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Celebrity Size Queens



  We dream of the sexy famous women, we fantasize and dream about meeting them and having sex with them. Smalldicks, dreaming about the Size Queens below, definitely have dreams that never will come true.  

Janet Jackson: "I'm a size queen. Honestly. If I'm on a date and I see the guy is not packing, that's when I fake a backache. Suddenly, your back goes out. I learned that from my friends." 

Elke Jensen- Playboy Playmate (Miss May 1993): "Penis size is the most important matter in a man. I could not be with a guy if his penis couldn't make me come."

Gillian Anderson: In Movieline interview, she was asked if she’d ever seen David Duchovny naked: “Well, I’m sure I’ve walked into his trailer while he’s changing, thinking it was my trailer of course, and shocked him stark naked. I think what his fans truly want to hear is that…umm…he’s apparently, and I believe this is true, well hung. In terms of his body, he’s got, you know…I can’t believe you put me on the spot here. He’s in good shape. Good shape.”

PAMELA ANDERSON: December 2003 Loaded: Does size matter? “I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t make a difference. I know some women say that size doesn’t matter. But it does, at least for me. Put it this way: I can’t see any down side to a man being well hung.” “So many women fight over how big their diamonds are, but the size of the stone is really about their man’s ego over his little thing. I think diamonds have a direct relationship to your man’s penis size. Does size count? Unfortunately, yes.” (quoted in mid-1990s Cosmopolitan article) In British tabloid News of the World (quoted by Jwats): “Size definitely matters. Whoever says size doesn’t matter is a liar with a small dick. But I’m lucky, I never met any of those.” About her recent boyfriend Kid Rock, she indicated he measured up to her high standards: “Oh, he’s got absolutely nothing to worry about,” she said with a grin.

Alley Baggett (two-time Playboy Book of Lingerie Model of the Year): Length and width are “only slightly important.” “Love is what’s important!” Her minimum acceptable length is six inches; ideal length is seven inches.

Lisa Baker (1967 Playmate of the Year): Asked her biggest turn-offs in a man, one of the options she circled was “too-small penis.” Do you ever look for the size of the bulge in a man’s pants? “Yes.” Both penis length and width are “very important.” Minimum acceptable length: six inches; ideal length: seven to eight inches.

Michelle Branch (pop singer): January 2004 Maxim: Teasingly called herself a “pervert,” recalling that when she met a giant NFL player with “huge, beautiful hands,” she desperately wanted “to see what’s in his pants! Can you imagine what it must be like?”

Sarah Brightman (beautiful brunette British singer): Jwats1968 reports that Sarah was asked on U.K. talk show by Graham Norton on why she went out with (and later married & divorced) Andrew Lloyd Webber: “Because he simply has the BIGGEST penis!”

Brooke Burke: Maxim Online interview, asked if size matters to her. “Hmmm…Everything matters. How’s that? But it’s not all about the size.” (posted by Jwats1968)

Naomi Campbell: Had an affair with Lenny Kravitz (reportedly very well endowed). (from U.K. celebrity site; by jwats1968)

Christy Canyon (porn star): Do you ever look for the size of the bulge in a man’s pants? “Yes. I like it when the jeans are a bit worn out where the bulge is.” Both penis length and width are “very important.” “Hey—I’m not a virgin anymore!” Minimum acceptable length: seven inches; ideal length: seven to eight inches.

“CHLOE” (porn star, aka Chloe Nicholle): Online interview at Adult DVD Talk, discussing the guys she likes working with: “I like working with pretty much everyone you have seen me with on screen. My top male performers are Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels, mark Davis, and any of the guys that have really large penises.” I am a size queen, I can’t help it.” Is anyone too big for you? “For anal sex, yes. Vaginal sex, there is no one too big for me.”

Calli Cox (porn star): Interview on, cited by “Jessie”: Cites her favorite male stars, all hugely endowed, such as Lexington Steele. “Yeah, I’m somewhat of a size queen, I can’t deny it. On the other hand, I’ll take a five-inch dick any day if he knows what to do with it.” So a guy doesn’t have to be 10 inches to ring her bell? “Not at all. I do like big dicks. I would be lying if I said I didn’t, but if a guy knows how to use his dick, then no matter how big or how small, he is going to make them feel good.”

