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Straight, bi, gay or - g0y




Most men consider themselves as straight. They do not feel attracted to other men like bisexual or homosexual men. The thought of having sex like gay men have just feels disgusting to think about. In Internet when searching for heterosexual sites and movies, gay sites come up showing gay pics and movies mixed with the heterosexual ones and for heterosexual men it makes them lose all excitement by the rough scenes. Just seeing the word "gay" will make them leave quickly.


Most men are straight but that does not mean they are not interested in or curious about other men. First of all, they want to compare their penis with other men. They start to do this at a young age.



In the showers in schools they start to look at other boys. Seeing a boy with a bigger penis will make the smaller boy feel admiration and he will think about the bigger boy no matter how straight he is.


In puberty boys want to know all about sex and their bodies. They cannot talk to girls about it. But to a friend it is easy to talk about those things, to get advises, information and opinions.


But surprisingly many boys do more than that. The Kinsey study in the 1950s said about 40% of adult males had some kind of sexual experience with another male.


About two-thirds of respondents to this question said they had masturbated with a member of the same sex.


In a survey in Jackinworld, see the complete survey by clicking HERE, with 603 male readers between 11 and 21 years old, 24.0% had shown someone how to masturbate.

Among them,

77.6% called themselves either Straight or Mostly Straight,
10.8% called themselves either Gay or Mostly Gay,
 58.6% considered themselves not completely straight.


To the question: "Have you ever masturbated in full view with another guy?"

49.8% said Yes
50.2% said No



Among those who would classify themselves as Straight, 35.3% said Yes


Readers who had masturbated in the presence of another male were asked, "Have you ever masturbated another guy's erect (hard) penis?"

28.2% said No
19.1% said Yes, but not to orgasm (comprises 9.5% of all survey respondents)
52.7% said Yes, to orgasm (comprises 26.1% of all survey respondents).

71.8% of all those who had masturbated in the presence of another male have handled the erect penis of another male
35.5% of all JackinWorld readers have handled the erect penis of another male

Among those who would classify themselves as Straight:

50.0% who have masturbated in the presence of another male have also handled the erect penis of another male
40.0% who have masturbated in the presence of another male have also masturbated another male to orgasm
17.6% of all Straight readers have handled the erect penis of another male
14.1% of all Straight readers have masturbated another male to orgasm


Readers who had masturbated in the presence of another male were asked, "Has your erect penis ever been masturbated by another guy?"

26.0% said No
19.0 % said Yes, but not to orgasm (comprises 9.5% of all survey respondents).
55.0% said Yes, to orgasm (comprises 27.4% of all survey respondents).

74.0% of all those who had masturbated in the presence of another male have had their erect penis handled by another male
36.9% of all JackinWorld readers taking this survey have had their erect penis handled by another male.



Most men, the officially straight ones especially, make it clear to everybody that they are straight. The word "gay" still has a negative sound even in liberate countries. There is still a risk of harassment from people who hate homosexuality. But the surveys above show that this is not exactly the truth. Even if a man is straight, it does not mean he has no interest in other men.


You can see how men behave when playing ball, hugging and kissing when they make a score. The happiness, friendship and team feeling (when a man is not himself only but part of the team consisting of other men and him) makes them forget to keep the physical distance to other men even in public where all the people can see them and possibly think they are gay players.


In some societies men have a much closer relation to each other. This is mostly in countries with old-fashioned traditions where girls are kept at home and watched over not to lose their virginity. Boys and men are left to each other's company and things they would do in women's company if they lived in a more modern country, they do together with their friends instead. You can see them hold each other's hands when they walk, hugging and kissing when they meet or leave each other. It does not mean they are gay, they just socialize more closely and often with other men.


It seems men who call themselves straight feel a pressure to show people how straight they are. But reality might be more complex than just three kinds of men: Straight, bisexual and homosexual.

  We can see the interest for sites like this and other about penis topics and male sexuality, men do not only come there for advises for their heterosexual life, they also watch other men and want attention from them.  

For thousands of years, people were told to be straight, men should only have sexual relations with women.  It is still not accepted totally even in liberal countries to be gay.


In the old-tradition societies it is actually more normal and accepted for men to have a relationship similar to the gay relationships in modern countries. The men there probably have a higher percentage of masturbating together and masturbating other men than in the surveys above. Because men socialize more there and closer.

