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  Our resident PenisSizeMatters Cartoonist created these fantastic cartoons.

You can email me at regarding custom cartoons and I will forward the emails to PenisSizeMatters Cartoonist. Please type PenisSizeMatters Cartoonist in your mail.









  These are fantastic and hot as hell, keep them coming  

as a tiny peepee bodybuilder who compensates for his limp tiny penis by getting ripped, i'd like to see a dickless bodybuilder like me taking a shower naked and showing off his, erm, assets to some thinner guys, who laugh at him and want to know how cold is the water......babydick bodybuilder blushes in shame. another cartoon could show a poser malfunction during a bodybuilding competition, when his tiny poser rips open, and his "big bulge" is revealed to be a pair of rolled up socks, while his shrunken balls and thin little peepee is exposed to the audience. would love to see these cartoons. bring it on, man. show us tiny-dicked losers to accept our small dick status!

  rajdee p  
  Beware of the Smalldick Militia.  
  LMAO to funny as small dic faggot 3 incher i found them very funny  
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