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How do you show respect to men with bigger cocks?


One guy who's kinda "submitted" to me because my penis is much bigger than his, but he's not the only one. Ever so often I find other males doing that too, and I don't mind. It feels right in some way that a smaller bro should show some respect for a bigger bro, just like it is in the animal world. After all, humans are just sophisticated animals and the idea that there are Alpha-Males, beta-males, and even gamma-males still strikes a cord with me.

It is natural to feel respect and admiration to man with a bigger penis. For men with average penises this does not mean they will submit and start serving the bigger man, but the respect will be there.

For a small dick like me, I know I am at the bottom of the male hierarchy, well aware that most men - even if they are not huge are more sexually attractive and equipped, more manly and masculine than me. They all deserve and have my respect and admiration.

How do you show respect to men with bigger cocks?





  i always answer yes sir and no sir to every guy because more than likely he has a bigger dick than me. I do just about everything they ask w/o questioning them.  
  I have many times let a man with a larger penis fuck my wife. i know he is more of a man and can satisfy her better than i can  
  I use to pick on this little nerd ,john ,he was always hanging around with my wife ,untillone night we all got drunk on tequilla,and I passed out and woke up in panties and bra and a pair of my wifes used panties in my mouth,and my hands tied and little dicked brucie written on my naked body ,and watched my wife getting johns huge cock in her pussy .My wife said now we know who the real nerd is and I know why my wife was hanging around with John ,and since that day ,I respect and obey my superior John and he now calls me sissy is he right  
  i live with 3 of my friends that i grew up with. they all know about how small i am, and they are all better hung than me, and all of the responsibilities that would be a woman\'s are mine- I clean, do laundry, and cook, without a complaint.  
  smalldick jimmy  


  like Zeph I treat all men i meet on the street with respect, as they are almost certainly better hung than me. i give cabbies and deliverymen huge tips. At the gym, I ALWAYS defer to another man if he wants to use a machine or bench I\'m on, or get out of their way in the locker room, etc. So much so that a few regulars at my gym have gotten used to this deferential treatment (and having seen my tiny shame in the locker room) now expect it, and push past me, will force me off of machines, knock my clothes off of a bench in the locker room if they want to sit their. Recently this one bald gym rat who is 5\'5 (I am 6\'2) stared right at me with a smile on his face as he shoved my clothes into a puddle, and actually SAT his wet ass on my dress shirt- I had to leave the gym wearing soaking clothes.  
  All real men should take advantage of small dicks like me.  
  id drop to my fuckin knees and beg them to let me suck their dick. that is how to show them respect. i would show them my little prick and let them piss all over it. maybe it would grow if a real man took a piss on it. naaah! who am i kidding, it\'s never going to reach an adult size and theres not a damn thing i can do about it except answer yes sir, no sir, and worship real dick  


  Now that my wife has gotton me to suck cocks so she could fuck real size cocks ,not my 3 inch one ,where is the best site or place to find men with big cocks in massuchusettes that wantthere cocks sucked by a man in panties  
  bruce burke  
  since my wife caught me inher panties and bra ,sucking our neighbors cock ,she says with my tiny cock and not getting hard unless I see a mans cock ,that i am a queer not a bi ,like I told her ,is she right  
  Yes Sissybrucie u r a queer! I\'m 2 & half inches hard I only get hard with other men.Welcome to the club,Cocksucker!  
  Thankyou Joey ,but you are one of the very few that I can say I have a bigger cock ,so you did make my day  
  Does your wife make you wear panties and sit like a girl to pee like mine does  
  sissy brucie  
  I love to dress-up for big cock!  


