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Story 10: Vacation humiliation

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Story 13: The riots and looting in London

Story 14a: Growing Up Small: the life of a littledick

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Story 15: My Story of Humiliation

Story 16: History of a Real Man

Story 17: Gradually trained to b her bitch‏

Story 18: Training myself how to service a real man

Story 19: Caught red handed literally

Story 20: Schoolboy's Small Dick Put On Display

Story 21 : First experience as a small cock sissy

Story 22: Punished smalldick

Story 23: Just about my life

Story 24: A Wankend in New England

Story 25: BigJim

Story 26: BigJim 2

Story 27: Back to the Beach

Story 28: Mr tiny's dance bash humilation

Story 29: Little boys who never grew up

Story 30: More of little boy me

Story 31: Simply telling the truth

Story 32: Learning to be a Smalldick Sissy Slave

Story 33: Threesome submission

Story 34: How I became an adult sissy baby gurl cuckold weakling faggot wimp for life story (true story) !!!

Story 35: How I became an adult sissy baby gurl cuckold weakling faggot wimp for life story (true story) !!! ‏ Part 2

Story 36: Small dick in school

Story37: Nude beach for a small dick

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Which Brad Pitt?

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Cuckolding help & advices

No substitute for big cocks

Sissies in chastity belts

Stud or sissy? You decide.

Should smalldicks procreate?

Why do guys with tiny dicks try?

Did you tease smalldicks in school?

Have you ever been on a nude beach?

Nude encounters

Marked smalldicks

Should I be worried?

Is my dick small normal or large?

Castrate smalldicks

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See penises with future glasses

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Post your stories

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Getting out of bad dating

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Happy for his big penis

Can smalldicks satisfy women?

Why do I hate small penis?

Tell him or not?

Feeling the difference

How to humiliate my brother?

Are small penises less fertile?

Once having sex with a BIG cock

How do you tell him?

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Too small for a condom

Advices for wives of tiny dicked men

Make comments about my penis

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How do you show real men respect?

Worst comment about your dick

Vote for the smalldicks

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Rejected for having a small dick

How did you find out you have a small dick?

Become a cuckold or not?

Become a better cuckold

The bodybuilder's curse

Small humiliating smaller

Younger big brother

Chastity to shrink penis

Should I start dating?

Will she cheat on me?

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Doctor's visit

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Humiliation experiences

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Vasectomy for the sexless smalldick?

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Smaller penis

1 inch


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Finding a smaller smalldick

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Small penis problems

I need advice!

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How rich does a smalldick have to be?

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 Penis, few other things fascinate us so much as penises. Both women and men are curious to know, to see and to feel the magic male organ. Like a tower, a scepter emphasising the greatness of a large construction, the penis pointing out from the body makes the perfection of a man. Provided the penis is big enough. If the penis is too small, it will just give an disproportionate, comical look. It is too late to try to make people believe that penis size does not matter. It worked before maybe but today we have seen too many naked men in movies and Internet to doubt that penis size is important with regard to masculinity and sexual performance. Everybody cares about the size of penis. Whether it is your own penis or the penis of another man. Women care about mens penises, men care and want to know. Read all about penis size here. More and more people realize - what has been lied about for so long time - that penis size matters.  Learn to accept your size. If you have a small dick you have so many real men to admire, if you are average in size: Be happy for your real cock. If you have a big cock: Use your superiority to make people show you respect and please your powerful penis. A big cock is a sign of genetic superiority while a small cock is a sign of inferiority.              

Welcome to my site about penis size. I am babydick, your small dick loser. All smalldicks should admires real men with real penises. I started this site as an information site, but with an opinion than most people do not want to admit: That penis size matters, bigger is better. Men with bigger penises, with massive cocks are better men, more masculine men, the men all men with small penises must respect and admire. A man with a big penis is more worthy. With a huge penis you are superior. The largest penis is the best penis. With a small penis, small penis humiliation, discipline and obedience to women and men with bigger penises is natural. In this site you will learn about big cock worship, small penis humiliation - SPH, ballbusting, foot worship and you can have your own page and show your penis. Big and small, erect small penis, fat cocks, large cocks and tiny dicks to laugh at. All about pennis you can read here. Watch the huge cocks, penis pictures showing small penis, average penis size, erect penises and flaccid penises. There are so many variations but they all show: A big cock is always a sexy, admirable penis. So small penis porn is unlikely to find. Penis size is important. Everybody loves the cock of a real man. This does not mean you should try penis enlargements, even if your dick is small, it is better to learn to accept it and to be happy and worshipping all real men with natural, big cocks instead. The size of penis matters so much more than we mostly realize. In this site there are alpha males who know their superiority and how to make small dick losers show respect to them. There is a big difference in how men will live and have sex. For those with an average or big penis, there will always be women to have sex and pleasure with, for the unlucky smalldicks it will either be a life filled with disappointments if they try to act like real men. But once they learn to accept their shortcomings and start to live like slaves, they too can have a happy life with a real Master to serve or a wife to serve and obey, who will become his Mistress and show him his place, when she has sex with a real man and only allows him to touch her when it is time for cleanup.

