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Penis size by age



At a young age boys start to think about their penis size when they first begin to compare penis size with friends. They realize the importance of being big enough. There are of course studies about penis size in different ages. Below are some showing average size by age.




4.1″ (104 mm)


5.1″ (130 mm)


6.0″ (152 mm)


6.1″ (155 mm)


6.3″ (160 mm)


6.5″ (165 mm)


6.4″ (163 mm)


6.2″ (157 mm)


6.2″ (157 mm)

Source: Trojan Condoms

Average erect penis length, by age:

11 3.29"
12 4.10"
13 5.34"
14 5.74"
15 6.04"
16 6.18"
17 6.27"
18 6.29"
19 6.25"


I always knew I am small but when I saw these facts I was a little chocked to read that even 12 years old boys are bigger than me. It is fantastic to know that most young teenagers are much more manly than I will ever be. They will have a bice sex life, having great blowjobs and for some - the bigger ones - being admired and worshipped. It must be a nice feeling for the boys to read the charts in Internet, to see they are just perfect in size and to know there are smalldicks like me who are destined to be forever inferior losers compared to them.



  I'm too smaller than a 12 year old, I might as start submitting to my little brother now.  
  highschool boy  
  I'm 33 years old and apparently as small as a 12 year old down there. Luckily I have learned my place and serve real men and bring them pleasure.  
  tiny slave  
  The charts have answered my questions.I am 43 yrs old with a 2 and 1/2 inch hard on smaller than an 11 yr.I now submit to all boys and men.I now surrender my manhood and will become a full time faggot serving real men like a babydick should.  
  I have to admit it is a turn on to realize that a 13 yr old boy has more than a 2 inch bigger dick than me.  
  I agree with David! It is a huge turn on knowing a 13 yr old boy is twice the man i will ever be.My shame.  
  thank you joey! your so right us tiny penis losers have to submit to every boy and man. i\'m 29 and would love to be a slave to a bunch of 12 or 13 yr old boys.  
  Yes David! I submit to young boys,I always let them cut in front of me at the store,movies,etc. I love when teenage boys laugh at me in the locker room of the comm. center. I live in a mid size town most teenage boys know I\'m a babydick so do most of the girls. Word travels fast. I\'m a tiny penis looser!  
  It is not clear if these sizes are of a hard or soft penis.  
  Did you notice the word ERECT?  
  I know I\'m small but didn\'t think I didn\'t make the grade for an 11 year, old even hard! Small dick looser alright  
  Im always submissive to any boy 10 or older, knowing their penis is already way bigger than mine. And will only get bigger.  
  I too always let young boys cut in front of me at stores movies etc. It is my way of showing them the respect they deserve for having a bigger cock than me. I never use a urinal anymore because I am ashamed of my little 3 inch penis! Many toddlers 2 or 3 years old have bigger penises than me , let alone boys 11 to 13.  
  I had a young boy shame me at a urinal the smirk on his face said it all i know he told his friends cause they laughed when he pointed me out. I showed the young sir respect.  
  Bitch Dick Joey  
  thanks pro this tips  
  I too have a very very small penis. Only 2 and a half inches soft and 3 inches fully erect. It is also very thin, about the same diameter as a nickle.However, I enjoy letting other boys and men look at it at urinals and pool showers. I know that an average 11 year old boy is more of a man than me. Most young boys laugh and smirk at me when they see my little joke of a cock. Once a boy about 12 was standing at the urinal next to me { no divider } and pulled out his cock. It was easily 6 inches long soft, He made sure that I got a good look at it as he was peeing. Then looked at mine and shook his head and laughed. I like making young boys feel superior to me. I always show them the respect they deserve for having much bigger and thicker cocks than mine.  
  Its both humiliating and thrilling knowing that small boys have way bigger cocks than mine. 5 year old boys put me to shame!! I would also love to be a slave to a bunch of young boys 11 to 13 years old. They could boss me around and I would obey them all.  
  I love to be humiliated by young boys . I had many younger boys shake they\'re bigger meat at me in the gym shower. i am very skinny with a very tiny cock once a group of boys saw me in the shower than taunted me about my lack of manhood calling me a dickless faggot they made me serve as towel boy i did with no talkback i showed the young sirs respect  
  Bitch Dick Joey  
  Small dicks should ALWAYS! submit to and serve and obey any boy who has a bigger penis regardless of age.  
