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Crotch watching




Crotch watching is a female who derives pleasure from watching the crotches of others in a public setting in an attempt to ascertain the size of a man's penis. Many females crotch watch for sport, while others crotch watch to determine whether they desire to have sexual intercourse with the prospect.



Crotch watching is not the same thing as men watching women’s bodies. While it is considered rude and humiliating when men stare at women’s breasts and asses, women who watch men’s crotches are powerful when they do. The men will be both paralyzed and at the same time insecure and sometimes flattered because of the interest the women show. One thing is clear to them: The women who check their crotches are women who know what they want, women who are demanding and smart enough to make sure in advance the man is worth their time.

  A woman will only check out your crotch if she is attracted to you. If you are ugly, short, a total jerk or anybody she would rather claw her eyes out than sleep with, rest assured her eyes will not be settling on your crotch. If she is attracted she WILL check out your crotch. She may not be able to make anything out, but at some point her eyes will drift there. Only rarely will a woman look at the crotch first and then decide she wants some guy. This may be the one of the great differences between men and woman. Men can get turned on by a woman only watching her body. It snaps their attention into focus. Watching the shape of her breasts can turn men on before even watching her face or knowing anything about her.  


Size matters. Again this is one of the differences between men and women. No man who would turn down sex with an attractive woman because her breasts were not big enough. But women want to be sure that the male possesses enough manhood to be an adequate sex partner, they want to be sure they do not go too far with a smalldick, knowing they will be disappointed and turned off by a small penis.


According to a recent survey on what body parts women notice, face and crotch were 45 percent and 38 percent respectively. Hands, chest, butt, hair, abs etc. polled in the single digits. All this finger wagging about how we guys are obsessed with our penises and it turns out women think about our penises even more than we do.


Poll How Women Check Out Men

  Ladies, when you check out a guy in public, what is the FIRST thing your eyes move to check out (assume his clothing shows the general shape of each part)?  
44% (112) His face.

6% (15)

His chest.
4% (12) His arms.
0% (2) His abs.
2% (5) His shoulders.
10% (27) His butt.
30% (77) His "package".
  250 voters have answered this question.  
  Ladies, when you check out a guy in public, what is the SECOND thing your eyes move to check out (assume his clothing shows the general shape of each part)?  
16% (41) His face.
15% (38)

His chest.

10% (26) His arms.
5% (13) His abs.
6% (17) His shoulders.
17% (44) His butt.
27% (68) His "package".
  247 voters have answered this question.  
  Ladies, when you check out a guy in public, what is the THIRD thing your eyes move to check out (assume his clothing shows the general shape of each part)?  
13% (33) His face.
15% (39) His chest.
15% (37) His arms.
8% (22) His abs.
9% (23) His shoulders.
15% (38) His butt.
21% (54) His "package".
  246 voters have answered this question.  
  A guy wearing which of the following lower body clothing is more likely to grab your attention? (Choose 3 answers please)  


14% (35) Loose, baggy jeans.
11% (29) Loose, baggy shorts.
50% (126) Snug jeans.
20% (52) Snug shorts.
38% (96) Tight jeans.
13% (34) Tight shorts.
23% (59) Lycra or biking shorts.
25% (64) Dockers or slacks.

248 voters have answered this question

Ladies, suppose you see and/or meet a guy who you think is very hot based on his face but is not wearing clothes that reveal anything about his body. Would you be curious about the shape and/or size of any parts of his body (Choose 3 please).

11% (28) No, I would not think about it.
36% (91) His chest.
17% (42) Shoulders.
7% (18) Back.
22% (55) Abs.
23% (57) Arms.
60% (150) "Equipment".
34% (84) Butt.
2% (5) Feet.
7% (18) Legs.
  247 voters have answered this question.  
  When checking out the LOWER half of a man's body, a guy who has prominent (large and or defined) _________ would make him very memorable (in a positive way!) after you checked him out. (Fill in the blank)  
23% (57) Butt.
13% (33) Legs.
5% (13) Hips.
54% (132) "Package".
3% (9) Feet
  244 voters have answered this question.  
  When you "crotch-watch", what are you trying to see? (Choose 2)  
62% (148) General shape.
14% (34) Length.
9% (22) Width.
39% (93) Length and Width.
10% (26) Spatial orientation.
12% (29) The top/end part of it.
  238 voters have answered this question.  
  Okay, you noticed a guy in jeans who looks very well-endowed in public. What was your reaction? (Choose 3)  
5% (13) Ewww.
7% (17) Cover that up.
18% (45) Wear looser jeans dude.
15% (37) Don't care.
39% (93) Wow.
32% (77) OMG.
22% (54) Damn.
34% (81) Mmmm.
7% (19) S**t.
15% (37) F**k.
  238 voters have answered this question.  
  Do you ever fantasize about a "package" you saw in public afterwards?  
30% (72) No.
37% (90) Yes, Sometimes
7% (18) Yes, all of them.
12% (29) Yes, but only the ones that appeared large.
11% (28) Yes, but only the ones that appeared huge.
  237 voters have answered this question.   

So what should you do, now you know that women are looking? Well, that depends on whether you are packing a real penis or an undeveloped small dick. If you have a nice sized penis, by all means advertise. But do not overdo it. One way to accentuate what you have without looking like you are trying to is to wear your penis on the right side. The zipper adds a triple layer of fabric on the left side and tends to break the visual line. On the right side it shows the penis shape more, from base to head. You will be irresistible to her, once she has seen your big bulge, she will fantasize about your penis, not feeling happy until she has it in her already wet pussy.