Courteney Cox: Jwats1968 reports that she said once on Howard Stern show that penis size was important to her. Sean Penn (said to be well endowed) was a guest on “Friends,” and reportedly Courteney & Sean went to her trailer together for breaks—denied by each of the married parties.

Cindy Crawford: SPS2872 cites her “House of Style” segment with Dennis Rodman in which he was changing into Speedos, and she remarked, “I was just wondering if this `Worm’ thing was going to come into play today—I know that’s your nickname, `The Worm.’…I was wondering if that was indicative of anything?” He said yes, without elaboration, and began trying on suits. When he put on a thong under some tight trunks, then stripped the trunks off to reveal a sizeable bulge, Cindy (says SPS) freaked out, saying, “I don’t think we can show that on TV,” and stood in front of him as he finished changing. Of course she was married to Richard Gere, considered below average in size.

Molly Culver (“V.I.P.”): On Howard Stern show, she agreed with Pam Anderson that penis size is very important. She claimed to be able to pick out a well-endowed man from a crowd; Stern had the guys in the studio line up, and she correctly picked out the one with the biggest penis. According to Stroker9800, who heard the interview, Molly was quite proud of this ability. She remarked that well-hung guys prefer button flys over normal zippers on their jeans.

Dana Delaney (“China Beach”): “I once said that Willem Dafoe, Liam Neeson, and James Woods were among the best-endowed males in Hollywood. Specifically, I said that if you put the three of them in a room together, there wouldn’t be room for anyone else. After that, everyone thought I’d had sex with all three men. I haven’t, or else I wouldn’t have talked about it. It’s just that Liam is legendary. And Jimmy Woods is so proud that he’s happy to share the fact with you…But I have seen Willem—I had a bird’s eye view when we did a nude scene in Light Sleeper. When you do a nude scene with an actor, he sometimes gets an erection if he’s into the scene. It’s sort of a compliment, isn’t it? I told Willem I would be insulted if he didn’t get an erection. And one line we had in our nude scene was `Quite an erection you have there.’ And it truly was.” (quoted in mid-1990s Cosmopolitan article)

Vanessa Del Rio (porn star): Do you look at the size of the bulge in a man’s pants? “No—it could be a sock in there. I wouldn’t want to have great expectations based on that!” Penis length and width are both “somewhat important.” Minimum acceptable length: six to eight inches. Ideal size: Eight inches. “Size is nice, but it’s not critical. Too big can hurt, but you need reasonable size. Women’s vaginas are different—what’s ideal for one woman might not be right for another.”

Lisa Dergan (July 1998 Playmate): Internet quote, source unknown: Does size matter? “Definitely, I prefer guys who are hung!”

Devin Devasquez (June 1985 Playmate): Do you look at the size of the bulge in a man’s pants? “Yes.” Penis length and thickness are both “somewhat important.” Minimum acceptable length: seven inches. Ideal size: eight inches.

Shannen Doherty: Reported by jwats1968: She’s said on Howard Stern show that size doesn’t matter to her that much. Ex-girlfriend of the guy on the

Patty Duffek (Playmate): Large penis listed as a characteristic she finds sexy in a man; small penis listed as a turn-off. Penis length and width are both “somewhat important.” Minimum acceptable length: six inches; ideal size: seven inches.

Carmen Electra: Briefly married to Dennis Rodman after they’d dated for a year; Jwats1968 reports that Carmen supposedly once described Rodman’s penis as “as big as a baby’s arm.” She’s also said to have had a fling with Tommy Lee. However, on Howard Stern show (as reported by sps2872), she said unequivocally that size wasn’t an issue with her, and that Rodman’s size was not a factor in hooking up with him. In the Oct. 2000 FHM, the interviewer asked her flat-out about Rodman’s size: “Is he truly a large man?” She was demure: “As for large, you’ll have to see for yourself sometime…I don’t want to hurt my friend and put his business out there by answering honestly, so I’d rather not say anything at all.”

ELVIRA: Among the listed options for “biggest turn-offs” in a man, she scratched out “too-large penis,” declaring: “There’s no such thing!” How important is penis length? “It’s extremely important.” How important is penis width/thickness? “It’s extremely important.” Minimum size penis considered satisfactory: “Nine or more inches.” Ideal size penis: “Ten or more inches.” Comment: “Do the words “SIZE QUEEN” mean anything to you?”

