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Talk about and apologize for your small dick



One big mistake for guys with small dicks is trying not to mention it when they meet a woman. Not one word they say about being small, just hoping she will not notice or say anything. This is probably an important reason they will have a bad sex life. From the first moment a woman sees a small dick, she will either think about how to leave the guy without hurting him, how to tell him, how to have pleasure with that little thing or how to combine having a relation with him and still be able to have sex with someone else who has a real penis.  
  These instant thoughts when seeing his little dick, will make her feel uncomfortable with him, another reason to leave him as quickly as possible. If she has any experiences of men, she knows that the sooner she leaves a man who means problems, the safer and better. And she will instinctively think about problems when she sees his dick.  
  Instead of taking a chance, giving him a chance to please her, she will hesitate and try to find a way out of this situation.  
  One mistake with not taking about his small dick is that the fact that he does not talk about it, makes her hesitate even more to take a chance with him. She can see how he avoids talking about his lack of real manhood, it is a sign that it will be difficult for her to talk about it if she will need to in future. He also gives the impression of either being unaware of his tinyness or selfish, not caring about her - only wanting to have sex with her for his own pleasure.  
  Put together all these negative facts - her disappointment, her doubts of getting pleasure or a chance to talk to him about his small dick, her feeling of being cheated into a situation she never intended to have by his silence, him not saying anything about his little dick either before she saw it nor now when she watches it - and the result to expect of this date is a catastrophy.  
  Depending on how small the dick is, there is still a chance the date will be a success. The smaller dick, the less chance, of course. But the smalldick never knows what she really thinks and that is another reason the relation and the sexual acts with her will go wrong because it will always make him worried and afraid it will end with her any day.  
  Both the woman and the smalldick will feel tense, insecure and have problems to relax together and enjoy sex together. They both know there is one thing they cannot mention - his dick - and that is a thing that feels most difficult to avoid talking about when trying to have sex.  
  Like men with normal penises, smalldicks have learned to act like men in all situations. So they do now also, when they meet a woman. A smalldick will try so hard to make her regard him as a man, no matter how in vain it is to try that. She will only believe what she can see, not what he wants her to think about him and she already saw his tiny dick. Nothing will change her thoughts about him after that, no matter what he does or says.  
  Nothing, except for one thing: Stop trying to act like a real man and just say "I know I have a very small dick". The moment he says this the whole situation will change instantly. Both the woman and the smalldick will suddenly feel the ice has broken. The unmentional thing has been mentioned. They no longer need to think of what to say to each other, being careful with their words or feeling worried. They can talk openly about his dick.  
  She will not think or feel he has suddenly become a masculine, real man but she will feel happy, relaxed and appreciating his trust for her, talking about what she understands is a difficult thing for him to talk about. She will feel he really cares about her and wants to be honest and open about everything to her.  
  And she will feel this is someone she can talk to without needing to lie or hide any true feelings. This definitely will compensate for having a small dick, no matter how sex will be with him, she now feels relaxed and happy to know she will be able to talk to him openly not needing to find an excuse to break up with him just because she does not have pleasure with him. He will listen, he will do what he can to give her pleasure if she ever needs to tell him, because he showed her he knows how tiny he is and he told her before even trying to have sex with her.  
  He will feel more relaxed, natural with her, not needing to wonder how she feels, not needing to try to deny or hide his tinyness and not needing to be a stud in bed like only real men can be.  
  How to say it at first is probably the most difficult part. But just saying "I know I have a very small dick" is definitely a good sentence. It should be a clear statement, not a question like "Do you think it's small?" That question is pointless to ask. She must understand he is aware of his tinyness, only then she will feel safe to talk about it with him. It could be said like a joke, "This is all I have down here" or "I am not sure you will feel it but can we try?".  
  Making the statement clear will hopefully stop her from saying something comforting about his dick. If she still does, explaining to her that other women already told him the truth, that he knows about his tinyness and that he does not feel sad about women telling him, will make her relaxed to say the truth too.  
  He can say he appreciates when women do not lie but say exactly what they think, it helps him to be a better lover "And I really need all tips I can get to compensate for my small dick", he can add.  
  For a smalldick it is always the most important thing to give pleasure and to care to make her happy with him. This is the best way to keep her. To keep her it is also important to do more for her than real men do. When she can have special pleasures, like having her feet and her ass licked, she is more likely to keep him.  
  So in the right situation he should start to apologize for his little dick, making sure he shows how well he knows that whatever he does for her cannot compensate for his pindick. That way she will be more demanding, telling him more clearly what to do for him. She will become more dominant when she knows he feels ashamed for not being a real man. Very soon she will realize this is not a lover she needs to care about like she had to do when she had sex with real men, this one is thankful whatever he is ordered to do. She will understand by his obedience and eagerness to please her, how difficult it is for him to find a woman, so she can use him just to please her any way she wants to.  
  And he will be the happy, devoted sex slave for her, never feeling the need or pressure to imitate a real man. Because he told her and apologized for his little ridiculous dick.  




