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Penis comparison




The size difference can really be enormous. Even small differences in length, will mean a big difference, a 5" penis is 25% bigger than a 4 incher if they have the same girth.

However, a longer penis is mostly also thicker than a shorter and in volume it means it will be much bigger. Look below how much the difference will be when a penis is just a little thicker.

When you see a man who seems to have just a little longer and a little thicker penis than yours, truth is: He has a much bigger penis than you. When you have a big penis, it is very possible you are several times bigger than men who seem to have just a little smaller penis than you.



If penises A and B of the same length are compared, A measuring 1 inch wide and B 1 inch wide, then B is 137% (approx 1.4 times) bigger in volume and will fill her up with more than a third more penis than penis A.


It is not a mystery why both women and men care so much about the size of penis. Some men really have the most fantastic penises and some have so little of what makes a man a man.



  Any smalldick will feel his inferiority when he is compared to Shreyas' superior, large cock. Go to Shreyas' page, click  HERE  






Some men are the manly, lucky and worthy ones. For the smalldicks in the pics below, it must feel so honourable to be their friends but always being careful to show them respect, submission and to serve them. You can see in some pics, how the real men's faces show how superior they are and how the smalldicks beside them have the word "admiration" written in their faces, when they watch a real penis.





Together, naked. See the embarrassed smalldicks when they have to show their ridiculous dicks beside the real men. While the men with big penises feel natural and relaxed being naked.




In gay movies there is a natural order: The smalldicks serve as bottoms for the real men, opening up their asses and mouths to please the worthy men.




Wives with smalldicked husbands have learned not to live an unsatisfied life. When they look for lovers, they make sure to have really big penises giving them the pleasure only real men can give.




No smalldick will ever think size does not matter after he has been forced to stand beside a real man and seen his wife have sex with a real, big penis.



  The pics below are from Smalldick Ms. Karli Kunt's page.  
  Click the pics to go to Smalldick Ms. Karli Kunt's page.  


You are welcome to send your penis comparison pics to





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