  I always submit to young boys.It is my place as a smalldick to serve those who are bigger regardless of age.  
  Bitch Dick Joey  
  As I read Dan's remarks above, I couldn't help but think back to my junior high school days. When I was in grade 7, one day when I was in the washroom having a piss, a teacher walked in doing a patrol to make sure nobody was misbehaving. He saw me at the urinal with my six inches of flaccid cock in hand and his eyes went wide with bewilderment. He never said anything, because other classmates were in the room, but his expression said it all. From then on, I knew that I had a lot more than most guys and even more than some adults.
Even today I get those same stares. A few years ago I had to go to the hospital for a colonoscopy. That's where they shove a big scope up your ass to look around for tumors, polyps, etc. The doctor and nurse seen my pecker and they turned to each other in astonishment. I asked if anything was wrong and they said "No. Nothing wrong. Everything looks extremely healthy!" Then the nurse gave me a wink. Ahh! Life's been good.
  old fart  
  I agree! All us smalldicks should be submitting to all Real Men, regardless of age.  
  Tiny Joe  
  I am only 3 1/2 inch but it is so tiny  
  I have always known i was small but even still i cant quite believe that most 12 year old boys have a bigger dick than a 26 year old man its great actualy seeing it in black and white  
  tiny 2 inch stevey  
  It's so thrilling to know that my cock is that of a 13 year I know my hurts to know but the fact is my little dick is like a rock at the thought of submitting myself to a teenage real man and doing whatever he bids me do  
  well I guess I am stuck at 13 and am 55 now :-(  
  I guess having a 14 yo sized cock is not so bad...  
  I didn't make the chart what does that make me  
  I remember me being 4 inches by the age of 9 :) now I am 8x6 check out my gallery at realmen ;)  
  just joined this site looks like I fit right in. It is awsome to know that a 12 year old boy has a bigger dick than me.  
  Haha, awesome confidence boost to know at 16 im off the chart already. 7.2 inches and still growing!  
  thats awsome Largerthanyou you are lucky. I was thinkin how when i posted earlier I was only comparing myself to the number in the above chart. It says the average 12 year old is 4.1" which didnt seem to bad to my 3.5". But that also means there are a number of 12 yr olds that are even bigger than 4.1, possibly up to 6 inches. Wow I am pathetic  
  i realise my little dick 3.8 inches is worthless iam 32 yeras old and even little boys have more cock than me  
  Although teen boy penis girth isn't mentioned here I'm in the same boat as my short dicked brothers. While my dick is 6.25" long it's a pathetic 4" in girth. According to many sites I've seen on the subject that is the average girth for a 14 year old. And believe me a lady is going to be pleasured much more by a 4" long cock with decent girth than by my pencildick.  
  flaco van thyndyk  
  I'm 30 and as big as a 13 year old... No wonder girls never stay with me.  
  i am a lot smaller as the youngest boy mentioned here. have anyone sizes of penisses younger as 12?  
  I am M I C R O !!! 36yo only 2'' !!!  
  I'm forty and smaller than a 14 year old! No wonder I never get laid.  
  hey walt looks like i fit into the smaller than 12 year ols as i mentioned above. I assume my girth is greater than the average 12 yr old but lenght not so much  
  im 4.5 inchs also  
  1 1.5" hard here 12 year olds would be big to me  
  my first time was with another boy when i was 12.he was bigger than me then.. i thought it would get bigger but it never really grew. im 40 and im 1 inch limp 3 hard!  
  uncut tiny  
  my wife wants to see a hung guy put his huge dick on mine and compare their sizes'. she got real turned on when i told her that my best friend's dick soft is two times bigger then mine hard. she asked if i ever sucked him off. i told her his size demands i suck him.  
  tony p  
  my penis is only around 1inch hard and cant be seen soft. this is probably due to me being fat. when i go to swimming pools kids as young as 7 or 8 always point and say to their dad look at that guys mini winki. for some reaon this makes me excited as i enjoy being humiliated  
  neil murray  
  Apparently I'm 13 with a 19 year old size penis  
  i am 55 and my penis is 2 1/2 flacid and 3 3/4 erect tiny or what smaller thana 12 yearold its a bit of a turn on  
  tiny tim  
  i want to be locked in a room with a load of 12 to 15 year old boys who would strip me and tease me with thier huge cocks what a turn on to see that all of them where nearly twice the size of my pathetic 3.75 inches  
  if anybody wants to laugh or humiliate my tiny 3.75 inch hard cock feel free to email meand say what you want at

