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Oral sex for smalldicks



Oral sex is any genital (to the vulva, penis or anus) stimulation (touch) done by a partners' mouth, lips and/or tongue (and often combined with use of the hands). Cunnilingus is the big word for oral sex done upon women, and fellatio, for oral sex upon men. Analingus is a term used to describe oral-anal sex for anyone.

Cunnilingus - licking a woman's pussy is described below but first and most important for a smalldick is to be a good ass licker.


  Women can mostly have their pussies licked when they have sex with real men. Letting a smalldick lick her pussy can feel both wrong - to let him lick the same place real men have been licking - unnecessary, because she already has enough pleasure being licked there when she has sex with real men and it also can feel like a waste of time when she can make the smalldick lick other places of her that she is not likely to have licked by real men.  

  So when she is with a smalldick and she knows she can tell him to lick her anywhere, a much nicer choice is to order him to lick her ass instead.  

  It is a special feeling to have the ass licked. Many women hesitate to let a men go down and lick it. Worried she smells bad, worried of not being clean in the ass, she tries to make him lick somewhere else instead. But with a smalldick she does not have to worry about those things, she knows he will worship her and continue to lick her ass even if it is not clean. Because a smalldick knows so well that this is much more than he deserves, he will show his thankfulness and commitment to lick as well as he can. She can relax and just enjoy his tongue working in her ass. When she tells him how to lick, faster, slower or deeper, she will feel instantly how he follows every instruction exactly.  
  The anus has a sphincter muscles that keeps the anus closed at all times except when going to toilet. That is why some people cannot understand the pleasure of being licked in the ass. They first need to relax and let the muscle stop keeping the anus closed. Only when feeling relaxed and comfortable, this is possible and then the real pleasure will appear. The smalldick can get his tongue deeper inside to reach the parts of anus that will give both physical pleasure and the pleasure of knowing his tongue is deep inside the anus.  

  Being a good ass licker is an important thing for a smalldick. He must be good with his tongue, since his small dick cannot be used to give pleasure. Being a good licker increases his chances to be allowed to touch a woman or a man. The best thing about being a good ass licker is that he can use his skills to please both women and men, they have exactly the same feelings about having their asses licked.  

  It just takes some training to have a good smalldicked ass licker. But not much; if he is sexually experiences, he is probably skilled in licking already, smalldicks who had sex have moslty learned how important it is to compensate for their small dicks by being the best lickers. If he still needs to be more alert and caring to lick well, punishment will help him to do better.  

  Smalldicks feel natural to be at the ass of a superior woman or man. It is easy to train them not to lick the ass only when it is clean but also to make them clean the ass with their tongues. Bring him with you to the toilet and make him really useful for your ass.  

  An unresistable entertainment for hotwives and their lovers is to make the smalldick go down in her ass right after the lover has cum in it.  



Here are some oral sex tips for both real men and smalldicks about cunnilingus:

1. Start slowly. One of the biggest mistake guys make is going straight for oral without warming the girl up. Foreplay is very important before providing cunnilingus. One of the best foreplay techniques is to go about it by travelling south slowly, while making many stops along the way. This really heats things up so by the time you finally make it down there, the experience will be incredible.

2. Get Your Technique Down beforehand. Another big mistake is guys going in blind. Even with proper foreplay and building up the excitement, if you start haphazardly performing with no rhyme or reason then it will be a major fail. Women complain all the time about guys with no technique. It makes for a sloppy experience with little pleasure as the outcome. There are different techniques you can use, like small circles or the alphabet. A good guide will provide several very effective techniques. Just pick a few and practice them so you'll have your game down when the time comes.

3. Listen to Her. Maybe one of the most important oral sex tips is simply listening to her. If she is silent during your oral practice, then you need to switch gears, hit up a different technique or adjust your pace. Now, if the woman is moaning with great pleasure, then the last thing you want to do is drastically change your technique! If she's really enjoying it, then stick with the technique and rhythm you are using.



  Because I have a toddler boy size penis, I am not allowed to touch my wifes breasts or pussy. Those areas are reserved ONLY for her well hung lover. My only pleasure is being able to smell,lick,suck, and clean her asshole. She never worries if it smells bad or is dirty, because I gladly clean it as I suck it! I now even lick and clean her lovers asshole as well. When either of them use the bathroom, they have me perform special clean-up duties! I just love smelling and tasting a stinky,dirty asshole.... man or woman.  
  I also am not allowed to touch my wifes tits and I never fuck her. She has two boyfriends now who satisfy her. She does let me smell and lick her asshole. I love cleaning her after she uses the bathroom and doesent wipe her ass.  
  i hav a small cock.. So i use my tongue to satisfy my woman  
  My cock is totally useless for any kind of fucking, since its barely 3 and a half inches long rock hard, and as thick as a finger. My wife now fucks her girlfriends husband who has more than enough cock for both of them! I now perform ass cleaning and licking for my wife and her girlfriend. Her girlfriend makes sure I deeply smell her dirty asshole at least 5 minutes before I am allowed to lick it!  
  Ofcourse us smalldicks have to give oralsex to our wifes and to real men. I admit that its the reason that us smalldicks is put in the world.  
  small dicks are good for sucking cock aswell
i can see the envy in their eyes when i fuck their wives and gf's so i sometimes make them suck my cock so they can feel the touch of a real man
  The Slug  
  Very small penis boys learn quickly that their tongues, lips, mouths, and throats are their most sexually useful organs.
If I didn't use my mouth on everyone, I would never have any type of sexual experience. I now love it!
  Wtf it doesn't bother u that ur wife fucks other men :\  

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