  No sissy brucie I don\'t have a wife,my cock is so small i can\'t get woman. I am a sissy bottom FAG serving real men they make me pee like a woman.  
  I have a tiny pathetic cock but my Son Jason has a horse cock.  
  He is the alpha male and I show respect to him and his cock by submitting to him and worshiping his cock with my mouth, hands and ass. We have lots of home made video of me submitting and worshiping his cock.  
  I am a feminied, litte pantydoll, pussygurl with a teeny, tiny clittie that is inverted and recedes up into my body when it is flaccid and I am impotent and sterile. When I am sexually aroused, my clittie will not get erect; but will become engorged and grow to a little more than 2 inches. Conequently, I dress in panties, garte belts, black mesh stockings and other feminin lingerie. I eagerly and willingly submit to men with Bigger Cocks......I will instantly fall to my knees an begin touching, fondling and playing with a Big Cock as I prepare to kiss, lick, suck and worship it......and......of course, the ultimate submission is to BEG Big Cock Real men to fuk my nice, tight, white PUSSY.....  
  ms. karli kunt  
  Most men are bigger than me, but I can always tell the ones that are much bigger by the way they carry themselves and the confidence they exude. I always find myself acting like a timid, shy little girl around these types of men, feeling reminded of the difference between a real man and me. I always defer completely to these superior men, and on the suggestion of an ex-girlfriend I always wear either panties or diapers to remind myself that I\'m not a real man at all.  
  Maxie Pad  
i am 4 3/4 long and 4 1/4 in girth, sould i become a femmy sissy slut to serve big cock ao still be a man
  i love the humiliation when someone sees my little tiny sissy dick  
  sissy queer john  
  i think its important to show Real Men respect just by letting them know status ,that you'l submit to them and that you can't please women  
  my dick is two inches soft and 4 hard i wear tightie wighties b.c. my gf said im a little boy so i have to wear them and willnot let me have sex only watch jer masterbate and have sex i had to let a guy fu*k me in the ass jus so i could eat my gf out and i get diapers put on and her friends pick on me if yu wanna talk or see how little i am or make me bow and do whatever hmu 614-3269477 or  
  little willy drew  
  Show your respect for a real man`s cock by sucking it to completion and drinking his warm, tasty piss..  
  I let a big cocked ,real man fuck my girlfriend, then lick off his cock and suck out his dripping cum from her hot pussy. If he wants I`ll even suck him stiff again with the girlfriend watching and take another load of his many sperm into my worthless gullet!  
  at all times i wear panties a bra high heels stockings skirts and blouses and address all real Men regardless of age as Sir and of course have taken a girl name leaving Men's names for real Men. i am properly obedient to Real Men at all times  
  sissy andrea  
  Yes you little ones.... drink our piss and prey to our manhoods. your wifes want us not you.  
  i think all small cock sissy sluts should be in rest rooms on thiere knees serving as piss holes and sucking us real men off.  
  There is only way to show respect to a real man. Drop to your knees, suck him to completion, swallow his seed, then if the man is willing spread those cheeks. I say this being a small cocked looser - welcome to my world  
  I showed respect for the bigger man one time. "loser sucks winner" in a size battle with my cousin Mike, two years younger then me. I lost and sucked. Two days later, I came back and asked to suck him again. One simple bet made me crave cum and one small dick made me a cocksucker for life!  
  No - need to suck a real mans piss just hold his cock for him  
  theres nothing like dropping to my knees pulling out a real mans rock hard cock and making love to it with my mouth till it gives up all it hot sweet cream to my throat  
  sissy queer john  
  I have been trained to love my Master's cock and to take it deep in my throat and gag on it. He says he owns me and that I now have a pussy throat that he can fuck as he wishes. He says that now that he has made me his bitch it is time to start wearing lipstick for him so that he can see the mark that I will leave on his thick cock when I am on my knees kissing it.  
  sissy slut in training  
  I show respect by obeying all orders. And also make surevi swallow every dropmof hot cum.  
  I recently became a black owned sissy. I show respect to my superior daddy by getting on my knees and opening my mouth wide for his thick 10 inch beast. He made me dress in lingerie and suck his cock on camera so he could show all his friends. I don't even find myself attracted to girls anymore. All I ever want to do is be on my knees, servicing real men.  
  I now am made to call any man my wife brings home ,Sir and wear my panties and bra and ask him to please do what I could never do and give my wife his real man cock and a climax ,then made to suck his cock clean when he has finished giving her real sex I must then kiss his feet and admit I am a tiny dicked little sissy and serve him and my wife in everyway untill he leaves  
  Sissy Brucie  
  I was a boss of a small firm and hid my tiny clit with a lot of bravado til one day my secretary surprised me in the john she told everybody in our small office and two of my men came on to me and as a result I am thier sissy and give them and my secrtary oral when ever they want I also wear panties and thigh hi now at my secrtary' orders I was always frustrated sexually but now I love being a real sissy  
