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Being used by real men


Smalldicks are turned on by the power men have from the moment they know they have a larger penis than the smalldick. It is a turn-on for them, being more dominant, masculine and superior on the masculinity power hierarchy. Some men get off on the envy, watching the small-endowed guy admire his bigger one. Some men will show off their penises to guys with smaller ones and play with his insecurity. For others, it is the comparison that is the turn-on — a big penis next to a small penis. Men instinctively know the smalldicks will show them respect and be obedient if they decide to use them.

Even if a smalldick has no plan to become submissive to a real man, from the crucial moment when his little dick is exposed to a real man - and when the man sees his little dick - they are no longer equals. As the man feels more worthy, the smalldick also feels less worthy than the man.

    Penis envy is mentioned much in articles about smalldicks. It probably seems natural a smalldick would feel envy for real men, maybe they do at an early state of their awareness of their lack of manhood and to men in general. Envy is however not the feeling they will have for a man whose penis they saw in person and had their dick exposed to.  
    They will rather feel the opposite of envy; being happy for his luck of having a big penis, feel admiration for him, respect him and wish him the best. The smalldick feels that the man is important and worthy.   
    A smalldick will look up to a real man, whether he wants to or not. The man will feel his power and he will either use it or not. When a situation appears, where the smalldick can be helpful in some way, it will feel right both for the man and the smalldick to let the smalldick do him favours. The smalldick will feel a kind of pride in being helpful, refusing or avoiding to help the man would feel wrong in several ways, it would be like trying to ignore what he saw - the man's bigger penis. Ignoring it would be ridiculous and even insulting as the smalldick is only too aware of the importance of penis size. He has no reason to insult the man and he definitely does not want to do it.  
    Depending on the man's wishes to use the smalldick or not, he will take advantage of the situation more or less. If he makes a test by asking for a minor favour, he will see how the smalldick follows his wishes. Some men will not take advantage of the smalldick while other find it exciting and useful to let him serve him more.  
    Some men seem to feel instinctively, even without needing to see the smalldicks little dick, that they have an inferior smalldick ready to be used. They increase their power over him slowly, demanding more of him, some combine it with showing him their big penises regularly. They let him become their little obedient arrend boy and servant. Some do not have a persoal relation to him but they use him by exploiting him in other ways.  
    In any other situation, the smalldick might not accept to be used but when it is done by a man who does it because he knows he has a bigger penis, it cannot feel anything but right. He demonstrates his higher position as man, he shows that he knows that the smalldick is no real man, he proves what the smalldick has always thought and felt about himself; that he is an inferior male, who now has his chance to serve the man who is everything he once hoped to be. His hopes now can only be to watch the man have power, happiness and good life he deserves. He feels a pride in contributing to it, even if the man makes him pay for it.  
    There is nothing more fantastic than a man who is aware of his superiority and who uses it, without hesitation when there is an insecure smalldick to exploit.  
    For a smalldick, the most impressing men are the men who order them to do things for them, who demand favours and never thank them or do anything back for them in return. The smalldick will obey, work for them, sacrifice his free time, be polite, take all kind of insults and humiliating comments, complaints and orders from the men. When they are ready for the day, they will only think of the men they served, happy to know how the men loved to use them and hoping to be even more useful for them.  
    Some men know when there is an insecure smalldick to use. If they do not have the chance to use them in a private situation, they might just get a power kick by being mean to them by being rude or by insulting and humiliating them. Some go further, as in the story below, where the shop owner uses a smalldick by over charching him. Read Bobby's fantastic true stories below.  
Recently I was in Boston getting on the T and having a little bit of trouble using the charlie car machine. A big old guy who works for the MBTA was there came by and started telling me how to do it in a really harsh way. I actually wasn't having that much trouble with it but was surprised by how hostile, aggressive and rude his (completely unsolicited) "help" was. He was basically yelling at me and made me a little nervous but I liked it, so I acted as if I was still stuck and he got even more frustrated with me and openly contemptuous. When I accidentally cancelled the transaction he yelled at me 'can't you read?!' I jst kept stammering 'sorry, sorry,' looking at the ground, acting as if I was scared of him.  He was a litlte taller than me, pretty overweight, much older. He was basically barking at me. I tried to act as pathetic and helpless as possible, and he definitely looked at me as if I was the dumbest guy he'd ever seen. I was overly thankful, "thank you so so much," and he just sneered in disgust. I wished I had added a submissive "Sir." I also wished I had played so dumb that he would have taken the card or cash out of my hand and done it himself. On the train I thought about what if I shakingly handed him a 10 or 20 in pathetic gratitude? Or went back into the train station and grabbed him a cup of coffee and a donut,  then brought it back to him like a lap dog? Maybe start coming through that stop regularly and always brining him it so he begins to rudely expect it and whatever else he wanted. 
From now on I will try to put myself in that sort of position more.
    Being drawn towards people ripping you off and exploiting you. I have always gotten a thrill out of this and seemed to bring out that cruel spark in men. I am routinely overcharged by cashiers and pushed around by strangers. this blows me away how much it resembles my behavior and mindset. before i even knew it had to do with my undeveloped penis, i was drawn to men pushing me around or taking advantage of me. i've always gotten a frustrating little rush when strangers cut me and i let them. there's a bodega i frequent where everytime i go i get charged a little bit more for the same things. the middle eastern guy behind the counter has gotten more and more bold with it, smiling broadly when i enter, calling me names in Arabic that I can only assume are demeaning because they make the other works laugh in my face. the last time he actually just snatched the $10 out of my hand and kicked me out of the store. he brazenly charged me $10 for a water bottle and a bagel.

