover or just starting out in a relationship, I guarantee you grand success if you treat his penis like a god.

It’s not that hard to treat a man’s penis like a god. When fully erect it resembles the fertility phallus, which has been a sign of godliness since the dawn of time. It is smooth and hard all at once and if properly maintained, it feels wonderful wrapped within the fingers of your hand, or between your lips, or sunk deeply between the folds of your vagina.

The penis is a mighty sign of your man’s lust and that lust is yours for the taking over and over again if you’re willing to praise the symbol of that lust in word and deed.

The simplest way to show you care is to seek out his penis when he’s otherwise occupied. Even though men think about sex all the time, sometimes those thoughts are submerged beneath day-to-day tasks. But the sexiest thing he’ll ever experience is the moment when his lover walks up to him while he’s preoccupied and she slips her hands in his pocket and massages his balls.

Don’t you think he will remember the event for the rest of his life, when, while he’s talking to someone from work on the phone you kneel down in front of him and loosen his belt and open his fly and give him a silent blowjob while he has to continue his conversation. Take my word as a male, that performing an act like that becomes a defining moment in his life, something he’ll never forget.

You didn’t do anything you wouldn’t have done later that night in bed, but it was the timing of the event, and the playfulness, the “penis worship” that he will never forget.

There is no reason to ever have to do anything outside the home that might get either of you in trouble, but if you want to make one of those defining moments; a little playfulness in the dark at a movie or concert will take his attention immediately.

Even something as simple as laying in bed and caressing his penis, and talking to it as if it had a life of its own. Let him see you adoring his penis and you have won him over.  

Continue penis worship from time to time and you’ll have a satisfied lover, one who is less likely to have roving eyes. As an example, my wife always gives me great sex and a glowjobs the night before I go out of town to attend an event related to my work.  

We’ve never actually talked about it, but I have always known why she does that, and I look forward to it. I know that she is putting her “mark” on me, sending me off “satisfied” so if some other woman eyes me while I’m on the road, I’ll be less likely to be tempted.  

It’s wonderful to know that she values me enough to go out of her way to leave me sated prior to my trips. It’s something that keeps the cockles of my heart warm while I’m out there negotiating the cold cruel world. 

The only real advice I can give you is that you should take the time to really get to know your man’s sexual organ. It will be time well spent. And if you will take enough time at least once a week from now until hell freezes over to adore his penis, to actually worship it during sex play, then you will truly be his goddess and he will worship you in return.

One last note: Penis worship still works even after menopause, even if sexual intercourse becomes impossible due to physical related female problems which so often happen after the change in life.

Just because you can’t have intercourse any longer doesn’t mean that he’s stopped wanting it. A little “Penis Worship” can go a long way toward satisfying your man’s sex drive under conditions like this. If he’s still with you it means he wants to be. If you want him to stay faithful, then worship his penis once a week.


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