Kim Evenson (Playmate): She circled “large penis” as the physical characteristic he finds most important in a man; while also saying, “A large penis means he knows how to please with it, even if size is average.” Citing “too-small penis’ as her biggest turnoff: “There are millions of men, so if it’s not true love, why shouldn’t I seek something more fulfilling?” Do you look at the size of the bulge in a man’s pants? “Yes—can’t help it. It’s fun!” Penis length is “only slightly important.” Thickness is “very important. It feels really good with above-average width!” Minimum acceptable size: seven inches. Ideal size: Ten or more inches.

LINDA FIORENTINO (“The Last Seduction”): What does she look for in the men she’s attracted to? “Intelligence. Sense of humor. And a big cock…that’s it. In that order. A nerd with a big penis. Ideal. A genius with a penis. Isn’t that what we all want?” When it’s suggested that size can be difficult to discern, she looks incredulous. “Oh, come on. You can get an indication. We’ve all done random sampling here hands, feet and nose. All the extremeties. Sometimes you can be fooled, because if they’re too big, a really big guy, like six-seven with big hands and stuff, that can backfire on you. But you take an average-size man—six foot one, long, aqualine nose—you’re talking about an 85 percent accuracy rate. And then there’ the age-old trick: You make out with him, he gets a hard-on, you check it out. And then if it’s not all there, you say, `You know, I’m not really ready for this yet.’” She rolls her eyes. “Oh God, the next guy I go out with is going to be petrified when he kisses me. Oh My God, he won’t get a hard-on—he’ll be petrified it won’t be big enough for me…” (November 1995 Esquire) “I go to bed with men, not boys.” What do women want these days? “Sometimes all we need is a big dick and no arguments. What could make us happier?” Isn’t that a bit simplistic? “Maybe, but I’ve learned not to expect that much in relationships. So being well-hung is at least compensation for a general lack of sensitivity in the emotional area.” (unverified interview on Internet fan site) Size Queen Rating: 10.

Jerry Hall (1970s/’80s supermodel & Mick Jagger’s ex-wife): Interview in Oui magazine circa 1980: What turns her on in a man, she was asked at the tail end of the interview? “A really big cock.” That was literally the end of the interview.

Alyson Hanigan (“Buffy” & “American Pie” films): On Does size matter? “It’s not the most important thing. But if the guy’s not so great, but he’s well-endowed, then you put up with a little more than you would the normal, regular guy…But the long haul, no, that’s definitely not what matters. To just be completely bold, it’s really not very good for oral sex. Guys with big—it’s just not so good.”

JANET JACKSON: June-July 2001 Maxim Presents Blender: Asked what constitutes a “nice package” based on the chorus of her #1 hit “All for You” (“All my girls at the party look at his body / Shakin’ that thang, like I never did see / Gotta a nice package all right / Guess I’m gonna have to ride it tonight…”). “Hmmm—what constitutes a nice package in my opinion? A pretty good size. I’ve been called a `size queen’ before. My friends tease me about it. I just like nice packages. God size package.” What does that mean? “Honestly? He’s gotta be hangin’.” When the writer says he thought the song’s term might refer to other qualities about a guy, she corrects him. “No. No, it’s just about the one thing. It’s about the kickstand, that’s all…It’s a girly thing. When girlfriends get together, they talk about guys, just the way guys get together and talk about girls.” You talk about size? “Well, you know? We talk about you guys. Who’s big, who’s not. We talk about a lot of things. Sorry.”

Jenna Jameson: Sex column in May 2003 FHM: “First off, size does matter! Girls who say it doesn’t are usually lying in order not to hurt their man’s feelings. Girls like big cocks, simple as that!”

Tylyn John (Playmate): Internet quote from 1999-2000: Laughs when asked if size matters. “Of course size matters! But it’s also what you do with it. Size doesn’t hurt, let’s put it that way.”