Three men seem to man the register, it seems like there’s a big boss and his two younger brothers. The brothers are openly disdainful of me but the boss is the one who really takes advantage of me.

Convenience stores are a rip-off generally, but this place is really costing me money and I love walking by it every day and getting a sinking feeling in my stomach, knowing I’m letting those men rip me off constantly. The main boss no longer rings me up, he’ll just slowly look down at what I’m buying, then stare at me in contempt and spit out “ten” or “twenty” which I obligingly hand over, even when what I’m buying shouldn’t cost more then 3 bucks. I’ve also been “tipping” him every time I go there, so know he expects it, holding out his big fat hairy hand each time after I pay.

There are plenty of good grocery stores near me but I like trying to buy as much as I can at the bodega to feel foolish and dependent on them, and also see how much I can get ripped off. Recently when I went there I bought a number of ‘grocery’ type items even though no one ever buys them. I meekly went to the counter and laid all my purchases down. The big boss looked over everything, then separated the carton of milk and OJ I was buying, the eggs, and the yogurt from everything else. He scowled at the side of the carton of milk then placed it back down. Looking me dead in the eye, he raised a finger at me and said slowly, purposefully “Wait.”He then yelleed out to one of his brothers in his language, who took the segregated items back to the refrigerator. The younger man returned with a new carton of milk, OJ, eggs and a yogurt. The big fat man looked at the side of the milk and OJ now and grunted approval. He was reading the expiration date. He then barked at me $50 dollars. 50 dollars for OJ, milk, eggs, yogurt, bread, peanut butter, and a few cans of beans. After paying and tipping generously, I read the expiration dates on the milk, OJ, eggs and beans. All of them were well past the expiration date. He saw me reading this and saw my face drop, and he and his brother both laughed openly at me, long loud and cruel. They were forcing me to buy products they could never sell to anyone else. I thanked them both profusely, bowing slightly, and left.

When I got home, I looked at the expired products he had brazenly sold to me, that he insisted that I buy. The eggs seemed fine, and the OJ, while a little sour, was still potable. The milk, though, reeked, and sloshing it around in the carton I could hear that it had started to solidfy. It was a week and a half expired. I almost wanted to try some of it, just because he had made me buy it, but I thought better and threw it out.

I think tonight I'll stop by and see if they have any condoms for men with our 'shortcomings.'


