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Coming up Short: The Perspective of a Black Man with a Small Penis can only be described as a raw perspective on not fitting into a myth or stereotype. Nelson uses different experiences from his dating life to illustrate the expectations placed upon him because of his race, and by society, and also how these expectations affected him. His sexuality allows him to see the effects on “both sides of the fence,” so to speak, while he voices his views on studies, the portrayal of black males in porn, and even the “advantages” and limitations, among many other things, he faces. Above all, Nelson says he wants this body of 12 essays to express a point of view that is seldom heard.


 Oral Cock Worship - The Blog

   Assorted Perversions and Meandering Thoughts





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Living The Cuck Lifestyle
A website for women who are married to small cocked men or cuckolds.

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Interactive Forced Feminization Fiction


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If you have a web site and want me to link to it, mail me at or use the form below. You are welcome to mail me your banner/text etc. I will be happy to link to your site for free.

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Hello. I’m Peter in the UK and my own pics are in the smalldick section of this fine web-site under Smalldick Peter. If you’re contributing to, or simply just visiting this site you, like me, will surely also be the owner of a small penis. Now we guys usually fall into two camps. We are either quite content and justly proud of our little appendages or else we’re somewhat embarrassed by them and feel that somehow we’re not quite the men we should be.

 I’m now fully content and proud of my own little uncut ‘willy’ but, yes, I admit there was a time, when I younger, when I was scared of communal showers after games at school and, as I got somewhat older, frightened that girl-friends might laugh at me and so on. But I soon realised that it’s not what you’ve got but who you are as a person and what you do with what you’ve got in the cock department that matters most. And what’s more, even though your cock may be technically ‘below average’ in size, for there to be such a thing as an ‘average size’ there has to be millions of cocks in the world that are not only above average, but also millions below average! 

If you want proof, look no further than my group on Flickr, Small Soft Skin-Covered Uncuts, where I have a photostream of well over 3000 pics, all of different small soft uncut cocks with foreskins which fully cover the glans. This is my particular preference I admit, but it just goes to show that if I can find that many photos which some guys have decided to put on the web, just think how many millions of other guys with similar sized cocks there are who wouldn’t even think about putting such photos up there into the public domain! 

So us small fellas are not a small minority (to coin a phrase) – no, we’re a huge minority (to coin another). So, revel in and enjoy the small cock, especially perhaps the beauty of the small soft uncut cock, to me the prettiest of them all. And to help you do that, why not visit and join my Flickr group, where the majority of pics are of small fully-foreskinned flaccid uncut cocks in close-up, but also featured throughout are pics of chubs with small uncuts, CDs with small uncuts, ladyboys with small uncuts, small uncuts peeing etc etc. 

You’ll need a Yahoo/Flickr ID and password of course and you’ll also probably need to check that your Flickr account-settings allow you to view adult content (you can easily change them if not). And if your own little ‘willy’ is of the size and particular style featured in the group, why not submit some small, flaccid, fully skin-covered photos of him for possible inclusion? Hope to see you there.

The hotlink is:



This Blog explores the idea that for at least the last 50 years American Society has been undergoing a dramatic change in cultural and social attitudes regarding gender classifictions The Blog provides pictures and captions illustrating how the traditional homophobic attitudes and "Macho Male" Brainwashing that used to characterize Society's response to an effeminate young boi's experimentation with other boys is gradually being replaced with a growing recognition that some "bois" are "Born" with a predisposition to play the female role. 


President Obama and many other politicians have expressed support for the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Trans-Gender (LGBT) community. A recent magazine article identified Washington, D.C, the nation's capitol, as the "Most Gay" city in America. A recent front page from Time Magazine bore the headline: "Transgender Tipping Point: The next frontier in the Civil Rights Movement" indicating a popular movement to secure equal rights for the Trans-Gender Community. Moreover, numerous celebrities, professional athletes, actors, actresses, news commentators and business executives have "outed" themselves in order to provide role models for young bois and girls who feel like their soul has been trapped in the wrong body. Many old line, large businesses like Goldman Sachs and most of the High Tech Titans have adopted extremely friendly LGBT work policies because it would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to hire the talented, skilled knowledge workers they need if they refused to hire from the LGBT Commungity.


Finally, numerous films, plays and television shows have validated, illustrated and promoted the concept of same sex relationships. The Supreme Court has struck down laws trying to ban same sex marriages.... and ..... The Federal and State Governments have actually approved the expenditure of government funds to pay for surgeries, hormones and chemicals that will help prison inmates to change their sexual identities. Today, almost every family knows and is familiar with a friend, neighbor or a relative, either immediate or distant, who has come out of the closet and is openly living a "Gay" lifestyle. As a result, society's tolerance for gender diversity is growing exponentially and acceptance of the LGBT Community is now widespread.


Society is beginning to recognize that Mother Nature created a lot of different varieties of genetic programming so that there are not just two opposite genders... i.e, male and female..... but;...... a wide variety of genetic combinations in between so that the lines between male and female can become so blurred that it may be more accurate to introduce the concept of a Third Gender that is composed of little bois with tiny dicks who are genetically, emotionally and psychologically predisposed to embrace Feminization, Sissification and Alternative Lifestyles. 


An example of  an Alternative Lifestyle that has actually been functioning successfully currently exists in "The Real World" in Samoa where some young bois are honored and privileged to be selected at a young age by their parents and the community to become "fafafini" (Google it for more info) which is a feminine third gender. The Samoan legal, social and cultural system actually encourages these bois to be married into traditional male and female couples so that the fafafini can help the wife do the household chores and can help provide sexual satisfaction to both the husband and the wife. Although Samoan society disapproves of "Homosexuality", sex with these fafafini bois is not considered a homosexual act In fact, most young boys in Samoa have their first sexual experiences with fafafini, which provides a social benefit by reducing the incidence of unwanted teen pregnancies. This "fafafini model" provides a prototype for the eventual adoption by American Society of a system that will make it socially and culturally acceptable for young, white, fem-bois to live the feminine lifestyle that seems so "Natural" for them.


The Blog documents evidence that more and more tiny dicked, effeminate little whitebois in America are beginning to feminize themselves in order to serve, worship, obey and service sexually superior Black Men, Women and Couples, as well as their children, relatives, friends and neighbors. The Blog suggests that if the rapidly changing social values of the last 50 years are extrapolated into the future that it is almost inevitable that American Society will evolve within a couple of generations into a future "NEW ORDER" where it will be socially, culturally and legally acceptable for tiny, little white fem-bois to openly serve Superior Black Men, Women and Children, providing them with a socially acceptable outlet for their sexual needs and desires. Effeminate, tiny dicked little white bois will be identified at an early age to receive the honor and privilege of attending Sissy Training Academies where they will learn the feminine skills they will need to be successful in their new feminine roles.



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