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Big Boss


26 year old guy packing 8 inches here. NYC cocksuckers hit me up at





  Bitch Dick Joey
You are the big boss! your meat stick makes my mouth water with that big mushroom head. I would let u cum on my face. I'm a little boy next to you SIR

You are THE man!

Monster Cock
WOW, that is a fucking huge piece of meat. I worship that big superior alpha male cock. DAMN!


big boss 2
fuck my face hard plz

you are so superior SIR that cock deserves pleasure always

groveling at your feet where i belong

Over over twice the man I am. Superior cock,balls and body. I would fall to my knees and worship you.

That cock is awesome.. I love that hairy body. would adore that cock every day...looks delicious

Hey big boss, I want to be ur sissyslave! I'm very obedient. Do I have to beg? I will for u big boss! Please please master big boss let me serve you!

jose cruz
hey im a cock sucker!!!
any one interctid email me

thank you big boss thanks for the comment i love your big man dick

any time kiddo, like helping you young little dicks get sorted out

Wow! I found this site on my sissy husbands computer. He's so small I can't stand it!! I just rubbed my pussy to orgasm looking at your cock!! I wish I had a real man like you that would take control of me and put me in my place instead of kissing my ass!! I dream of a man like you taking me roughly and punishing my pussy like she deserves!!

J Moon
I want to be your slave!!!!

Do you know that there's billions of males who would just love to lightly chew on that manhood,lick your bag and squeeze the cheeks of your ass all night and day - as much as you wanted. A female will just lick you to get it hard and make her come; a fellow male friend will stick with you for ever and keep draining your scrotum off as often as you want to blow your load. I wish there was a video of you stroking your manhood. And, I wish I knew you; I'd be so discreet; do everything to keep you and your wife together and make sure that you and your family would be so happy. You deserve the best, man.

Hey Boss! what is my next assignment.

I want you to fuck me email me i'm real man i would suck if your interested

A beautifully formed big cock. Being a small dicked looser I respect and admire your superior manhood

Nice cock and i love the hairy body ..would love to lick you from head to toe then swallow your huge cock down my throat

Sissy Steve
Oh, you amaze me, Sir!

You are a REAL man among real man. An average schmo like me would be honored to lick your sweaty, hairy armpits, to savor the smell and taste of your manly ass crack, and make love for hours to your huge, heavy balls and your incredible penis.

Jessica Martinez
That is what a gurl needs in her life everyday!!

nyc here too.... would love to worship a real mans cock
skype mtpnyc

I'm in new york and want to suck u off email me

Your cock look glorious sir, can you degrade my small dick?

Awesome cock!

Smalldick fag Justin
I worship your big manly cock, Sir
Please look at my worthless dick, you have the right to humiliate me any way for being so much smaller than you.
yahoo im domedeeptoo

Would love to suck you all day! I want to pleasure a cock thats as big as yours since I have a 3" clitty. Love serving a real man, licking his balls and ass and slurping up the superior cum.


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Big Boss


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