Exploited by my neighbor

Read the story, click here





  It seems right for me to be laughed at by Arab's too!
Bitch Dick Joey
  What a great story. It very hot that he is exploited by his neighbor.  
  Your story made me realize things about myself I'd never thought of before.  
  When I did my military service when I was young, I was once left alone in the barracks I thought. I went and took a shower in the evening when another guy came in and were showering too. We knew each other a bit so we started talking while he took off his clothes. When he took off his underpants, he proved to have a giant cock. He so how my eyes were there, and he smiled and said what do you think your girlfriend would say if she got some real cock, for once. I felt I was blushing when he grabbed my head and pulled it down and then he said do not be shy you can taste it. A bit like in a trance, I took it in his mouth and felt it was growing in my mouth and he slowly began to mouth fuck me. He kept a slow steady rhythm until he came in my mouth and I swallowed like a good boy. He grinned a little patting me on the head and went out. After that I was his errand boy the rest of the time. A few months later so he fucked my girlfriend a few weeks after it broke up with me, do not know why but probably because she had a taste of real cock. I have since always felt admiration and respectability for those who have a big cock and it's obvious they are the real men.  
  Plz use me  
  My buddies use to humiliate and use me all the time. I'd get slapped or punched in the face if I did something wrong. They would all the time say things to me to make me less, well, to ensure I knew I was less. They would always ask if this or that made my pussy wet. Truthfully, I'd often masturbate to the way they treated me, so I guess it did make me wet...  
  I am so dumbfounded having found this site...I can relate to things. Dale hit the nail on the head. I just started my sophmore year of H.S. I am not very athletic and my best friend has started using me and talking down to me ever since he saw me naked in the locker room. I mean, I guess I am small...but whu should that matter. Craig has started getting aggressive with me and it makes me nervous. He gets mad if I don't do something he tells me to quick enough and he has slapped me a couple of times and called me a pussy. He is considerably know...downstairs. But I don't deserve to be treated this way do I? I may tell my parents or the school administrators. But I don't want to lose my friend. I don't know why he is being this way.  
  Dale, isn't that fucking awesome? The same would happen to me almost daily, at school, in front of people at home...wherever. Real, bad ass dudes like that are the shit. My buddies talked and treated me however they wanted, they took my money, made fun of me slapped me around like a bitch (obviously) got my girlfriend pregnant, in front of me. Unfortunately, out of all my childhood friends, I got stuck with the non-dick. Middle school is when I got found out by them and they were relentless. I wished a lot, growing up, that I could be a real male or if not, I wished they would treat me better. Pfft...then I came to reality and realized that they are Men and they had the right to treat me just as they saw nature intends it. It is good to know that I might have been able to help these real men...who used to be my peers on their developmental path. I was a grade behind them, so when they graduated they moved on...or they no longer had use for me, in retrospect that is no surprise. What was surprising is one of my buddies little brother, totally humiliated me at school when he came there as a freshman. He started by horning in on this girl I was talking to (her and I were seniors at the time). I guess I had it coming when I back-talked him after he interupted the two of us. BIG MISTAKE. Well, I learned the hard way (I don't think us boi bitches are really smart i guess). Without hesitation, he slapped the taste out of my mouth. Now, the girl who I was trying to talk to had a look of pure shock, hand covering her mouth. Slightly, her hand started to fall and she let out a giggle. I don't know what I was thinking, but I started to protest and was quickly made silent again, by the second, good firm pop across my face. Needless to say I was done talking and ready to hear what that freshMAN had to say. He told me to wait there and to keep my cocksucker shut. He got the chicks # that I was talking to, then he turned to me and basically told me that just because his brother had graduated didn't change the fact that I was a lil bitch...his bitch. He told me I was going to be doing all of his homework and whatever else he thought of. He gave me one more slight lil slap and asked me if I understood. Of course I said timidly, y-y-ye-yes sir. He chuckled and walked off....Such a bad-ass. Of course, I was a busy boy (umm, bitch. my bad..sorry) that year. He railed that girl I liked and of course many others. It did suck at times, but those men deserve to live how they want and there is no excuse for my masculine "shortcomings" ALPHA MALES DO IT BETTER!  
  Some examples of the only use for small dicks:


  It is trough the total satisfaction and genuine total and utter pleasure I feel when i am naked in bed with a dominant muscular real man the feeling of his hard hot hairy body brushing against my smooth feminine girly legs as i run my hand over his crotch the absolute and total arousal i feel when i wrap my fingers round a huge sweating erection absolutely rock hard a hardness that littledicks could only dream of achieving the urge to totally and utterly devote every fiber of my being to his pleasure and total satisfaction is overwhelming words cant explain the pleasure i receive when im lowering my face onto his crotch my mouth only centimeters from his throbbing erection knowing i am only seconds away from taking his moist glistening head into my mouth and tasting the unique and mouth watering flavor of a juicy cock i genuinely love the taste of another man's erect penis i would regularly lower my head under the blankets rest my head on his crotch and smell his penis i love the smell of cock i become so aroused by doing this by the time i start to suck him off my tiny little clit dick is so sensitive there is a very real chance of me orgasming without even touching it as i think with a lot of men with tiny dicks premature ejaculation is a very real and regular occurrence when i gave my next door neighbor blowjobs i hated it when he insisted on rubbing my little tadger as i serviced him it would always result in me cuming extremely hard and extremely quickly ruining the utter pleasure i get from having another guys big hard cock in my mouth i am genuinely more happy making sure i give him complete satisfaction from the moment i touch it until the moment he pumps squirt after squirt of his t hot thick creamy cum into my mouth and over my face and when id done my job i go into the toilet and wank myself off cuming in seconds but at the end of the day im just the little sissy the cock sucker if the real man wants to fiddle with my little Weiner while im giving him a blow job i just have to accept it and make do as best as i can  
  I was on the public bus, yesterday & got the last seat. A few miles later when the bus was really full, a real manly guy got on and squeezed his way toward me. He had a nice really manly bulge showing in his tight jeans. He stood in front of me, with that huge bulge almost in my face. There was no where to look & I couldn't take my eyes off it. He looked down & could see me starring at it. He got a smirk on his face & I could see him starting to get a huge hardon. "What the hell you looking at faggot?" he said, loud enough for everyone on the bus to hear. "Sorry, sir" I answered, but still couldn't stop looking."Fuck you kid"He answered,"I'v been working all day. Get your ass off that bench & give it to me!" I got up at once and gave my seat to the real-man, who I knew deserved it. Everyone on the bus looked at me & i'm sure they realized that I was an inferior smalldick. I knew that as a beta guy, I was giving this alpha male the proper treatment he desirved.  
  little tiny tim 19  
  Last week I was running out of clean cloths, so did a really big laundry. When I was hanging it on the line, the only thing I had to wear was a pair of thong-underware. The thong was really tight & just bearly covered my tiny pee pee. There was really no bulge to speak-of. Well, just my luck, the guy who lives next store came out while I was in the yard. I'm in my early 20's & he's an older guy, I'd guess in his late 40's. We've never said two words to each other before, but I guess he had heard my name, so he said hello. I caught him checking out my body, but there was nothing I could do. He was unshaved & really sort of a mess, but even in his loose & fairly dirty jeans, I could spot a sizeable bulge. He went back into his building & I figured that was it. The next day, when I came out to collect my dry laundry, He came out again, carrying a big laundry bag. "Tim, you did such a good job on that stuff, how about doing a load for me?" As he asked me I could see that one of his hands was playing with his big dick inside his pants! "You don't mind do you, kid?" he said, as he started to get a big hard-on" What could I say."I'd be happy to ,sir" I answered. "Oh one more thing"He said, as he undid his belt and dropped his pants right there in the back yard. "This is really dirty" As he slipped off the jockstrap he was wearing & handed it to me. "I'v probably shot a few loads in this, & don't mind the piss stains. I'm sure a guy like you will get my streatched out jock nice & clean. Oh & by the way..if you want to sniff it be my guest. Just don't chew on it" Then he laughed,"You can slip it on if you want, I got a look at your 'panties' yesterday & don't think I'v got to worry about your streatching it out!" The next day when he came out to pick up his clean laundry he said,"You enjoyed doing my laundry, didn't you fag? From now on you can wash out my manly cloths once a week & I won't even charge you, but if you do a really good job, maybe I'll give you a load of my shorts & another jock..I'll even shoot a load in it, just for you, but you will have to pay me 20 bucks for that special treat. O>K> faggot?" I knew I would be this real mans laundry boy from now on!  
  little tiny tim 19  
