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Make his small dick even smaller



"I have been wearing some form of chastity device for the past 22 years. My wife is the boss in our marriage and enjoys all the aspects of enforced chastity (mine, not hers). My current device is a Lori’s tube with the PA security and support ring. When I began wearing chastity devices, my penis was already on the small side (3.5” soft, 5.25” erect). Over the years, not being able to erect, even in sleep. has had an effect. I guess the old saying “use it or lose it”, is true. It seems each succeeding chastity device had to be smaller and smaller to fit right. My current Lori’s tube is only 1” in diameter and 1” from the rear of the tube to the PA pin. It used to be that any attempt to erect was very painful, but now it doesn’t hurt at all anymore as my “erections” are very weak. My wife supervises my once a week release from it for cleaning and shaving in the shower. My once 3.5” is now about 1.5” - 2”, and proportionally skinny. This has not escaped her notice and she is quite amused by it. My only sex is a once a month (if I’m lucky) “buzz-off” where she uses a hand massager to quickly bring me off. Most of the time, I don’t even get hard anymore and just squirt down into a saucer while she tells me how pathetic my limp tiny dick is. Now, I secretly enjoy her mocking."




  The Loris tube most definately works! My little penis is now the same size as a 2 year old boy. About 1 and a half inches long and as thin as my finger. The difference is that even a 2 year old toddler can get an erection which makes his penis bigger and thicker than mine. I have been in this device so long that I can no longer achieve an erection. My wife puts a glove on every other month to quickly jack -off my little limp noodle over the toilet. I just dribble out a very very small amount of semen which she immediately flushes.  
  My dick never gets hard anymore also because of this device as well. My wife and I love it this way, as her very well hung stud takes care of ALL the fucking in our house! I am 47 my wife is 42 and her lover is 23 with a 9 inch cock. They both laugh at and humiliate me while they have hot sex. My totally limp little 2 inch penis is useless.  
  I do perform all clean-up for my wife and her stud. Including sucking his creampie from her pussy and ass.I am able to ejaculate, but it is very weak. The difference in size of her studs cock and mine is dramatic. My wife constantly compares us to remind me of how inferior I am next to her hot stud!I gladly serve both of them, and especially obey him, as he is a real man and deserves my obedience for fucking my wife so well!!  
  John that is how it is in my house also. I can cum but my cock is limp and the cum is watery. Email me sometime,  
  You wife deserves a real man occasionally. You should consider talking with her about it. She may let you watch.  
  After being in the device for several years, I no longer need it as my little cock does not get hard any more! Always 2 1/2 inches long It looks like a small boys pee-pee. My wifes lovers cock by contrast is well over 8 inches long and very thick! I am 47 my wife is 44 and her lover Jimmy is 18 but looks about 14. He is the man of the house and does ALL the fucking, My wife and him constantly mock and degrade me while they fuck, and he likes to slap my limp penis as he is deep fucking my wife.  
  It is possible to make their dicks even smaller: chop their balls off!! When a male is castrated his penis will shrink from the lack of testosterone. And small dicks don\'t need testicles anyway because they don\'t deserve to have orgasms at all.  
  I have invited several exes to chop it off. I told one to do it and leave whatever she thought would be funny. She said it already looks chopped. Id love to shrink mine. I took hormones and it did take bout and inch. I hope one day i get the courage to finally do it. Ive held razors on it many time and my ex said it would have been fine, cause im a woman anyway, i only cum when i get it in the ass  
  Get ready for it to get smaller, it only shrinks more once it's caged up. I seen one of my girl's cuck go from 5 (which bro honestly is more than most cucks rock anyway) to less than 2 and permanently flaccid. Enjoy what little you got dudes. It's back to prepuberty.  
  There is pics up of my hard 2 and half. Id love to make it smaller. Black cock has knocked up my girl. She says now that ive taken steps to tell the world she is going to help me finish it off ony bday as a gift. She bought me new panties, skirt, and bra. Cant wait.  
  Would like to see more about making penises smaller. Has anyone gone from having a large penis to being a smalldick? Other than chastity are there any other ways of reducing length and girth?  
  I want to make my cock smaller like this, it has no use.
Currently 7 inches would love to shrink it down to 1 inch and perminantly flaccid
  Would love to have my little dick shrunk like that. It's definitely the right thing to do - if it's not going in a pussy then it's no use - best to make it as small and inoffensive as possible.  
