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Clothes for real men and smalldicks





Did you watch the page ? If you did, you probably saw how difficult it can be to know who are real men and who are smalldicks when they don't show their penises. Men with large penises should not have to be mistaken for being smalldicks, smalldicks should not be mistaken for being real men. And they do not have to! Wearing the right clothes, nobody has to wonder.

There are many kind of clothes to avoid and many to choose. For both real men and smalldicks, an important thing is to avoid sacky clothes. Tight, elastic clothes give a better look and show more clearly what is underneath. The bigger penis, the bigger it looks in tight clothes.

Women are tired of being disappointed when they come to the situation when guys show their penises and they reveal small little dicks instead of the nice, real cocks the women expected. Women dress more openly, showing their body shapes, so men know in advance, before having sex with them. It is only fair that guys do the same. For men with average and big penises it is only an advantage to dress in clothes showing the bulge, it will make them attractive and wanted by women and gays. It will increase their chances for sex compared to smaller endowed men and smalldicks. Both men and women look at men's bulges when they see them. Both men and women instinctively feel admiration and respect for men with big bulges (= big penises), another reason for men with average and - especially big - penises to dress in clothes that show the bulges clearly.

For smalldicks it would be the very best, if they always dressed in clothes showing the lack of bulge. Some smalldicks understand it themselves and wear thin, tight clothes so people can see how little they have to hide, other need to be forced to dress not to be mistaken for real men.






 Clothes for real men


 Clothes for smalldicks




What pants to wear depends of course on the situation and season. In more or less private, relaxed situations sunny, hot days these thin pants will be perfect, lifting and push ingout your package giving you a natural, yet enhanced look. You can be sure nobody will doubt what a nice, real cock you have. You will gain respect and admiration from both women and men.


Spandex men in swimwear and the benefits of wearing fem style swimwear for man who has a small penis. Spandex men at times are being forced to wear a g-string is a type of humiliation for most men but it has its sexy side too. Most spandex men are into the fetish fun and wear spandex bikinis, thongs and other tiny bits not only for how hot they look but how aroused they get.

  "I have no problems telling you that I do look to see if there is a bulge and if there is I instantly feel my pussy getting wet".



When my penis is soft it is micro and I still have no problem letting people see it through whatever spandex attire I am wearing".

Spandex man


First some clothes for hot, sunny days. The swimwear is the perfect clothes to show who you really are, both for real me and smalldicks. They hide very little, some may seem too revealing but it is getting more accepted for men to show themselves like women did for a long time already.  The swimwears below come from










The second you slip this suit on you will know just as I did that “Cream Stick” is the perfect name for this suit. Get you penis through the metal interior cock ring cage and slide the sheer shaft cover over your very hard cock and don’t forget to place your balls into the tight sheer pouch

"When my friends and i got out we like to check out guys and one of things we look at is their crotch. Bulges are sexy, its kind of like a sport, cockwatching, lol "


The designer's first instinct was to name this suit ‘Micro Pussy’ because that’s what it does when it’s slipped on. It is the most perfect fem suit . If you have ever put on a fem wear male vagina suits you will notice that the additional adjustments will make you as tiny and flat down there as you would ever imagined. The pink colour will emphasise the lack of masculinity even from distance. The perfect pants for a hotwife to force her husband to wear at the beach.






For you guys who love sheer suits the Inmate will be a must have suit to add to your collection.The Inmate is a truly amazing cut. It has a super narrow Brazilian rear with ultra narrow Lycra side straps and a very narrow low slung, delicious front pouch. Finished in a deep rich, almost neon, sheer blue. Perfect to show just enough of your nice cock.

"I like to check out a mans bulge, it's like the way they check out our breasts".



Sweet Spot is a fem-style vagina-look suit, perfect to show absolutely no bulge. Every smalldick, no matter what his sexual orientation, has the feeling at one time or another the need to get in touch with his feminine side. This suit, short of surgery, is as close as you will ever get and I can tell you from personal experience that if you shave and wear a tight little t-shirt or spandex top while wearing the Sweet Spot you will be viewed as a woman!













Jeans can be so right - and so wrong. Nothing is more important than checking them out before buying. Some jeans totally ruin the look of a man and other give the perfect, sexy look and show the bulge. In addition to having the right cut, again, they should be tight and thin and never to big in size.


Jeans can hide the lack of manhood. Never make the mistake of thinking he is a real man unless there is a nice bulge. For smalldicks and their wives who want to show his lack of bulge: Find tight, thin jeans. Do not waste time and money to find sexy jeans. He will never look sexy in them anyway without a bulge.






Sport clothes


Sport clothes






Sport is the perfect time for showing bulge. All kind of sports have their special clothes, most of them will give you a good chance to show your bulge. Sport pants are mostly thin and tight and showing both your body and bulge. Women love watching men practising sport.


When it is time for sport, many smalldicks wish they were not there. In sport pants it is difficult to hide the lack of manhood and a perfect time for people to have fun depanting the smalldick. For wives: Take him to the ladies department when you look for sport pants.


For real men: Dress like a man.


For smalldicks: Dress like anything but a man




"I am 16 and my penis is 2.4 inches. My younger brother is 13 and his penis is 7.2 inches. He noticed I had such a tiny bulge when we went swimming in a lake near our grandma's house. We both weared tight speedos, and my brother kept looking at my crotch and said jokingly "Are you even a male?" I asked what he was talking about. He pointed at my crotch and said that I had a certain lack of what makes a man a man. And pointed at his own crotch, saying "There's a great difference between me and you, do you see?" I looked at his great soft bulge, and my own penis became hard. He laughed when he saw my pathetic hard thin 2 inch bulge. He made me undress, and did so himself. He became excited when he saw that his soft cock was twice the size of my hard one, and then his own became hard, it was about three times my size. Now he always bullies me around and calls me little brother, so having a small penis kind of runied my life"

Older little brother




With a nice cock size - show it and be admired, wanted and respected


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