  It's only been a few weeks but it's gotten much worse for me. Bill seems to think it's a great joke for me to do his laundry. He now expects me to do his wash every other day,[& for some reason, I just can't seem to say no]. Also now he has me do two bags of laundry, every time.[I think he's just stuffing extra clothes in there that aren't even dirty, just to see what he can get away with] For some reason I don't have the will power to speak -up to him. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking,;he's a real-man & I'm a worthless 'smalldick'...I just can't refuse him! It keeps getting worse however, now he almost stands over me when I'm hanging out the laundry & he always finds reasons to complane about the way I do everything . The other day when I didn't hang one of his shirts inside-out the way he likes it to dry, he called me a 'worthless piece of shit'. I just stood there and took it, even though tears were running down my cheeks. I don't know what got into me, but all I could say wa "I'm sorry, sir". He got a big smirk on his face & told me to stop working for a minute & run up stairs & get him a beer! I ran up three flights of stairs & took two bottles out of the fridg.[so he wouldn't make me run up again. ] When I handed him his beer, he didn't even say 'thank you'. Instead he balled me out, saying the second bottle wouldn't be cold by the time he wanted it. 'Your brain must be as small as your 'pecker'"He shot back,"Just hand me the other beer, I'll take it inside when we're through here. Now get back to work Timmy, I don't have all day" He knows my name is tim & I've never liked people calling me Timmy, but I just don't have the power to correct him & somehow it seems right when he says it ! Bill says we should spend more time together & I'm afraid I won't be able to say NO to him. He treats me like a stupid three year old, but somehow when he does this it feels right ! He also seems to think it's cute to slap me on the behind when we part company, then under his breath Ill hear,'Not to bad a job...fag,...don't worry we'll get you trained yet' and all I ever seem able to reply is "yes sir" or 'thank you .Bill" "What was that?".."I mean, thank you sir!"..[I just know in my heart of hearts, he's getting a hard-on in that bulging jock]  
  little tiny tim 19  
  I never considered myself of having a dick. As dicks were only found on males & even though I do have a very small penis. I always thought of it as my sissy clit and, I have been living full time as a girl since I was 7 years old. I am now 28.
Dicks & cocks are those wonderful things that the men who use my mouth & sissy pussy have. Not, me as I am a sissy.  
  I'm a gay male who fell in love w a man with the tiniest dick I've ever seen. He's the perfect bottom. Were in our twenties and I love having guys make fun of my boytoy cock sub. There's nothing like knowing you're the real man in the relationship. If you haven't tried using a small pricked cum hungry whore, try it. I tell him every drop of a real mans cum he swallows his small manhood may grow up into a real cock. ;)  
  I have had 2 cuckold marriages and both of my wives ignored my little 3.75" erection in favour of numerous well hung lovers. They both openly had multiple lovers and often forced me to suck cock. As a hetrosexual, I was at first disgusted by the idea of sucking another man's cock, but my first wife started me on cleaning duties lapping up her lover's cum from her wet and stretched pussy. I very soon got used to the taste and so the next obvious step was to suck a man and swallow cum straight from his spunking cock. Initially I was rewarded afterwards by being unlocked from chastity and allowed to wank myself off. So that was the routine lick and suck my wife's lover's cock after he had fucked her, or suck him off when commanded. I would then be released for my wank. However my second wife preferred not to release me and was very much sterner in her demands. I was left with no choice, suck cock and swallow cum when told. I was released about once a week and allowed a wank, or instead, I was 'milked' by my wife. I have lived alone for two years and my 2nd wife lives with one of her lovers. She now keeps me in permanent chastity and has forced me to have a 'tramp stamp' tattoo on my abdomen which reads 'I love sucking cock'. Very cleverly she has made it impossible for me to ever go with a woman now with my little locked up boycock and strategically placed tattoo. This has left me with no choice but to serve men and do what I do best, suck cock and swallow cum. Obviously being fucked in the ass is also part of my life now. I still feel hetrosexual, but I have grown to love cock very much. I find handling big cocks (anything over 6") and sucking cock a real turn on and I am now finding anal much more enjoyable, and I sometimes have a kind of climax where my cock leaks cum as my ass is filled with cock. I think it is interesting the way that I have been converted to cock and how my reluctance has now been replaced by a real and intense need to suck cock. I think I have become addicted to cock in a big way...!!! Loving my life serving men now. Big cocks rule...!!!  
  Too small 4 women  
