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Force the smalldick to eat cum



  When you have to train you smalldicked bf, slave or husband, he should learn to accept to taste anything you decide. His tongue and mouth can be trained to lick, taste and swallow what you decide. We all have an instinct to spit out things we have in our mouths by mistake, things that are disgusting.  
  This instinct can be removed and replaced by obedience in accepting what his Mistress decides to put in his mouth. He needs to be reminded about the only useful parts of his body: His mouth and his tongue. Using them, he can provide some pleasure for his Mistress, so he should do his best, not only by licking her body well but also to give her service and amusement when she decides for him to lick and swallow other things.  
  It is easy for him to lick her body - any part of it - because he worships all of her.So her armpits, her feet and her ass is no problem, they are all delicious for him to taste.  
  It is more difficult when she wants him to lick other things, like her shoes.A perfect slave will clean his Mistress' shoes without hesitation but he first needs to learn that his tongue and mouth are tools to be used for service. His instinct of rejecting disgusting things from his mouth must be suppressed by a stronger instinct: The instinct of obeying her combined with remembering that his mouth and tongue are her tools. How things taste has no interest to her at all. When she wants her shoes cleaned, all she wants is clean shoes, not to have to think about what kind of dirt is on them or how it taste to lick them.  
  Keeping her smalldick really obedient is easier if she also keeps him horny. Making him wear a chastity belt helps enormously. The problem is however: He needs to cum now and then. Those times can be either boring, annoying or fun for her. Some women milk the smalldicks. When they do, it is to make him cum without having pleasure. That could be fun for her a few times but  both boring and not feeling right for her when she has to do every time. It does not feel right for her to need to touch and jerk his disgusting little dick, she will prefer not needing to touch it if she can make him jerk himself instead.  
  There is a way both to make him used to taste disgusting things and to make him cum in a way that is most disgusting for him: Force him to eat his own sperm after cumming.  
  The nice thing about making him eat his own cum is that he will even beg for it at first. After a couple of weeks or a month without cumming, he will be so desperate to cum that he will aggree to eat his own cum if she only removes his chastity belt and allows him to jerk. He thinks eating his cum will be no problem, it might even taste sexy. He is so horny after the long waiting time and even his own cum feels exciting to eat.  
  The male body and mind work totally different when he is horny and when he has cum. Instantly after cumming, he will stop being horny and many things that seemed sexy when he was still horny, now becoming only disgusting instead. Especially his own cum. He will regret so much that he agreed to jerk and eat his sperm when he has his cum ready to be eaten. For her, this will be a real power kick, forcing him to eat all his own cum and to watch how he struggles to swallow it all and how he feels like vomiting. She will love to let him do it every time as a condition to cum.  


She can order him to lie down with his feet high, so he can shoot his cum in his mouth.



If he has to cum in a glass or a bowl, she can force him to eat it later, after making him hold it in front of him, watch it and smell it, so he feels even more disgusted before she makes him eat it.

  If you know how cum tastes, do not think the cum from a smalldick who has had it inside him for a month will taste like normal cum. His cum will be thicker, more creamy in a disgusting way, more difficult to swallow. It is anything but delicous. When he has eaten it for the first time, he will hesitate to eat it again even if he has waited a month to cum. He will be in a difficult dilemma: Choosing to wait to cum or to have to eat that disgusting old cum again.  
  Making smalldicks eat their own cum is an essential step in breaking their spirtis and turning them into total sluts for her amusement. They already know that nobody would ever have any interest in tasting their cum - now they are forced to lick it up and eat it themselves, every time they are allowed to jerk their dicks.  
  If she has not started to cuckold him already, it is even more important to make him used to eating cum. Bulls will love to see an inferior smalldicked husband eat their cum after shooting it in her.  

  Whether they lovers shoot their cum in her ass, pussy or body, the smalldick has an important duty - to lick up every drop of sperm.  

  Knowing this helpless smalldick has to swallow their cum, will make them more dominant towards him and they will get horny for another love session with his wife.  



I also lose my enthusiasm to eat my own cum after I cum but that is why she instantly smothers me with her pussy and doesnt give me a choice she is so dominant she even prevents me from jacking offf for a week b4 she makes me eat my load. because of work schedules we only see each other on wekends but all week she will email me pics and vid clips of her pleasing other older men and tell me how much pleasure she gives these old men and how sore my cock and balls are going to be after she gets a hold of them. she really knows how to torture me right up the point but not crossing it of doing permenant damge god how I love her

  Caged subbie  
  Even better is to make them eat the cum of my lovers. In time they become truly addicted to drinking my lovers' cum. In fact, I have programmed my hubby cuck so that the only time he is able to have an orgasm is when one of my lovers is shooting his hot cum into cuck's mouth. My bull and I like to fuck in front of cuck and tease him until he begs for the cum. It is so amusing to see cuck on his knees, begging for my lover's hot load in his mouth. Another good tip for breaking your cuck - after your lover shoots in his mouth, make him hold that cum in his mouth for a long period of time. Typically, I make cuck hold all the cum in his mouth until my lovemaking with my bull is complete - usually three fucks anyway. Then if cuck does a really good job of begging, I let him swallow.