Angelina Jolie: April 2000 E! online gossip column: “According to a major player in the Jolie camp (and I do mean major), there’s a particular reason the Oscar-winning beauty is making beautiful love to Laura Dern’s ex: `”it’s one of the biggest in Hollywood.’ That’s Angelina explaining to her associate why she comes up from Mexico (where she’s filming her mail-order-bride flick, `Dancing In the Dark,’ with Antonio Banderas) to spend the kind of time with Billy Bob that results in a helluva lot of perspiration. “I’m told the two go between her place at L.A.’s L’Ermitage and his rooms at the Sunset Marquis. And Angelina, by the way, is not referring to Mr. Thornton’s paycheck. “So that’s what the bisexual gal sees in this funky-lookin’ (at best) Oscar winner. I guess when she plays on the other team, she insists on only the best batting equipment.”In late 2003, as they were filming “Alexander the Great,” Angelina and Colin Farrell (reportedly very well endowed) were seen kissing passionately at a London nightclub, and flirting with one another elsewhere. Tabloids reported that she blew up at him over his drunken antics, but they later made up.

Nicole Kidman: Throughout most of 2003 was seriously dating rocker Lenny Kravitz, who’s said to be very well endowed. An international music site cited by jwats1968 quotes someone who saw Kravitz naked in his garden: “He’s certainly well hung. Nicole’s a lucky lady.” Jwats tells us that Nicole previously had a fling with British rapper Qtip, said to be well equipped. At a Director’s Guild of America dinner, she went on stage and playfully talked about having to audition for “Moulin Rouge” “with every young hot male actor in Hollywood. We were writhing around on a couch. I would have to undo their belts and take down their pants and say dialogue like, `Oh my, you are a big boy, aren’t you?’ Anyway, Ewan McGregor got the role, so we know who the biggest boy is.”

Tea Leoni: married to David Duchovny, believed to be well endowed. Also, Brian Carter reported on a 2001 article in Maximum Golf in which Tea, playing a round with the writer against two guys, turned to one and said, “I’ve heard Scott has a really huge penis.” “We climb into our cart, and she gives me pointer number two: `When you tell a guy the other guy he’s playing is bigger, it totally throws his game.’”

Lil’ Kim: On her song “How Many Licks,” she talked about one of her favorite lovers: “And this black dude I called King Kong / He had a big-ass dick and a hurricane tongue.” On a collaboration with the notorious Tommy Lee, Methods of Mayhem, she rapped: “Under seven inches? Eh! Sorry / Mini-men, I can’t fuck with them.”

Heather Locklear: From late 1990s celebrity gossip newsgroup, after Stone Phillips interviewed her for “Dateline NBC”: “Since Locklear used to be married to Tommy Lee and is now married to Richie Sambora, Phillips wonders why he has this weakness for rock stars. `They’re all very well-endowed,” she says, jokingly. A friend of hers then asks her on camera, `All of them?’ And Locklear responds, `The ones I’ve been with.’”

Marika Lukacs (Playboy model and ex-Bunny): Penis length is “very important.” However, she says “I could fall in love with a limp penis under the right circumstances.” Thickness is “somewhat important.” Minimum acceptable length: six inches. “If a partner has a six-inch penis, I’m sure I can make it into a seven-inch penis!” Ideal size: seven to eight inches.

Madonna: Was married to Sean Penn (reportedly very well endowed). Now married to director Guy Ritchie, who’s thought to be above average in size. Had affairs with Lenny Kravitz (also reportedly very well endowed), who co-wrote her hit “Justify My Love,” Warren Beatty (known for his size), Dennis Rodman (the same), and Vanilla Ice. Had nude love scene in film “Body of Evidence” with Willem Dafoe (same reputation). Jwats reports on an interview in The Advocate in which she was asked about Beatty’s endowment: “I haven’t measured it but it’s a perfectly wonderful size.” As detailed by Jwats, in her documentary film “Truth or Dare,” when she felt blown off after meeting a foreign actor, she said something along the lines of, “There must be something wrong with him, he must have a small penis or something.” During the same section of the film, she’s flirting with another dancer and tells him, “come back when your dick is bigger.”

Heidi Mark (Playmate): “My boyfriend’s dick is the perfect size. You usually don’t remember how big men’s dicks are, but you remember the really small ones. Girth matters and size & length matter. Basically, I have to have a perfect dick. And now I’ve got the length and the girth, and a bonus uncircumcised I didn’t even know existed.”