If you have a smaller than average penis, you might rather want to hide what you have, then wear baggy pants. Pleated khakis are like lead to a woman's x-ray vision, but be aware that when you are sitting you are still somewhat exposed (although women prefer to look at men's crotches when they are standing). Now you might be thinking: If women can wear padded bras, then surely we can add some padding of our own. Trying to make women believe the penis is bigger than it really is will only make her more disappointed and annoyed when the time comes for her to see the your penis when you have taken off your pants. If she has got her heart set on bratwurst and all you can serve up is a cocktail weenie, it is not going to be much of a feast for either of you.


If you have a really small dick, the best thing to do is to wear thin pants so women can see the total lack of bulge. Even if they hope to find men with big penises when they crotch watch, since you do not have that, you can at least let them see you are not one of the men they should waste time with and you might give them the chance to have fun laughing at you and maybe give you some humiliating comments. A woman who can see clearly what a tiny dick you have, will smile, maybe laugh and be happy she found out before dating you. Rejecting and ignoring you will feel more powerful for her, when she knows – and when she knows you know too – it is because of your small dick.

  So true..i wear tight girl jeans to show my clitty  
  I can tell you, women look at your crotch whether they know it or not. Some linger for a while and sometimes (if you are big) their eyes bulge out or their pupils get HUGE. I have a pretty massive bulge without trying to. I have seen women smile, eye-bulge, jaw-drop, frown, glare, etc. The best/worst reactions are as follows: (real-life) one girl I dated when I was a teenager was rubbing my crotch when I got an erection, she jumped out of the bed and said, what the fuck was that!"
Another time, a lady at the swimming pool decided that I was stuffing my shorts. She grabbed my cock as she was calling me a pervert. My dick grew in her hand (she was shaking it) and half of my cock fell out. I actually saw her nipples stiffen right before my eyes.
One lady that I walked by actually stopped talking to her friend as her mouth dropped open and she just grinned like an idiot.
My old roommate used to spy on me when I slept on the couch. I caught her one morning when I woke up to find her staring at my morning wood. My face was turned so she didnt see my eyes open. I pretended to be asleep and shifted my hips and my cock burst out of my shorts. She gasped loudly. i peeked and saw her rubbing her pussy as she stared at my throbbing erection.
I was bouncing at a night club when i spotted a drunk woman sitting on the dance floor. I went to see if she was okay. She reached up behind her and cupped my cock and balls. Squeezing gently three or four times, she turned and looked up at me with a huge smile on her face.
  LOL I love it when girls laugh, I really wish I could hear it more often by using this method...  
  I love the sound of girls laughing. It tickles my heart and calms my little boy heart. I just hope I can use this method more effectively to make them smile.  
  I think sissies and others with inadequate equipment should wear clothing that lets women see what they are getting into (and what is NOT gonna get into them, in the case of sissies!) I have accepted who and what I am, and I like cute clothes. So, I wear tight girl's jeans all the time, with what (little) I have tucked tightly back in my panties. Also, when I serve at clubs and so forth, the bottoms I wear (short-shorts, etc.) are sometimes very tight and brief. Frankly, an actual guy wouldn't even be able to wear them. But I can. I look like a Ken doll there -- nothing -- nada. Girls can quickly see I am not a threat or a potential partner -- (that is . . if seeing me swishing around ni my heels, serving drinks with a cocktail apron on wasn't enough of a clue!) But in a shopping mall, my tight girl's jeans show them "there's a shopping buddy, maybe -- but certainly not a date." It should almost be a law, frankly.  
  When women see that there is no bulge, they know that I have much less testosterone thus I am easily overpowered by sexually aggressive women. Even pre-pubescent young girls know this and show contempt for me. I know they have discussed this because I have heard their conversations outloud. It hurts be be scolded by them. I mind my own business and hardly make eye contact.  
  Whoever wrote this article is spot on.
I used to try to hide my undersized package. Being a reasonably attractive guy I had many women show interest. I haven't had too much experience with women laughing but I sure have had my share of disappointed looks and angry rejection. It makes women mad when you pretend to be something you're not. I've only been laid a couple of times and those did not end well ... at all. Most women broke things off with me the moment the realized the deception. The most common "loser point" for me was the dreaded good night kiss when she was thinking of inviting me in after a pleasant evening out. They all do it. Inevitably, she'd slip her hand down inside my pants. I knew the drill. Her temperature drops about 30 degrees and she gets that "fuck off loser" look in her eyes.
I guess I was a slow learner but I finally got the message that being deceptive about my problem wasn't going to get me laid. It only lead to anger and resentment. Many times I'd get to first base with a woman hot to trot. Women feel violated. More than one expressed outrage that I'd fondled their breasts and lead them to believe I was capable.
Anyway, I've grown up now. I'm honest and I'm tired of disappointing women. It's a very selfish thing to do. Whenever I'm in a situation where attractive women are likely to notice me I make sure I'm wearing pants that clearly reveal the truth. Used to be that at a typical party or group get together I'd be approached by interested women several times. I am attractive. Now, by being honest, that number is almost always zero.
Do I miss their attentions? Of course I do. It's hard to give up the idea of being a man but I'm a better person for it. My self esteem has actually risen a bit. I now have several attractive woman friends. No pretenses. I know they see me more like a girlfriend than a guy but at least they talk to me.
I may not be able to satisfy them sexually but I can do all kinds of things such as their errands and house cleaning. Sometimes I help with the bills. In exchange, they let me hang around. It's worth it. They're nice to me. I'm grateful
  I became sick of being hit by women as soon as my girl goes to the powder room there in for a drool.
Some really crude, its not a pulling situation but they can't keep away.

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Crotch watching women will either

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