any big cocks want me as a slave to thier cock couples or women who can use me and abuse me you can p--s on meor c-m on me you choose my punishment emailme on your obedient slave

  tiny tim  
  According to your survey I'm falling in rank with an average 10-11 year old.  
  I wonder what age mine is like. I'm 2.4" to 2.8" hard depending how turned on I am and just over 1" soft and my girth is very thin at all times.  
  little robbie  
  Small dick sissies should be castrated, put on female hormones, and be willing to suck all males who are larger than their tiny sissy clit.  
  yeah well my 3 1/2" erection puts me between 11-12 yr olds. And I remember as a 12 yr old my clit-dick wasn't much bigger than a toddlers'. The humiliation of knowing what a lifelong loser i am keeps me masturbating at a chronic level. My "experience" as a cocksmen is 100% masturbation. I do not fuck; i know my place as an omega
"man" and I enjoy it; my lot is to service big cock; I am privileged if a man or woman lets me jerk off my tiny clit-dick in front of them; if they laugh, debase and/or humiliate me my orgasm is all the more intense. My life as a sub is wonderful. I only wish my dick was littler so my humiliation could be even more intense.
  Wow a fifteen year old is bigger than me.
I wish I had a two inch erect penis
4'9 is very pointless to have. I basically
Envy clit dicks for that reason. Look so much cuter
With a ribbon, panties fit better and I'd be better worthy
To serve real men!
  pointless,Dick Dave  
  i'm only 15 and my cock is bigger than a 20 year old. i'ts currently 6 inch soft and 9.5 inch erect so if i ever catch a smaller guy looking at the urinal i try to show off to make him feel small. once i saw a guy whos cock looked about 2 inches staring at mine in the urinal so i started to stroke myself until at my full 9.5 inches and his eyes were drawn at my junk so i kept jerking off until i'd finished and got cum in the urinal. he didnt say a word bt back in the restaurant i noticed that he was staring at me while i was having my meal with my family  
  @jason,Do you ever shake your dick at smaller guys in locker room. I'm 45 with 2 inches hard  
  Joey Nunn  
  Interesting that 14 yo boys are almost as big as adult men. That means that itīs a myth that penis grow until you are 20 yo as they always tell young boys who are concerned about having a small penis at 16, for example. I myself havenīt grown since I was 14 and I remember that most of my friends or mates were fully grown down there at about 16-17 years of age or even earlier. So they should stop telling the bullshit that penises grow until you are 20. No, they donīt (normally at least). And when I go to public showers I canīt help noticing that a lot of 12-13-14-15 yo boys are surprisingly big down there. I have even seen a boy around 12 in a public shower who was about 7 inches when soft. Incredible. But funny. And often I have seen teenboys who showered together with their dad and were clearly bigger than the dad. I remember an asian dad around 40 who had a small 2 inches penis when soft. And next to him in the shower there was his son who must have been 11 or 12. He was one head shorter than the dad, but his penis was more than the double size of the dads penis. Must have been 5 inches soft. Big for his age and body. But maybe he was starting puberty early because he already had a big bush down there.  
  wow it is so humiliating and frustrating seeing that me, 40 years old, is endowed like a boy who is below 12 years. I am fully erect only 3.8 inches. Even if it is so embarrassing being not a man, face that in every days live, I know that there is no place for me in the men community.  
  7.8 inches thick cock which I use in a right way other then peeing  
  lil dick n balls cum fadt  
  I'm smaller than a 13 year old. I remember in the 8th grade that we were all about the same size. But in high school I usually had the smallest dick in the showers. I'm 1 1/2" flaccid and 4 3/4" erect.  
  I'm 4.5 inches when hard. That means that 13 year olds are more man than me, and I should be made to be their bitch! It is awesome to be humiliated in this way! I want my wife to fuck young boys with their massive cocks. And I get to watch!! Maybe our son's friends??  
  Little Ron  
  These measurements seam to be a little bit off! Im 19 with a 7 inch dick, so I fit with what it says, but when i was 11, 14, 17, and all these ages my penis was never that large at the time!  
  I was 6.5 inches at age 12! And I'm 8. 25 inches long now I guess I'm a curve breaker.  
  3inch hard aged 20 and 1 soft. have seen 9, 10 yr olds bigger soft  
  tiny tim  