Shae Marks (May 1994 Playmate): Onetime quote of the week on her website ( Does size matter? “Yes, yes, yes! Sorry, I would be lying if I said it didn’t! Performance matters, too, but that’s another conversation!” She was more conservative responding to a Q&A. Does size matter? “Penis size only matters when you are looking at a really tiny piece of merchandise! In most cases a man can compensate for a less than average member with other talents—like his tongue.”

Jenny McCarthy: Jwats1968 has noted that when she hosted MTV’s “Singled Out,” Jenny was especially enthusiastic when female contestants chose “package size” as a way to narrow down potential lovers, sometimes yelling out “package” with a wicked smile.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie (huge-bosomed British brunette nude model): Sex advice column in June 29, 1996 London Daily Sport; she was age 17 at the time: Responding to a woman’s letter regarding an actor in a stage play who revealed he had a 7-inch penis: “Only seven inches? I reckon that’s much ado about nothing!”

Kylie Minogue: Had affairs with Lenny Kravitz and the late Michael Hutchence (both reportedly well endowed; see Paula Yates regarding the latter). (from U.K. celebrity site; by jwats1968) However, in Oct. 2000 interview, when asked if size matters, she replied: “No, I’ve never thought so.”

Mimi Miyagi (porn star): Penis length and width are “not important.” Minimum acceptable length: six inches; ideal size: seven inches.

Demi Moore : “I can relate to the song Short Dick Man. It’s got a good groove and you can dance to it. And it just makes me laugh. Because it’s such a sweet revenge.” (quoted in mid-1990s Cosmopolitan article) Demi was of course married to Bruce Willis, who (according to a German newsgroup cited by jwats1968) is supposedly well endowed. (But see Brittany Murphy comment about Ashton Kutcher)

Katie Morgan (porn star): Interview on, cited by “Jessie”: Described a sex scene with male lead named Mandingo. Was that the biggest cock you’ve ever seen? “Totally. It’s huge.” How was it? “It was pretty intense. It never got totally hard so it wasn’t as difficult as it might have been.” Are big guys better? “No. Give me a standard white boy any day.”

Susie Owens (March 1988 Playmate): Q&A on Does size matter? “Full, fat, robust, fleshy…yes, indeed, bigger is better.” In a separate feature (cited by sps2872), responsingto question, “Do you prefer guys hung like a horse or not?” she replied: “Prefer hung like a horse. Glad you asked, because I was recently watching my friend’s horse pee-pee last weekend, and you’re right, they are hung.”

Tera Patrick (porn superstar): “Of course size matters! The bigger the better, the thicker, the wetter. Absolutely. That’s my motto!”

Pandora Peaks (big-bust star in Score, other magazines): Penis length is “only slightly important.” Penis thickness is “somewhat important.” Minimum acceptable lengthy: five to seven inches. Ideal size: six to seven inches. “Great oral sex can make up for any deficiencies in size or width. No man needs to feel his penis size is lacking.”

Katie (“Jordan”) Price (huge-bosomed British nude model): In Jan. 2003 Front, she hinted teasingly that she’d had a fling with porn star John Leslie. Six months later in Front, she discussed a guy who’d splashed his one-nighter with her all over the tabloids: “He had a big dick, but unfortunately he didn’t know how to use it.” On January 2004 U.K. reality show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” she was the object of constant flirting by former pop singer Peter Andre. When he jokingly suggested, “let’s shag,” she replied: “You’ve already told me you’ve got an acorn. It’s not even worth going there.” Other quotes reflecting her sexually aggressive nature: In Feb. 2002 Loaded, she talked about “my little collection, or BIG collection,” of vibrators and other sex toys. In Jan. 2004 British Maxim, she remarked, “I’ve whipped and caned guys before…I don’t mind a bit of whipping and bashing when I think a man deserves it. Just to keep him on his toes. I love to be in control.”

Tara Reid: On Howard Stern show, she talked about ex-boyfriend Carson Daly having a large penis, and talked about how good he was in bed.

Brooke Richards (Dec. 1999 Playmate): Playboy Cyber Club chat, circa 2000: “I think size does matter for certain things, but it can always be compensated with something else.”