  I warned my girlfriend about my three inch dick, we got over it by allowing her to sleep with black men  
  Yes appoligise early on before the sex embarrasment. Tiny cokced guys should go strait to the laundry , know our place and be hopteful for a creampie or at least to clean the bull.  
  I spent years trying for hours to FUCK my wife (actually make her CUM from penetration) with no success. I apologized for the lack of dick between my legs and she then started calling my tiny 4" penis a little weenie. To show her the sincerity of my apology I ordered a avg size dildo (which she compared to what I have poking out) and kept telling me I wasn't even an avg fuck but really worthless fucker. So I apologized more as I fucked her with the dildo. She liked it but wanted bigger so I showed how sorry I was by getting a BIG extender COCK. She came RIGHT away and said the helped make up for the poor excuse of a dick I had. Now she has me show how sorry I am for having a small weenie by licking her cum off the COCK size extender every time I rubbed my dickclit after she has orgasmed multiple times from a REAL FUCK.  
  My cock is so small that girls / boys cannot accept how tiny it is. I have the smallest cock on the planet, sorry  
  just yesterday (june 26 2011) for the first time made a comment about my tiny penis. After having crummy sex (for her)in the living room, with me going limp and not getting off, after she got pissed,put all of her clothes back on, I apologized to her telling her it was hard for me to have sex in many postions since "I don't have a giant cock or anything, and I'm just not capable of doing you in a bunch of ways" (this was after she had asked me to bend her over the couch and do her, I tried , but I couldn't even get the tip of my little thing into her, and told her "I sorry, I'm just not able to do you like this") She laughed,and said it's ok, just come hear and lay down with me, and I did, naked and really small from the air conditioning, as she was fully dressed.

I didn't come fully out and say it, but it was a real first step in that it was the first time I had said anything about my lack of size other than to deny it.
  Teenie Weenie Paul  
  I've been with my lady for over three years. Honesty about my little size has kept us together. Of course, I am the one who cleans up after she has sex with other men, but being with somebody is not always about sex.  
  I warned my last girl about my 6.5 x 5.5 dick. And she was greatful. She told me that while I could not hope to pleasure her pussy, and that she would not let me try, she would blow me out of consideration. She has since let me see her fuck some guys with real dicks. I think the smallest one had at least 6.5 inches of girth which she said was the size where it just starts to feel good in a pussy. She prefers over 7.5 inches of girth though.  
  i have found itto be honest and open up front i dont get the results layout here (well once) but it dos avoid a lot of humilation when they do see just how small it is and even though the relationship may not last we do tend to remain fiends. so i would always say be openb and honest  
  I have tried this for years it does not work.Little dicks have to face facts WOMAN HAVE NO INTREST IN SMALL COCKS!  
  Apologizing for my tiny penis when I meet women has worked with limited success. Most women react with appreciation (but still no sex). Others will say it's pathetic. Some just laugh.
It still is really tough for little dicks to apologize women. Still most women don't care about small penis. They care about BIG COCKS.
  It's usually right that apologising does not lead to sex - it's completely right that woman want big cocks. Still, it has to be done. Women deserve proper sized dicks and us small dicks just can't waste their time. They may laugh - but that humiliation is what we deserve.  
  I was told to apologize to the whole world for having the tiniest little mini 2inch fingersized when fully erect microdick & tiny little miniballs & being a totall sissy weakling crybaby pussy wimp !!! I am very sorry & apologize to all women & real men for being a totall faggot & babydick who is no use to women at all ever & Ican never be a real man because I have no dick & balls & my body is more like a womans & I'm a totall pussy wimp weakling that can't fight & could get beat up & cry by anyone cause I'm such a weakling wimp pussy sissy faggot !!! I apologize to the whole world & I'm sorry for being such a tiny babydicked & balls little wussy wimp that's only allowed to wear dresses & panties & diapers & pink plastic diaper panties & sissy outfits 24/7 !!! I am so ashamed for being such a wimp & a tiny dick faggot with no balls I cry & am ashamed & humiliated & am embarassed & cry 24/7 knowing I am totally useless to all women & real men think of me as a totall wimp sissy pussy weakling faggot I apologize & I'm very sorry for being such a wimp faggot please forgive me for being such a tiny puny dicked & tiny balled little sissy crybaby wimp pussy faggot I am so sorry & apologize to the whole world !!!  
  douglas t. gugel aka tinyppsissywimp faggot bitch  
  I do not blame women for cock that they need at all. I'm certain it is totally genetic.
I recognize my role is basically clean-up for women and cock sucker for real cock men.
I just get frustrated at times.
To all women and real cocked men: Please accept my humblest apologies. If not for you, I am nothing.

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