  sissy leelee  
  I wear panties or thongs and act worshipful, I put my head in his lap and look up at him seeking permission. I kiss and nuzzle his tool until it gets real hard and then I unzip him. God, he's wearing boxers, so real man. I lick and kiss his tool before taking it in my mouth and applying all the suction I can. All the time I am moaning and wiggling my butt, hoping and hoping he'll want my pussy. Please, please . . . taake me  
  I wear nighties and panties and nylons - i dress up and go to bed with my wife but do not have sex with her anymore. My best friend who has a much larger cock is now fucking her and me. Funny thing is I love sucking his big cock and she loves watching it. We are big happy family now and I'm a little pussy bitch that like it in the ass.  
  Sissy Pete  
  i took a vow to always submit to any man larger than me. After many years, from when i was convinced i was bi to today, as a sub bottom cock sucker,i have never met a man i didnt have to submit to.  
  i always call my wifes lover "Sir" and I'm always very respectfull to him because he's bigger and much better than me.  
  I would love to be another mans sissy cocksucking cum swallowing whore, buffalo ny
  At school age 15 my best friend Andy first saw my 2 inch winkie while dressing for sports his cock was 7 inches soft he liked to humiliate me in the school toilets in front of boys making me take his cock out for a pee and to shake it and put it back in to his trousers and he made me call him sir at all times in later years my wife asked me about my experiences with having a small winkie and was interested to hear about the size of Andy`s cock they became regular lovers giving her the real cock that she needed I always thank him for pleasuring my wife with a thank you sir or sometimes master I also show respect to all men by calling them sir with my head bowed  
  Sissy Rachel  
  a follow up As the owner of a small business my secretary outed me to my male workers and I became their sissy My secretary loved to make me wear panties and thigh hi's and serve her oally and then one day she pissed in my mouth and told the other two men and that became a morning ritual. One day my secretary invited me to her house and when we got there she insisted on putting me in a dress and then a couple of weeks later I moved in with her and dresses fem when at home with her We would cruze the clubs and she would get all the sex she wanted I got all the oral sex I wanted from her and the guys who we picked up my cock was so small that it never showed as a bump under my skirt..even when it was hard  
  I show respect by always swallowing the cum. I will lick up and down to make sure it is all cleaned up. Make sure to lick his balls and all the way up his cock.  
  I have a male boss who is a strong alpha male. He is kind of strict with me, which I think is pretty reasonable. (I'm pretty immature and irresponsible.)When he is mad at me, he calls me into his office and makes me perform fellatio on him. I'm always careful to put on a good "show" for him (kissing, licking, fondling, blowjob stares etc.) and I swallow every drop when he comes in my mouth. One time that I didn't do that...well, I don't ever want to see him that angry again! Boy, did I get the whooping I deserved that day!  
  i was taught some time ago to not call my little embarassment a dick, a cock, or a penis. To do so was an insult to mankind in general. It is a clit, and my mouth and my ass are to be used for the pleasure of Real Men, who are my Superiors and  
  I show respect by taking orders and swallowing cum.  
  a girl that I loved all my life turn me sissy she now has a husband that calls me his bitch i tried to fight it but i think about sucking him a being on my knees worshiping him.  
  My boyfriend is much bigger than I, but I love it, when he wants to sex he just takes me. When he pulls out his big cock I just melt, I drop automatically to my knees, submitting to his manhood feels so natural to me  
  You show respect by blowing them while they're on the toilet.  
  that's the best just go to your knee's and enjoy!  
  so much has changed since I last wrote My secretary moved but not before leaving me a year and an half supply of hormones which she said would keep me sissy fem for any man How right she was I left work and set up a sissy glory hole in the back of my garage and put my ad on Craigs list I sit there all day waiting for big cocks Once a guy saw my tiny clit and laught and slapped it so hard I cried He then pushed my ball into my belly followed by my clit being pushed up there too and he put duct tape over the whole area so I could not feel anything at all he put a small hole in the tape to pee and the sat there with me watching me blow guys It was a wicked scary wonderful day but watching my tits grow is exciting too  
  I show respect by taking every order . I will make sure I swallow every drop of his cum. Then lick it all clean.  
  If we are both naked (shower room) then we both know who has the superior cock. I will show him the respect due to him because of his greater manhood, as I would respect a better athlete.
I have come to believe that large cocked men are more highly evolved and highly sought by women. For this, large cocks are deserving and entittled to repect from all.
  I regularly buy men with Magnum-sized cocks condoms. Over the years, I have met many guys who have really big dicks, and buy them boxes at a time so that they can fuck pussy. It turns me on knowing that my 4.5 in dick could never please a woman, so I enjoy helping real men who can.  