Julia Roberts: Was married to singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett (reportedly very well endowed). Had a serious relationship with Liam Neeson, known to be exceptionally endowed. (Jwats1968 reports that Howard Stern tried to draw her out about Neeson, but she declined the opportunity.) Good friend and co-star of George Clooney (same reputation). Allegedly there was an interview in which she said she married Lovett because he had the biggest penis she’d ever seen, but there’s no attribution for the quote, which sounds imaginary. In “Notting Hill,” her character remarks to a bunch of idiots who had insulted her at a restaurant (not knowing she was there to hear them) that they probably had dicks the size of peanuts (or words to that effect). Back in her early film “Steel Magnolias,” her character married a well-endowed man and gloated about it with another woman during the wedding reception scene.

Nichole Robinson (black Panamanian-born model/actress in the film “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”): Jan.-Feb. 2004 King: “The only people who think size doesn’t matter are small guys and the girls who date them. Size matters!…If I’m going out with a guy with a small penis, better be a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner!”

Rebecca Scott (Aug. 1999 Playmate): Q&A. Does size matter? “Usually size doesn’t matter, but there are exceptions. Once I met this guy who was really attractive, we went out a few times, and we ended up sleeping together. He had the smallest penis I have ever seen in my life. It was arrow-shaped. So yes, I guess you can say that size matters. I don’t need 10 inches, but it can’t be three, either! (laughs) Girth is more important, but if I could pick a fantasy lover, I’d probably like an eight-inch penis. That’s a good length. It’s the right size to get you going. (laughs) My first lover had a huge penis. And I like sex between my breasts—this is where having a big one comes in handy, guys! (laughs).”

Rhonda Shear (buxom blonde former “USA Up All Night” host): Penis length and thickness are both “only slightly important.” Didn’t respond to minimum or ideal-size questions. Beside option of “10 or more inches,’ she wrote, “ouch!”

Sarah Silverman (comedienne): interview: Does size matter? “Yes. My rabbi sister is going to kill me about this, but even she said that if her husband didn’t have a big dick they would just be friends. Next question.” Jwats tells us she made “an eyebrow-raising look” during a joke about well-endowed men during a guest appearance on “Talk Soup.”

Victoria Silvstedt (Dec. 1996 Playmate): Q&A on Does size matter? “It matters, but I think oral sex is good, too, and you don’t need a big one for that, right?

Britney Spears: Public kissing with Colin Farrell (known to be very well-endowed), but any boudoir action between them is purely speculative. Allegedly publicly ridiculed former boyfriend Justin Timberlake by holding up her fingers a few inches apart.

Linda Tran (Internet model): She said on her website (2002) that size matters.

Nichole Van Croft (Oct. 2000 Playmate): Q&A on Does size matter? “It has to be long enough. The width doesn’t matter as much as the length.”

Petra Verkaik (Dec. 1989 Playmate and later Playboy Book of Lingerie Model of the Year): Penis length is “somewhat important. But it’s more about the relationship. Look, in my 20’s the relationship wasn’t as important. But now in my 30’s, it is.” (Didn’t respond to questions about minimum or ideal size)

Terri Welles (1981 Playmate of the Year): Do you look at the size of the bulge in a man’s pants? “Yes.” Penis length and thickness are both “somewhat important.” Minimum acceptable length: six inches; ideal size: seven inches.

Victoria Zdrok (Playmate): Large penis is cited as one of the characteristics she finds sexy in a man; “too-small penis’ circled as a major turnoff. Penis length and thickness are both “very important.” Minimum acceptable length: six inches. Ideal length: seven to ten or more inches. (Glamour Girls: Then & Now sex survey)


The quotes are compiled by Steve Sullivan.


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  It is good for them to make these public statements, as it lets the everyday woman know it is ok to be quite blunt and up front about what they want and it is not wrong to need and desire a large cock, and be unaccepting of a small child sized dick that will never be able to give her pleasure.  
  Teenie Weenie Paul  
  Love your site! You may be interested to know that Steve Sullivan, who assembled all the size-queen quotes that you cite above, has a tiny dick himself (less than four inches erect). He's published books and magazines about glamour girls, and is a friend to many Playboy Playmates, who know nothing about his "little" secret. I have a Yahoo group designed to expose his secret:
  Have to love the honest comments about dick size.  
  Guess size does matter and all that it's what you do with it is rubbish.
That's what women say to small dicked guys so they don't feel bad.
  Paul horringer  
  So I guess I better keep my little 5" dick in my pants...or training pants  
  penis size of 5.5" with hard errcted is good  
  md gupta  

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