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Ballbusting with small dicks 


Seeing a smalldicks' little ridiculous model of a cock sometimes makes women feel like laughing, sometimes disappointed and annoyed and sometimes feeling like punishing it for being so unsatisfying and worthless. Ballbusting is mostly an entertainment and a way to show that SIZE MATTERS.



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  The Bossy Girls are ready to give smalldicks the ballbusting they deserve.  









Below a site where women use their hands, feet, knees and whips to have fun with the little dicks



Poll: Ballbusting as a punishment for a small penis

  Ladies, when you are about to ballbust a naked man, and observe he has a small penis and/or tiny balls...

1. "I take particular notice of it, and preferably there are other Women present such that we can all laugh at him and humiliate him about his lack of manhood. He is then punished for his inadequacy by kicking him in his balls."
# of women responding: 139
% of total females responding: 59%

2. "I do not draw attention to his size or mention it."
# of women responding: 27
% of total females responding: 14%

3. "I take particular notice of it and incorporate my denigrating him into his ballbusting, punishing him for his lack of manhood." (this assumes she wants no other women to be part of it):
# of women responding: 52
% of total females responding: 27%

Total females responding to this ballbusting poll question = 192

The poll question also has a response for male recipients and was put there such that men do not skew the results by answering as a female.

In addition, a separate poll question was asked as to whether the women enjoyed laughing and smiling during ballbusting. 154 women responded to that poll question, of which approximate 90% responded in favor of "I enjoy laughter - it is like a "HAHA- We got you!!" and emphasized that Our fun is more important than his pain."

What I find interesting is that approximately 86% of all women interested in ballbusting men would prefer incorporating humiliation of their penis sizes into the ballbusting such that they could use his lack of manhood as a justification for kicking him in his balls. And further, the majority prefer other women present to see this as it further humiliates the man.
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Playing with smalldicks CAN be fun


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