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Jonah Falcon releases a song about his huge penis



  Finally, Jonah Falcon's penis is solidified in song.

The man famous for his 13.5-inch, record-setting penis released a song, and it's bound to impress even the most hardened of pop fans.

"It's Too Big," released on iTunes and CDbaby.com on April 16, features Falcon singing about his own superior penis.

With lyrics like these, it's clear to see that Falcon and his co-pop singer, Adam Barta are looking to go big:

"I heard it from all the guys and every single freakin' girl/They wanna try and take a ride on the biggest in the world/But in order to ride the beast it must be unfurled," Falcon sings before the chorus, "Too damn big/It's just too damn big/Your penis too damn big yeah/It's too damn big."

The song can speak for itself. Falcon fans will be excited to know that "It's Too Big," a clear homage to the Pet Shop Boys and anything that can't be measured by a standard ruler, won't be going flaccid any time soon.

Adam Barta, who teamed up with Falcon, is making a name for himself by recording novelty songs with various characters who wash up on the pages of HuffPost Weird News. He's also released a deep fried ditty with "Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil that might even embarrass Octomom.

Buy "It's Too Big," here:

  More about Jonah Falcon:

Biggest of all - Jonah Falcon






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