  I am 43 years old. I didn't realize that I was smaller than a 13 year old, I thought 5" was ok...It is good to know the truth. As I have searched this site I have come to not only accept it, but to embrace the truth. My penis is made for masturbation not procreation. I am here to admire and worship real men.  
  Im 23 with a 2 inch cock when hard. It is humiliating to read that 12 year old are twice my size. In a few years they will be big studs fucking every hot girl they want while I sit at home being a lonely virgin masturbating to these girls.
Luckily I stumbled upon this site and no longer feel bad for myself. It is my place and as a pathetic babydick loser and feel that these boys deserve all the best! I whorship every man with more than a 6inch
Some men are born to fuck, some men are born to fuck themselves.
  i see that my cock is smaller than a 12 year olds at 3 1/2 inches erect i will now respect that i am inferior to big cocks  
  i have only 4 inches baby dick and i found a big man with an 8 inches thick cock to worship. He comes at least once a week, enters my house, I go on my knees, he puts his member out and tell me to suck like a baby. I obey him, and after a while my small dick inevitably starts to wet. When he reallizes he laughs at it, and rubs my little wet dick head while I continue to lick his big one. After some time he opens my legs and licks my baby dick head and tells me I have a delicious clit!! How horny I get, never thought so much happiness could come from a small cock like this!!  
  little carl  
  As an inferior smalldick,only 3&1/2 when I can even get the worthless 'thing' hard,I was so happy to see so many other tinydicked guys who realize that our place is on our knees in front of realmen. We are truly faggots and our job in life is to be good cocksuckers for all hung realmen.  
  As a smalldick with 1/4 inch soft & 2 inch hard cock I have been laughed at by all men in the gym showers. I have accepted the fact that i will spend the rest of my pathatic life on my knees for old men in their 60's  
  I have never met a man with a cock smaller than mine. In fact most men are much bigger flaccid than I am erect. However, it is a real eye opener to learn that at just under 2 inches erect I am less than half the length of an average 12 year old & one & a half inches shorter than an average 11 year old. It seems that even an average 8 year old is bigger. Whoa!  
  I'm off the chats at 16 w/ 7.7  
  I've always found it humiliating that even now at 28 years old, I'm as tall as the average 14 year-old (5ft 5 1/2 - but I know of boys at 12 and 13 who are taller than me) AND my penis is smaller than the average 13 year-olds - maximum of 5 inches erect, but sometimes it's only 4.5 inches at times!  
  my penis is just over 3.5 inches, can satisfy a woman or have to know where is my place (pleasuring real men)?  
  shy penis  
  At 3.33 (measured with a ruler), according to this my penis measures about equal to an 11 year old boy, which is a truly humilating realization for a man in his early 30's. I have had dom's in the past tell me to obey any man with a larger penis. Pretty much I realize now that about 99% of men would fall into that category for me.  
  David Czerny  
  Yea I'm with a lot of people that have made comments on hear, I've always had a small cock and now my cock is as big as a boy age 12 or 13. At my age of 13 my tiny dick was a baby dick so it's always been far behind. Nice to see others in the same position. View me got a tumblr page as well  
  my wifes sisters boys age 6 and 8 have a 4.5 and a 5 inch cocks I have a 2 inch winkie my wife and her sister humiliate me in front of them I have to call them sir or master if they need to pee I am made to take out their cocks hold them as they pee and then to shake and make sure under foreskins are clean if their mother finds any dirt under foreskins I am whipped severely  
  Sissy R  
  How do you losers have such small dicks? I've just turned 16 and mines 7" soft and 9.7" hard. And I'm not even bullshitting, I wouldn't need to around you lot haha.  
  I just read online that a Avg Newborn baby's penis is 1.6 inches. At 1/4 soft & 2 inches hard I'm as small as a baby let alone a pre teen boy.  
  I knew i was small when I saw my younger cousine and he was bigger than me  
  Dam that is really telling, I am 44 now and based on this information my dick stopped growing while I was 12. I am 4.7 inches at my hardest.  
  I am 13 going on 14 in two weeks and i am bigger than sixteen year olds. Im 6.5 inches long.  
  Wow. My wife called me a little boy yesterday. According to the study, I am between 11 and 12 years old. I knew I was small but not that small.  
  I have a 13 yr old peepee and I am 23  
  I'm not much bigger than a 11yr old with a little 4.5" hard on wow  
  small dick zack  
  Her here's a link with a size chart for Babies penis's. I am hung like a 2 year old.  