  I have used the device and now I'm down to 2'inches. I think all guys should have small always flaccid pee-pees as then all guys could be left naked and nothing 'down there' to show for it.  
  I'm 21 years old and still a virgin
if my penis is useless to satisfy a woman (3.8 inches) should be castrated and satisfy realmen? Like a sissy.
what you guys say?
  shy penis  
  My husband Bryan are ready has a tinny and useless dick but I want it to be even smaller any help please  
  Kimberly dehoff  
  I was wrong, I got 3.5 inches, I fight for a girl? or being a sissy? Should I lose my virginity? I'm 21 years old.  
  shy penis  
  I was wondering what site you guys got loris tube from?  
  My mother & aunt decided when I was 12 that my penis was way to small to ever grow into a man-sized member which would satisfy any woman. At the time it was about an inch soft & perhaps a half inch more hard. They had a female doctor friend who in those days was called a 'man hater' & she was all too happy to assist them in giving me female hormone pills & once monthly injections which would not only keep the little thing soft & weak, but retard any sudden late puberty growth spirt . Because they started prior to my 13th the time I was 15 their treatments had shown dramatic results! My tiny thing tried to fight ageinst the medication, but it was a loosing battle. Perhaps it grew another inch at most, but nothing in girth, while my tiny 12 year-old boy balls shrunk to half their former already small size. However there were dramatic changes in my body in general, as my hips expanded & rounded. My 'behind' also grew fuller & my previously rock-hard & flat chest, softened as girlish breasts emerged! My mother insisted I wear my hair long & people who did not know me from my youth usually mistook me for a girl. This was all to my mother & aunts liking, as instead of calling me Tim, they made a point of referring to me as Tammy. Also until I was 12 I had always thought of girls sexually, but after a year of my hormone's I found myself transferring these feelings more & more toward boys! Mother loved to talk to me about my changing feelings & would encourage me, pointing out good looking young men, e
specially if they were showing large bulges in their pants. She would make a point of pointing out how well hung a fellow was and how this made him a real man! For my 15th birthday my aunt bought me a large picture book of drawings by Tom of Finland, full of erotic drawings of men with huge bulges. I had never slept with a man, but by now my dreams & thoughts were full of thoughts of well-hung manly 'real-men'. The ladies in my life had turned me into a sissy, but even more a complete faggot in training!
  little tiny tim 19  
  I've been wearing a chastity, off and on, for about 8 years. My soft penis length has always been very small (1 or 2 inches) but erect it would grow to about 7 inches. Now the only noticable difference in my soft penis is that its a little skinnier. However now, when I'm out of my chastity and erect my penis only reaches 3 1/2 inches. On top of that I've become so sensitive to touch that I cum before I get my little dick inside my lady. Our intercourse involves my tongue and me wearing a strapon so I can please my lady and I only get out of my chastity a few times a year so I can jack off using two fingers. This little sissy has never been happier.  
  Little Sissy  
  I've been a submissive sissy all my life, I wear women's clothes as much as I can. My master keeps me in a CB 6000 full time, allowing me to jack off about once a month. and only then, if I'm a good faggot. He has talked about castrating me I hope he does. I just wish the tiny thing could be cut off and I get a pussy, no more ugly bulge in my panties  
  I would like to be able to cum really quickly so my Mistress has to spend less time on me and more on her own needs with proper cocks. The fastest I've managed is 40 seconds. Is it possible I can make it faster? Ultimately, I'd like to just cum when she touches it.  
  I too am forced to wear a chastity device full time, a CB6000S which fits like a glove and allows zero room for my cock to expand. My cock is only a pathetic 4" when fully erect, but since having to wear several different devices I usually can only get semi hard. My keyholder is my ex wife, yes EX wife. She left me over 2 years ago to live with one of her lovers. She informed me that she saw no reason to stop her imprisonment of my small boy cock just because we no longer live together. She says that knowing I am unable to relieve myself or even touch myself is a turn on for her when she is having great sex with her well hung partner. I live alone and she says it is her aim to keep it that way for my own good. She doesn't want me wasting other women's time with my small useless cock. Her aim is to shrink it to 3" and that would please her very much, this is why she switched me to the CB6000S recently, to quicken the process. I am never told when she will return to release me and sometimes it is 10 or more days before she does. Then I have 24 hours of freedom to thoroughly shave it, give it some fresh air and to make myself cum before she returns to lock me up again. She cuckolded me during our marriage, having multiple lovers at the time and forced me to suck cock so often that I actually learned to enjoy satisfying a man and swallowing his manly seed. She still maintains total control of me now just for her own amusement....!! But with my tiny useless boy cock I don't deserve to be treated any better. I accept my submissiveness as a way of life.  
