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Smalldicked faggots



The vast majority of men are straight or only bisexual. Only around 10% are homosexual. But when you watch and read about cuckolding, most of the smalldicked husbands seem easy to force to give their wives' lovers a blowjob and to clean up the wives' pussies and asses from the real men's cum.


Could it really be true that most smalldicks are gay?

No, not at first. As young boys, smalldicks most likely have the same sexual preferences as real men, that is to say most of them are straight, they have the same dreams and hopes to find women to fuck and marry, while only few of them have a sexual interest in men for sex. The straight ones continue to be straight until they have had enough information about penis size, humiliation and rejection from women to realize that they will never be real men.

They need to go through the necessary phases in life (see the page about it here) to become the smalldicked faggots they are destined to be. While they slowly realize how much bigger penises most men have, they become fascinated admirers of these men and their impressive penises. They think - more or less constantly - about the differences between themselves and the lucky real men. They fantasize about the real men's sex life, how fantastic it must be to have a penis that makes women excited and pleased, a penis that is worshipped, sucked and admired by the men's sexual partners.

The smalldicks watch the real men's big penises in awe, how they fuck and masturbate their huge penises, being so manly and powerful.

The straight real men also watch penises but they do not get obsessed by them like the smalldicks, for a simple reason: They have a nice penis themselves, they know from experience how it feels to fuck and to have a blowjob, they take their penises for granted.

For some smalldicks it will take many years to accept to be faggots. They try to deny their lack of manhood and they continue to bother women, hoping to have successful sex with them.

But some learn at an early age. They have their small dicks humiliated and made fun of by boys in school who make them understand how inferior and worthless they are. The boys show them their place by forcing them to watch their bigger cocks on their knees while they have to say how much bigger the other boys penises are and admit what smalldick losers they are.

The boys notice quickly how easy it is to force the smalldick to humiliating things, even sexual services.

"My younger cousins have always had bigger dicks than me. Before i started growing at around 14yrs i was 1.8" hard, they were 9yrs at 3.5" hard and 8yrs at 4" hard. Then they started puberty around 11 or 12 before my dick could reach their size. Now im 25 with 4" hard, and they are 20 at 7.8" hard and 19 at 8.5" hard. The youngest use to make me suck him off all the time just so he wouldnt tell everyone how small i was until like 3yrs ago. And no im not gay and neither is he..."


The boys can have their own little cocksucking faggot whenever they want a blowjob. While he still believes he can have a girl, all they need to do to make him obey is to say they will tell everybody about his small dick if he refuses. For the straight boys who never had a boy sucking them before, it might feel strange at first but they understand of course that the only one doing anything gay is the smalldick. They only have their cocks sucked until they cum and a smalldick can suck them just as well as any girl. The best about forcing the smalldick to suck is that they never need to do anything back, they never need to be nice to him like they would have to be to a girl who sucked them. Instead they can be as mean and demanding as they want to the obedient smalldick. It is all for their pleasure, power and entertainment.

Even if they will give the smalldick a hard time, the amazing thing is to see how his admiration for them will grow. He will always do his best to please them, understanding more and more how these real men deserve the best pleasure and obedience possible. He will feel less of a man than ever and there is no way he will ever be a man like them. He now loses his dreams of girls as he becomes a faggot for real men to use.

The more the boys can see and feel what an obedient smalldicked faggot he is, the more they start to do even more humiliating things to him, both for fun and for training.



Holding him, forcing their cocks deep into his mouth, making him stand naked and ashamed, spitting in his mouth and face,



forcing him to drink real men's pee, lick their armpits and feet, will make him learn more about superior, real men. He has to know all about them, feel all of them and taste all of them to be a better faggot servant.


When he has his tongue in a real man's asshole, he knows this is his destiny: To serve, obey and please real men with real cocks.

All men can use smalldicks and many already do. The bulls know what perfect slaves the cuckolded smalldicks are, always showing respect, obedience and admiration for them. Smalldicks never ask for any pleasure in return, their only goal in life is to serve and give pleasure to the real, masculine men they can never be themselves. Being a faggot slave for real men is the greatest honour for a smalldick.