  I'm 33 now and I'm smaller than a 13 year old.  
  Iam 14 cms so 14 year old boys are bigger than me. And dont forhget the importance of girth!!  
  I measure 4.5"s erect so according to your chart I 'come' between 12 year old and 13 year old boys!!!
Next time I see a young lad in the street the first thing that will spring to mind is that he is already more of a man than I'll ever be, and is already superior to me, I suppose I'll just have to learn to respect them the same way all Alpha males should be respected and accept that he is my superior and that he is the man and I am the boy!
Without wanting to stereotype can you imagine how young a Black boy would be when he becomes the Alpha to us!
  I am 56 years old with a 7" long and 8" around. I guess I drew the right straw  
  Are you guys even male? How can you be that small? I'm 16 and my dick is already slightly over 9".  
  wow, i never thought that i got such a huge cock compared to boys at my age...i always compared me to pornstars and thought im not that big, but actually 9 inches with 15 years are fucking huge... :D  
  I am shocked because when I am erect I am 10 inches when flacid 5 inches I am 13 years old I am not lieigng it is also hard to hide an erection  
  ahah you're all so small ! I'm almost 15 years old, and my cock is 18cm long and 5cm large.  
  Damn, I am 4" totally hard and 4" in girth, and I am 50 years old. WoW!  
  I'm 15 and 7in guess I'm above avarage  
  I am 38 years old. Im always submissive for alpha male with big cick . im love hot cum in ass hole and my face ,
i have a big clit 2.5'' fuck me pls
  I'm hung like a 2 year old!!  
  God I'm the size of a 12 year old.  
  my erect penis is below that of a 11 year old its a real turn on to know young boys are superior to me and I will respect them as my masters  
  I've just been thinking can you imagine if you're a school teacher and you're a baby dick like us, looking around the classroom knowing that those boys are more man already than you'll ever be! It would only take one glance by one of the boys at the urinals to finish off your authority and you couldn't hide it your look of shame would give you away. Like all us small dicks once our secrets out we're finished as men and we just become subservient losers to any other males no matter how old!!!
The next time I see any 12 year old boy or older (come to that any boy who looks like he's hitting puberty) in the street there is no way I'm making eye contact with him, in an instant they would know my shame and they're superiority!
  im andyp and im 3 inches hard. add me on skype on andyp123456 if u want a laugh.  
  I have always been way under average. the main problem is I have always had alot of fat padding on my crotch and didnt grow pubic hairs until i was 16. My crotch has always been fat literally. I keep it bald now, but having a small penis and a chubby crotch isn't easy.  
  tyler villeneuve  
  Wow...!! I am smaller than a 12yr old. My pathetic little cock is almost 4" erect and only 1" limp. It is a big turn on knowing that it is not even big enough to be called a 'Boy cock'. Think I had better be a 'Baby cock' from now on...!!  
  Too small 4 women  
  I'm 26 and less than 4 inches hard. Smaller than a twelve year old. I don't know why I ever thought I could call myself a man. Now I can't even call myself a boy  
  Tinycock Mark  
  OMG...!!! When I have a fully hard erection now I actually only measure 3.75"...NOT 4" which I stated in my previous posting above...!!! So the use of a chastity device long term DOES shrink your penis. I have measured it 3 times and I am definitely only 3.75" What a turn on....I am so pleased.  
  Too small 4 women  
  when I was 18 I screwed this girl named Jackie . I knew she hated it and was just lying there as I pumped my tiny dick in and out . she told me after her 9 year old brother was bigger that me . I did not believe it then but do now  
  sissy donna  
  I'm 7" for money I can send you pics email me.  
  My like a 13 years old one  
  I have noticed on the chart I have a cock smaller than an 11 year old I find it quite a turn on .I know its pathetic that's what I am  
  I'm 18 and am smaller than a 12 year old and its so embarrising  
  Oh geeze. A 14 YO has a bigger penis than me. A 17 YO is huge compared to me!!! Does this mean my wife would be better satisfied by a 17 YO? She is by all accounts a hot MILF. I want her to be satisfied.  
  My penis is only 3.9 inches when fully erect. My wife says that I look like a toddler. I can't wait to show her this and tell her that I am schoolboy, NOT a toddler.  
  Toddler Sized Me  
  at 19 I'm of the charts with a 9.1" cock  
  I am 30 and I have 2 inches penis...I am smaller even than my uncle's kids who ware 9, 7, 6 years old..After this statistics I think I will submit to them  