Show your penis, reveal it for what it actually is, the magnificent, glorious male organ, the source of so much pleasure and to show guys with a small dick who will never make it with women, to show men with cocks so big they will always have great sex with exalted women. Welcome with pics of every size and shape penises.

To show men who have an average-sized penis and still think they cannot measure up, hiding their cocks away, that they do not need to be shy. To encourage men whose penis is not average in size or shape to think of it as the magnificent male member it is. Be happy and proud and show off what you have got! Here you can see exactly what other men around the world, around your neighborhood, have to offer. Those big penises, the ones you never believed possible, the ones ten inches long when erect, may be hung on the guy who lives next door. And the cock that looks so tiny might be on the biggest bragger at the office, the one who is just making up for his inferiority complex. Matters of size,does size matters. Yes, dick size matters.

You can have a page here to show your average cock, your big cock. your huge cock, your monster cock or to show your tiny pindick. Please mail and send your penis pictures to me, small3.5@hotmail.com

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Bienvenue sur mon site sur la taille du pénis. Je suis babydick, perdant votre petite bite qui admire les vrais hommes avec des pénis réel. J'ai commencé ce site comme un site d'information, mais avec un avis que la plupart des gens ne veulent pas admettre: C'est plus grand est meilleur. Les hommes avec un plus grand pénis, aux queues énormes sont mieux les hommes, les hommes sont plus masculine, les hommes tous les hommes avec des pénis petits doivent respecter et admirer. Un homme avec un grand pénis est plus digne. Avec un énorme pénis vous êtes supérieur. Le plus grand pénis est la meilleure pénis. Avec un petit pénis, les petites humiliations du pénis, la discipline et l'obéissance à des femmes et des hommes avec un plus grand pénis est naturel. Dans ce site vous pourrez en apprendre davantage sur le culte grosse bite, l'humiliation petits pénis - SPH, ballbusting, adoration des pieds et vous pouvez avoir votre propre page et montrez votre pénis. Grands et petits, petits pénis, grosses bites, grosses bites et queues minuscules à rire. Regardez les queues énormes, des images montrant le pénis petit pénis, la taille moyenne du pénis, pénis et érection pénis flasque. Il ya tellement de variantes, mais ils montrent tous: une grosse bite est toujours sexy, pénis admirable. la taille du pénis est importante. Nous devrions tous l'amour que le coq d'un vrai homme. Cela ne signifie pas que vous devriez essayer agrandissements de pénis, même si votre bite est petite, il est préférable d'apprendre à l'accepter et d'être heureux et adorer tous les vrais hommes naturels, grosses bites à la place. Dans ce site il ya des mâles alpha qui connaissent leur supériorité et comment faire des perdants Dick petite preuve de respect pour eux. Il ya une grande différence dans la façon dont les hommes vivent et ont des rapports sexuels. Pour ceux qui ont un pénis moyen ou grand, il y aura toujours les femmes à avoir des rapports sexuels et le plaisir avec, pour la smalldicks chance il sera soit une vie remplie de déceptions si elles essaient de se comporter comme de vrais hommes. Mais une fois qu'ils apprennent à accepter leurs lacunes et commencer à vivre comme des esclaves, ils peuvent eux aussi avoir une vie heureuse avec une réelle maîtrise de servir ou d'une femme à servir et obéir, qui deviendra sa maîtresse et lui montrer sa place, quand elle a des rapports sexuels avec un homme vrai et ne lui permet que la toucher quand il est temps pour le nettoyage.

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