  Showing respect for a real man is my duty as a small dick cuckold. My wife always has me suck her lovers cock before and after they have sex! He is less than half my age and loves to humiliate me while fucking my wife! He never pees in the toilet at our house, but uses my mouth as his urinal, and I gladly drink his hot piss as my wife giggles and laughs!  
  i am a small dick submissive faggot and i enjoy serving by sucking cocks and getting fucked in the ass. i don't think there is anything incorrect about doing what i am.  
  Becomming a faggot and serving real men is my destiny. I have learned to embrace my role as a faggot slave  
  An exgirlfriend turned me into a faggot over 15 years ago, and its been nothing but sucking cock for me since then  
  I always made fun of gays until I tried it!!!!! Better than pusy!!!  
  small dick fag! I love sucking real man cock  
  i think you are right on.i have always desired the cocks of real men. i sucked them any chance i get. i especially like it when they talk rough to me. making fun of my 3.5 incher  
  b white  
  My little twig isn't big enough to be called a dick The closest I Ever got to being a real man is when I swallow a load from his big cock and balls. So I accept that I am not a man but a faggot  
  4 inches of fag  
  I am a 5.5 inches cock sucking gay fag! what can i say i like cocks in my mouth and in my ass.  
  I've always had a small dick (4 inches) but a nice bubble butt and it took my ex gf cuckolding me with big black men for me to realize i was made to take dick! Its been 2 years since we broke up and i still regularly take big dick from multiple hung black men, its the only way i can cum lol.  
  smalldick faggot feels so empty and worthless unless a Man is using it, then everything is good. Then it feels complete and worthwhile.  
  It took me several years to come to the realization I was a cocksucking faggot it dawned on me when I found I could no longer get it up and my wife suggested that my tongue and throat would do as well or even better She brought home a friend one night and after a few hours chit chat and drinking a porn video I went down on my first cock and LOVED IT so did my wife who now has a real sissy cuck and has taught me to love being fem as well I LOVE cock now  
  sissy leelee  
  I only feel my worth when I am serving every need and desire of a top. The more detached and brutal he is with me the better. They reinforce that I am nothing but an inferior faggot. I know my place and it makes me happy.  
  As a fag with a 2 inch cock I suck fat old man cock!! I have sucked a 70 yr old off it was great!  
  Wow you are so spot on regarding small dics as faggots. As a little (3") limp dic cuckold I have accepted this lifestyle and beleave it is my responsibility to take care of the real men. plus I do enjoy the pleasure i give to them. I enjoy life as a sisicuckold it is very nice to have areal mans dic in your mouth and feel it grow hard knowing that i will soon receive my anticipated gift of real man juice that will explode in my mouth...yuuuuumy) nothing like ALPHA male cum. Anyway life is so good as submissive sisicuckold. My pleasure comes from the humiliation of being so small and not being able to get erect so sweet.  
  im a little dick faggot with only 4.5 inches. I love sucking cock and being told how useless my little dick is.  
  little dick faggot  
  An older fat male got me drunk and nude. He made pics and threatened to show friends how tiny my penis was if I didn't suck him regularly. He opened my eyes to my sexual destiny. Never got any pussy, probably never will. But I've sucked him and his friends for many years now.  
  sis steve  
  I have been a cuckold in both my marriages because my pathetic little boy cock was a useless irritation to both of my wives. They both forced me to suck cock and it became normal for me. My 2nd wife was the one who announced one day that I would be using butt plugs in future to train my ass for her lovers pleasure. After about 4 months and gradually increasing the size of my butt plugs my wife got what she wanted and that was to watch me butt fucked by her lover's magnificent 8" cock. They both mocked me while I buried my tongue into my wife's pussy and he thrust into my tight virgin ass finally he climaxed, shooting his cum deep into me. My wife was then pushing my face further into her pussy while she came violently. From then on I was made to suck cock and take cock in my ass whenever they felt like it. I have to admit that I eventually craved taking cock and now my marriage has ended I still suck real manly cocks and they have as much of my ass as they want. My own cock is so pathetic, and smaller than most 12 yr old boys cocks. So I do feel grateful that I get to handle real men's cocks and I love to be submissive and eagerly swallow their warm cum. I have reached the point where I can only become aroused when I look at pictures of big cocks or watch gay porn. I then masturbate and swallow my own cum from my 4" boy cock.  
  Too small 4 women  
  Douglas t. Gugel deserves to be on this page I demand it he is a tiny lil babydick cocksucking faggot & he must suck all real mens cocks , get fucked in the ass & of course be their personal toilet as well !!! Douglas t. Gugel is a tiny lil babydick faggot please post this , thank you , JENNY  
  44 gay faggot cocksucker with a barely 4 inch cock. My cock is probably no bigger than a 10 year old. I deserve public humiliation. My only mission in life should be to suck any men and boys who have a bigger cock than mine  
  I am addicted to the smell & taste of cock! I spend all my time at the gay bar getting used by real men! My 2" cock is a joke! I'm a FAGGOT!  

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Gay or straight, for smalldicks only one thing is important: Submission to superior real men



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