  I show my respect by sucking their huge cocks on my knees in front of them. They decide whether to shoot their cum in my mouth or all over my face. I often take their cocks in my boy pussy for their pleasure. It is my role in life and I accept that they are my superiors and real men, which I can never be.  
  Too small 4 women  
  My best friend discovered my tiny cock. He didn't say much at first, but then he started ordering and slapping me around. He constantly berates me, calling me names like, pussy, faggot, cocksucker. Also, he'll have me reach in his shorts in front of the other boys to scratch his nuts. My mom told me to just listen to him and do what he tells me. She said, "he has the penis-therefore he is a man and he has the right to make the rules." I do the best I can. It makes sense finally.  
  Where the fuck are all you cock craving sissy faggots when I need one. I always though I was average at 8 inches  
  Mr Wolf  
  I show respect for real men by wearing pink lingerie to show my tiny cock is more feminine than masculine and by letting them fuck my gorgeous wife whilst humiliating me about being bigger and better than me  
  Tiny loser cock  
  Today I was forced to suck a black cock while others watched. It turned into him face-fucking me. The cock was way too thick halfway done. I just couldn't open my jaw that wide. The BBC didn't care if my teeth scraped him. He gapped the back of my head and pushed it hard, really hard down his cock as he swelled and pumped his thicK load of seed into me. I gagged and when he finished I gasped to breathe and his thick cum was drooling out of my mouth and nose. My sinuses were filled with semen. It was starting to clump up in my nose as everyone laughed and jeered me.
I hope I earned their respect.
  My wife caught me naked on my knees and sucking the neighbors 7" cock. She watched for a while and startled me as he pumped his cum load down my throat. She slapped me on the face as his cum bubbled out of my nose. She grabbed me by the hair and yelled that that cock wasn't even big.
Two nights later she was laughing as her big black uncut bull jammed his cock down my throat. I was seeing stars as I couldn't breathe as he was balls deep with that big cockhead shooting cum directly into my belly.
  I was ordered to be a slave for the day with a dominant huge cocked man. I believed him when I was told that his true, accurate cock size was 8.5" with a head like a plum.
I crawled on my hands and knees with 2 other slave boys. One guy ejaculated before even reaching his cock. He just spurted on the carpet.
I was ordered to jack myself while sucking him.
I only lasted about a minute before I squirted.
At that moment he jammed his cock in my throat and the cum was so forceful that it shot out of the sides of my lips.
The mistress was pleased. I felt very useful for the first time in my life. I knew my purpose was to be a great cocksucker.
I am getting better my mistress tells me.
I respect real cock now.
I worship real cock.
I dream of real cock.
I exist solely for real cock.
Nothing else.
  luv wearing my panties and hose while on my knees for a real man/men. wife doesn't care as long as I share these men with her now and then.  
  My son Andrew is much better hung than I am. When he got back from the service, he moved back in and took over as the man of the house. I have to be nude whenever I am at home and do all of the household chores. I also have to kneel in his presence, call him Sir, and take his huge cock on my mouth at least daily and in my ass (which is sheer agony) at least weekly.  
  pindick dad  
  My family moved to a new city when I was in middle school.
I wanted to be friends with the guys in my new neighborhood.
I had to prove my worth to them to be accepted.
One boy tested me by wrestling me to the ground. My shorts ripped and my penis was exposed to the group watching us.
They all laughed and one of the leaders girlfriend yelled out that I was only good for a cum dump sissy.
I resisted and tried to show my worth as a man.
That's when the first guy told me to shut up. He pulled out his thick uncut cock and jammed it into my mouth. I gagged and squirmed but she held my head against the ground as he pumped his cum into my mouth.
She yelled out "Who's next?"
Another huge cock forced was forced into my throat and blasted more cum into me. I lost track of time and was so extremely exhausted that I don't really remember all. Later I was getting to stand up to go home when I saw that my shirt was soaked with cum. My hair was wet with sticky cum too. A guy and his girl laughed and said that 14 cocks dumped their cum in me and I puked up nothing but cum as I passed out.
The girl laughed as she saw that my little penis was still stiff. She wiped up a glob of spunk frm my neck and pushed it into my mouth and nose and said I was a keeper.
That was 2 years ago. Today I regularly get face fucked by the guys. The girls have accepted me as a cum slut, but the guys only talk to me when they have stuffed their cock into my throat.
Finally I feel my worth as a dedicated cocksucker.
I now LOVE being the best cocksucker in the neighborhood.
Did I say I love cock and being brutally face fucked in front of groups of both guys and girls!?!??
  You always worship big cock, drop to your knees anywhere or get somewhere somewhat secluded and suck that wonderful cock and swallow that sweet cum. You do this out of respect for the COCK... I LOVE THE COCK... jamest48 @ msn . com  
  Sissy Seanette  

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