  The word "gay" scares men from all kind of physical contact with another man. Even gay men deny they are gay. Maybe it is time for another perspective of male relationship, free from discrimination and not branded as being gay when they have a closer relationship to other men.  
  Men need and want to be able to socialize with other men more openly, not being afraid of being called gays. An open, friendly relaxed relationship, similar to the one in the old-fashioned countries.  



A new phenomena is growing: G0ys.





Masculine, basically straight, perhaps married, g0ys are coming into their own. They are men who recognize the emotional and physical beauty of other men. Their relationships with other men are solid and mutually agreeable, sometimes intimate, sometimes sexually active, as in hugging, kissing, showering, and even mutual masturbation, which may include oral. They in no way fit the commonly perceived gay stereotype and shun activities that include drag, promiscuous sex, effeminate men and anal sex. Quite simply, they are men that appreciate the male form, male bonding and masculine activities.

  Considering the broad spectrum of male sex, it’s a rather narrow self-definition of male intimacy, not that these men are concerned about labels.  They know who they are and they are genuinely grateful to have their perceptions. Anything that breaks the barriers to a man’s natural desire for a close personal relationship with other men, or another man, is a step in the right direction.  
  Depending on a wife’s position, there is no reason married men cannot be gOys. Perhaps a few extra moments in the shower after a workout or a round of golf. Perhaps a little skinny dipping in a secluded river, or a thoughtful touch on the arm, or sitting around the campfire naked, maybe a kiss,  or an exchanged caress. It’s a way to enjoy being a man, of identifying with other men, of brotherhood and trust, of being close, of knowing a magical kind of body chemistry and exploring the mysteries of the male form. To the majority, perhaps, such activities practiced by a married man might be labeled infidelity or homosexuality, though it has nothing to do with anything other than mutual male attraction and responding to male genes.  There is no reason a man cannot be a devoted, loving husband, while at the same time enjoying some level of intimacy with a trusted male friend.  

From G0Ys R Us (A forum for G0ys)
G0ys R Us is an initiative to support the g0y movement. Without you, we would not exist!!!

You may be here because you feel completely alone in your situation. After all, you’re basically a regular guy who behaves like any other regular guy. You may even date women or be married.

But, deep inside, you deal with strong feelings of real warmth + genuine affection for other guys too. You’ve seen the media’s take on the “gay” community; & not only do you N0T relate to that image, but you find many of the practices repulsive to your basic value system. The truth is, you’re a guy who really loves masculinity & appreciates those traits in other men, while simultaneously finding actions that effeminize masculine men to be grossly distasteful .

You probably look forward to holidays with your buds — especially those times when you can horse around, wrestle & even be a little tender — like when you’ve had a few beers (or maybe just got done pinning the guy down wrestling) & you find your arm around him, resting a hand on his upper or lower back in a casual, reaffirming hug. You’re the definition of “respectful”, but you want to be closer, too.

  Men feel admiration for men with big cocks. A real, masculine man is impossible not to admire. The smaller dick, the more admiration, respect and submission the smalldick will show a superior man. But the step can be to big to take, both for real men and smalldicks - from being straight to start doing "gay" things.  
  Hopefully the g0y movement will spread and make it possible to have physical contact without having to worry about having the label "gay", worrying if people find out or feeling guilty about their activities.  
  We can see another phenomena that has already spread and become most popular: Cuckolding. Where real men both have heterosexual sex and also make the smalldicked husband kiss his feet, ass, suck his cock and swallow their sperm. Neither the real men nor the smalldicks need to feel they have become gays by this. They act without affections or love for each other, not like homosexuals at all. Let us hope the g0y phenomena will be as free from discrimination and bad reputation as cuckolding is.  
  Then real men will not have to hesitate to use their superiority and power over obedient smalldicks and the smalldicks will dare to do what they are meant to do: Serving, pleasing and obeying real, superior men.  

  Young men might want to force a smalldick like this:  
  "My younger cousins have always had bigger dicks than me.  
  The youngest use to make me suck him off all the time just so he wouldnt tell everyone how small i was until like 3yrs ago. And no im not gay and neither is he..."  
  Some might want to but they hesitate because its "gay". In future it could be different. Straight real men will take any chance to use smalldicks and still be considered straight or g0y.  




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