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Holding his penis



  While men who insist on having blowjobs from their wives every night can seem selfish, especially when they not care if she wants or not, these men can be the most generous ones. Reading how the women below feel when they have a husband, whose penis they can always touch and please, they are the happy ones, having their penis passion fulfilled.  
  It is a man's responsibility to guide her and make her feel relaxed about touching, licking, sucking and caring for his penis. Making his penis the most important thing, she will feel comfort and excitement, knowing she has an important duty to make: Caring for his powerful penis. Her love for him will grow, focusing on his penis gives her the best perspective and appreciation of him, his penis is the most convincing part of his masculinity. A woman wants and needs a masculine, strong husband, watching, touching and feeling his penis gives her the feeling of safety only a strong man can give.  
  For him it is easy, he does not have to show his strength and manliness in action. After a hard day's work he just wants to relax instead of doing things to show her his physical strength. He only needs to give her his penis to focus on, to watch, to hold and to give her passion to. When she does, it is impossible for her not to admire and look up to her powerful husband.  
  Some women have become so focused and dependent on the power and safety they feel for their husbands' penises that they want to share every moment together with their penises. They hold the penises while sleeping, they share the moments and actions of their husbands' penises, when they need to be licked, they lick them, when they need to be sucked, they suck them, when they need to cum, they hold them in their mouths, when they need to pee, they follow their husbands to the toilet to hold their penises, watching how their beloved penises pee until it is time for them to shake them and clean them. Every moment possible, they practice their penis passion.  

I am a woman and I sleep holding my hubbie's penis. This is fascination I picked up when I was single absolutely loved it. Now in my sleep, I find myself looking for his penis to hold in my palm, he is now so used to my holding him it doesn't wake him up. I feel safe and secure holding on it. It's like holding on to security blanket.



I love the way they look, feel, and taste.  I love holding them in my hands and rubbing them through my palms.  I love caressing balls too.  I am fascinated with penises and always have been.



I love to take a soft penis in my hand and explore it with my hands slowling running my hands over the head, down the shaft exploring every vein down to the balls so warm and oh so soft. Balls expecially are so sensitive they make my mouth water wanting to take it into my mouth and run my tongue over and around it causing your body to twitch as the flick on my tongue. Nothing better then playing and exploring a nice penis... wish I had one now to play with.



I love stoking a man's cock!  I think erections are beautiful and I love everything about them.  I love squeezing and milking his shaft, applying firm pressure to the base and subtly, slightly releasing as I slide up his shaft to find the delights of running the tip of my thumb along crown of his glory! The skin of a man's cock is certainly the softest and smoothest part of his body and I find this fascinating as well as delightful. I can't resist delighting my lips and tongue with his mushroom cap while my hand thrills to the thickness and throbbing of his shaft.  His excitement builds - I begin to long for my warm, creamy reward.  I suppose it’s true, I love to hold a penis in my hand and then I love to make love to it and in every way enjoy it as completely as I can!

Small dicks are incredible - I hear folks whine and complain about them and then I think about the guy whose hard cock was no bigger than my fist.  I held it in my hand and squeezed hard and fast.  (No up and down ... just quick squeezes like a stress ball) His entire cock was thrilled by an experience that none of us longer men will ever know - and I assure you - no lover is more grateful than the guy with a little cock that finds a woman who knows what to do with it!



I love taking hold of a hard cock and stroking it with great pleasure! I love feeling a throbbing cock in between my hands! Playing with his balls with one hand while caressing and stroking his shaft with the other.

Teasing you and pleasing you till you're ready to explode.


  I love my mans member too...I cant get enough of it...throughout the day I am always teasing him, grabbing, sucking and licking and giving him a little suck here and there...
It is a great buildup to the night time when we are laying in bed! I too love to just lay threre and hold it, even if it is soft...but eventually I get carried away and just start jerking it and most times it leads to sex....even though sometimes I don't intend it to....But what do you expect, really? especially since we both have extremely high drives and I love to please him.
Sometimes, in the morning, when we are both in and out of sleep, i will grab it and start fondling him and he gets hard. Sometimes, I don't even realize im doing it, and I will wake up with his penis in my hand and go..."oh, wow. ok" lol...and just continue on with the fondling lol.
  I just can't keep my hands off him. He regularly just sleeps in boxers, so first thing in the morning I'm playing "hide and seek" with his unit, any time he's less than fully dressed my hands are roving. Especially right out of the shower I like to be waiting there to surprise him with a bj. He's not used to it so he sometimes doesn't know how to react. But he seems to enjoy the fact of what a horny little thing he's made of me. I don't know what it is about him and his dick in particular, but I just can't get enough.

I feel that being allowed to touch any person's body, with their consent, is totally a privilege.

For me...that is most evident when I am able to hold a guy's cock in my hand, knowing that he wants and needs me to, and is willing to allow me.

I love the warmth....the heat flowing from a cock. The silky, smooth feel of it against the skin of my hand, as well as the weight of it. Of course, the bigger the cock...the heavier the weight and more of it to caress and hold.

I love the smooth texture of his cock's head and how it may leak a little precum after I start to stroke it. Most of all, I love, adore....the hardness and rigidity of a man's cock. In my hand, mouth or pussy. I love stroking that hard length with one hand over and over again, or if I am lucky :), I might have to use both hands. The rock solid feel of an erect cock gets my head spinning and is only second to the miracle of watching it go from a soft, mound to a raging hard-on in my hand and right in front of my eyes.

I love holding a man's cock... it is one of nature's greatest wonders!



I simply love holding my lover's penis when he pees, I even follow him into the bathroom without any "invite"! It is very sensual and intimate. I love to pamper him in any and every way. I'm so blessed to have a lover that permits me to do all these naughty acts.



I've always been intrigued by the penis. Hard or soft, it fascinates me. I never thought of holding my partner's penis while he peed, mostly because I never see him do his business. But once we were hiking and he had to go. I suddenly got this urge to hold it and asked him if I could. He was startled, but agreed. Have to say, I enjoyed doing it. Since then, whenever we are outdoors on a hiking trail, he lets me hold him. It's become our little act of intimacy, as one respondent described it.


im a female and i used to hold my boyfriends penis while he went everytime he had to go for like 6 years until we broke up. I loved doing it and he loved me doing it.


  I love penis..It is really wonderful to hold a cock and feel its rigidity  
  it is good to hold and rub penis softly  
  Love cocks especcialy when they are curved mmm  
  I love holding, touching and sucking on my man's penis. I like to fall asleep with it in my mouth and fantasize aboutwaking up with him slowly and gently stroking my mouth with it. It's such a comfort to suck on, especially since he so enjoys returning the favor. I could die happily with his cock in my mouth, sucking myself to sleep.  
  rightly said.Holding a cock is always pleasurable.  
  As a man, there is nothing more comforting knowing that my woman loves being with me physically and emotionally. Holding onto my penis at night is another way of expressing how much she cares. And knowing how much she cares for me only strengthens the bond I feel with her.  
  A man  

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She never feels alone or unsafe when she has a penis to hold


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