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Big cock advices



For the select few men with huge cocks, the world offers a stunning buffet of sexual options. Women, couples and even men are drawn to the presence of an huge member. Here is a complete guide to getting the most out of your massive cock. From developing a reputation to tips on getting it seen and felt, it will help you develop your repertoire to maximize the effect of a large penis.

Limited Number Of Big Cocks

Studies have shown that fewer than 3% of all men have a penis that is more than 7 1/2 inches in length. Even fewer hit the 9+ mark. For those that do, the world offers a sumptuous array of tantalizing sexual options. In great demand at swingers parties and for hotwives who need bulls, the men with large penises are the absolute dream. Sheer numbers work dramatically to your advantage. Women are drawn to men with big penises, both for the image and the sexual pleasure that it brings.

Spread The Word

If you've got the goods, this section will mostly take care of itself as word spreads regarding your natural endowment. But it doesn't hurt to do a little PR work once in a while to get the message out. Never brag directly about being "well hung". Most women won't believe it anyway. Stick to making small comments about the types of condoms you use (Large Size) or your aversion to bikini style briefs for men (no way).

Women Love A Big Cock

Make no mistake, there are a large percentage of women who admit to lusting after larger, thicker cocks. Even more are turned on by thinking of an oversized, engorged penis. And even for women who report no extra stimulation from a large member, most of them are turned on by the sight and feel of a big penis in their hands.


Especially when having sex with a new partner, you'll often find yourself literally stretching them to their limits. Different types of women have different types of limits, but you can count on several positions to really take them to the limit. Because of their internal wiring, most women are susceptible during doggie style sex. You also have a great deal of leverage, especially if you position yourself above her love canal and probe downwards into her. At times, you'll struggle to stuff more than half of your penis into her tight hole. With time, most women can be taught or stretched enough to comfortably take you from a variety of positions. But be careful, as you're wielding a mighty tool for the task.

 Using Your Big Cock

Above all else, make sure you take it slow. Your partner may have longed for a big cock but it is unlikely they have ever experienced a big cock in its full glory. Make sure to work in every last inch to ensure that they don't miss a single inch/centimeter of pleasure. A great technique is to thrust it all the way in, then use your hips to make circular motions, grinding the shaft all around. You'll be probing away at full depth, a sensation most women crave deeply.

Big Cock Sex

When giving you a blowjob, most women will begin to come to terms with the actual size of your cock. In their mouth, it feels even bigger than it looks. Many women will forget that they're giving you pleasure and just try to climb aboard at this moment, so you have to keep them focused on what they're doing.

Start her out by using the tip of your cock to bulge out the inside of each cheek. Give it a good push to really accentuate the bulging sensation. Next, have her slide her head deeper and deeper onto the shaft. Most women will not even be able to get 1/3 of the way down before hitting their gag reflex. If you can get them to keep swallowing, once it gets past the gag reflex, they will have actually swallowed the shaft into their throat. The sky is the limit for how far you can go, but be careful and go slow, as you are in very sensitive ground. Try blasting a load deep down her throat until she learns to love and keep your sperm in her mouth to taste it more.

Great care must be taken when experimenting with anal sex for the first time. Because the anus feels so tight on your cock, you will get the urge to try to cram every last inch in as fast as humanly possible. If you do that, you will nearly maim your partner, so hold off the urge, use lots of lubricant and slowly work your big cock in. Go deep for her so she can experience those sensations only you can provide.

Swinger Parties

Often, you'll see swinger parties that are "couples only". In reality, most of them accept exceptional single men, preferably those with large cocks. I've seen women fight over my cock, because it was the biggest in the room. Don't ever be ashamed of being the biggest one in the room. More often than not, it works to your advantage. Be sure to take a good look around the room as you'll want to ensure that you make the best selection, not the first to offer.

 In social life

 You will always be admired by men with smaller penises. The smaller, the more they will look up to you and treat you as their superior.

 “One guy who's kinda "submitted" to me because my penis is much bigger than his, but he's not the only one. Ever so often I find other males doing that too, and I don't mind. It feels right in some way that a smaller bro should show some respect for a bigger bro, just like it is in the animal world. After all, humans are just sophisticated animals and the idea that there are Alpha-Males, beta-males, and even gamma-males still strikes a cord with me.

To me, guys often show respect by letting me sit in the most comfortable chair if you are at home with someone, offer to fetch a beer or offer me a ride home even if it's the complete opposite direction for them. And they often become even more eager to please if we are in a situation when my penis size is visible, such as the beach or in the locker room.

It feels right, especially as they seem to think that it feels good to be a big cocked Male to please”.

You will have all possibilities to live the nice life worthy men like you deserve to live.





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