  This post gives me some real confidence about my 7.9" one :o  
  Age 15 dick  
  Wow - I always knew I was small, but wow! At 48 and only 5'3", I am well under 4 hard and about as thick as a hot dog. Have seen many younger boys at the gym shower with longer and thicker soft dicks than my hard on. It is both embarrassing and hot as hell!  
  small bry  
  im 35 6foot and i am smaller than a 13yo.
email -
  I am 40 years old but my penis is 5.5'' only.  
  Sarath ksks  
  I'm 35, I have just under 4.5" long hard by 1.2" thick so this chart tells me a 13yo is bigger than me  
  tiny dick Alan  
  I love the fact that a 13 year old teenage boy has a bigger and more manlier cock than me, I would love to be humiliated by a group of well hung teenage boys  
  Tiny feminine husband  
  I'm a little over 4" hard. My brother is already 12. Statistically he'll probably have a bigger dick than me soon.  
  Age 57 my penis is 6" long and 3 3/4" around.  
  So, I'm 17 and only 5in... Is that okay? I guess not?  
  I always knew I was small but I am 55 eith less than 4 inches and very very thin  
  my ex girlfriend had a brother who was 12 and she always used to say he had a bigger dick than me. Now I know she was almost certainly right. Im 27 6'4 but have a penis inline with an 11 yr old. I love it. there is a ymca near me im thinkin about going just to test it out.  
  Justin M  
  My small dick is 4'5, a 12 years old child is superior to me. I must bow and lick and venerate his tiny feet, begging him to pee his blessed water in my mouth  
  Thank god I'm 7 inches and thick  
  Cougar Fucker  
  I am a 48 year old transgender - I am a neuter. I have a penis which measures 2.5" at full length when stretched, but I have never had an erection nor have I ever had an ejaculation. Although I was born with a penis I have never had testicles. I have a female body, with a natural large 38 B-cup and rounded hips. When I was 9 my aunt started growing my hair and dressing me in female clothing. I was home schooled to save me from embarassment and ridicule  
  I'm smaller than a 12 years old little boy. I know they are more of a man than i am  
  Its pretty humiliating yet fun to know my size would fall between a 12 and 13 year old boy.. at 4.5 inches, i am definitely smaller than real men.  
  I am 24 . My penis is like 11 years boy 3.1 inch. I feel shame on my penis. My girlfriend want 7 inch .plase help me how can it grow  
  Wow. If this info is accurate, erect I'm younger than 12? That is so embarrassing.  
  Little Jimmy  
  I am happy to say that I am larger than the average 20 year old
  I can't wait to show this to my wife. She's having an affair with my former boss who is a man who is fully endowed with a large thick penis. I've seen the pictures of him that she keeps on her cell phone. His pens IS much bigger than my little one which only 4 inches long when it's hard and quite small, like a frankfurter. My wife says she has great sex with her lover and has orgasm after orgasm in his arms. His manly penis satisfies my who dismisses me as a man and says I have "toddler's penis". I can show her that I'm like an adolescent, NOT a baby. I feel a lot better now.  
  I Address My Wife As Mommy  
  My willy is as big as a 13 year olds!  
  my erect penis size is 4.5 inches  
  11 year old has more than 1 inch on me  
  I always had a hunch that has been proved now: I have a 12y old penis  
  my cockette was small when i was a kid so no wonder  
  Wow my 3.5inch dicklette doesn't even measure up to a 12 year old  
  My dick does not register on the chart at 2.5 inches what does that make me  
  Pathetic loser  
  I'm 22 and bigger than a 20 year old at 7.25 inches :)  
  50 years old and shamed by those stud 11 year old's. Lol. My 2.75" cock might even be laughed at in a nursery.  
  my dick 8 inches and big I`m 21 year   
  With my pathetic 3.5 inch clit-dick, I love knowing my only purpose in life is to be a slave to real men with actual cocks. I don't know how many times I've begged for them to let me serve them, and just as often humiliate me for being the small dick loser I am. My brother has a real man's cock, over twice as big as mine. So I learned at an early age the difference, and how to worship a true man. It's kept me happy and content knowing my place as a small dick faggot.  
  My email is if anyone wants to see how pathetically small i am. I am 25 years old with a 3/3.5" erect  
  I have a small dick, only 2 and a half inches hard. In the showers at the public pool I saw a 13 year old boy with a 10 inch hard cock and when I saw him I got hard, he saw my small clitty dick an started laughing. I knew when I saw him that hes is 10 times the man I am and he is still growing.  
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