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Big penis = respect



Both women and men know that a man with big penis has an advantage when it comes to sex. Both physically and visually he will be more of a man. A woman knows she will feel so much more when he penetrates her, than a man with a smaller penis. And men know it too.


In the eyes of both men and women, a big penis will look both impressing, sexy and fascinating. Regardless of sexuality, men will prefer to see big penises when they watch porn movies. A small dick in the movie simply does not convince.


When men see a man with a big penis naked, they instinctively feel inferior to him. They will no longer feel equal to him.


one guy who's kinda "submitted" to me because my penis is much bigger than his, but he's not the only one. Ever so often I find other males doing that too, and I don't mind. It feels right in some way that a smaller bro should show some respect for a bigger bro, just like it is in the animal world. After all, humans are just sophisticated animals and the idea that there are Alpha-Males, beta-males, and even gamma-males still strikes a cord with me.


It is natural to feel respect and admiration to man with a bigger penis. For men with average penises this does not mean they will submit and start serving the bigger man, but the respect will be there.

For a small dick like me, I know I am at the bottom of the male hierarchy, well aware that most men - even if they are not huge are more sexually attractive and equipped, more manly and masculine than me. They all deserve and have my respect and admiration.




  I admit I have a deep respect and admiration for a guy that is well hung. I do not feel that at any time I have submitted to any one I have been with that was more endowed that I. I admit that I prefer average to large cocks to suck, but I recognize that what we [men] are born with is what we [men] have.  
  I have a small penis and do admire and respect men that are well endowed. These men are with out a doubt superior sexually to me. my wife has nicknamed me Pee-Wee and does want bigger cock  
  I have a small penis and I submittto most men  
  john d  
  Hi, I have a small cock and I started going to a gay sauna. I found myself on my knees sucking and worshiping big cocks and when kneeling in the dark waiting for a taker I was disapointed if I reached behind and felt a small cock  
  The eye is naturally drawn to a man sized penis. Because ive got a little weenie i feel very subservient to Alpha Males. If i was married i would happily offer my wife to an Alpha Male so he may provide the pleasure i cannot.  
  teeniewee niedan  
  I don\'t think there is any question that well-endowed men get and deserve respect. in high school i lost two girlfriends to well-hung men, then my first wife left me for one. My present wife is a slave to a well hung Italian man (9-plus) and so am I. It is a thrill to crawl to him, kiss his huge cock, kiss his feet and show him the respect a real man deserves.  
  rick r  
  I have a very small penis! It is my duty to serve bigger men by dropping to my knees and sucking their big manly cocks!  
  I am pretty well endowed at 7.5 inches but anytime while in a lockerroom and i stumble upon a man with a larger penis i shake his hand and congradulate him  
  I got a huge cock and I always receive invitations from gay friends to go together in the sauna. I\'m etero but they just want to look at my penis. I know it and I like it. They alway express appreciations to my cock and body.  
  This is a way from them to express the respect to the alpha man (me)  
  i was well built and my friend andy was very thin he always thought of me as superiour, we went for a sauna together and stripped naked he stared at my 1 inch winkie and i stared at his 8 inch cock he started laughing at me calling me a sissy i knew my place after seeing his cock he sujested i call him SIR my reply was of course yes Sir ,  
  sissy rachel  
  I have always enjoyed showing off the fact that I am well hung ( thick and over 9 ). I am hetero but have definately noticed how other hetero men take not more then women. Its like they dont want their ladies to notice it themselves  
  Men with large penises should undoubtedly be shown great respect. They should be addressed as Sir at all times. Men with small penises should also pay small-penis taxes to men with large penises as an extra mark of respect for their superiority  
  It is true bigger commands respect. A man with 10 inches rules over anything smaller.  
  yes men with bigger penises do get more & tend to deserve respect  
  Big cock men tend to realize they are more desired by both women and smaller penis guys.
We respect that which we desire.
I know I act more respectful and submissive when with big cocks.
  I have found not only that big cocked men deserve respect from us tiny dicks but also they are more men aside from their cocks, I have found small dicked men are weak and pussys. I am a pussy and have been beat up tons of times . my wife wrestled me to floor and held me down . my wife dated a guy who liked to beat me up and hold me down in front of her to show her I am weak . find any man who is tough and look in his pants he is a real man.  
  sissy fag donald mckinney  
  I too respect and serve men with big cocks. I have less than 4 inches erect and both my wives left me for well endowed men. I am hetrosexual but have for many years sucked cock when both my wives cuckolded me and now living on my own I still continue to regularly suck cock and give up my ass for fucking by superior men. Men with large cocks use me for their pleasure and this is how it should be. My little boycock determines that I am forever a submissive. At least I get to handle other men's big cocks and that is the best I can hope for. When they cum in my mouth I always feel a sense of achievement.  
  Too small for women  
  I have a small cock and I know that men with bigger cocks are superior  
  fag tom morley  
  Are there any beautiful girls or small dick guys in the Denver area looking to worship my REAL monster cock? It's 10.5" long x 7.75 thick, uncut, veiny cock. 23 years old. I have yet to find a person that can stretch their mouth wide enough to accomidate my cock. I'm not gay but willing to let a guy grovel at my feet and jerk me off.  
  Corey Biggs  
  I feel very proud after satisfying a really big cock on a real man.
I keep the cock in my mouth as long as it needs. I have fallen asleep with cock still in my mouth.
  nothing turns me on like the sight of a woman in desire witha real mans big cock hangin in front of her, unfortunately i cant fullfill that desire that make her mouth waters, and therefore am terribly submitted to the power a big cock, and the man who carries it. when i hear the word man, it makes me think of a big beautifull manhood(cock)
i will, not by choice but by definition submit and get on my knees for her and with her for the superior cock and allow myself to get beaten as a bigger cock will always be desired by both male and female!!
  Are you guys on here serious? Does having a small penis mean you should respect men with bigger penises?  
  Having an 11 inch cock definitely makes me feel good and i know my dick is bigger then most especially white cock...but i have my girls suck me and my friends at same time and i know they feel small when im next to girth is so thick that i can get a blowjob for hours but downfall of massive dick is i wear the throat out and they quit...but yea i love my super sized danglin danger  
  i have 4.5 inches cock i no it small that y i stick to wanking and never get a girlfriend because i no i wont satisfy her  
  I am a mature lady and I know I get more submissive and respectful the bigger the cock is.
So little boy dics should already know that their little puds are not worthy of anything.
Dicklets! get smart and do your jobs!
Just do it and shut the f up!
  i am a fag cocksucker with a small cock that can't even satisfy me for wanking ... i want to submit myself to any guy with a abve average cock as his bitch  
  I have a small penis and am definitely drawn to the power and superiority of a large penis. My g/f explained it to me and now I am happier knowing that a large penis satisfies her..and me.  
  my friend and I had to get a room due to a bad storm, when we both got undressed we looked at each other's dick ,his not hard was about 5 inches mine was may be 2 inches. he walked over we bear huged are dicks were pressing against each other,WOW! his got huge and rock hard, mine got hard but his was outsizing mine with ease,his dick was draining the power out of my dick  his size was dwarfing mine , he then said to me while are cock were pressing  " my cock is CRUSHING yours, tell me iam bigger then you ,then suck on a real mans dick , tell your wife how easy my dick smothered yours!! I suck him a few times a week since  

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