  To small 4 women  
  Following on from my above posting...... My ex wife arrived at my house yesterday to release me from my chastity device (after 14 days locked up) and had her lover with her. This is not unusual, as they both like to taunt me and talk about their amazing sex together while laughing at my pathetic little boydick. She then announced that she was getting bored with our arrangement and so she was changing the rules starting there and then. In future I will have to pay her an 'unlocking fee' of £100 AND suck her lover's huge cock until he shoots his cum down my throat. Only then will I be released. I had no choice as I do know my life is still ruled by her (even after 2 years apart) and it is not my place to question her. I am just grateful that she even bothers with me. So yesterday, I had to log into my bank account and then service her lovers cock with my mouth, while she transferred £100 from my account to hers. They both laughed and mocked me for being so submissive as I swallowed down every drop of cum that flooded my mouth. I was then ordered to make them both a coffee and serve it to them as they relaxed in my lounge. They then totally ignored me until they got up to leave, when they humiliated me even further by making me open the doors of their car for them to get in. As they sped off I returned to the house feeling reassured by their attention to me, even if it was in a most dominant and humiliating way...!!! She will be back later today to lock my chastity device in place again.  
  Too small 4 women  
  I too am quite small. While I tried in high school and college to "make it" with a girl, all attempts were dismal failures. I either came way too soon (before anything ocurred) or the girl laughed and I got soft -- or didn't get hard in the first place. After awhile I stopped trying -- and now have girls who are friends -- rather than a "girlfriend."
I dress in effeminate clothes, ostly -- (I really like fashion, fashion magazines, and all that -- and am "shopping buddies" with a few girls. When out shopping them often tak about and bitch about their boyfriends. They mcomplain about not being treated well -- or cheating and so forth. But I notice they seem to stay with these guys. They like the sex a real man provides, I guess. (I do get tired of hearing all the complaints, however. And the n when the "bastard" calls, they are giddy on the phone and usually desert me quickly to run to his bed.)
I work part time as a kind of Sissy waitress" at two hip clubs downtown. I also work back in the kitchen, washing dishes and other not fun stuff like that. And I sometimes on weekends work as a "cleaning sissy" and clean a girl's apartment. The women I see in trhese situations do not mistreat me, exactly, But they do see I'm a sexually inadequate sissy and kind of place me on a lower station, as it were. I'm basically ignored unless they want me to fetch something. To them I really am "just the help" and almost a non-person.
  I wish somebody would force me to shrink my penis
My penis is already so tiny
I can't imagine it getting any smaller
I would be hung like a tic tac  
  Further to my above 2 comments, I thought this might be of interest and maybe give other dominant wives ideas for their own cuckold husbands. My ex-wife has now raised my humiliation to new heights and at the same time increased my chastity. On her last visit to unlock me she arrived with 4 very large poster size (36" X 24") photo enlargements. These were pictures taken when we were together. She also had a piece of paper with instructions that I had to follow. I was both horrified and excited by what I read. There were 3 separate 'word' tattoos written down with precise instructions on size and location. I was to have my tattoos as follows:- 'I love sucking cock' on my tummy just above my panty line. 'I love cock' at the top of my arm and 'I need cock in my ass' at the top of my other arm. Large print on my tummy and smaller print on my arms. I was to pose as a gay man and get them done in a local tattoo parlour. The 4 large posters were to be pasted to my bedroom walls, one per wall, with wallpaper paste so that they could not be removed. The pictures show 1) my wife sucking her lover's huge cock. 2) my wife riding her lover's cock. 3) Me sucking her lover's cock and 4) me on all fours with her lover ass fucking me. I was trembling with the prospect of having to do this, and how would I explain my tattoos if I was ever in hospital or the fact that I could never go swimming..!! My wife just laughed at me and said that it was all for the best and that she really was doing me a favour by keeping me single and in chastity. She added that she really didn't want me to forget her and her lover, whom she had left me for, and the giant pictures would ensure that I had a lovely reminder of them both. She told me that she was not going to unlock me that day but would certainly come back to do so after I had carried out all of the instructions exactly to her satisfaction. I was allowed one week to paste the pictures and one month to get the tattoos. This was 2 weeks ago and she has already called in to see for herself that the pictures are on my bedroom walls. My tattoos are booked for 6 days time and I am very nervous, but if I don't comply she will leave me locked up. I could break out of my chastity devise but as a trained cuckold I do secretly enjoy her hold over me and would never want to lose that. I do need to be submissive and so the tattoos MUST be done. She has also extended my chastity to 4 weeks at a time or longer before unlocking me. Again, this is arousing for me and I don't need my pathetic little boy cock anyway...!!!  
