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Women holding his penis while peeing

  Some women really worship their boyfriend's and husband's penis. They want to touch it, hold it, watch it and suck it, they do not want to miss a moment of the penis. When it is time for him to pee, they follow him to watch the magic moment when his penis pees, holding it to feel it pumping out the pee. Did you experience having a woman totally focused and fascinated by your penis, like the women in the stories below?

I had a girlfriend who really enjoyed holding my penis while I urinated. It started in the shower one morning when we were fooling around and she bet me she could pee more that me. She was the one who introduced my to Golden showers. Anyway she would love to hold my penis while I peed and I enjoyed the sensation very much.




When she was in a frisky mood, my former wife liked to hold my penis occasionally while I peed. It was when she started playing with it as well that I had trouble peeing... My fiance likes to do the same.
I suppose women are intrigued with penises for the same reason we are intrigued with vaginas -- we don't have one, but know how good they feel and make the other person feel.




I once had a girlfriend that loved holding my penis, when I was urinating, it was like a pleasure, and pain at the same time, I remember especially the first time we had been out for dinner and drinks, it was late, and we were at her apartment, I had to go real bad, and she was teasing me telling me to urinate in front of her in the driveway, my reluctance was curred when she unzipped my pants and took out my penis, between the need to urinate and her warm hands, I was fully erect, and it was almost as good as cumming, she held my penis and stroked it until I started to urinate, this continued until I was finished, all of the time she was kissing me and stroking me I do not know how long we were out there, but once inside our sex lives rose to new heights. From then on she would always ask if she could help when I went to the bathroom, it was great and it lasted until we separated, she moved for personal reasons. My loss some other guys gain. Guys donít be shy with the one you share intimate moments with, talk to her, you will never know if you donít ask.








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