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Big penis = life



Of all instincts, there is one more important than any other, the instinct to replicate, ensure the breed's survival. This is for women the mother instinct, the need to become mothers. This instinct is necessary and women also have the instinct to make sure that the breed replicates as well as possible. They do not want just any man but the strongest, most dominant and masculine male to become father of her children. Women choose males that appear strong and healthy, thus likely to possess genes and give rise to healthy offspring. One reason women will feel more attracted to men with bigger cocks is that having a larger penis has one real evolutionary advantage. It allows the male to deliver the sperm farther into the woman's birth canal, slightly increasing the chance for the sperm to impregnate the ovum.

"...all female animals, including humans, do best to mate with males bearing good genes to pass on to their offspring; however, females have no direct way to assess the quality of a male’s genes. But suppose that a female somehow became genetically programmed to be sexually attracted to males with a certain structure that gives those males some advantage at surviving - a slightly longer penis, say, that made the male a better male. Males with the preferred penis would thereby gain an additional advantage, because they would now transmit their genes to more offspring. Females preferring males with the longer penis would in turn gain an advantage because they would transmit the genes for that elongated structure to their sons, who would in turn survive better and also be chosen by females with such a preferrence."

There are some automatic functions and instincts we can notice only sometimes. Like suddenly feeling we need and want to eat something (it could be a fruit, nut or something else) we might not have eaten for years and normally never want to eat. The reason we suddenly desire this food is that the brain remembers what effect it had last time we ate it, even if it was years ago. We now need the nutrient this food contains and therefore we want it. Some feelings we have for certain things, we just cannot explain, some things we just hate, some things we automatically like when we see or hear about them. The human penis is significantly larger than most animal penises in proportion to their body size. Maybe it is an inherited instinct to want men who have bigger cocks.

A big erect penis is a sign of good health. Many different diseases cause the penis to become smaller and unable to have an erection. It is in a woman's nature to choose a well endowed man to become the father of her children.


The article below is fictional but surely, there are many reasons to assume that men with bigger cocks live a more successful, happy life. A life with people admiring them, respecting them, idolising them, submitting to them and with sex partners who do all they can to give them the pleasure they deserve.

Men with Big Penises Live Longer, Happier, More Satisfying and Productive Lives

Duke University, NC- After decades of research by sociologists, psychologists, statististions, anthropologists and astrologers it has been determined, without any doubt, that men with large penises live longer, happier, more satisfying and productive lives.

"We've suspected it all along, but we needed evidence to support it," says Dr. Lester Longdong-Silver.

"Now, after all these years we have conclusive proof that well endowed men are happier, live longer and are just generally better than their smaller counterparts."

The study only took into account men who died from natural causes only. Men who died car accidents, farming and industrial accidents and freak accidents, like being struck by lightning in a movie theater were not taken into account.

Men who were victims of foul play, be it by a jilted lover who found out her well endowed partner was fooling around with a better looking woman or by a cuckhold husband who catches a well endowed man in mid coitus with his wife were not counted either.

Strangly enough (or perhaps not) was there were no suicides involving men with big penises.

When Dr. Longdong-Silver was asked what actually constituted a penis as being large, he simply laughed.

"Oh, a man knows when he has a a big dick. After years of locker rooms and group showers, they know."

When asked if there was any way for smaller men to beat the odds of leading a miserable, pathetic existence, Dr. Longdong-Silver shook his head.

"No, I'm afraid there isn't. Not yet anyway."

The doctor went on to say, "Since the scientists here at Duke found out the results of our study, research on cures for debilitating diseases such as Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's Desease, Cystic Fibrosis, Altzheimers, and every type of cancer have been put on hold indefinately. But a remedy will likely be a long time coming."

I suppose it's up to this reporter to offer some hope and encouragement for those who are lacking. So, here it is:

Don't worry, men out there with teeny weenies; you'll be dead soon.




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