  As I read the other stories in this section, they reminded me so much of similar things that have happened to me. It really is true that Boys and Men with huge dicks feel perfectly justified in taking advantage of tiny clittie little fem-bois like me. I was born with Klinefelter Syndrome (Google it) which means I am literally half male and half female. I have lots of feminine characteristics and my tiny clittie is less than 2 inches when fully erect and is normally "inverted" and totally invisible when I am flaccid. When I went to College, my Freshman Year room mate was about 6' 6" tall and had a gigantic schlong that hung down almost to his knees. He was a wealthy Jewish guy from New York City and he loved to brag how his father's Black Maid had seduced him when he was just a teenager when she saw how big his cock was. He loved walking around our dorm room totally naked just to tease and tantalize me when he discovered how tiny my little penis was. Of course, he would verbally tease, humiliate and emasculate me for having such a tiny dick. Since he slept on the top bunk and I slept on the bottom bunk, he would sometimes stand at the bunk naked, supposedly making his bed, arranging the sheets and the pillow for excessively long periods of time while he was naked. His Gigantic Big Dick would dangle, sway and flop about and sometimes it would even become erect because I think he knew when it was attracting my attention and was having an erotic impact on me. Just as one of the other stories described, he began giving me tasks to do for him once he discovered how tiny my penis was. It started out with me taking his clothes to my dry cleaners and then picking them up. If I tried to refuse or balked at doing something for him, he would threaten to tell everyone what a tiny penis I had. Pretty soon, I was running errands to the grocery store and book store for him. He would have me shine his shoes and press his pants. Then, he persuaded me to begin washing his sheets, pillow cases, underwear, socks and other washable items. When I got back to the dorm room, he would have me fold everything, make up his bed and put his other clothes in the dresser. I virtually became his little maid and he used to joke that I would look so cute in the French Maid's Uniform that his father's Black Maid would wear. When he came back from Christmas break, he brought a French Maid's Uniform with him and said he would pay me a $100 if I would wear it while tidying up our dorm room and making up his bed. I was very poor and really needed the money, so, reluctantly, I agreed to do it. He used to love watching me and told me that when I would bend over and show off the silky white panties that were part of the Maid's Uniform that it would give him an erection. Just to prove he wasn't lying, he started watching me work while he was nude and he would begin stroking and jerking off right in front of me as I tidied up the room. Then, he told me that his Black Maid used to give him massages and he really missed them. He offered to give me another $100 if I would give him a massage while wearing the French Maid's Uniform. Of course, he directed me how to massage his ass, balls and cock and manipulated me into giving him a hand job. In addition, he would force me to verbally humiliate myself by asking me to compare the size of his erect cock to my tiny little nubbin. Every week from then on, he wold pay me a $100 to massage him and give him a hand job. Right before Spring Break, he offered to pay my airfare and expenses if I would go home with him for Spring Break. He lived on a gigantic estate in Westchester County just outside New York City. When we arrived, I was surprised that his Mother and Father were both out of town and wouldn't be back for a couple of days. The only person at the house was the Black Maid who had seduced him. That night we drank a couple of bottles of wine and smoked some weed and then staggered back to his bedroom. He paid me a $100 to give him a massage and in the middle of it, offered me $500 if I would give him a Blow Job and let him fuck me. I was pretty drunk, pretty horny and his Big Cock really was delightful and yummy looking. I mean, after all, totally unknown to him, I had been letting Black Guys fuck me down at the YMCA and they didn't pay me anything. Moreover, I really needed the money soooo I agreed to do it. When I awoke the next morning, he told me that he had secret cameras installed in his bedroom and he started playing a videotape on the TV that he had made of me being fucked like a little bitch after slobbering all over his big cock. He matter of factly simply informed me that from that point on I would give him free regular massages, head and ass or he would make sure the video was widely disseminated around campus. For the rest of the year, I became his submissive little bitch-boi French Maid. Fortunately, he transferred to a more prestigious College in New England at the end of his Freshman Year.  
  It should be legally required for us small-dicked guys to defer to big-dicked real men. The punishment should include being forced to suck their cocks in full public view, every day for a set period, and other forms of public humiliation.  
  pindick: You should also have to do the walk of atonement.  
  Dan Donkey Dong  

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