Try these techniques with your no time you will have a cumeating slut on your hands that will do anything you ask.

Here's an idea ladies.. If you have ever wondered or fantasized about trying to play the dominant role during sex - feeding a man his own cum can be a good start to teaching him to submit to you. Most guys that I know wouldn't even consider eating their own cum but after a good blow job with the promise of more fun to cum, many guys can be convinced to do things that they will not usually do, including eating swallowing their own load. This can be a good starting point for exploring his submissive side and can lead to all sorts of new and wonderful things with you ( the woman ) assuming control gradually and turning him into your submissive.
Another idea is to have him jerk off for you and freeze his cum so that you can feed the "cum drops" to him at your will between love making sessions.. or freeze small quantities when you "milk him" for yourself to suck on through the week...


My wife started jerking me into a cup and freezing it untill she had some saved and then had me disolve a piece of the cube in my mouth. The other part she put inside herself and had me eat her after a few min. There was a good pint there all together. It only took a couple of days to collect that much.


have turned my sissy into a cum loving sissy whore. Jess has been Bi for a while but I have always limited her play with others, although I am fre to see whom ever I chose. Jess is a true sissy, always in panties 24/7, publicly humiliated and exposed. Serves as my sissy when I am with my lovers and Yes sissy Jess has to lick up every drop of cum from myself and lovers. Jess is also never alowed to masturbate with out a condom on and on the rare occasion and if she has been specially good I will allow g=her sissy clit covered in a condom to enter my lovers pussy. Jess is always responsible to clean every drop from her used condoms never is there a load of either thick hot lover cum from my pussy or sissy clitty cum from her condom that Jess doesnt consume.It is pretty mandatory for any sissy to eat all cum when ever and how ever us women deem....

  I swallow my cum all the time, legs in the air and jerk it over my face and down my throat. Also jerked off into shot glasses then gulped it down.  
  i always eat my cum. i love the taste! All babydick bois should slurp their worship squirts so that they crave real mans cum.  
  I dribble in my hand and lick it all up. She calls me a Sperm Slurper. That is what I am.  
  Im only allowed to cum into my pantyhose and my wife always force me to lick my pantyhose clean of my own sperm before I put them to wash.
Im not allowed to jerk myself if I dont eat my own sperm.
  Little Jan  
  I want to eat cum till my belly is full in front of women. In her panties.  
  lost sissy  
  I will swallow cum everytime  
  My partner makes we wank for her then I have to drink my cum. If I am very lucky I am allowed to lick cum from her pussy.  
  My mistress locks my cock-cage to a chain between two legs of a coffee table. She hand cuffs my hands behind my back and connects a chain to my balls. Then she ties my neck to the back of a chair so I can't move. There I stay until her lover arrives and I have to suck him till he's hard. Then I watch while he rails her and lick her clean when he's done. Most of the time I end up being face fucked by him too. It would be a pity if I didn't like cum, because I don't really have a choice.  
  I am forced to ear the cum from her pussy as well as to lick her lovers dick clean when finished. I di not like it at the beginning but now look forward to it - she has have many men and they all taste different.  
  There's something extra humiliating (and hot) about having to lick my cum after camming. Especially when real men are watching.
  Like 'v' says above about programming her hubby sub to crave cum, I too have been programmed (from 2 cuckold marriages) to accept cum swallowing of my own cum or my wives lover's cum as normal and what all subs should do without question. Both marriages ended and I have lived alone for 2 years. I am a straight male but now I crave cock and not women. I miss sucking big manly cocks. When I wank my pathetic 4" boydick I always swalllow my cum because I have been well trained to be a total sissy sub.  
  Too small 4 women  
  I am in training with my wife. She and her sorority best friend are training me and him together now.
neither of us has tasted cum before. (aside from our own).
The last time we met I was to only lick the outside of his cock. He also licked mine. I was so amazed at how velvet smooth his glans felt on my tongue.
We were told that tonight we shall start sucking each other. If we please them we will be told to cum inside each others mouths.
The wives rule is all cum must ultimately be swallowed.
I am sort of nervous and anxious about this.
  Little J  
  Over the years I've trained myself to consume all my mess ... nothing wasted. I started eating it when I was about fourteen ... I used to think that maybe I was odd, but now I realise that, in fact, I'm no different to most other guys - I just started younger!
Let's be honest, its the best way to get used to consuming, on a regular basis, the mess that your superiors are generous enough to give you.
  Smooth and cut  
  I have eaten my own cum for years. Wife loves me to cum on her breasts and lick it off.  
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A smalldicks' mouth -

the perfect cum dump



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