  Too small 4 women  
  My penis was tiny when I was a boy, it grew to 5.5 inches erect at 14, then at 20 it started to shrink in steps. When I was 30 it was 3 and a half inches, 35 it was 3 inches, 40 it has shrunk to 2 inches, Now I am 43 and it stayed at 2. Before I could not fit it into a toilet paper roll, now it has room to spare. The diameter is now 3 cm. Most of the time it is hidden in me. I love to show it to women and see their reactions. Telling them that my penis is shrinking, they laugh and tell me that I will end up with no penis or smaller than their clitoris.  
  There have been quite a few success stories with penises shrinking simply by hypnotising. Have a look through:
  I used to believe I had an okay sized penis but my girlfriend Penny, who is my one, true love... She actually told me early on that she had other men who were bigger than me, but I thought she was just being cruel. She has always been very cruel, a thin woman who likes to smoke cigarettes. She told me she was going to make my dicklet smaller than a cigarette butt. She had a friend who worked in a fetish botique who recommended the Loris Tube and it really worked. I couldn't believe how well it worked. Unable to have sex with anyone anymore, my limp, tiny penis resembles a baby's penis now. And I am not sure why but I cannot get hard at all. Perhaps it is the damage caused by the intense pressures during times when my poor little clitty tried to get hard. And really that is all I have now, a useless skin tag penis that is almost always clammy and moist, just like my little balls. I write this to you as I pull gently, trying to feel any sensation at all. My prostrate milkings have replaced masturbation.  
  I have a pretty big dick and very wide. I'm a big bloke, but the idea of being sissified and my big cock being shrunk to useless and tiny REALLY turns me on. Feminization is great
  My clitty was only 2" hard to begin with. After being into Lori's tube for a year my clitty is smaller and always soft now. I can barely dribble.  
  Valerie, my wife believes I cheated on her a few years ago and threatened to leave me, I begged and pleaded with her not to, and even bought my first chastity device, locked myself up and gave her the key, it's since been replaced with the Bon4Ms, and she regularly enjoys using my balls as a punching bag to relieve stress and frustration, I know it's not the same as castration, although she has threatened that as well, but she has definitely damaged them, I've noticed my dick is shrinking, my erections are weaker, I don't cum as much, I'm having feminine thoughts, my blood testosterone levels are very low, I've even contemplated sucking a cock for her if she asked me to. A few years ago, I would have never thought I'd be in this position, but I love her for it.  
  Limp cuck  
  Does being in chastity really make your dick shrink, or is this all talk? I'm 3" soft and 6" hard. My wife just locked me in the Lori tube and I'm not going to get out for at least 3 weeks, but not even for release. That'll be in June, if I'm good. I'd love it to shrink to at least 4" hard if not 3", and 1.5" soft. That way she'd say I was to small to enter her and she can't feel it anyway, so what's the point? My dick is no longer of any use to her, except to control me and laugh at me. And this way she'd keep me locked longer only to serve her with my mouth and toys.  
  I've only really been with one man- my hubby. His dick is 5"l x 4.8" G. Tell me honestly, is this considered small?  
  Kate S  
  Honestly it's about average or a little below. Average is around 5~6 inches. So he's more towards the low average end. Which is not bad, so long as you both love each other that's all that matters. And if you want to try bigger, try toys. Toys are not a bad thing. It can really spice things up. It's always a good idea to learn more about everything in your life, even sex. Explore with your husband, he may have fantasies, as well as yourself. Be open and share with one another and enjoy your lives, don't close yourself off. Offen people do cuz they view sex as something taboo. But it's not. We have this one life to live, live it, and enjoy it. However that being said, if you want to bring others into your sex life, ie. Threesome, cockolding, your on your own. I myself enjoy only my wife, and she me. But we do use toys. And she enjoys a dildo that's quite larger than me. But it makes me more hot to see her enjoying while I stay chaste and small. But that's my fantasy. So go and find your own, and talk with your husband.  

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If wearing the chastity belt does not help making it smaller, maybe this does.




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