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College hazing



  Joining a society in the college is never easy and it takes a lot of effort and humiliating action, and these guys know all about it.  

  These college guys had to go through the hazing butt naked, showing every inch of themselves, and in front of the cameras nevertheless. They had to run through the halls naked while everybody got to watch their cocks dangling as they hurried to get through the humiliation so they can become one of the respected boys in the college.  

  The hazing process here includes these college guys taking off their clothes and showing their cocks, the ones with small dicks will have their special place and duties, those that can work up an nice erection get accepted and respected for sure.  

  Young men today know the importance of penis size, they know that some boys might not have the size they should have to be regarded as men.  

  Freshmen coming to a college will go through the hazing process. They know it will be both difficult and humiliating but the seniors will accept them and treat them as their equals, as soon as they have passed the tests.  

  For the freshmen hazing is educating. Being humiliated and punished gives them an experience they can use later when disciplining smalldicks in the college.  

  They learn obedience and they learn how the seniors make boys obedient. It will be useful for them to know when they need to make smalldicked boys obedient later.  

  Being spanked is one way to punish. When the freshmen feel how it feels, they will know when and how to spank disobedient boys later.  

  Learning how it feels to be humiliated and punished is necessary. There will be a male hierarchy in the college, superior boys will have to keep inferior boys humiliated, scared and obedient.  

  The hazing rituals should not be cruel but they should teach boys about leadership and power if they are men enough to deserve it. Those who are not, learn to obey and show respect to real men at an early time in the college.  

  Hazing is a process that has gone through a lot of changes recently and it now focuses very much on boys' penises. While penis size was not an issue before, today boys know better. Manliness was based on other abilities and criterias before, making it possible for smalldicks to pretend they were men.  

  Today the seniors will see the truth about them - the naked truth. The first way to check them out is by making them strip for inspection.  

  The boys know that some of the freshmen might be smalldicks. Finding no reason to let them be accepted as equal men, they will show them their place almost instantly.  

  Some smalldicks passed school without showing their dicks. They were taken for men, disappointing girls they dated and never showing proper respect to the other boys in school.  

  That time is over now. After stripping the freshmen are told to work up a nice erection. It is measuring time.  

  Freshmen with big cocks will have respect from older students instantly. For the smalldicks other things are waiting.  

  For most boys it is a new and embarrasing feeling to have to stand there in line, naked and have their penises measured in front of all the boys.  

  For boys with large cocks, the embarrassment quickly turns into excitement when they watch how much smaller some boys are.  

  Some boys will continue to be nervous when their average penises are measured. They still do not know what the seniors will think about them.  

  Every penis is measured exactly. The senior measuring them announces the size to everybody. The boys will have no chance to keep their size secret.  

  They can hear the seniors' comments when the results are announced. Most boys will relax when they hear positive comments about their size.  

  Some still think the measuring is just a funny thing but as it goes on and seems to be a serious thing for the seniors, they realize they had better show a proper size.  

  The boys with big cocks hear admiring comments and they already feel that the college will be a place to be rewarded and admired for having a big cock. When a smalldick is found among the men, the laughs and humiliating comments from the seniors make them feel even better about being big.  

  They hear the seniors discuss, some of them looking at the smalldick they found. After a few minutes one of the senior congratulates the boys and he gives special congrats to the boys with the biggest cocks.  

  He announces the loser, the smalldick, ordering him to kneel before him. Losing the contest means he is not a man. As the college smalldick he will have to get down on his knees and suck off cocks of at least three senior members before he is allowed to rest. Some smalldicks are ordered to kneel and kiss all boys' shoes, while begging to suck their big cocks and saying he is the college faggot.  

  Too scared to refuse, the shivering smalldick starts to suck the senior when he reveals his cock. The other boys now feel relaxed and happy to see they were big enough not to have to be cock suckers.  

  While getting sucked, the senior tells the freshmen to relax and to feel welcome at the college. And to feel welcome to order this little loser to suck your cocks whenever you need. The college life can be boring, with no time to date girls.  



  He adds: This little faggot is not used to having a real cock but he will be: He will spend his free time with big cocks in his mouth and up his ass when you need to fuck a pussyboy.  
  Finding a site about college hazing like the one below, HAZE HIM is of course fascinating as it shows life inside colleges. The site says it contains real material from real college students. Penis size is not a topic mentioned much but as you can see in many pics, the smalldicks are the loser faggots for bigger boys. Maybe the site does not want to talk openly about small penis humiliation but when young boys are together naked it is natural to make smalldicks serve men with real penises. Both straight and gay boys can use them as cocksuckers and bottoms.  


  Different colleges have different rituals. Some colleges will have more than one smalldick, it all depends on how many students they have and how many of them happen to be smalldicks.  

  At the stripping ritual it is important not to keep the boys feeling worries or embarrased longer than necessary.  

  The boys should know as soon as possible, if they have real men's penises or not. The seniors are looking for undeveloped penises, to show these losers their place from day one in the college.  

  The seniors are also careful not to make the real men feel uncomfortable. Some of them might be bigger than the seniors and they should have respect instantly.  

  While the real men can dress and have a beer, the smalldicks have to stand naked and wait.  


The seniors will discuss what the smalldicks will have to do next, finding new humiliating tasks for them always amuses the boys.

  There was a boy with a really big cock among the freshmen. Making the smallest freshmen kneel before him and give him a blowjob is a good way to show the freshmen how the next years in college will be. Pleasure and power for the big and a busy time for the smalldicks serving all superior boys.  

  The boys know that they need to show the rules and the consequences of disobedience to the smalldicks. From the first day they will learn to follow any order from all other boys.  

  Not used to obey, they will of course refuse some humiliating orders. But the seniors know how to punish them and they do not hesitate to spank them.  

  The college hazing is just the start of a life in obedience and submission for the smalldicks. The college is a place full of superior men to serve and obey, a happy place for a smalldick who knows there are more important things in life than a free, pleasurable life as a man. Living for, working for, serving and obeying real men is the most important thing to learn in college.  

See more of college life and college hazing in HAZE HIM.





College hazing
separating men from losers


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